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 Chapter 1 - Ascendants

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Chapter 1 - Ascendants Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 1 - Ascendants   Chapter 1 - Ascendants EmptyMon Oct 10, 2016 5:54 pm

Klark was dashing through clouds breaking wind forces, moving fast, he wanted to get to the battle as quickly as possible.

Klark felt the shockwaves from the battle as he got closer.

Klark: Oh man... This is something, I hope my powers will be of use here..

From his point of view was destruction, debris and ash..

Vibrations tingled through Klark's body as earthquakes violently occurred, He avoided some cars being tossed at him, he immediately dodged each obstacle as quickly as possible.

Klark: Not too much further.. Heh, I hope Zach has at least done something to make his time useful.,

(The end of your last post here)

Klark descended from the ashes.. Stopping time he prevented the explosion from killing his friends.

Fai and Holly were on Klarks back, Klark unfreezes time to save up energy and lets them go, They collapsed on the floor trying to catch their breath, Klark stood valiantly as the wind subsided...

Klark: What did your mother feed you for breakfast?

Klark spoke his thoughts out loud towards Alyce far ahead on the island.

Alyce slowly descended from the sky, looking for Zach.

Stepping from behind, Klark made his entrance appearing behind Zach, who currently was exhausted from the fight previous to his arrival. Cracks of broken buildings and grass shouted as Klark walked up to him.

Zach: Took you long enough.

Zach smirked and wiped the blood from his mouth. He wasn’t facing Klark, earlier before the explosion, Zach absorbed a tremendous amount of power from her blast to reinforce his own to survive the attack. He wasn’t near the center of the attack and only received minor injuries. But due to his wounded body, these minor injuries appeared far worse.

Klark: Don’t blame me, apparently these Universal beings take these trials seriously. You should know by now what I’m like.

Zach gave Klark and odd look before returning to his feet, dusting off his clothes, he directs his attention to Alyce who has found them.

Alyce: You done?

Klark: Now’s the time to act serious.

Klark said, putting his guard up, Zach who was already prepared for a fight said,

Zach: That’s ironic, that you talk about being serious.

Klark: Shut up..

Klark closed his eyes as he responded to him, It was his fault though.

Klark: Got any information on her. She isn’t quite what I remember.

Klark said

Before getting to speak, Alyce charges them both at once, Klark grips her punch before being hit and manages to be pushed back a bit, now testing their strength against each other, Klark’s new strength is quite a feat gained, initially he would have been pushed back and immediately thrown into the building in the distance, but that isn’t the case now. Alyce broken the struggle throwing Klark off.

Suddenly feeling a painful feeling in his gut, an empowered attack had made it’s way past his defense sending him away in the opposite direction, moments after Zach counters, blocked immediately with her quick reaction, the two square off for a moment before he is repelled in the other direction.

Zach: She’s only using 35% of her total power, and she’s transformed once..!

Zach finished.

Klark recovering from her attack hovered next to Zach

Klark: I can see that clearly now!

Klark shouted before gaining on her, the field of view of his attack slowly came into view towards her face. Dodging as fast as it came, She gave him a wild smirk before kicking him away, he dodged in the last second returning her smile back at her. Before attempting to upper kick,

Annoyed, she grabbed his foot before it landed. Klark surprised was thrown into the surface of the earth, Zach managing to push her forward, she turned to counter him, but was thrown off course between his speed, he landed an attack using the force of her attack from earlier. Within seconds he was matched, before he lost his momentum, powering up a blast forward towards him, he absorbed it and countered from the right, but was kicked away immediately.

Zach: Damn!

Zach stood on his feet again along with Klark who appeared before him,

Klark: How much power are you using at the moment!?

Zach: 80%

Zach answered

Klark: What the..why are you using full power.

Zach: I’d like too, but I can’t control my full power.

Klark: Sheesh, were at a total disadvantage.

Zach: Hold on, Are you even using full power?

Zach shouted, Klark scratched his head trying to think up something.

Klark: No..

Zach: You fucker, why are you complaining about me, when you are doing the same?!

Klark: How can I power up without using that form, It’s too dangerous to exhaust my energy so early in the battle when she’s clearly not using her full power. I suppose it--

Alyce: Arguing in front of me, that’s being insulting you know that?

Alyce descended to the ground. Crossing her arms.

Klark: Sorry, if we are bothering you princess.

Klark casually said.

Alyce: I’m beginning to hate you too--

Klark: Sorry, I’m done playing around.

Klark’s aura erupted into darkness as the world slowly deformed a bit in response and returned to normal afterwards, the sudden change caused Alyce and Zach to stumble a bit from the awaking energy.

Klark: Zach..what do you know about Infusion?

He asked

Zach: Infusion? Definitely more than you.

Klark: Do you know it or not.

Zach: Yes, a part of my trial has gained me some access to Infinity’s Memories and this infusion is a part of that.

Klark: Start the ritual, I’ll hold her back.

Alyce: Hold me back, well yes you possibly could do that.

Alyce: Incredible!

Alyce thought

Klark: Are you admitting that?

Alyce: Yes, and I shall answer accordingly

Alyce pointed at Klark while her own energy erupted as well.

The entire planet felt like it was shaking from the sheer force of their auras alone. Klark who was preparing to go 100% knew from the beginning that she wasn’t planning on it, she was quite naive herself it would seem.

Zach keeping himself balanced shot up into the air to get away from the battle while he prepared, only problem now is that the infusion must be done with two individuals with equal power.

[[Klark - 100%]]
[[Alyce - 80% ]]

Klark: I’m disappointed, is that all you are capable of?

Klark continue to protest while pointing at her.

Klark: Little Queen’s power is not going to save you from me, and neither would she for that matter. I hope you are prepared.

Klark smirked.
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Chapter 1 - Ascendants
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