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 Chapter 2 - Klark Vs Alyce

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Chapter 2 - Klark Vs Alyce Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 2 - Klark Vs Alyce   Chapter 2 - Klark Vs Alyce EmptyMon Oct 10, 2016 7:07 pm

Alyce: I'd encourage you not to get cocky.

Alyce stood in position for once in face of Klark, it would seem even though her words were serious, the essence of fear, and threat were alert quite sound in her mind. Although she held one trump card left, she did not see it wise to reveal all her cards yet, while her enemy appeared to be giving her none as well.

Klark stood in view of her, While Zach focused on the battle, connected via telepathic link, now that he is more atoned to the Spectrum's frequency he can do a lot more. It seemed his learning capacity now has increased as well.

Zach: Klark, I cannot perform the ritual while you're in that form, while you were finishing your trial I had fought her for the duration of the time. And I do not have any power to compare yet. If I wasn't so exhausted maybe. But even at 100% I would only reach 50% of what you are currently using. And I have yet to actually finish my trial so I am at a disadvantage--

Klark: Shush...

Klark yelled.

Klark: I get it. I’ll do some damage, enough that counts, prepare the ritual for now and wait until I’m done.

Zach: What’s the signal?

Klark: You won’t miss it.


Fai: Zach!?

Fai hovered in view as they came up right beside Zach along with Holly who had been healed earlier. I seemed the two survived due to Klark’s intervention. But did not escape the battlefield earlier and instead stayed.

Fai: Klark is going to fight her by himself?

Fai questioned

Zach: Yeah, I’m going to prepare infusion, Listen you both have to head back to the Infinity Isle, the barrier surrounding the place will stop any form of attack, it holds the same properties as the GodStorm that surrounded the Isle from before. Klark’s Time Stop ability will also be negated, so you won’t be affected by the stop.

Fai: What about you?

Zach appeared in view for a moment looking at Fai.

Zach: I won’t get affected…

Zach smirked, as his eyes appeared white all of a sudden.

Zach: Eyes of Infinity will make sure of that.

Zach said in his mind.

Zach: Now go! The battle before you will result in dire problems if you continue to linger here!

They hesitate for a moment, but Zach’s persistence made them accept and they flew off in the direction of the Isle, all that was left was to prepare the ritual and wait for his signal.


Both of them disappeared from their respective positions and reappeared directly in front of each other, as if they entered God Realm. [God Realm, a space that can be entered if the combatants are moving so fast for the eyes to see, although the name is given because only Gods are capable of such speeds. Thus confirming both existences before you] Alyce and Klark attacked together, either of them not stopping their attack.

Alyce’s face is hammered with the power Klark’s fist upon first impact, clenching her teeth in the process she is sent spiraling towards the ground, but not before her back is arc upward from Klark’s second attack.

Alyce: Ughh!?

Alyce recovers momentarily, but is immediately thrusted back into the fight, Klark reappeared in front of her, attempting to complete his series of strikes, but is surprisingly blocked, just a moment before his hit landed, he stopped time broke right, time restarted, Alyce dumbfounded was sent into the side of a building.


From Zach’s point of view, while struggling to keep up with his side, reeling Alyce getting thrown away every time Klark and her lock fists. Though her movements were getting ragged, she didn’t seem fatigued or out of energy.

Zach: What is with her..



Crossing her arms Alyce blocks Klark’s attack, the force behind it though was to powerful knocking her into the buildings. That were behind her, until finally coming to a halt near the bridge. Alyce didn’t move until Klark arrived near her, slowly descending towards her. The moment he got in range she got up and fired a highly powered beam at him, he dodged, even he would get hurt from that.

Klark: What the

The beam's direction was aimed at Zach, but the attack simply got knocked away, when they realized the aura surrounding Zach was, glowing white in his eyes were the eyes of Infinity, but the aura around him, was the energy that was compressed for the Infinity Infusion ritual. Such a dense form of energy far exceeded their own abilities, the power itself was not Zach’s but the ritual itself.

Alyce: What’s he doing!?

Klark moved his eyes both ways before realizing,

Klark: You won’t interrupt.

Klark moved in front of her before any thought of her came into view, he raised his palm and fired several blasts to stall her movements, finishing it off with a megaton blast that erupted the earth, broke the wired bridge as it collapsed within the ocean that laid next to them.

Klark Stopped Time,  Instantly appeared inside the hole that he created, his attacks were still being fired upon the crater. He noticed Alyce’s unconsciousness. He teleported away once confirmed to Zach, who was surprisingly not affected by the Time Stop.

Klark: Cool, So now I can’t play with your body while you are sleeping at night, I was hoping to screw with you big time.

Klark said out loud, but Zach didn’t care at the moment, he played it off as sick humor…

Zach: Is it, well then I’m glad I can use my own eyes. I mean they are mine. After all.

Klark: Is it nearly finished, I’ve used up 5% of my power so far keeping time frozen.

Zach: Yes, I’m nearing, but you are going to have to power down to my level. I’ve began realizing a fault while my eyes have been active. It seems that if we were to Fuse powered up, it would put more strain on us while merged, compared if we fused normal form. And start that way.  

Klark: You seem to be in pain..

Zach smirked,

Zach: Well, it’s not easy doing this with all my injuries and wounds. Give me a break…

Zach finished the ritual, the energy cut, and appeared around his arm, a symbol was displayed upon completed on the inside of his hand.

Zach: The symbol of completion. Now Klark you have to deform..

Klark nodded, and looked towards where Alyce was at the moment…

Klark: Once I deform, time will resume, because I cannot maintain it and powering down at the sometime.


Phantasia who was overlooking the battle was quite impressed, The Time stop didn’t affect her, because she controls time at will. And some measly time stop wouldn’t affect her anyway due to her being chrono locked. Someone who exists outside of time.


Klark deforming, Time immediately resumed, His power dropped dramatically, to 50%, which was all he could go down without going to far below, he couldn’t raise it further either.  

Zach: You ready?! Were both at 50%,

Klark complied, upon grip, Klark’s hand shared the same energy as Zach did, the symbol Zach had on the inside of his hand connection with his and formed the same pattern, suddenly chains that bound the symbol strung along the side of their arm!...

The clouds were destroyed, the sky immediately darken from the reaction, the waves and buildings were beginning to distort and crumble away.

A bright light erupted from their positions all that could be seen was this blinding light! Alyce couldn’t stand, Phantasia noticed the surrounding space was becoming distorted and was calming it down with her own power. To even do that meant she was on a realm of her own.

Both Zach and Klark’s physical appearance disappeared inside the light now, the shine from it caused everything to disrupt the flow of space and time, although being fixed by Phantasia it still had effects just not seen, the planet quaked. Magic Circles appeared around the light and formed specific patterns, they stopped half way before something happened. The Glpyh distorted and disappeared, and shattered, the light erupted in a blast!  The entire place was covered in smoke and nothing could be seen!...
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Chapter 2 - Klark Vs Alyce
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