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 Chapter 4 - God Zaeson Vs God Alyce, Finally Peace!

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Chapter 4 - God Zaeson Vs God Alyce, Finally Peace! Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 4 - God Zaeson Vs God Alyce, Finally Peace!   Chapter 4 - God Zaeson Vs God Alyce, Finally Peace! EmptyFri Oct 14, 2016 9:57 pm

Holly: Fai..Have you contacted Luka and San!

Holly said via telepathically

Fai: Yeah, I’ve arrived it seems they were watching the battle, were on our way back now!

After the transformation into Zaeson, Fai activated his god form and traveled to where the rest of the group was. If you remember, they weren’t allowed to enter. But now they can. The fight between, Zach and Alyce was devastating, Klark and Alyce, and Now Zaeson and Alyce. The only thing they can do now is obverse from a distance.

This fight is far above them.

Fai: Holly!?

Holly: You’re safe good, the battle is getting more intense.

Fai glanced at the screen for a brief second before turning his attention back towards the group.

Roland: Phew, Glad to be alive. Little Queen gave me a run for my money. Ehe…

Luka: Speaking of which..

Luka who was standing next to him, was carrying the body of Little Queen, she was near-death, in a critical state. Roland offered to kill her, but it seemed everyone was against that.

Fai: Earlier though, she was our greatest enemy, now...she’s sleeping soundly.

Holly: She isn’t SLEEPING!?, she’s fading!

Lily: It seems the energy stolen from her is acting in the same way it did with Zach. She can’t survive without it.

~ Daddy…

Little Queen suddenly spoke in her current state. Which gave everyone a shock. Who exactly is this “Daddy” She is referring too. It would seem that in this situation the dreams she has are quite...normal.

San: Now that’s odd.

Aliya: Who’s this daddy? She’s talking about.

Suddenly the same wisp from earlier reappeared, and gained the appearance similar to Zach’s but had some other features that Zach never had.

Infinity: That would be me.

How insane? The Legendary Little Queen, the one who stole Zach’s power, completely destroy Omari District, killed so many in the process. Is the Daughter of Infinity?


Fai: Can you explain that to me. If she’s your daughter, then wouldn’t that make…

Infinity: You are correct, the 5th Generation version of me. Zach. Is Little Queen’s father. Aka Me.

Holly: Oh man, he has a kid. Now that is too much.

Infinity: No, Little Queen is far to special to die at time like this. When they have finished their battle, please relay this message to Zach. It’s important that he take responsibility.


Zaeson: You may have actually hurt me. Blocking that was difficult.

Alyce lost her smile, and powered up more. She wasn’t finished absorbing energy from everything. Zaeson wasn’t affected by it this time around. He almost expected her to throw away her life this way. With the defense of Infinity Energy, and having her power and body restored with his spears energy, he had to retire the weapon and fight equally with her.

Alyce: You see how this will end, I will not have my plan fail, because of you’re dumbasses turning trump cards together.

Alyce’s mouth was shut closed by Zaeson’s intimidating expression. Also his fist, Alyce was thrown backwards.

Zaeson: This is a fight, not a chatterbox, can you even hold anything at heart.  

Alyce rose in silence, this time finally giving into her bloodlust. Both staring each other down from afar. The intensity alone could destroy mountains. Or better the planet.

Boom, the both of them are gone, shockwaves replace their appearances, the upper hand is mostly on Zaeson’s side, as the fight progresses, Alyce’s power rises slowly as time passes. Entering the God Realm, the both of them enter mostly hand to hand combat.

Encasing her fist in power, she charges Zaeson, who does the same, the collision erupts several volcanos in different locations. The electricity off the attack, destroys the island in the background.  

They both light up, continuing the same attack as if normal occurrence, debris and destruction, destroying another town far off, Exiting God Realm, Alyce is thrown to the floor, back up on her feet she launches herself towards Zaeson, who catches her punch. She kicks but is blocked, firing off a beam from her position. Shocked by her casual expression and recklessness, lets go of her, moving back, he redirects the beam back at her.

She absorbs it. Zaeson appears kicking her in the head. Flipping around into the building, but was able to recover enough to take no damage.

Alyce: This still isn’t enough.

She charges up more power. Stepping forward and crushing the ground beneath her, which holds up as just rock and dirt now. The attack surprises Zaeson a bit. The same girl just a moment ago wasn’t even capable of landing an attack, let alone any sort of tactic of strength behind her. It would seem that taking in all that energy is actually benefiting.

But she’ll need to do much better than that to hold any ground against him. They are still far apart. Though she is gaining rapidly.

Alyce seemed happy with herself, immediately blocking an attack that she failed in the beginning that killed her. The fight continues, the both of them size it up. Nothing but lightshows and balls of glowing auras, they launch above the clouds formed from their battle into Space above the planet. While currently remaining within the God Realm. Fighting for both of theirs, Alyce is smacked into the moon forcibly.

She manages to recover and fly towards Zaeson at high speeds, pummeling him, He grips her fists, the both of struggle in a battle of strength, Kneeing her in the chest, makes her winded, finishing it off with a double handed knock from above, she is sent back towards the planet, entering the earth’s atmosphere.

Flipping around, to avoid crashing into the surface, she lands perfectly, Zaeson teleports to the surface with his arms crossed. She was breathing heavily.

Alyce: You aren’t as easy to kill as I thought.

Zaeson sighed, uncrossing his arms in thought.

Zaeson: You are naive to think defeating me would be that easy. Don’t you recall what happened to you earlier.

Zaeson opened his eyes glaring at her

Zaeson: It would be far easier saying that I’ve been toying with you this entire time!

Alyce: No!

Alyce yelled interrupting him.

Zaeson: You are so stubborn.

Punching her in the gut. She lost all strength in her legs, falling to the floor gasping for air from such an attack. Although he didn’t kill her, it would seem such resistance was based on his own will.

Zaeson: That’s the same power I used against you earlier, now it’s enough for you to not die.

Alyce stared in anger.

Alyce: I refuse!

Gripping her fist, she rose her knee and attempted to punch him, he effortlessly grabs the punch, and slapping her to the left knocking her to the ground. She wasn’t going to give up, shifting to back to face him, she powered up a beam and fired directly at him, he flicks it upwards. Summoning a ball of pure power. He grabs it and destroys it, nothing but particles remained for a second.

Her kicks, punches, energy attacks, were all dodged, blocked, and destroyed.

Alyce: No way!

Alyce lost in her own weakness steps back from him. Such is the reality


San: What do you know of Alyce, Lily?

San asked

Lily: Well...nothing really, she joined Group 1 awhile go, in fact she joined, back when Zach first went rogue and killed me.

She answered

Fai: I see, so she definitely started to act when he arrived. I wonder what the history of the two are.

Luka: Alyce might be one of the gods that fought against Infinity, it’s just a guess. But I’m going to go ahead and assume it is. We’ve fought time and time again, Dark Klark, Dark Zach, but the storm around this place only disappears when Little Queen and Alyce arrive, it’s too much of a coincidence.

Luka explains

San: Agreed, Alyce has to be someone from his past. And this relates to what Trinity and Little Queen were talking about earlier...and what we saw in the past, they truly are those who can fight at levels we have never seen. Planets that can withstand God battling countless hour? That’s too much to think about.

San said

Holly: Yeah, well we have a problem now, our planet is far from capable of withstanding that.

She said as everyone gathered their attention back at the monitor


Alyce: Holding back against me...out of pity?! Or is there some other reason?

Alyce thought in her mind as she stopped tracking back. She stared back at him before absorbing more power to increase her own.

Alyce: I won’t give up so easily. Nothing ever came from running away. We’ve done that already enough times in war that happened several billion years ago. Again I REFUSE!

Alyce raged at him.

Zaeson realized his time limit was approaching if he doesn’t finish this now, they will not have an easy time dealing with Alyce later.


Zach: Klark..I’ve decided, we shouldn’t kill her.

Klark: Excuse me? Did you just say something..

Zach: Klark..

Klark: Are you fucking with me? You are aren’t you? You know how many people she’s killed in this battle alone? Far more than Little Queen. She absorbed them basically.

Zach lost in thought as the space around him began cracking and began becoming more apparent.


Zaeson gripped Alyce and smashed her into the ground, although she tried to get away, she was going to die this time. She couldn’t afford another death right now, the power she’s amassed would be for nothing!

Zaeson: You could’ve avoided this!

Zach: NO!

Zaeson disappeared, Klark And Zach replaced him, Zach who took immediate action the moment he left, summoned the infinity Staff.

From within the Isle, the shield died off, since the power coming from it was cut.

Klark: Moron what are you doing!? Damn, Alyce!

Klark’s power was blocked by Zach’s barrier that placed Alyce in as well, He turned to see Alyce who was weakened. He pushed the Staff into her.

Alyce: What…

An bright light took hold..

Zach: Won’t let you..killing her wouldn’t be any better..

Zach confronted him.

Klark: You are serious? Aren’t you..Wait, where did she go..

Zach looked behind him, but she was gone. Did she escape in the argument, Klark couldn’t sense her either. He cursed in his mind, now that they were deformed from being Zaeson. Alyce was back to being more powerful than they were. So they could feel her presence.

Klark: Zach..what have you done. This entire battle was for nothing!?

Klark said in anger.

Zach: She’s fast isn’t she..

Zach said, he wasn’t directly at him, but it would appear Zach had an idea where she went. His eyes could explain that, before moving to face Klark, he appeared normal. Sly bastard.

Zach: We need time to relax, Alyce won’t be bothering us for awhile we can prepare a countermeasure for her.

Klark: Screw your countermeasure. Alyce is far stronger then Little Queen. Like, what reason did you act for her sake anyway?

Klark asked

Zach: Um…

Klark: Time to die..

Fai: Now isn’t the time to fight!

Fai’s voice came from the sky, as the group landed next to them, the interruption cut them off from their arguement.

Fai: For fuck sakes, it doesn’t take long does it, for you two to be yelling at each other.

Klark: Whatever, what are we going to do about this mess. The entire country in ruin.

Zach: This isn’t any different then Omari District…

Zach stated as he looked horrified at what he saw.

Luka: Were going to have to explain this to everyone. Sans I think we're going to be busy.

San: I’ve already contacted the members of Group X, they are relaying the message. Also Zach..

Zach: Yeah?

San: Infinity left a message for you inside the Isle, it seems he wanted to talk to you alone.

Zach glanced at the Isle and felt a fading aura within it. It seemed his intentions were pretty clear at this point, looking at the group as they gave odd looks, he was mostly suppose to go in alone.

Zach: I’ll leave this to you guys. The Isle is pretty important in securing our future against any threats, that includes Alyce…

Zach said staring at Klark who didn’t give him any glances. Only his hands in his pockets…

Klark: Sure..

Zach flew off towards the Island.
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Chapter 4 - God Zaeson Vs God Alyce, Finally Peace!
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