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 Chapter 11 - The Folly

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Chapter 11 - The Folly Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 11 - The Folly   Chapter 11 - The Folly EmptyFri Nov 04, 2016 9:33 pm

Birds of the night chirped quietly as the wind brushed the rain against the amazon trees. A storm manifested in the forest in conjunction with an empty void extending outward the reaches of this endless room, that was simply imagined by thought alone.

Fai stood in front of a dimensional door which was rooted into the grassy terrain. He gasped as he viewed the replication of an Omari forest.

Fai: This is insane.. The gravity is so intense. I felt like I've seen this place before. Possibly in my wildest dreams.

Wildest was correct. The room works like intelligence itself, It's only normal for it to be a correspondent to his wildest dreams.

Fai walked forward and was about ready to train but suddenly, bushes close to Fai started rustling more than the tree leaves being blown by the wind.

Fai: Who's there??

Fai gazed to his left with excessive rain flying in his face and out of the rustling bush two naked girls came flying out crashing into Fai..


He was unable to see what just happened.


Fai yelled and kicked off the ground as the girls pushed him down, he zipped back to his feet using his speed.

The girls stood in front of him hugging eachother, appearing to look frightened and cold..

Fai was shocked to notice that they were already standing before him recovered from the crash.

Fai: Um.. Are you guys-

He stuttered for a moment and stood in silence not sure what to say.

Fai: Are you-

Fai kept stuttering as he got a better look at their faces while also noticing the beautiful helpless bodies in front of him

Fai: Ya girls ok?

Fai said casually as he started taking off his jacket.

He didn't realize how he was wearing one.

Fai: ((I don't remember having this on..))

Fai tried to ignore the puzzle, He wrapped the jacket around the girls trying to keep them warm. They remained quiet but calmed down a little.

Fai stepped back drenched in water, he tried to focus his thoughts quick on the rain to stop. But it wasn't happening that way.

Fai: Um, So.. Can you understand me?

Fai's curiosity not being answered started to annoy him.

The coat flew off in the intense wind leaving the girls standing still with blank expressions on thier faces.

Girl 1: Why did you give us your favorite coat master?

Fai: ...

Girl 2: Don't you like us without clothes?

Fais eyes dimmed at the fantasy before him

Fai: What the..

The voices sounded familiar to him, his vision kept blurring as he was starting to make out hallucinations of Holly and Aliya's faces.

Fai: Holly?? ..And is that Aliya??

The two girls Squeezed Fai's arms together, His vision was surely distorted.

Girl 1: Shh... It will be okay now.

Fai felt a weakness overcome his body, he tried to close his eyes.

Girl 2: I always liked your eyes, Don't close them!

Fai kept his eyes shut.. Trying to awaken them but his energy felt like it was being drained, He felt like he was being attacked by the devils succubus duo!

Fai: Damn... I bet Klark wouldn't mind dying like this.... Hehehe... Forgive me Holly, Jeez..

Fai began to feel faint, going through some ravage nightmare..


Klark: Did you hear that..

Holly: I swear I heard my name just now.

Klark came running down the hall way, Aliya and Holly behind him, It was endless. They couldn't find a door.

Klark stopped and looked around him

Klark: Where are you Fai...?

Klark looked focused

Aliya: Klark!! Don't even try using telepathy!

Aliya nudged him playfully, Trying to hide his naive character.

Klark: Shit, You're right..

Klark felt powerless as he submitted to her request like a dog, but got pleasure from the role. He was impressed he was so easily predicted.

Klark: Well.. It's all up to you Holly, What should we do from here to find him?

Klark and Holly ganced at eachother.

Klark: I don't feel his energy anywhere around us!

Holly's face grew worried, and she stood in deep thought and got a strong imagination of Fai dying.

A door started to appear in the hall, As Holly became lost in the thought..

Klark: Holly look, a door!

The system beeped and alerted everyone.


Klark: Storms?? Is Fai in this door?

Ding Ding!

Holly: Alrighty then!! I KNEW IT!

Holly proceeded through the door in a rush, Aliya following behind stopped for Klark.

Klark: Eh, So is he in here?

Klark was totally clueless and lazy to move forward, Aliya managed to grab Klark's arm in and pulled him along.

Aliya: Well lets find out shall we?


Aliya and Klark went through the door together, stumbling through the grassy side of the room. There they observed Holly standing very still several feet ahead of them.

Aliya: Holly what is it?

Aliya asked

Holly watched as two shadows were engulfing Fai's body, only his face was exposed as he lay unconscious with his energy being eaten away.

Klark: Fai?!

Aliya held him back, more worried about the curses affect, As Klark didn't care so much about it at the time.

Holly: He's imagining some pretty cute stuff...

Holly said straightforwardly with an innocent tone

Aliya: What are you talking about have you lost your mind? Get those shadows off of him!

Holly's eyes widened, the illusion was blurry like Fai experienced it.

Holly: But they aren't shadows. It's us!

Holly kept fixating on Fai

Aliya: Turn around crazy! Im right here and you're right there.. You have to do something, Don't just stand there idiot he's your guy isn't he?

Aliya demanded

Holly looked behind her, And saw the determined Klark ready to use his power and Aliya screaming at her.

She snapped out of it and channeled power to her fists, Holly's hair sparkled green and she focused her energy into awakening.

Holly: It's just an illusion.. I understand now how this place works.

Tenshi: Do you, Miss Green?

Standing next to Fai, Tenshi stood with his arms crossed, His smug smirk was bright and as real as could be.

Another Illusion?

Holly proceeded moving closer to Fai as the storm got more intense, It didn't cloud her judgment as she kept walking, Picturing all but Fai being the only Image before her.

She was inches away as Tenshi stood before her in her path.

Holly: I will protect him with all my life.. Don't worry about it.

Tenshi: Then make sure you never let him out of your mind. Imagine if this was real Holly..

Tenshi stood with his smirk not leaving his face.

Holly walked forward pushing through wind without effort, Hence being its goddess.

Holly: It is real.

Tenshi: Hmph.. Thats the spirit.

Holly kneeled down putting her arms underneath Fai as the shadows dispersed from him, And the darkness dissipated through the light.

She slowly lifted him up and the rain slowed down. The projected sky started to clear and the birds became chirpier, It came to a change of scenery as if a good dream came to life.

Holly cradled him in her arms, Klark and Aliya romantically shared the moment and fucked. Fai awoke from his subconsciousness and Holly's eyes was the first thing he looked at, Awakening from an outer body experience he already knew what happened.

Fai: Holly I-

Holly dominated the scene and cuffed his mouth

Holly: Love me? Yeah I know, you almost died. Love you too.

Chapter 11 - The Folly Naruto_signature
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Chapter 11 - The Folly
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