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 Chapter 7 - Defenses, History, Discovery Part 3

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Chapter 7 - Defenses, History, Discovery Part 3 Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 7 - Defenses, History, Discovery Part 3   Chapter 7 - Defenses, History, Discovery Part 3 EmptySun Oct 16, 2016 12:25 am

Overlooking the information that had been written all over the library was rather interesting to say least. They each learned more about what was out there, a lot of mysterious still remained though. It wouldn’t be easy to learn everything in a single day, the library had many books that needed to be peaked inside, but time was running short. Sitting there and reading all the books would be far too much.

Klark And Fai needed to go and get something to eat, so they were gonna head to the kitchen. Little Queen told them where it was, and what to look out for so they wouldn’t get lost, it was a good thing that Zach told her to explore earlier.

Zach: Next room, Gallery.

Entering the room, was like entering an artificial world, the gallery wasn’t just some white room with paintings. No it was a gallery of events that looked real. They were real. It’s all in the past now, but seeing it up front like it was still going on, like he was watching a movie.

There was no indication of a way to remotely change what events he could see. He entered the room a moment ago, and it activated automatically to certain events.

Little Queen: I know this war, these events are detailing the earth’s creation.

Little Queen looked sadden upon saying, she proceeded to lower her head.

Zach: You don’t have to worry. You can tell me

Zach reassured her.

Little Queen: These events were after the war of two spectrums, the earth had been affected by the war, or rather. The debris from the destruction was affected. I had been roaming around looking for you. Because I had been corrupted by the Dark Spectrum’s evil remnants.

Little Queen began detailing the events in view. Syncing along with the gallery event

Little Queen: Klark’s father, was beginning turn around this time as well. He was a powerful being that regarded himself as a titan, I know titans existed, but the name itself was self-proclaimed at the time.

Zach: Self-Proclaimed?

Little Queen: You’ve heard of the God of Titans, the name itself is merely a name, there is no such thing as the god of titans, But you could certainly say he looked like one and was incredibly powerful for him to claim that title for himself, eventually he became just that.

Earth was a little more than a baby planet, only just been born at this time. Humans were roaming and living their lives peaceful, He protected the planet. I found the earth centuries later and came in contact with him while he was doing his own business in another realm. We fought a couple of times and travelled together on several occasions.

Zach: You were friends?

Little Queen: Of course not, I was merely using him. I was still connected to the Infinity spectrum despite my affiliation to the Dark Spectrum at the time. I was merely acting out my role cause I knew his fate and another were tangled.

Little Queen was right on for the most part as the event reached a climax.

Zach: I see...I’m beginning to remember this part as well

Little Queen: Although the events of what happened before are missing, which ties in with what we may have done together, these events were very close together with your arrival.

Zach: Not me pre-say though.

Little Queen: Yes

I had fought against Thanos, Klark’s father. He figured out who I was, after encountering Infinity. My theory at the time was that Infinity must have contacted him from the past. In Doing so we had no choice but to fight in the end.

At the time, the humans were at war with each other. And the fighting above their planet was left unseen although they couldn’t have known. Thanos was ultimately defeated, he couldn’t have matched my strength with his mere power of a god. Whether he was a God of Titans or not the title was merely made up.

He managed to make it out alive, because you arrived. I couldn’t take any chance to miss this so Thanos acted on my weakness and disappeared. My only thought is that he sensed something was off and went his own way towards that goal or to simply flee.

Zach: This version of me..

Little Queen: The Past Zach. Commonly referred too, He is you.

Zach was shocked, this is his first time hearing of this. He was actually on earth around those years?

Zach: How is that possible.

Little Queen: You entered the Infinity Spectrum. It made you travel through time and space to a point in time. The Spectrum was most likely closed by the 4th Generation Infinity right before he died. When you arrived we fought, and that’s the case for why most of the planet was destroyed. In truth that’s also why everyone gained powers, due to the Infinity Spectrum being present above the earth at the time and the shockwaves and aura from it’s light granted that gift, apart of it was that this version of Zach was far closer to becoming Infinity that the Spectrum actually acted on your will at that time.

It would seem that Past Zach had more Influence than the current Zach who has awaken as Infinity not to long ago. But how is this possible, the past referred Zach as the Wizard of Infinity and was not regarded as Infinity as far as he knew, did this Zach and the current version of him had some difference between them? What exactly is missing from the picture?

Zach: No way, But wait, what happened to you?

Zach said

Little Queen: Right

Little Queen shifted her head, Zach didn’t like her expression too much.

Little Queen: You were extremely strong back then, the Zach I encountered was far stronger then you are now. He was able to subdue me and seal me within the Infinity Sword. Everything else is a blur, I have no knowledge of what happened afterwards.

Zach: I see,

Zach kneeled down at her, and hugged her.

Zach: That was all in the past, so you don’t have to worry about it know,

Getting up, the knowledge he has gained is enough for him to proceed out of this room, the gallery was surely a place he will have to revisit later in the future. He won’t rely on Infinity to give him that knowledge. He will have to take it upon himself to do that.

Zach: Observatory is next. I believe it holds importance to look around..

Upon entering it appeared like nothing at all, just a large room, that was entirely made up an empty space. Though once in the middle of the room, everything darkened. And as if they were in space surrounding the endless void that stood in front of them.

Zach: I had a feeling this is what it was. So it’s based on thought. Tapping into my mind, this place has a knack for doing that. I suppose most of the systems and devices in this place all act that way. It’s purely based on my will, or anyones that is granted too

Little Queen: Try thinking of something

She asked, hopping around, it’s been awhile since she's seen anything outside this planet. Despite her knowledge.

Zach: Um..I wonder if I can think of something I don’t know right now, but that the other me or Infinity would know.

Little Queen: Never know until you try?

Zach wasn’t sure, but something appeared in front of him as he thought

Zach: What’s this place..

Zach stared openly at the picture in front of me.

Little Queen in shock at the view, she quickly pushed Zach out of the room.

Zach: What, What is it!


Little Queen yelled! Pushing him outside the room into the Nexus

Little Queen: System: Shut off this room

System: Permission denied!

She seemed upset after hearing that...she almost began to cry…

Little Queen: Please turn it off father

She turned

Zach: What could possibly make her that upset for her to act against me so openly

He thought to himself but was not able to come to an accurate conclusion, She’s been an obeying little child as far as she knew, so what that place was, was something from her past most likely.

Little Queen: Please…

Zach: Of course, System: Turn off the Observatory, No one on this planet other than this version of me, this generation is allow to turn this room back on!.

Little Queen wiped away her tears, but some lingering nervousness remained present within her eyes.

Zach: You aren’t making this easy.

System: Granted, Room shutting down.

Zach: Delay the last part, I’m granting permanent administrator permissions to Little Queen for this room only.

Little Queen: Huh?

Zach: Just a sec…

He continued

Zach: Also, remove any permissions for Zach Alexander, aka Infinity for the observatory.

System: Changing remote access for Infinity Isle Administrator, Observatory access is granted for Little Queen, removed access from Zach Alexander.

Zach closed his eyes after doing that.

Little Queen: But why? You didn’t need to do that.

Zach: You are too adorable to lie too, and I know what you were thinking. If I let this go now, i’d just come back right? Don’t worry, you can trust me now. You are the only one allowed to view and give others access. So even I can’t do anything about it.

Little Queen: This is an override for that. You can still give that access back to yourself.

Zach: Well...I’m really trying here..

Zach scratched his head

Little Queen smiled at his attempt, but she knew that he wouldn’t have gone through the trouble if she didn’t know he would come back later.

Zach: Well, that’s the face I’d like to see, now...the Nexus, This place is…

Little Queen: The heart of this place! It’s so shiny…

She and Zach stood in awe at the sight, the Ball of glowing light shined like the Infinity Spectrum, but it seemed far more different for it to be.

Zach: I think it was worth the trip to adventure all of this place.


Klark: So, this was an interesting experience, but nothing helps us escape fighting Alyce again. This place has got to have some defenses somewhere.

Fai: Well, Zach gave us permission for some stuff. Let’s find out.

Fai: System, Where are the Island’s Defenses?

System: Do you mean the Control Room for the offensive and defensive protocols?

Fai: Yes

System: Teleporting Fai, Klark to Control Room

A moment they were warped into another room, they didn’t move, it also didn’t seem that they teleported, but I suppose that’s the effect that kind of teleport had while inside this confusing maze.

Klark: This place is certainly full of surprise.

Fai: the place is full of weird designs and stuff. I can probably figure most of it out, I can’t rely too much on my eyes abilities though, there far from what Zach could achieve.

Klark: He can do that on a normal basis, can we just focus on our own problems for now. Enough about Zach

Klark said

Fai: Right right, this panel seems to access the shields.

Klark: Turn them on, we cannot allow Alyce to get any chances.

Fai: What’s the reason for activating them now?!

Klark: Duh, the illness. And If I don’t recall we are the only ones who can even combat Alyce, so long as were alive.

Klark pulled it himself, the entire Isle was surrounded by a orange shield. It was pretty imposing.

Fai: Alright, the rest of these controls, control the defensives the other side are the offensive controls. Though the defensives one should be fine for now.

Fai clicked in some buttons and typed on the device that was present. A flick of a switch and lever.

Fai: Central Defensive Lasers active, Stealth, teleportation, time travel, reality warping, and several other protocols have been active. If anyone who uses those abilities will be instantly teleported out. No one that we don’t give access to can enter. And if Alyce tries to teleport in or use time powers if she even could, the place will cause a anti protocol to said power and distort her entrance to another location. She cannot enter.

Phantasia: That’s interesting.

She said walking in out of nowhere..

Fai: You like to ruin everything don’t you.

Klark: You gave her access didn’t you?

Fai: I didn’t even give anyone access yet, the only ones who are allowed are those who are already here…

Phantasia: Oh I was already here. But these protocols would work on me. I don’t exist in time or space. My power is Universal Space-Time Manipulation. So simple stuff like this is easy to traverse, if you try to distort my jumps, i’ll know.

Klark: Okay?

Phantasia: You tried to stop time several times just know.

Klark: Okay, so you are pretty impression. But I mean you’re some goddess of time aren’t you, that’s pretty obvious you would have more than I do. I can only use a stop of time.

Phantasia: You could have so much more. But I don’t believe your power is based around time, If you want to enjoy some training on providing better defense, then ask me sometime. I’m pretty knowledgable.

Phantasia vanished a second later, leaving them alone.

Klark: I love her already. Now have those protocols been in place.

Fai: Yeah, I literally just set them up. You can calm the fuck down.

Klark: Phew…

Fai: Why are you even worried, Klark that I know is suppose to be all tough guy like.

Klark: Yeah, a few deaths and powerful gods tend to give you some thought in this life. I’m only like that because I’m not gonna take anyone's shit, but Alyce that fuckin bitch is far from any normal human. So dealing with her will take some changes. Also this sickness is fucking with my head.

Fai: Glad it turns out like that. I’ma grab some pizza, you want any?

Klark: Fuck yeah, We're safe now I can calm down and eat to my heart's content.

Fai: Just don’t fuck around, remember last time?

Klark: …


Far from the fields on the cities and states. Alyce was struggling with her new found power that was granted to her by the powers of Infinity that she stole from Little Queen, her absorption is evolved into something she can’t control like she has until now, not to much her injuries are starting to give her problems.

She’s seen lying next to a rock, with a ton of bandages.

Alyce: Human garbage, these things barely work for god's. How does one live here. Damn you those two. And Zaeson. That being cannot be allowed to reappear. I must deal with them accordingly before they arrive.

Alyce rose her head to the sky.
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Chapter 7 - Defenses, History, Discovery Part 3
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