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 Zach Alexander

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PostSubject: Zach Alexander   Zach Alexander EmptyWed Aug 20, 2014 10:18 am

Name: Zach "Infinity"

Age: Prologue - 16 Time-skip - 17 Departure - 21

Race: Spectorian - He's apart of the extinct race. that once lived for generations but the power of the Spectrum, But was deceived by a member of their race and was sealed away, the remaining members were killed by one above all of them, which was previously known to be called "Wizard of Infinity"

    Dark Zach
    Hooded Man

Status: Alive (Resurrected)


Omari Academy Student ((Formerly))

Leader of Group 10 ((Formerly))

Afartha Kingdom Captain ((Formerly))

Leader Of Infinity Isle ((Currently))


Universal God

Energy Spectrum: Infinity Energy


Remote Teleportation

Mental Manipulation


Resurrection (Via Spectrum induced)

Re-Active Adaptation ((Formerly))

Family Members

Crysta Alexander (Deceased)

Luka Alexander

Brian Alexander

Trinity (Lover)

Serenity (Lover)

Significant kills

thousands of innocent citizens, and millions of gods (via War of the two Spectrum's)

All Members of group 9

Lily Negi (Once, when learned of group 9's death.)

Cause of death: Impaled through the chest. (Revived later)

Killed by: Roland Larson

Arc 5 Appearance:

Zach Alexander Latest?cb=20150724012901

Zach with Serenity:

Zach Alexander Latest?cb=20150724013001

Zach's Appearance when corrupted by the evil artifact, and Little Queen's Old Evil Essence.

Zach Alexander Latest?cb=20150724020255

Infinity's New Appearance influenced by Zach

Zach Alexander 12831895006436

Infinity's Appearance

Zach Alexander 24uxo2t

Infinity Spear Appearance
Zach Alexander Spear_of_heros_by_plateal-d78einz

Infinity Sword Appearance
Zach Alexander 500px-1377052938150

Background & Personality: Zachurr lived with his grand parents, In a house on the edge of the city, around age 14 Zachurr entered High school and left his home, to live with his friends. closer to the school. After couple of month he happen upon an accident that took his memory leaving him with Amnesia. After living out his new life, due to the accident, he befriend his old friends that he was with before the Accident. and kept looking forward, But since Zachurr has the power to feel and Absorb the Insane emotions over time, It took it's toll on him and caused more of an Influence on his mind, Later he finally finishes school, and gathers up a bunch of people and he decides to rob a bank. His intentions of this moment were unclear, He failed in his Attempt and was caught using Psychic energy Manipulation. and agreed to enter Omari Academy. School for the Supernaturals.

Zachurr portrays himself as a kind, generous, and very polite young man. He tends to be very self-sacrificing, often willing to let his body and emotions take devastating blows for the sake of others; this trait is something that has angered several of his friends. Zachurr also has unassuming and borderline naive traits, Over time, Zachurr's personality has seen a shift; several times, his "dark side", something he developed due to being constantly Influenced with the power of Insanity and Madness,

After being revived by currently unknown causes, Zach no longer has any connection his previous ability "Mental Manipulation" and also states he no longer feels chained up by the burden of his Insanity, or Madness. Although parts and fragments still remain.

It is also revealed that Zach is the Wizard of Infinity and is the one true god from the past, including the other gods that helped reconstruct the world, as well. He is part of a extinct race that was once powered by the very Spectrum itself. Until it apparently gave strict orders to Zach to seal it away so that no one could use it's power for greedy means. In short, The entire race was wiped off the origins of space. After becoming a Guardian of the Spectrum, He surfaced later on the planet Earth awakened By the earlier Klark." />" />" />" />" />" />
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Zach Alexander
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