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 Chapter 5 - Inspection Of The Infinity Isle Part 1

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Chapter 5 - Inspection Of The Infinity Isle Part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 5 - Inspection Of The Infinity Isle Part 1   Chapter 5 - Inspection Of The Infinity Isle Part 1 EmptySat Oct 15, 2016 1:13 am

A few days passed and everything seemed to be normal once again. Alyce hasn’t shown her face in the time that the people from which city were trying to cope with the recent destruction. The battle had indeed been one of large scale, three cities were ravaged, and now that everything is peaceful once again. A team of highly experienced engineers from Panzer City as well as several other cities genius were preparing to recreate Omari.

As for the other cities, they were getting an overhaul as well due to the recent incidents. It’s time they thought about future threats, Alyce won’t be the only god they will run into and San along with the help of Luka are preparing to put in some countermeasures to defend against them.

San: This is the first time that we have agreed to undergo changes within this era. How do you think we should proceed.

Luka: By obviously starting with the facts here. We need something to defend us against God level threats. Alyce and Little Queen were only the beginning. I don’t think we’ll be safe yet for awhile.

San: Understandable. But we’ve discussed this. The problem that we face is having any sort of data on how strong of a device we would have to make to combat such force. We can’t even feel Little Queen or Alyce’s power, so we can’t register their data anyway.

Luka and San were arguing over this for quite sometime.

San: Plus, any data we could have been monitoring was destroyed entirely. It’s gone.

San exclaimed

San: Out of all the places too..

Ahad: I think you’re missing the big picture here. We don’t need to claim data or research. We only need to obtain something capable of reading their power. Some type of device of human origin would be able to comprehend it anyway. But, with my power if I could scan something that could possibly do that for me. I could integrate it. My technology magic can easily be capable of doing everything for you.

San: Does your power come with evolving normal technology?

Ahad: Of course! San..I love your city, but I could easily destroy it. I’ve managed to bypass all your systems.

Ahad raised his hand and give him a thumbs up.

San: Right…

San turned and walked away.

San: The only one who could even possess said objects is Zach, since he has taken the Isle as his new place of comfort. I might as well go talk to him, or you. Either way, that’s how we can proceed.

Ahad: You can do that. I’m a bit busy.

San: Shessh

San’s appearance faded behind a door, Luka stressed herself out a bit this time. Moving her hand from her face.

Ahad: Are you ever going to tell them?

Luka glanced at Ahad for a moment trying to understand?

Luka: What do you mean?

Ahad: I mean that you aren’t human. I’ve scanned your entire body. And my power is telling me you do not register as human.

Ahad stopped what he was doing to stare at her for a moment.

Luka: Keep that information to yourself…

Ahad: Sure...don’t expect me to tell anyone anyway. I’ve learned that much from Zach, when he was a more presentable leader.

Luka: His old self was far from noble.

Luka showed herself out of the room.

Ahad: Tell that to him, that artifact never left his body in the first place.

Ahad smiled, but it faded.

~~ Earlier, 3 Days Ago, Infinity Isle.

Zach landed into the palace, there laying peacefully on the ground, was Little Queen’s body, Zach moved his head down as he guessed correctly, little accurate to say that he sensed her fading energy, so he couldn’t have been wrong anyway.

Her near-death status was unbearable, this isn’t how a queen is treated. Zach reached her position and kneeled down to obverse her. The loss of something precious. This can’t be, Zach shift his gaze throughout her entire body.

Zach: I wonder if I can fix this temporarily.

Infinity: Why impart her with false healing?

Infinity shortly interrupted

Zach: You tell me, I’ve got all these memories. Only half, but enough to know that this is far from fair, a future like this wasn’t meant to be. Even if we have only barely succeeded.

Zach lifted himself up.

Zach: What could possibly be so bad for you to hide your soul from me. After all am I not suppose to be you!

Zach said

Infinity: You haven’t changed yet, It’s not the time to be pressing this case on me after such a short time from your trial.

Infinity stated

Zach: No, that isn’t right, Little Queen is dying, the Earth is far from peaceful. Hell if I say it was, the people over there are bloody insane. What EXACTLY happened in the War of Two Spectrum, Why is Alyce so dedicated in killing me. And why must a future like this exist. No, no I deserve to know!

Zach shouted

Infinity: It’s only natural for you to feel this way. I showed you already what it felt like. My soul is far too dangerous for you. You have only experienced a quarter of its pain. My pain. What I did all those years ago, No what I did to obtain my own will, what exactly was the purpose. I was given nothing but pain in the end. Planets fall, Universes crumble, I’m like atlas, but trying to keep the universe together. You’d expect others to respect that, but all they care about is controlling and taking. A part of me didn’t want that life, but I still wanted it. I was nothing but a shell in the beginning. Why do you think I was so powerful. That road is taken Zach, knowing everything is restricted to me alone. I’m sorry, You have to listen, don’t complain to me about the unnecessities, when you should be looking at what's in front of you.

Infinity pointed towards Little Queen. And disappeared, Zach was quite shocked at his explanation, he truly was different from the Infinity I’ve understood. Turning around, Infinity was mainly right, healing her like that is cruel.

Looking far off at the end of room, everything appeared dark, summoning the Staff to his hand, the glow emitting from it gave off a small lamp effect.

Zach: Restore…

Zach said casually, A bright golden glow covered Little Queen’s body as it began warping her appearance, the body of a child remained, she reduced to a child, Zach closed his eyes in sorrow. This was how he could express his emotions.

Little Queen’s eyes opened shortly, her memories still remained, she knew had happened, she was surprised first, but she noticed Zach in front of her. She proceeded to hug him as she knew he offended him.

Zach: It’s fine now, the darkness surrounding your heart has been removed…

Zach said hugging her back.

Little Queen: I’m sorry, the stuff I did..I took who you were. I didn’t mean to father.

Zach patted her head, and smiled

Zach: Everything is fine, I already told you.

Little Queen showed a sad expression.

Little Queen: Okay..

Zach: You probably have realised, but you don’t have any power anymore, though some lingering effects still remain, your origin and existence have been maintained, in short to compensate for these keep sakes, your body has regressed. You’re still a god, and you still have my eyes. But I’ve unfortunately removed your power. That is your punishment.

Little Queen stood idly looking at Zach for a moment, silently nodded.

Little Queen: I’m sorry,

Zach: Damn, you need to smile more.

Little Queen giggled at that remark, and looked around her.

Little Queen: Is this the Island from earlier?

Zach: Yeah

Zach moved his hand, the staff moved and interlocked with the altar the end of the room, the place lit up.

Zach: Do something for me, take a look around. Report everything back to me after your done. Don’t worry about getting lost.

Zach summoned a ball of light, and reformed into a teddy bear. Ironically, it was the same one she had once before a long time. She hugged it tightly.

Zach: This will keep you from getting lost.

Little Queen: Couldn’t I just use your eyes father?

Zach: For now, you aren’t allowed.

Little Queen: Okay.

She strolled off disappearing in the corridor

~~ Present Day

Zach: This place is quite large, though the outside makes it look a lot smaller, course it’s size is still pretty big, but this is far bigger.

Zach said, he reached the main hub, which was his room it would appear. The altar in the middle had the same permissions, and was actually the system administration computer. SAC for short.

Zach: System, explain the complexity of the palace. Why is it so big.

System: The Infinity Isle is encoded with transdimensional patterns. It’s bigger on the inside, All the rooms are made for anyone with certain needs.

Zach: Explain that part. The last part.

System: Rooms are default set, but endless amount of rooms can be created by thinking it. Permissions are granted from the Administrator.

Zach: Who’s that

System: Currently...Zach Alexander, proper identity..Infinity

Zach: So it recognizes me as Infinity okay, Continue

System: Rooms can be destroyed or created endlessly. The same goes for ones inside the room. Rooms, hallways, can be customly made or destroyed.

Zach: Alright, enough. So the Infinity Isle is basically one big fortress with apparently the best shit. That’s quite complex indeed.

Zach turned away. From the computer

Klark: You get that thing working?

Zach: Sure..this will be our new place. Since it’s..reliable and the only place to stay for now.

Klark: I suppose…

Klark turned his head and noticed a codex that was written in a weird language.

Klark: Do you know what this says?

Klark pointed

Zach glanced at him, and stopped what he was searching.

Zach: Yeah, it says the six pieces that shine gold, fly endlessly, they can’t be held back.

Zach was strangely aware of what it meant but couldn’t process what that would be.

Fly endlessly? Huh?

Klark: A riddle? How lame, though Six pieces that shine gold, that’s easy. The Pieces of Infinity.

Zach: Yeah, that much I got, but the other words are a little bit tricky.

Zach turned and went back to what he was doing, Fai and Little Queen walked through the front door.

Fai: Zach...Did I ever tell you how adorable she looked up close

He glanced casually with a dull face when Fai walked up with Little Queen on his shoulders.

Little Queen: Dad, this man’s incredibly fast.

Zach: Oh yeah…

Klark: I can’t get used to her saying that you.

Zach: Tell me about it.

Little Queen hopped down from his shoulders and rushed towards him. Seemingly bugging him..

Zach: What have you found.

Little Queen: This place is quite confusing. It moves around a lot. It seems that it has everything a normal house would have, also an armory, lots of lots of food, many rooms, I couldn’t count all of them sorry.

Zach: Trust me..I wouldn’t want you too.

Little Queen: A infirmary, Training room...And a white room that looked cool.

Little Queen was far too cute explaining her little adventure.

Zach: Cool, it seems this place is basically too fucking cheap. An entire species could live here. We have to take advantage of this while we can.

Klark: Me and Fai are going to check out the rooms, make sure we got that permission.

Zach: Sure, you are already allowed. Go wild, errrr wait don’t do that.

Klark: Your words not mine.

They faded.

Little Queen: Daddy?

Zach: Please, go play over there.

Little Queen frowned before obeying.

Zach: I can’t live as a father and some protector too, being alive is too much.

Zach thought.
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Chapter 5 - Inspection Of The Infinity Isle Part 1
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