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 Chapter 9 - Please, Save them.

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Chapter 9 - Please, Save them. Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 9 - Please, Save them.   Chapter 9 - Please, Save them. EmptyThu Nov 03, 2016 5:36 pm

Echos of Silence awakened from around the universe, twisting, glowing and stunning, the illuminated sphere of energy turned, echoing through the whole dimension with words and voices. Destruction and yet peace.

I won’t...

I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve this...

This is your fault!...


You are a traitor!...

What will we do!...

You are a greedy king! I should have done this long time ago!...

We’ll run for it!...

Huh? No! Damn it! [tears] You didn’t deserve this...

Run! Now! To the Spectrum!...

Please..Leave me…

No, I shall save you. Please just survive…

Words that couldn’t be properly understood filled the dimension with silence once more, two voices a man and a women. The Infinity Spectrum surged violently, rapidly expanding its dome-like shape. It reached further until it cut the space between the dimension. A lady emerged and cycled through the stream of light before disappearing out of sight. The Spectrum remained calm, returning to it’s normal form before the shutting itself away again for the next age.


Sans: Yeah, Holly, how long before you both arrive here?


A remote location far from prying eyes is the facility San and Luka had built in no time at all, mostly due to the advanced technology Sans has discovered and made over the years. Also the place was already built but abandoned. This is where they are going to built a sure way to defend against enemy attacks by alerting them via their systems that Ahad was planning to build for them once they gathered the necessary resources.

Although, normal devices and advances like detecting energy and specific sources were still within their reach to home in on.  The alarm had sounded couple of minutes after they returned to continue their research. Sans was the only one here. The alarm has alerted them to the highest level of threat they could possibly have.

Sans: Planet collision! Impossible!

Sans ran as fast as he could which was only a few seconds. He reached the balcony in no time at all, the sky was clear as day.

Sans: There's nothing!?


Sans radio rung. He immediately picked it up to hear the report

“Sir, We’ve locked on to the target source, it appears to be an object that’s entering our atmosphere any moment now!”

Sans: An “object” with that much force. No way we can’t--

“Disregard that sir!, the object has entered our atmosphere!”

Sans: We can’t let that thing hit the planet!

Sans was prepared to call everyone into action but, there was no one to call ,the others were still recovering and Klark and Zach wouldn’t get his call, and they can’t help they aren’t in the best conditions.

Luka: Guess we’ll have to take care of that.

Sans turned to see Luka’s serious expression as she saw the thing from where she stood.

Sans: You know that you aren’t allowed to do that. We have strict orders.

Luka: Orders? From who?  we had strict orders, those orders were disregarded long time ago. Once Zach and the rest showed up.

Sans: Huh?! No, we can’t argue about this right now. We have to stop this. You think you’ll be able to stop it?

Luka: Probably not alone, that’s why you are going to help me. Think you can use that power one last time?

Sans: There isn’t ever a last time. You know that. I’ll follow your lead--

Luka powered up shortly before his words finished. Her aura skyrocketed.

Chapter 9 - Please, Save them. 326a7da7fed750d6816a76f0cf58a96c

Sans: ugh, I like you better when you aren’t in that form.

Sans said, sharing his distaste.

Luka: I thought you promised that you liked me in this form?

Sans: Maybe when I was young and naive.

Sans stated harshly

Sans: No one knows what you are. Not even Zach, surprisingly enough I thought he’d figure it out sooner when he awakened. But it seems his true trial hasn’t been finished yet, lucky for you I suppose.

Luka: And for now it’s to be a secret. Trinity seemed to have noticed my true nature when we spoke for the brief moment on the roof top. So Zach’s not far behind, since there both the same person equally.

While they were both chatting up on the rooftop, the object came into view above the clouds, the extreme amount of light made it easy to spot.

Sans: There it is...You can stop it right!?

Luka: It’s dangerously powerful. I can try and slow it down, but the rest depends on you.

Sans: Right. I’ve radioed the rest of my group, they are going to calm down and panic in the streets while we maintain this situation.

Sans stated

Luka: “Maintain” isn’t the word I would have used in this particular issue.

Luka crouched her form and jumped as high as she could, she was gone instantly miles above where she was originally at, she soared beautifully carrying the two swords this form provided. She stood directly underneath it’s flight path, She was going to attempt to stop it from going anywhere from this spot until Sans is ready.

Luka: Our planet will not be destroyed today, we can’t afford that now.

She raised her swords cross shaped, the positioning of her blades created a barrier out of magic and barriers. The Object as far as it was, eventually collided with her barrier, some broke on impact, but the destruction stopped it’s force enough for her to keep it at bay.

Luka: …!

Sans: Too think she’s being pushed back that much. That thing is not something normal.

Sans said lingering in his mind, he rushed towards his position and summoned his power. It took a great deal to summon, since he hasn’t used it nearly as much as when he fought ritsu for only a few minutes. So will be one of the few times he has done so with full power. Not many people witness such power in their lives.

The power both Luka and Sans display are far stronger then Klark and Zach were before they were awakened. Arguably it’s enough to say they together could do anything because of their pure mastery over their own soul, power and energy.

Sans manages to extend his strength more.

Luka: He’s finally going to do it after so long.

Luka glanced behind her as much as she could, stupid of her to do so in this situation. Sans is special he can control his own Efficacy by manipulating it to increase his speed,
density, body hardness and sharpness.

These combined with his use of his power are a great deal of pain for those he uses it on, as well as his ability to disable others like he did ritsu, the effects are entirely permanent though. People with the ability to alter memories can undo a change like that.

Sans body began to glow for a moment before returning to normal, his ability to empower his own elements using enhancements as well as he would call them. He uses his power in a supportive way, but the best defense is clearly the best offense if used correctly.

Sans raised his hands and an extreme amount of pressure pushed upon the object with massive force. He seems to have used gravity manipulation similar to Lyall, but his is a more profound version of it.

Even with all that power they both weren’t strong enough to keep it back, Luka’s swords cracked and broke from her reach, being pushed back by the result she placed her hands up forming a couple more barriers to compensate for the loss.

Finally after using what seemed to be her max power, she began pushing it back, but it seemed like the object was forcing her back as well.

Holly: Luka! Allow us to help!

Holly and Ashley came into view beside her on both sides of her, as they realised their power to reinforce their attempts at keeping it back.

Luka: What are you both doing here!.

Holly: I’m sorry, but I heard from Sans, if we don’t help what point would we need to not help you. We’ll all die anyway, we’ll do all we can!

Holly awakened her power and used as much wind as she could to make the object as light as possible, but it wasn’t enough

Ashley’s attempts were the same using what she’s learned from Group X has not given any advantage!

Luka: Damn this thing is so tough!

Holly: Why is it so hard to hold back! Isn’t it only planetary leveled threat, surely we all could destroy the planet with enough force!

Holly stated

Luka: Not quite, this object is producing the same amount of power a real planet would exhibit if one were to crash full force into our planet. It’s not the same as producing enough power to blow up a planet. Both are two different things!

Ashley: I can’t hear you guys!


Sans: Who’s there..

Zach: What the fuck is going on Sans, the system has detected a threat to the planet!

Sans: Zach, there is an object with enough power to wipe this place off the map, we aren’t even holding it back. It’s forcing its way through we cannot keep this up forever. If the Infinity Isle has some sort of defensive feature to allow this to be prevented….NOWS THE TIME TO USE IT!

Sans sounded exhausted to a point, which surprised Zach, something that strong was giving them trouble. But he wasn’t sure if he could properly control the Isle yet, he hasn’t explored enough of it and learned enough to even attempt such a thing.

Zach looked at the screen for a moment and noticed something particularly familiar

Zach: System, You are capable of superior telepathy right?

System: Correction Sir, I’m capable of far more than just connecting to another's mind.

Zach: That’s fine, I only need you to use simple telepathy for long distance.

Zach said observing the monitor currently in front of him, the entire thing couldn’t be read because he was standing in front of it.


System: Of course, who will you be contacting?

Zach turned

Zach: Alyce.


Alyce stood on a tree higher from the ground. She was observing the massive energy that appeared shortly in the sky, she seemed to be displeased with the results. It was going to destroy the planet and her with it. This wasn’t how she saw things turning out.

“Nervous aren’t you.”

A voice came from within her head, she was startled.

Alyce: What?! Who’s there.

Zach: Why so afraid?

Alyce: Zach? Is that you, where are you?

Zach: I’m contacting you via telepathic link. So you can calm down now.

Alyce: I won’t take your word for it. I’m not that stupid.

Zach: No, I know that.

Alyce walked around for a second, walking up towards two trees she placed her hand onto the trunk, she had a curious expression on her.

Alyce: Why have you gone out of the way to talk to me, there’s no reason for this. So you must be desperate for something.

Alyce said leaning up against the tree now.

Zach: You are right, I do want something from you.

Alyce: you gonna answer me. Stop delaying. Don’t think I’ll help you even if you--

Zach: Save them.

Zach said.

Alyce: So blunt

She thought.

Alyce: Save who?

Zach: Stop the object. And save them.

Zach added.

Alyce: And why would I save you and this pathetic planet from being destroyed. I don’t care what problems you are brought with. The only thing I care about is you. And dead.

Alyce said

Zach: I’m not the only one who needs saving! This is more than just me right now. Please save them, I’m not. I can’t. I just can’t do it.

Alyce: Are you begging now? Wow, how you have fallen far. I suppose it’s not entirely accurate to say you are exactly the man I know you are. So much of a difference after all. It doesn’t matter I won’t help you.

Zach: What exactly is your purpose here? By attempting, or trying to kill me. What is the benefit for doing all this work?

Alyce: Did you just ask me why I’m doing this? You got some nerve. I’m doing this for my father and what he has planned. You ruined him, killed most of us off in that war. That’s not fair you don’t get to ask me anything.

Zach: So this is for your father? And what exactly will your father do once you kill me? Reward you? With what. A Life? Something worth giving. Right?

Alyce W-what? Why would I want that?

Zach turned from his position and walked a couple of steps.

Zach: Tell me Alyce, What exactly has your father given you so far that has made you persist in killing me. What can you possibly want to be recognised for.

Alyce was silent for a moment trying to think up something that made sense but to her surprise nothing came to mind. She, for a moment began thinking about what he said but tried to rid herself of his claims.

Zach: I’m starting to realise your role in all this. You are basically the ultimate pawn. Your father has fought me years ago. So long ago, for nothing but power. Power he has no intention of sharing. A daughter or two, family member mean nothing to him, he’ll claim you. Own you, but he won’t be any type of father-

Alyce: WHAT DO YOU EVEN KNOW? Huh? You gonna claim ignorance now? You don’t him or me at all. My father has cared for me before!

Zach: Before? So he cared for you once upon a time. So why are you not there with him now? Why are you here?

Alyce: To kill you, that is my mission.

Zach: Mission. Wow, talk about desperate. But also stupid, not knowing what you were getting yourself into.

Alyce: What are you talking about.

Zach: Your father isn’t some omnipotent god, he does not know the things you know, so as far as hes concerned i’m as powerful as I was in the war you blame me so much for. Why do you think that is, he sent you here probably not for you to kill me. I don’t think he even expects that. No, You were probably sent here as his bait. He knows you hate me for everything, So you’d do something reckless like lead him exactly where he needed to go. It probably didn’t occur to you that you were being sent here to die.

Alyce remained quiet, she was thinking extremely hard trying to process all this information that Zach has spouted. She can’t believe him, she mustn’t, but what if it were true?

Alyce: I don’t care what you have to say, I will not help you. I can’t. It just..wouldn’t be right after everything. Fix your own problems.

Zach: What do you want Alyce? I’m basically begging at this point. What do you want from me? Huh? Cause I can do whatever it is you want. You just have to stop that thing.

Alyce: You really are that hopeless? That you’d resort to being stubborn, and you would actually bargain in the end?

Zach: Yes.

Alyce: Fine. I’ll help you. But you owe me. I want you to promise me now. You will have to do something for me no matter what. I don’t care how bad it could be. You will help me.

Alyce said seriously

Zach: Whatever you want. Just save them. Apart from, you know killing me.

Alyce: You are stupid, I could kill any of you easily, I don’t need to use methods like that. Otherwise I would have done it from the beginning.

Zach: Well? Is it a deal

Alyce: Yes, It’s a deal. I can’t wait to see you.

Alyce stepped off the tree and flew away, As Zach disabled the telepathic link between them.


Zach: You need to succeed.

Zach said staring at the monitor.


TARGET: Serenity

Zach: You’ve come back. What does this mean.

Zach said turning his head towards the window.’
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Chapter 9 - Please, Save them.
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