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 Klark Delson

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PostSubject: Klark Delson   Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:12 am

Name: Klark Delson

Role: Klark is a standard A-B Student, Sophomore, 16 Years old turning 17 towards spring. Typically quiet and cautious about work. Anti-Social and apparently good looking to other female students mostly. Plays hard to get and doesn't make many associations with others...

Spanking Role/Preferences: A switch, meaning it's dependent on lack of assignments or of sexual contact. Absolutely fears it... tries to avoid it. Screams and fights back.

Age: 16, Older than normal sophomores.

Race: Titan (Human appearance) A Titan is unusual to Humans... they are very prideful and also very clever when it comes to strategic situations. Excelling with English and Scientific arts.

Powers/Abilities: Titan Speed- Ability to comprehend knowledge as soon as it's explained in any expressional form.
Titan Rage- Ability to have unnatural strength, physical hits take less damage, reliever more.

Appearance: Dark Brown hair, Dark brown eyes, dresses casually, mostly with dress shirts and jeans... nice low top sneakers. Moderate height, 5"7 average build.

Background & Personality: He's a lonely person, Lives alone due to early Emancipation. Works a job at home working with computers and technology. Web developer. Parents were killed in the past from an accident involving a terrorist attack. Childhood was normal and happy until the accident which took place 5 years before emancipation. Parents were poor and had to survive off of illegal money. Robberies and busts. Father was the fighter, faught in street fights and won all the time. Was discriminated for his strength. After a while, the terrorist attack happened due to the discrimination. The mother was the smartest one. Also discriminated. For extreme knowledge. Normal accents

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Klark Delson
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