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 Chapter 8 - The Trouble With Love

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Chapter 8 - The Trouble With Love Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 8 - The Trouble With Love   Chapter 8 - The Trouble With Love EmptyFri Oct 28, 2016 9:17 pm

A Couple weeks in, the district of Omari is beginning to see some construction towards its structures. The damage that was caused has been done. So the workers from various cities have accumulated. Also the military..

Soldier: Does anyone know where the Captain is!?

Phantasia: Hey…

She said, walking towards the two soldiers who were chatting amongst themselves.

Phantasia: The Captain is busy with some important business, he told me to tell you that you shouldn’t worry.

She said

Soldier: And who are you suppose to be?

Soldier 2: Can you see we're trying to do our jobs.  

Phantasia: I’m his wife..and I can’t see you doing anything but complaining to each other.

She said

Lilith: Hey, Phantasia over here, let her through

Lilith shouted.

Soldier: Uh, sorry.

Phantasia walked passed them, and continued with her duty.

Lilith: Uh, sorry about, never can be to cautious.

Phantasia: Those two wouldn’t help anyone.

She pointed behind her. And then returning her gaze at Lilith..

Lilith: Right, You can help then right?

Lilith tilted her head a bit. She wasn’t even sure Phantasia was willing to help them out with what they were dealing with.

Phantasia: I could.

Lily: But would you?

Lily interrupted..

Phantasia: I’m not really suppose to interfere.

Lilith: Right, you’ve said that before, what exactly is your position here.

Lilith said sarcastically

Phantasia: Observing. And it also depends. It's not like I can’t help. I’m very reliable.

Lilith: Well?

Lilith shrugged her arms, trying to get her to show her.

Phantasia: You’d be surprised.

She raised her arm to the right of her, and looked at the large patch of dirt that covered a very specific area. Wind rapidly picked up, before coming to a halt several pieces of dust came together faster and faster eventually until they formed a large stone wall, and it continued endlessly for several other spots among the area.

They all came together like fitting them in place, the grass around the area regrew, a light suddenly flashed, disappearing. What was left in it’s place was something almost like it was ripped out of time itself.

Phantasia lowered her hand looked back at the two who were more or less shocked.

Lilith: What, did you do?

Lilith looked back immediately

Phantasia: I just rewound the time of the area to a point in which Little Queen’s blast did not hit, it’s really simple actually. I could probably do this entire district, but now that’s where the depends from earlier kicks in, I’ll only help you guys for as much as I am allowed.

Lily: We won’t stop you, please continue until your finished.

Phantasia: Also...Zach will not be attending. He was caught up.

Phantasia said bluntly.

Lily: Hmm, that does hinder us a bit I suppose, no worries though.

Lily pointed behind her, Arath was good at fixing things as well. He can bring people back from the dead it would seem.

Lily stated.

Phantasia: Hm eh, It’s a good choice. Arath is quite unique.

Phantasia stared him down for a moment realising something she hasn’t pointed out yet. Arath was busy doing something important when he noticed that he was being watched. He turned as the three of them were staring at him. He took notice more to Phantasia’s presence then the rest of them.

Phantasia: I should help you guys now, can’t keep delaying any longer. I won’t be long.

Phantasia walked away casually, Arath glared her down even though he wore a mask.

Arath: Could she have--

Lily: Arath, you stopped? Did we distract you?

Lily Interrupted

Arath: No. I thought I noticed something over there. Just my imagination.

Lilith: You said you could revive the dead. How exactly does this work.

Arath stared at her before giving a response.

Arath: You’re probably thinking of the negative implications this will have. And you aren’t entirely wrong, like movies reviving someone won’t be the same as bringing them back completely like they were before they died.

Arath commented.

Lilith: Whoa hold, What exactly are the negative effects?

Arath glanced at her

Arath: Depending on how long they have been dead for, the effects shouldn’t be too great. But the fact that they died will remain constant.

Lily: You didn’t answer her question though. What are the effects

Arath: Apart of them will be very aggressive, and violent. They won’t be entirely theirself.

Lilith: I see. I get it

Arath: I hope you do. When I revive someone, the longer they are dead, the bigger the side effect there is. Luckily it’s only been a few days. So it shouldn’t be too bad. I’ll start by reviving everyone who died from Little Queen’s Attack.

Arath stopped before committing that act.

Arath: Though this is what you wanted from me. So you’ll have to deal with the result.

Lily: I don’t know…

Lily said thinking it over for a moment.

Lilith: You think we could heal that part of them? With other methods?

Arath: Possibly, It’s a curse that occurs because they were dead for so long the negative force can probably be cured using some sort of healing magic.

Lily and Lilith look at each after Arath spoke, they seem to have a good idea on who would benefit them with this issue.

Arath: I’ll continue with what I am doing. So please be prepared for the worse.

Lilith: I’ll take care of things here. You go and find her.

Arath: Who are you talking about?

Arath asked

Lily: There is a member in group 1 who is capable of healing others. Galaco. The Holy Queen.

Arath: Galaco?!


Holly: Aliya, Why exactly are you hanging out with us? If you don’t even enjoy our company.

Aliya glanced over at her for a moment trying to understand her question.

Ashley glanced over at Aliya who was listening in. She only agreed to come with them, because it wasn’t like she had anything to do today, she was planning to help the others fix Omari district, but it seems her abilities weren’t really helpful in that line of work. Aliya was a good choice, but she refused and went with us.

Aliya: Why? I don’t know,

Aliya stated, the place was silent for a moment as she thought to herself, as did the others. They just remained seated in their chairs drinking.

Aliya: I’m curious. How do you and Fai manage?

Aliya said, gazing at Holly.

Holly: What?

Aliya: How do you...handle fights when you are going out.

Aliya shifted her head away as she spoke.

Holly: Oh? OH! My god, you are seriously asking me that.

Aliya: Just answer the question!

Holly: Hmm, Well..We haven’t really gotten into any fights yet that I know of.

Aliya: Well if you did.

Holly: I’d probably get mad at him. I suppose. That’s how fights work.

Holly said sure of herself.

Aliya: I see.

Holly: But I wouldn’t want to block him out because of that. There is always away around issues like that, you just have to focus on forgiving him. It won’t be any good if the fighting continued.

Aliya: Him?

Holly: Klark right? I’m not blind. I know you started this conversation because of him. You both haven’t been the same since the issue with Fai.

Holly: You gotta talk to him, otherwise why bother giving into this isolated version of yourself.

Holly took a drink from her cup before continuing.

Holly: I heard you both weren’t talking much nowadays. You’ve even taken in other people to avoid having anything to do with him. I don’t exactly understand the reason for why you are obsessed with this kind of rejection. But I don’t much like it. After All, you started this conversation with me suddenly. So I know that you aren’t truly prepared to let go the feelings you have for klark so easily. So that would probably mean you haven’t let go since the beginning, and that you have been hiding this fact quite well from us thus far.

Holly finished her drink and laid it upon the table in front of her, before continuing

Holly: You really just have to stop doing what you're doing right now.

Aliya: Right now?

Holly: Yes, you have too stop trying to avoid this situation and talk to him yourself. Don’t lie to him, and don’t lie to yourself, tell yourself what you want to say, and tell him the truth. Otherwise you will continue to feel this way until something forces you to forget. And I don’t want that too happen.

Aliya: What? Why is that so important all of a sudden? I merely asked what you would do to handle the issues, why am I so important.

Aliya asked, Holly stood up from her seat and was prepared to leave, she was going to visit Afartha kingdom, Luka wanted her to come by for something.

Holly: You probably don’t see it, but if you continue to be so avoidant, and bitchy while we’re a team.

Holly turned

Holly: We are the true gods, the ones who have been bestowed this power for a single reason. To stop Alyce and anyone else who would destroy earth. All of us, and we can’t do that when you are not working with us as a team and instead because it benefits you. That’s not how we’ll win in the end, right now we are barely making it by, but just wait, you’re negative attitude will cause us a major deal of problems in the future. And that is why you are so important. This shouldn’t be happening. We should be friends doing things as a team and preparing for the worse. And we can’t do that when you are like this.

Holly stepped back in a manner, she appeared mad in a her voice, but seemed to remain calm and graceful like the Wind Queen herself. Something came over it like a wind as calm as the night sky, nothing could break this barrier within herself.

The door to the bar shut closed and Ashley, who followed close behind left as well leaving Aliya alone by herself to reflect these new altercations.


Ashley: You didn’t need to be so harsh, Holly.

Ashley said as she trailed behind her

Holly: I wasn’t trying to be, she needs to understand our blight in this situation. If Alyce comes back while Klark and Zach are cursed with that illness we won’t be able to defend ourselves. And We may be able to do something if all of us worked as an actual team. Instead of what we’ve always done. Fight as some sort of inexperienced bunch of amateurs. I almost died, Fai was at a disadvantage the whole time, Zach hasn’t earned his true power. Klarks the only one capable of doing anything if he weren’t cursed. And Lily and Lilith aren’t nearly as strong as the both of us and Fai when we fought Little Queen. Overall, they’d do much then we would. Because they are far more experienced.  

Ashley: Fair point, We need to solve this issue soon, because we won’t have time like this all the time. I feel a storm coming.

Holly: You’ll have to think of something too, I know what you and Klark have as well. What are you willing to do in this.

Ashley lowered her head in light of her words, but didn’t speak.

Holly: I won’t press on that, but I must go now, Tell Sans I said hello.

Ashley: Alright.

Holly flew away.


Far from the land of technology, through an umber-brown, ancient forest. It reeked of age. Its woody incense was from centuries of snapping branches crashing to the forest’s floor and rotting silently. The composting, organic smell rose up in waves like a miasma. Every sprawling tree passed under reminded of a watchful guardian, a silent sentinel of the groves. to venture deeper into the tangled heart of this primeval forest. it would reveal its dark secrets.

The further it went, the more mystical and spellbinding it became. Huge roots spread-eagled the ground, twisting like the great backs of sea dinosaurs. The foliage became thick and lush, forming an arch of fairytale-green above our heads. Arthritic boughs, gnarled with age, dripped their bounty of nuts onto the path. Briars, brambles and berry trees flanked the trail, making it impenetrable on either side. Shuffling noises came from deep in the interior, deadened by the cunningly woven web of leaves. A troupe of shambling badgers crossed the winding trail. They were finishing up their early morning foraging.

A wide glade, where the trees fell away, revealing the bespeckled sky. The last of the morning’s stars were glinting like silver pin pricks, luminous and bright. An ore gold moon hung quietly in the distance, casting a honeyed sheen over the trees. As if on cue, an avian aria erupted from the knot of trees. The solitary songbird was soon joined by his beaked companions, creating a symphony of song. The heart haunting melody was an elixir for the soul. The sap sweet fragrance of the forest washed over. The forest glade looked freeze frame perfect in the enhanced light of the full dawn.

Alyce covering her wounded body, stumbled forward, falling backwards against one of the trees, leavings fell from the impact and landed near her. She cursed in her mind before trying to stand but was unable too. She would remain around this forest until she could return her strength. Apart of her was being torn, she didn’t understand the feeling as If a version of her power had evolved without her permission, she couldn’t explain it, but she knew it was related to Little Queen’s power she had stolen from her, its unique properties may have done something and also the weird power Zach had possessed had lingered on her mind from the moment she saw it.

Alyce: This isn’t over!

Alyce yelled
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Chapter 8 - The Trouble With Love
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