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 Chapter 10 - Goddess of Infinity, Serenity's Arrival

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Chapter 10 - Goddess of Infinity, Serenity's Arrival Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 10 - Goddess of Infinity, Serenity's Arrival   Chapter 10 - Goddess of Infinity, Serenity's Arrival EmptyFri Nov 04, 2016 1:26 am

The ground began to shake, the earth crumbled around them as Luka, Holly and Ashley were being pushed closer to San’s positions. They couldn’t stop it, it slowly made it’s way towards the planet’s surface every passing moment.

And as it got closer the surface around San’s was destroyed, boulders around him crashed into many pieces and scattered into the sky, like the ground around him. The sky was turning red from the imminent destruction that awaited planet earth.

A fiery of light surrounded the sky around the object that has not be currently identified, the light shining around it prevented any sort of realisations to this things origin.

Holly’s shirt and pants were torn from her body, she tried to struggle against the force, but she exhausted her strength. The shock wave from it knocked her to the ground, Ashley noticed, she tried to increase the pressure, but her stance was broken. Failing to recover from it she also was knocked to the ground, Luka remained trying to keep it steady.

But it was all to clear, now that they both fell, she wouldn’t be able to hold it any longer, the force picked up and it seemed like it was no longer having any trouble going it’s targeted path. A enormous power rose up from the south, coming into view, Alyce appeared in front of them.

Luka: What?! No not you, what do you want…

Luka shut her mouth as she focused!

Alyce: Don’t mistake my intentions, I’d like nothing more to see you all burn, but it seems I’ve earned myself a favor. Besides I’m not done yet, I can’t have this planet going up in smoke now.

Alyce hovered with her arms crossed as she spoke, she scanned the object, it would appear this mysterious thing is producing Infinity Energy, no wonder he asked me to save them. This thing would most certainly have killed everyone including her.

She powered up to maximum and began using her newfound and unstable power to absorb the energy being released from the object. She gained so much power that it weakened the pressure it had on Luka,

Alyce smirked at Luka’s ability to finally push it back, but it still was to strong for her.

She pushed Luka to the ground and gripped the object with one hand, surprisingly it was far stronger than she expected. She had to use both hands just to keep herself from being pounded into the ground killing everyone.

She struggled for a moment, but she backed up to rewind her fist. A wave of spiraling aura surrounded her fist condensed in a pure form, the power of that fist was unreal. She connected her attack, the object faded and shot up into space the warning from San’s facility halted and remained calm once again. And everything seemed to be normal. The sky cleared and the debris from the surface hit the floor like rain made of rocks.

San: She stopped it. Tsk

Alyce reappeared in front of them all with her arms crossed once again, she seemed hurt for some reason even though exhibiting tremendous strength.

Alyce: No need to thank me, I wasn’t doing this for you. If it pleases you go ahead, I don’t mind being praised.

Luka: No we won’t thank you, not after what you did.

Alyce glared at her for a moment trying to take in that remark, she appear steps away from her.

Alyce: You want to try me? You appear to be a god, but you aren’t a match for me.

Alyce stepped closer with her fist wrapped in aura.

Zach: Alyce...Stand down. You have what you wanted.

Alyce over heard his telepathy and calmed down for a moment much to their surprise.

Alyce: Good luck shines on you all. Though the next we meet. Don’t blame me for trying to kill you.

Alyce turned and jumped away from them, Holly and Ashley relieved it’s all over notice Luka’s concern

San: We need to identify what that thing was. ASAP.

San said strictly he was pissed off it would appear. He grabbed his phone and dialled a few numbers.

Luka: Seriously that guy,

She watched as he walked away to conduct his conversation in private.

Luka: Holly, Ashley.

Luka yelled

Holly: Yes?

Luka: I need you to go to Omari District construction site, tell Lilith that I need her back at Afrath kingdom. Ashley, You can do whatever you like. You look pretty banged up.

Holly: Alright.

The both of them flew off, later separating from each other as they went in different directions. Many Many miles away Alyce soared across the sky..

Alyce: Don’t order me around. Do you want to die.

Zach: Sorry, But you had no reason to attack them, You want me don’t you. I’ve reprogrammed the barrier to allow you to enter. So if you want to get this little kidnap over with be my guest.

Alyce stopped flying for a second to process this shit.

Alyce: Why exactly are you so willing? You are making me doubt you. How can I even trust you right now?

Zach: Mmm Good question. I’ll give you the simplest answer I can give you. No one can beat you, and you’ll kill everyone anyway. So why did you ask such a pointless question.

Alyce: Don’t get smart.

Zach: Don’t get stupid, Hurry up.


San’s and Luka walked towards a room labelled “Top Secret” How cliche right? Anyway,

Luka: What do you guys have for us.

“We have gained footage of the thing that almost destroyed the planet earlier. Please take a look.”

The camera took sometime to come into view, mostly because the person in space was not a very good at piloting his own body.

San: Is that? A person?

He said in surprise

Luka: Zoom in on that…

The man pressed a few buttons and the lens view zoomed in. It was a girl, appearing to be wrapped in an obviously bright white dress, she was unconscious and her form wasn’t normal, something about her was mysterious and yet...sacred.

Luka: Retrieve her immediately! This is impossible. How could that person be the cause of a planet collision warning,

San: Most likely we’re dealing with exactly the thing we’ve been trying to detect. No wonder we didn’t know, but I suspect it’s more the power around her as she fell was definitely some sort of barrier or energy warping. I’m not sure I’ll get Ahad to look into this, see if he can create something.

After a few hours, the body of the girl was brought back to the facility that Sans and Luka built, a chamber specifically designed for this sort of thing was made, specially for this girl, she slept soundly, before as she was being brought in, her very presence remained intimidating. Why this was, they weren’t sure. It gave everyone who was there a bad feeling, but the feeling wasn’t at all bad, instead peaceful or calming, warm or blessful.

San: This reminds me a lot of Zach. What exactly is she.

Luka: The fact that you are reminded of that is because the version of Zach you are referring to was the a child with the Infinity sword sealed within his soul. This is different she doesn’t have any darkness lurking within her, she’s like, pure?

San: “Pure” Nice way of putting it. She almost killed us all, even if it wasn’t her fault. That definitely isn’t normal.

San’s uncrossed his arms.

Luka: Should we try to walk her up?

San: Probably--

A creaking from a bed was heard loudly

San: My god, turn down the speaker!

San’s grabbed the console and lowered the volume, but he noticed that the girl in the bed had risen from her sleep and was sitting there with her eyes fixed on the two of them. For about a good ten seconds, she looked around and got nervous for a moment, she seemed unfamiliar with everything.
“Excuse me?”

Luka: Uh..

Luka stuttered for a brief second.

Luka: Uh, yes yes, Hello. How are you?

“Good? But Where am I?”

San: Planet earth. You almost--

Luka shut his mouth closed for a moment.

Luka: Earth like he said. You’re in a room, Your room, we just were watching you. We didn’t think you would wake up so soon. You surprised us.

“I’m sorry if I did. I just, I’m just a little bit dizzy, all this new surroundings. I’m not used to it.”

San: Rightt...Excuse me but, where are you from?

Luka: Don’t listen to him, he’s stupid, It’s important to get your name? So do you have one?”

San: What the...Why are you being childish. That was a stupid remark to make at a time like this.

Luka: Oh stop it, we aren’t around anyone.

San: Why am I not allowed to say anything?

Luka: You shouldn’t be so serious all the time, it ruins your health.

The girl stared intensely at the two of them bickering, she smiled and giggled for a moment, the two of them stopped and stared at her for a bit.


Luka: Sorry, But Do you have a name?

“Uh, Yes...I do..I think it was...Ser..”

Luka: Hmm?

“Oh! Serenity, Yes that’s it. My name is Serenity.”

Luka: Awesome name.

Luka said excited

Luka: That’s a human name ironically.

Luka whispered to San

San: Yeah, that’s great news...nope It’s not, we need to know more about her.

Serenity: If you wanted to know more about me. You should just said so.

Serenity said looking up at them. She was standing closer this time, which allowed her to hear them. I don’t know how that works between glass.

Luka: Well, Okay. So

Serenity: What do you want to know?

San: Who are you, Where are you from, What’s your purpose here?

Serenity: Hmm, Well I’m Serenity, From the planet called Spectro, I’m a Spectorian, I don’t know why I am here. The last thing I remember was…

Serenity realised something important that flashed through her mind, she got extremely upset and nervous.

Serenity: No, wait, No...Zach...Where’s Zach. We were escaping and...Do you guys know Zach?

Serenity said cupping her hands like a child.

They both looked at each other…

San: were right I think.

Luka: Funny…


Alyce hovered above the Isle, She lowered herself into the building that seemed less secure.

Alyce: Nice signal. That was far too easy to find.
Zach stood up from his place, he was overlooking a painting that was interesting.

Zach: Glad you feel that way. So, how does this work.

Zach stopped her from saying anything, first he wanted to know something important.

Zach: I want to know what it is exactly you want from me?

Zach said placing his arms out as he spoke.

Alyce: I don’t recall that being apart of the deal.

Alyce said

Zach: True, It wasn’t, but I’ve basically given myself up at this point. So you might as well tell me.

Alyce: Sure, I need your help, I seemed to have an issue with my power.

Zach: Wow, So that’s what this was. Your ability huh, I wasn’t even expecting that.

Zach said

Alyce: Well you should have, because it’s your fault, that daughter of yours, Little Queen was it? Yeah, her energy made my power evolve. And I want to know why. Better yet, I want you to help me master it. Because I don’t like being at a disadvantage.

Zach: Well, let’s talk about what it is your issue is.

Alyce: No no, that’s all I’m saying for right now, we will continue talking about this later, once you follow me to where I want you to go.

Zach: Okay? Lead the way then.

Alyce prepared to go through the way she came but stopped a second later

Alyce: You can fly right? In your condition.

Alyce stated

Zach: Condition? What do you mean.

Alyce almost laughed at that.

Alyce: You must think I’m stupid, I know about the curse you have. You’ve been weakened. Should of figured, the infusion was failure so it’s doing this to you.

Zach was ashamed to admit, he is currently useless at the moment.

Zach: Welp, the secret that wasn’t so secret is out, I am basically useless. So what now. Still need my help?

Alyce: That’s even better for me. You’ll be far easier to control now that you can’t run away.

Zach: Oh, nice want tie a collar around my neck too while you're at it? Maybe make me your slave too, anything else you want.

Alyce: Are you trying to piss me off?

Zach: That’s not my fault, you aren’t getting to the point, how am I going to follow you.

Alyce limped her body forward in defeat as she thought of something extremely stupid, she turned around and looked at him.

Alyce: Hope on my back.

Zach: You serious?

Alyce: Yes, stop delaying.

Zach didn’t delay any longer, he literally climbed onto her back.

Alyce: Don’t fall, if you die that ain’t my fault.


Ashley walked into the Isle, she seemed upset, she looked around but no one was around. She proceeded down the long hall way towards the altar, the Staff had been hovering silently with an odd gashing sound that seemed to be coming from it.

Looking around, she noticed Aliya was walking down a hallway towards a light at the end of the tunnel.

Klark: Where the fuck did Fai go…

Klark stopped

Suddenly turning around he was greeted with a familiar face.

Klark: Aliya?

Aliya: Klark…

Ashley was peaking around the corner.
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Chapter 10 - Goddess of Infinity, Serenity's Arrival
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