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 Character Creation - RP: Omari Academy

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PostSubject: Character Creation - RP: Omari Academy   Tue Jul 22, 2014 3:24 am

When making a character, it may be helpful to use the following outline:

Name: This should be self explanatory. What is your character's name?

Role: What does your character do at the Academy? Are they staff or student? If they are student, what year are they? Keep in mind that staff are pretty much tops to everyone else but other staff. There is a pecking order among students, and it goes like this: Senior>Junior>Sophomore>Freshman. Keep your top/bottom preferences in mind when choosing your character's role!

Spanking Role/Preferences- Since spankings are an important part of our RP give us some insight of where you want the character to be. As a top, a bottom, a switch, does he or she enjoy it or is it pure punishment?

Age: How old is your character? With students, this generally ranges from 14-18, depending on year.

Race: As this RP is supernatural, your character may not be entirely human. What are they?

Powers/Abilities: Perhaps more importantly, what can they do? Tell us what makes your character more than human. Be specific, and don't forget the light-hearted nature of the RP!

Appearance: What does your character look like? What color hair and eyes do they have? How do they dress? Are they tall or short? This is where you describe your character physically, or simply post a picture if you have one.

Background & Personality: This is where you tell us who your character really is. We want to know what events in the past made your character who they are. What was their childhood like? Who were there parents? How did they discover they had superpowers? What happened when they did? How do they act, normally? Do they have any interesting personality quirks or speech accents?
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Character Creation - RP: Omari Academy
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