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 Chapter 12 - Dealing With Unfinished Business

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Chapter 12 - Dealing With Unfinished Business Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 12 - Dealing With Unfinished Business   Chapter 12 - Dealing With Unfinished Business EmptyFri Nov 04, 2016 11:30 pm

The Status of Afartha Kingdom, Sella and Theo were walking towards the main hall with their expressions bewildered by the sight of Afartha’s military right now. They were going in and out, vehicles coming in, helicopters over head.

Luka was seen commanding a set of soldiers that were originally under Zach’s supervision, but due to his absent she had to fill in the orders for him. It would appear from the current rumors around the kingdom, Omari district still needs help creating a foundation, due to it’s recent accident.  

Luka: We need our Executives ASAP, we need to set up our resources, stationed in Omari, We need to tell others that we aren’t gone. thanks to Phantasia we can proceed to reopen Omari district and allow the people whose lives were thrown away back into its borders. If we can’t reopen its foundation effectively it’ll be taken over. We’re not all super and mighty, this is human life, planet earth. This is how we do things. Structure, and order, from chaos and despair, we aren’t going to show weakness.

Luka commanded her personnel strictly, but it was indeed a serious situation.

Luka: You, how much money does Afartha currently have?

Adviser: Currently at the moment, we’ve managed to accumulate from our recent stocks, over 523 billion.

Luka: Not bad, transfer 20 billion over to Omari District, within the next 24 hours, Go get it done. The rest of you, I am to here everything once you have finished your jobs. I expect results lets go!

Luka order, they dispersed immediately and faded within the crowd of soldiers treading towards the north gate. Noticing the two walking towards her she met them half way.

Sella: Not bad, What exactly is the situation here.

Sella said with concern

Luka: Did San update you yet?

Theo waved his hand

Theo: Yeah, he told us, we managed to calm most of Panzer city from the mess that thing in the sky caused, as well as the incident regarding Ritsu. But we…

Theo shrugged his shoulders. It seems more than words aren’t going to help them this time. What can they call Elite anymore.
Luka: That’s okay, Please follow me, I have to show you something.

Luka snapped her fingers and two soldiers opened the doors for them to head inside, they went down some tedious stairs, and passed some security doors to reach the room Luka lead them too.

Luka: Take a seat,

Sella: What’s this.

Luka grabbed the remote and clicked on the screen, Serenity’s appearance appeared on the screen, they were confused, Luka knew it would. So she explained the situation in full.

Luka: That right there, is our thing in the sky.

Luka bluntly said, much to their surprise. They both choked on their spit as they gulped

Sella: What? How can that tiny girl have done all that?

Sell was dumbfounded

Luka shook her head

Luka: This girl is somehow connected to Zach, It would appear they share a history that we haven’t fully gotten from her. Anyway, the point of your meeting here isn’t about this. I just like to let you know the situation that we have been dealing with. So I expect you to keep it on the down low.

Luka gestured with her hands to follow her again

Luka: Come with me.

Following the door to her right, the stairs lead to a prison cell, inside wrapped in several seals and other weird writing. Was…

Ritsu: How’s It been Mother…

Ritsu sounded calm, she almost was reassured that she was seeing her mother once more. But something cold lingered in her voice.

Luka: How have you been is the question. I’m sure they’ve been treating nicely?

Ritsu: You could say that, I’ve been fine by the way.
Luka: Your attitude is still sour like it should be.

Ritsu: I know I know, I’ve been in the dark for a long time, My mind and body aren’t used to this. Please just forgive me.

Luka: I can do that.

Luka hung her head lower for a minute and turned to Theo

Theo: What?

Luka: I need you to release the seals. And bring her to someone.

Sella: Why? Isn’t she our enemy? She caused all that destruction in our city.

Sella sounded furious, most of the time they’ve been cleaning up her mess.

Luka: I know, but the issue isn’t for me to explain. I’ve received information from one of my dearest friends. Ritsu is someone far more important than I originally thought. She has always agreed to do it. She begged me.

Ritsu: Times do change, and it would seem that this was meant to be. Apparently.

Ritsu said recalling a flashback


Day Of The Fight With Alyce --

Ritsu locked up, was struggling to keep herself settled, she was trying to not be hit by and debris, as it would appear that a fight was going on outside. So big that the building was shaking and earthquakes were happening every second.

Phantasia: So this is where they’ve been keeping. It’s not exactly the most fitting place for someone like yourself. Afartha of all places.

Ritsu: You...I remember you.

Ritsu said, she didn’t seem to care, she responded and glanced away as Phantasia paced around the room, observing everything that was there.

Phantasia: Do you like the dark? There’s no lights in here?
Ritsu: I prefer it, makes it easier to understand how much pain I’ve caused others.

Phantasia: I see, Well. I’m here for only really one reason. Because something important must happen, something that must happen, that must always happen. No matter what. And I’m here to relay this information.

Phantasia said

Ritsu: What’s that?

Phantasia: Your future, and the world's. You play a bigger part in this then you think you do. Your past aggressions don’t compare to the level of importance you hold.

Ritsu: What importances could I possibly have? I’ve murder people for a living. Nothing is that important.

Phantasia: And this will only fuel the problem more.

Ritsu: Then why must it happen.

Phantasia: You already have. Not you specifically, but you nonetheless. A version of you from the future, years ago committed a fate that must always happen. And it shall never be avoided.

Ritsu’s eyes widened at the revelation. She immediately understood what she meant, Timelines, past, present, future.

Ritsu: I see, so then It’s because of that. It’s a temporal event then, a fate that cannot be avoided.

Ritsu hung her head knowing full well what that meant, she had to travel back in time to the certain day. Although she didn’t know yet what day that was, it was a day that caused many things to be set in motion. Like it must be.


Present Day

Ritsu: I must do something important and it cannot be avoided, I must be allowed to complete my duty! It has already been written within fate itself!!

Ritsu stood up.

Sella: I don’t understand, but If Luka said we must, we’ll obey.

Sella unlocked the door, and broke the seals, Ritsu’s power returned and she was allowed to leave. Along with Theo and Sella.

Luka watched as they walked away, she informed them already on where they had to go. Grabbing her phone that is in her pocket a number was calling her she picked it up.

Luka: Have you found anything up from her?

San was scratching his hand as he walked down the streets of Panzer city, with Serenity holding his head.

She was in awe at the sight of the place.

San: No, but I seemed to have done something I may soon regret.

Luka: huh?

San: I’m out, taking her for a walk around the city. I don’t understand how this happened. But it is, so I cannot argue now.

Luka: My god, you are hopeless.

San: There was nothing I could do, she made so many interesting points. This girl is a goddess alright, that’s what she said. She basically told me that she’s got all this power that she never knew she had, and that she could probably destroy a planet. Which she was sorry for. Because I told her what she almost did! So now I’m taking her for a walk. Hopefully trying to get anything out of her.

Serenity: Your city is quite spectacular. I wonder what other amazing places there are.

Luka: Okay, No need to get mad. Just take care of her. She’s the strongest person on earth. If she accidently destroys us, then that won’t be good.

San: I get it, you have something important to do. So I won’t hold you any longer. I was just updating you on what was going on.

Luka: Please keep me updated on anything new.

Luka ended the call and strolled away.

San: So, Serenity, I know you overheard us, is there seriously nothing us you could tell us that would explain who you are?

Serenity placed a finger on her lip as she focused intently.

Serenity: Nope, sorry, I got nothing. I’m just as clueless as you are.

San: I see, Well we may get to see Zach. It’s just he hasn’t been answering us lately.

San stated


Alyce flew Zach far from the Isle to a place she visited a lot while she was still in Group 1, She’d come here many times to relax around and plan according to what was revealed while at base. She’d never go anywhere else except to this spot, mostly because the place was shielded heavily by many barriers that prevented anyone but her to enter. Of course now Zach was with her so he would have to be allowed in.

Alyce landed on the closest landmark she made recently. Upon entering this place, Zach would have nowhere to go. She controlled this space. It’d be almost impossible if Zach were not powerless, but since he was, she could do whatever she wanted, including kill him without anyone knowing. So she was quite pleased with the turn of events that was basically laid out before her.

Zach: So this is where you’ve been hiding.

Alyce: Yes. Congratulations on finding out. But you won’t be leaving here.

Alyce said she walked towards him. Giving him a smile or two, and glared at him.

Alyce: Anything you want to say to me? I’m sure you’ve wanted to ask.

Alyce said picking up some of her things, moving around as Zach stood there watching her.

Zach: Maybe a little, just was gonna ask how you are feeling? I mean must have been hard with the fight earlier?

Alyce glanced at him and gave him a long look. Her death stare was nothing to laugh at, he almost choked, it seemed having little to know power was quite the strain on someone. Zach knew though that something else was wrong too, Her energy was mixed around. Like it was trying to evolve still. That isn’t suppose to happen. Which means something else is the reason.

Alyce: You talk and talk and the more I here. The more I’m convinced that you know something.

Alyce seemed annoyed now, because Zach knew something. Which she didn’t. She walked forward as he stood and moved back, She gripped the collar of his shirt with two hands.

Alyce: Tell me what you know! What is going on! You know something don’t you!!

Alyce shouted in his face! Wow how harsh

Zach: To be fair I may know something but this wasn’t apart of the deal.

Alyce literally went crazy, she dropped him from the ground and gripped her fist in rage.

Alyce: Deal? That’s not a part of the deal?

Alyce: I don’t care.

Alyce whipped him to the ground. Zach managed to actually dodge her attack. She wasn’t skilled it would appear with her current level of power. It was seriously a mess, he was beginning to understand. Zach recovered back onto his feet, seems he struck a nerve not to be messed with.

Zach: I’m sorry, just don’t kill me. That power would definitely do it

Alyce: What you say I can’t hear you. Just stand still, You need to be punished.

Zach pointed and tilted his head

Zach: Yo I thought you said I wasn’t some slave remember?

Zach was actually studying her movement, her power, and her skill with this unstable version of it that she mentioned. Clearly this Alyce would have trouble fighting anyone right now. It’s a good thing she didn’t try to fight Luka, she may have lost.

Zach dodged everything she threw at him. but she continuously absorbed the power from the earth. As if nothing.

Zach couldn’t use his power, it only weakened him more if he did. He had no choice but to remain on the defensive.

Zach: You need to calm down, you won’t hit me like that. You wanted me to help you right I’m starting to see the problem just--

Zach ducked underneath her right hook. And rolled to her back, Zach realised it by now the problem, her power is unfocused, the control isn’t because she uses it too much like he does. But more like her aim, steady, balance, is all out of balance, her center core of her mastery he knew her for was completely in disarray. The power balance is mostly due to the mix of power that’s surging through her changing who she is. Infinity Energy and the regular cosmic energy she possess are fighting each other for dominance. Little Queen’s power was low, so the potency wasn’t that strong to begin with. So the energy isn’t taking over, but it will win, because of the nature of it’s properties, Energy that exists from the Spectrum recovers far more quickly due to it’s supplying demand that’s the spectrum gives, eventually once the right trigger is given the Infinity Spectrum will recognise her as part of the family and she will become one of the few who wields Infinity Energy, it will completely erased that other regular natural power she has possessed thus far.

He’s problem is a bit more common, he cannot control the potency at which he releases his power when he absorbs another person, object or matter’s energy. So it releases so much of it that he wears him out to fast. He uses to much power in a short time, so all the power absorbed wasn’t being benefited, and the release of power strains the body because he’s inexperienced with possessing that much to begin with. This matter is very similar to how he once wielded Mental Manipulation. It’s to annoying, he switches so much it’s hard to take anything he learns seriously.

Zach jumped backwards, into a tree. Oh great, Alyce lunged forward and punched him straight in the chest, the saliva from his mouth, hitting the ground he gasped for air. That punch was so damn strong, without any proper defense it felt like a train was rammed into his stomach.

Zach: That...could, of killed me..

Zach struggled on the ground…

Alyce: It appears your body's strength hasn’t gone down. That much power would have killed a normal human being.

Alyce grabbed him and lifted him up.

Alyce: Tell me, what you know! Now! Or I won’t be so nice!

Zach: You're becoming a god.

Zach said holding his stomach in pain, he had a painful expression

Alyce: A God?! What I was already--

Zach: You weren’t before, but you are now.

Zach gestured his hands as he spoke

Zach: Your body is evolving, your power is compensating for the boost. So it’s begun causing an evolution in your ability. So that it fits the role you’re changing too. As you were before you mastered all there was to master, once you switched over, that was no longer a limitation. Your power has broken past that and has reached a level a god would possess. Specifically.

Zach explained, he explained it leaving so much detail out. The only reason that is happening is because the Infinity energy within her has regarded her ability as inferior and has forced her to go through a transformation of sorts. While also turning her into a god at the same time. It needs her to be capable of handling it. That’s the sort of unique properties Little Queen’s power had. That’s why she adapted so well.

Alyce: I’m a god!?

Alyce stood there in shock….
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Chapter 12 - Dealing With Unfinished Business
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