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 (( ORIGINAL POST ))RP: Welcome to Omari Academy (OLD OLD VERY OLD)

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(( ORIGINAL POST ))RP: Welcome to Omari Academy (OLD OLD VERY OLD) Empty
PostSubject: (( ORIGINAL POST ))RP: Welcome to Omari Academy (OLD OLD VERY OLD)   (( ORIGINAL POST ))RP: Welcome to Omari Academy (OLD OLD VERY OLD) EmptyWed Jul 23, 2014 9:15 pm

Located on a picturesque tropical island in the South Pacific, the Omari Academy exists as a home for people who don't 'fit in' to normal society - that is, those with supernatural powers and abilities. Originally funded by a man known only as Roland, the Academy is now supported by multiple governments and wealthy individuals, all working together (read: throwing money at the problem) to keep these 'special' individuals safe and, more importantly, out of the public eye.

Each major discipline (Math, science, art, phsy. ed, etc) has its own building, oriented around a central courtyard with a garden and small pretty lake. There is a boys' dorm building and girls' dorm building, on opposite sides of the campus to make the inevitable inconvenient at best. The island also has a small private airport and a docks, and pilot training for both rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft is offered as an elective. Of course, this being a jewel of an island in the South Pacific, the edges of the island are littered with picturesque beaches and beautiful tropical groves - woe be to the student caught there when they are supposed to be in class, however.

Of course, concentrating a bunch of super-powered teens in one place is asking for someone to make trouble, and the staff at Omari (mostly superhuman themselves) take a traditional approach: spanking is the preferred punishment, and over the years this has become a staple of student culture.

There is an unspoken but honored hierarchy among the students, ranked by year. Higher students (not necessarily older by age) are allowed to spank lower students for their own entertainment, provided they don't do anything too bad - over-spanking someone comes with a very bad social stigma that makes YOU everyone's new favorite target. Discipline and justice are often meted out without the direct intervention of a teacher - roommates spanking each other for not keeping the room clean or copy homework without permission, an older student spanking a younger for overheard gossip, and such are commonplace. If you near the end of the day and your bottom isn't red, best not to draw too much attention to yourself - unless of course, you want to...
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(( ORIGINAL POST ))RP: Welcome to Omari Academy (OLD OLD VERY OLD)
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