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 Chapter 3 - Zaeson Is Born!, Zaeson Vs Alyce

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Chapter 3 - Zaeson Is Born!, Zaeson Vs Alyce  Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 3 - Zaeson Is Born!, Zaeson Vs Alyce    Chapter 3 - Zaeson Is Born!, Zaeson Vs Alyce  EmptyThu Oct 13, 2016 10:07 pm

Alyce shivered under the pressure of power that the ball of burning bright light was emitting, She tried to stand, but for some reason the light seemed to be attracted to her, and wouldn’t allow her to move freely. She knew that those two were the cause for this, but Zach and Klark were not what she was sensing, they had disappeared the moment the light appeared.

Only one signature appeared as clear as day for her. She was dumbfounded at what was revealed in front of her. Zach and Klark were gone, the only person hovering in their location was someone entirely different, the smoke cleared as the light vanished for a moment, the place exploded moments after, the restriction to her movement was freed, immediately casting a shield to defend herself from the blast.

She stood in shock as the appearance of no mortal stood in front of her, the being wasn’t hovering in place from before, But right in front of her eyes!

Alyce: What…

PURE TERROR, Alyce choked and almost fell backwards, but remained in shock and kept.

Chapter 3 - Zaeson Is Born!, Zaeson Vs Alyce  5ecfde5a3fecbcc2906c3de1c6b921ba7260218328d6a-wQRAAf_fw658

Zaeson: My name is Zaeson.

As he greets her for the first time, he jumps back quite a distance, and patiently waits for her responses.

Alyce: Zaeson?

Alyce took that name and buried it deep into her thoughts as she tried to formulate an answer to this puzzle that she has been introduced with. But nothing could click in her mind. Right before she could respond to him. A golden aura within his hand appears and emits intense light before growing into a Golden Spear. The Spear itself is nothing but gold energy, or what appears to be flames and doesn’t actually seem like it has a physical appearance only that.

But Alyce’s shock overwhelms her once more, the sight of the spear isn’t uncommon knowledge to her.

Alyce: It can’t be!, The Spear of Infinity, The Spear Of the Universe!?

The Spear Of Infinity, is unique. Unlike the Infinity Sword which is a relic created by the lost race that Zach originally came from, Which was produced by the Infinity Spectrum at the time to host as a Guardian Blade.

The Spear of Infinity is one of the very few weapons that Infinity himself used, and was not created directly by the Infinity Spectrum, although you can assume it has in the beginning. The only other weapon that is far superior to this one is the Infinity Staff, which was Infinity’s Main Weapon. You would see Infinity carrying either staff or spear in his once in a lifetime appearance. Such appearances were in the The War of Two Spectrums, where Infinity wielded the Spear against the same evil that created the Dark Spectrum.

Which explains why Alyce knows of its existence. He could not use the Staff at the time due to the negative illness the Infinity Spectrum gave him. During the 2nd Generation, When Infinity met Trinity, Infinity held the Staff, and was the very reason Trinity obtained Godhood. That’s a mere speculation though on those who knew only a limited amount of information.

Alyce: Tsh, You...You are those Two...I see, so that’s what Infusion was. The bonding of two souls, or two people.

Alyce clenched her teeth in rage, she underestimated her enemies abilities, not to say, she couldn’t beat them as they were, but to have such a trump card. That’s not playing fair.

Alyce: I’ll wipe you from this world!

Alyce said, as she powered up to 100% this time, her appearance didn’t alter. She was indeed strong. The power she wields is as strong as Klark’s full power, if not stronger! Apart of that unknowingly though comes from what she obtained from Little Queen though.

Zaeson: You are going to have an incredibly tough time making that happen.

Zaeson gave no room for error, he had no openings, and to make matters worse. His power was too much, and the spear did not help this situation. Alyce was at a disadvantage, a major one.

Zaeson glared at her before unsheathing his weapon. He closed in on her immediately she was standing completely still when he moved. Her entire body flat lined for a mere second, but since she had Infinity Energy, she was immediately resurrected.

Earlier, Little Queen’s Energy was absorbed, but the energy of Infinity she had, grants immortality, it’s an imperfect type of immortality, Dying a lot of times has negative effects on the body, and incredibly bad side effect, like loss of stamina, energy loss, Body becomes far more fragile

A very example of this power, is displayed, When Zach is killed by Roland in the Insanity Saga. Since he wields Infinity Energy, that he seemed to have awakened in the time he lost the Infinity Sword. When he died, he was resurrected.

Alyce’s eyes were white and in pain, her entire face shown nothing but death. She coughed up blood in air, she repositioned herself and fled the field. Zaeson. Alyce who was running in terror from Zaeson.  

Zaeson: Shall I go easy on you?! No that would be unfair!

In flight, He grabbed her by the hair as she attempted to flee, the both of them entered the God Realm. Alyce was traveling so fast, Zaeson flew around the planet and back whipping her into the building, again killing her, for a moment as she came back. She coughed more blood as she struggled to get up.

Zaeson who descended glaring at her from the sky.

Zaeson: How does it feel?!

Alyce: …

Alyce had no words.

Alyce: You...can’t kill me!

Alyce said

Zaeson: No, but how long before the effects get to much for you. Dying right now is all you’re going to feel.

Zaeson with a cruel expression on his face appeared instantly as he always was there. He winded up his fist, as she laid in the crater. A second later the building blow up, She died for a second once again and was resurrected.

The blood pool was far to much this time, she was laying in her own blood at this point. She was lifted off that ground and thrown up into the air. Zaeson wielded the Spear and throwing it towards her. She didn’t resist, the thing was going to fast.

It cut threw her like butter, and once again.

Distancing himself from her as she awoke once again. She tried to stand, and succeeded in doing so, but she was far to weak to continue any sort of fight.

Alyce: ((Such a one-sided battle..))

Alyce dropped to her knees. She still has one more card to play, it would seem she has no other choice now.

Alyce’s eyes began glowing, her hands and feet too. The planet began to shake at the intensity she gave off. Every bit of the planet's energy was being sucked out of nature, the citizens.

Zaeson: Planetary Absorption?

He watched as his own energy was being drained too. The effects immediately stopped though. Draining his energy? That’s not going to happen. Zach’s abilities are his own as well..

Zaeson, had seen enough of her attempt, the moment he got in distance, he was topped surprising.

Alyce: Get your hands of me.

Alyce teleported miles into the air, a massive ball of energy was surging around her like wild fire.

Zaeson: Earlier! She couldn’t have..

When she died from the Spear, she managed to absorb some of it’s power, and adding it to her own. Doing this increased her remaining power far above, Klark’s originally was, and gave her too much power to count, though the gap between her and Zaeson was far too much. The last stretch was...This

Alyce: You finally realized!? I WILL KILL YOU!!!

Alyce’s madness overtook her. That much power in her body wasn’t normal, For Zaeson it’s different, he’s a god. But her, that’s too much!

Chapter 3 - Zaeson Is Born!, Zaeson Vs Alyce  Loc_card_by_fangogogo-d83iupy

Swiping her hand, the entire background of buildings were destroyed.

Alyce who just a moment ago was dying left and right, Stood back up on her feet, with power almost rivaling Zaeson. But that's quite the understatement. Zaeson simply crossed his arms as he came face to face with her.

Zaeson: This was quite unexpected. It would seem you have powered up by 200% or more. You are worth fighting after all.

Zaeson uncrossed his arms and was planning to attack, but his body broke for a moment and readjusted. A heartbeat, and shockwave stuck within his head returning to normal thereafter. He stood in shock, Alyce who noticed his expression, spoke up.

Alyce: I don't know if you know, but earlier, I noticed something quite odd about your little ritual transformation thing. The Magic circle that I mostly translated was not complete. I'm beginning to understand something.

Alyce prepared for battle.

Alyce: You've always been stronger then me Zaeson. But how long before that transformation wears off I wonder?

Alyce pounced on him. A simple punch from her, the impact and force destroyed everything behind him. Zaeson merely blocked it effortlessly. The two of the stare face to face, inch to inch.
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Chapter 3 - Zaeson Is Born!, Zaeson Vs Alyce
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