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 Galaco - Holy Queen

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PostSubject: Galaco - Holy Queen   Thu Aug 21, 2014 1:01 pm

Name: Galaco

Age: Unknown

Race: Human

Power/Abilities: Holy Voice The user can cleanse, purify, heal, or shatter, destabilize, disintegrate, stabilize living and/or non-living things by speaking/singing.

Galaco is the legitmate holy queen of..., she keeps her kingdom safe by providing mircales spells and incantations through varies means. Her constant inventing on new ways to provide a safer tomorrow for her people has gained her the title of Holy Queen, and as well as the Holy City, that her kingdom is. For her people have the most incredible means to strave off the most painful injuries and heal from almost any wound, without the queens immediate attention. That is the power of the Holy nation and their queen.


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Galaco - Holy Queen
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