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 Chapter 6 - Cursed, Infusion Sickness Part 2

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Chapter 6 - Cursed, Infusion Sickness Part 2  Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 6 - Cursed, Infusion Sickness Part 2    Chapter 6 - Cursed, Infusion Sickness Part 2  EmptySat Oct 15, 2016 4:16 pm

Zach was looking through the screen that was projected from the SAC. He was focused intently with what he was doing. Little Queen was minding her business on his bed close by, she was just doing whatever kids do.

Continuing with his research of the place, it would appear there are currently several hidden rooms throughout here. One of them he has already discovered, several tombs that seemed to be openly shouting out their existence to him when he came across them.

Others like templates labelled history and library, and several tablets like the one in his room that read. “Six Pieces that shine gold, Fly Endlessly without restraint. Only the feathers of fated souls can merge futures”

Zach’s memories were hazy at what that meant. Earlier he failed to fully translate it, but he’s been reading a lot so far, so he’s unlocked the language completely now.

Zach: Infinity was definitely more than some greedy god

Zach muttered to himself

Zach: He used things like libraries to store information. Either for me, or for his own reasons. I’m not sure, I wasn’t even sure they needed libraries.

Zach said opening more templates.

Zach: Every new thing I check there is always something new, what the fuck is this.

Zach opened up something interesting, titles ranging too: Observatory, nexus, gallery, Uvloirian.

Zach: Interesting, the last one sounds like a race of sorts. It’s definitely a familiar name.

Zach moved away from the console. He snapped his fingers gaining Little Queen’s attention who sat up from the bed,

Zach: Come, we're gonna explore this place.

Little Queen: Okay!

Zach turned to leave but was cut off by a sudden aching in his chest, his body felt all numb, and it felt like something was gripping his heart so tight. His muscles were stretching and regressing, a sound shot through his mind, before regaining his posture.

Little Queen: Are you alright?

Zach: Yeah, just dealing with my injuries from the battle. Come on.

He blatantly lied to her, but she pressed on along with him.

~~ 2 Days Ago, Infinity Isle.

Klark and Zach were feeling tremendous pain, for some reason they both were feeling something they have never felt before, their entire bodies were shutting down. But it wasn’t like that at the same time, they remained alive and healthy, but something just constantly interfered. Klark couldn’t release any of his strength, like it was being sucked away when tried. And Zach’s problem was no different.

Klark: What’s happening..

Klark said holding his chest, and gripping the altar to keep himself up.

Zach: System!

Zach called, they were in the room that the Staff was located in, suddenly it changed to a projection.

Zach: Scan, what’s going on!

Zach hit the floor, with his knees keeping him up.

System: Warning: Infusion Sickness detected!

Klark: What?! Sickness?

Zach: Computer! Explain!

Zach had trouble speaking.

System: Infusion Sickness occurs in failure in successfully producing the Infinity Infusion Ritual to merge souls. Due to the nature of the power, anyone other than Infinity who uses this spell. Will meet with an illness without carefully understanding it’s instructions.

Zach: No way!

Klark: Okay, so Zach..Just use that staff and cure usss…

Klark hit the floor as well gasping for air..

System: Impossible, the sickness is a result of Infinity’s Influence using the Staff of the Universe will not work.

Klark: No, That’s impossible!

For a moment, the pain subsided, Klark who stood up gripped Zach’s shirt

Klark: Damn it, you failed in that ritual, what the fuck were you even doing.

Zach: Don’t blame me,

Zach pushed him away, fixing his clothes.

Zach: Weren’t you the one who wanted me to do it. And yeah don’t blame me it was my first time even attempting the infusion. How was I supposed to know.

Klark: fucking hell…

Klark facepalmed, he don fucked up

Zach: System, You said there wasn’t a way to cure it, but are you sure?

System: Normally no, but the effects of the sickness act as a curse, and will eventually wear off.

Klark: Curses don’t wear off. That’s not how that works.

System: This curse does. Infinity set it up like that. And the information for success isn’t that easy to obtain. So it’s fair enough. Side Effects of the illness are, weaken and fragile body, inability to produce power, else feel harsh conditions, stamina reduced, constant pain every so often. Strength reduced, power reduced, more fatigue.

Zach: Well, that’s great too know.

Klark: So, it’s a waiting game, this doesn’t help us at all, because Alyce is still out there.

Klark pointed as he yelled.

Zach: I’m aware,

Zach stressed his concern lightly, but he knew that he had to rely more on the Isle, he’ll have to learn more about this place now. Zach looked around to see where Little Queen, seemed she had returned.

Zach: She’ll be wondering for awhile. This place is strange.

Klark: I might as well help you. Because I don’t feel like leaving knowing what has happened. And it this place does seem like the safest place to be at the moment.

~~ Present Day

Fai: The rooms are royalty level, everything is perfect, if the word were defined by a room.

Klark: mhm, having a nice room isn’t on my mind right now Fai, so let’s just continue searching around.

Fai: Having a room is good, might as well decide before you have to later.

Klark: Rooms are useless in this day and age, unless you are sleeping with a women, I don’t have time.

Fai: Go call up Aliya,

Klark: Is she still being a bitch?

Fai: Yeah, she’s foul nowadays.

Klark: No thanks..

Fai: Already unattracted?

Klark: I’m not even sure, I got a lot on my mind. Being my usual self right now is difficult

Fai gave him a strange look as they proceeded to the next line of hallways

Fai: My sense of direction in this place is stupid.

Klark: Were you ever good at going anywhere?

Fai: I was..

Klark: Was?

Fai: I got a trick to fix this issue

Fai activated his unique pair of eyes, all of sudden the confusion in his mind went away, the view now is easy to tell. Something caught his attention

Fai: Let’s go this way, something is bugging me.

Walking through the long and endless hallway, they come to a clearing. The place was peaceful, the warm glow from the water that streamed along the court was like a dream, there was bodies of water to the left and right of them, the path stretched in between those pounds. In front of them, was as spring. Sort of like those japanese bath houses. But in it’s own fashion.

The place gave that amazing feeling, even suppressing the pain from Klark a little. It was just that strong, but the place wouldn’t help more then that. It was a place to calm the mind and relax from all the places in the world. Inside this room existed it’s own reality. The fundamentals of the universe didn’t exist here.

Klark: Why is this place here.

Klark said

Fai: No idea, but I like it.

Fai said

Klark: There is a mystery here with all these rooms.

A couple of hours later, they moved on and Zach and Little Queen moved into the same room, and were quite pleased with the feeling it gave off, walking closer to the other side of the room, the exit too two different area’s forked off.

Little Queen: A Hot Spring, Daddy, we should relax sometime here

Zach scratched his head hearing those words.

Zach: A bath huh, Is that what parents do nowadays. Bath with their children? I don’t know if that’s legal.

Phantasia: The Laws of your existence don’t collide with human beings.

She appeared behind him

Zach: Oh, you are here

Phantasia: You both are related, so it’s not wrong.

Zach: Still

Phantasia: You have done it before as Infinity in his own realm. And like I said, the two of you are bound by your own law, no one can do anything against that.

Phantasia walked off as she said disappearing after glancing at them.

Zach: Weird…

Little Queen: Can we?

Zach: Yeah. I suppose in the future once we are done with this exploration.

Little Queen Yay!

She was far to excited. Though I suppose she would be since she knows more about the past then he did at this point. It felt wrong since he was her father. Continuing with their walk, Zach finally reached the series of rooms he was going too. Meeting up with Fai and Klark who were already there.

The first room was the Library, it was connected to the rest of them, in the back was the Gallery, and from there the Observatory and the Nexus that was beside it.

Fai: Zach have you been here yet, the place is littered with history on past events.

Fai said as he put the book back.

Zach: First time. What kind of history?

Fai: Everything. The things in these books are profound. Whoever this Infinity was, no offense, but he travelled everywhere. He never stayed in the same place. His travels picked up in the 2nd Generation compared to this other version of him. He knows almost everything about the universe.

Zach: Almost?

Fai: Well I don’t know, It seems like he traveled to learn about the universe rather than learn it through his absolute ability to be possibly everyone at once. Or his godly power.

Klark: That would be nice, I could be in the shower with every girl on the planet. Ha.

Fai: Of course you’d say that.

Klark: I wonder what holly is doing right now.

Fai blushed at the thought…

Fai: Shut up…

Klark: Hahaha, your face you definitely thought about it didn’t you! You are the same.

Fai: …

Zach: Is this a comedy session? Did I walk into something? I’ll leave.

Fai: Fuck off, it’s not like that.

Little Queen: Hi

She has been standing right next to Zach the entire time..

Fai: Uh..Hi were you always there.

Zach: Yeah, Nice job.

Klark: Yo, it’s not like she’s 5 years old, she’s trillions of years old, she’s fine.

Little Queen put her finger to her lip in confusion.

Klark: are convincing me now.

Little Queen: Haha, you guys are funny. I don’t think you know about love as much as I do though.

Klark: Yo Zach, I think you are being outdone here.

Zach pointed at him

Zach: She was talking to you.

Little Queen: Father, you aren’t that great either, I know a lot about you.

Zach: Huh?! Just how much do you know

Little Queen: Haheh

Klark: Frightening.

Fai: A child is far more experienced than us. It may be an illusion but it’s creepy.

Zach: She’s still just a child, trillions of years, I’m apparently as old as the universe. So that’s nothing compared to that.

Klark: Alright grandpa.

Zach sighed and walked off, searching the library as well.

This will be a long day.
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Chapter 6 - Cursed, Infusion Sickness Part 2
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