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 Chapter 13 - Listen! Lessons on Energy of Infinity

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Chapter 13 - Listen! Lessons on Energy of Infinity Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 13 - Listen! Lessons on Energy of Infinity   Chapter 13 - Listen! Lessons on Energy of Infinity EmptySat Nov 05, 2016 2:40 am

Zach stood up arching his back, the punch from earlier had almost broken a few bones. After doing so, he sat down while Alyce processed the information, she appeared in shock. And hadn’t done much.

Alyce: No, that’s a lie!

Alyce bursted pointing sword made of energy to his throat. He wasn’t resisting, since he had been winded, he remained calm and understood her outrage, clearly she didn’t know.

Zach: I knew it.

Alyce pointed him in the throat at his responses only questioning her curiosity more.

Alyce: What do you mean.

Zach: You’re father really didn’t tell you, he may have lied to you, saying that he was a god. Please Alyce you have to understand. You and your father are not gods, none of them have ever been. It’s merely a false misconception by how much raw cosmic energy your race was born with that he uses to fool everyone into believing that. Universal law there are so many gods that are fact. You and him were not by officially at all gods.

Alyce almost released him, but only lowered her sword a tiny bit, enough from him to move his head forward.

Zach: You are a god now, at this moment, not before. Now. And he is not. You have to get your father's manipulation out of your head. He’s lied to you, he’s not the honest person you made him out to be.

Alyce gritted her teeth, Zach knew she was having a hard time believing him.

Zach: Fuck! She is more stubborn then I am. I can’t let her decide to get rid of me. Alyce you continue to make me fall further by giving you everything you damn well please. I have no time to decide my own fate here, It’s becoming very thin right now.

Zach thought to himself

Zach moved her sword away, and basically got down on his knees. She was quite...stunned I thought the term was.

Zach: You aren’t making this easy you know that. Why would I lie first off, I’m basically a prisoner, ironic right? And I would bother to anger you?

Zach pointed, his actions allowed him to gain the upper hand, she seemed more relaxed now. It seems her father must have kept a lot of prisoners her letting herself go like this explains it all. Zach knew this, he wasn’t happy that it took ruining himself just to make her calm down.

Zach: I’m powerless, I can’t release my power, I can’t even escape. And I can’t lie, clearly because I’d be killed. And you also need me.

Zach shrugged his shoulders as he finished.

Alyce: ...Idiot,

Alyce turned for a moment.

Alyce: So then you aren’t lying..I am a

Alyce hung her head to the right before clearing her thoughts, she glanced back not completely turning back around.

Alyce: Get up, I don’t want you to do that again. Showing how weak you are just annoys me. I won’t be satisfied If I won like this. I won’t have it.

Alyce said

Zach: You and me both…

Zach said quickly getting up and patting himself off,

Zach: Phew.

Alyce turned a few distances away.

Alyce: It’s time we begin. I’m not gonna wait all day, I want to learn how to master this newfound evolution I’ve gotten. Since you’re clearly the master at this type of energy you gonna teach me. And in return…

Alyce stopped, Wow

Alyce: I’ll help you. By so that you don’t release so much power when you use your absorption ability?

Zach: You serious?

Alyce: Fuck off, Don’t make me repeat myself
Zach: Right..Okay…


Alyce: Right so how do I do this.

Alyce went into combat position and began focusing her power into her fist.

Zach: Whoa wait! That’s not gonna work, not this time.

Alyce stopped, luckily..

Alyce: huh?

Zach: Sheesh, you’re like a child with a new toy. You can’t play with it the same way you would your last one. This is an entirely different thing here.

Zach said

Zach: The Energy of Infinity is not the same type of power you're used too, so it’s not gonna be mastered by training your ability to get a hold of it. You knew this didn’t you. Yet you decided to use stupid methods like that. Are you trying to test me?

Alyce: No, I was merely testing your knowledge.

Zach: Righttt….

Alyce: Don’t test me Zach. I can’t be to sure you even remember how to use that energy of yours. So far it seemed like you only used it because you could rather than cause you knew you could. It’s all in my eyes, I’ve observed you since you attacked Roland's facility I knew then you were exactly who was searching for.

Zach waved both his hands in opposite directions, this topic is going off now.

Zach: Okay, I get it. First off, the energy inside you isn’t completely the same, there are two different types of energy colliding with each other right now.

Zach placed up two fingers, then switched to one

Zach: One of those is your own, and other is Infinity Energy, it’s basically obvious right now, yours is gonna be dominated, Infinity energy will utterly crush that power, and it’ll manifest itself as your new source. The problem here is since this is going on, which will take a very long time to do. You’re going to have to balance it out, you’ll need to train your mind, your body, and your soul to control the flow of these two so they can equally flow together while causing less strain on you while you harness the power you have gained from it. This will allow you to release your power without it going everywhere.

Zach explained, Alyce was shocked, he knew all that? Wow she was completely dumbfounded. He may be onto something.

Zach: This is where everything gets complicated.

Alyce: Won’t I have to deal with both of powers eventually?

Zach: No, since it’s only temporary, you are only making them flow together rather than doing it with only your own and not two different types. So when the one dominates the other it wouldn’t be any different from before you had this issue. So you can function you have been up until now.

Zach paced as he explained

Zach: Now, back on track, once you’ve completed this, which won’t be easy, another problem will arise. You’ll be probably experience a setback because once they flow together, your power will rise, because you’ve combined both, and you’ll be using both at once. The problem with this is mostly what I’m having trouble with, only it’ll be far worse, because you’ve only got so much power to let out, and you’ve got two powers supplying you. You aren’t a complete god yet, so that strain will be tremendous.

Alyce: What would happen?

Alyce was eager, Good.

Zach: Good question, I’ll explain it as simple as I can. If you keep using your power like that. Eventually you won’t be able to handle it any more, your body will reject itself, well actually the infinity energy will reject you, and will actually try killing you because you are no longer capable of handling it’s power, this is one of the very reasons why not just anyone can harness this power. Once this happens, it’s past the point, it doesn’t matter if you stop using your power, your body after a few years or months even will shut down, and you will die.

Alyce began to sweat, so this was far more complicated than she originally thought.

Zach: It’s a simple fix, if you know what you're doing, you have to only use one type of energy. This is not going to be easy, doing that is worse than what I just mention, if your aren’t careful you will rip your entire body to pieces. Which is why you’ll be starting off with understanding the control of Infinity Energy, once you’ve mastered it, and got a hang of it, you can that with your own, and master both at once using them at once. So you can learn the next step.
Zach sat down,

Zach: You might as well get started. Because this will take awhile. I’ll guide you through the steps. So you can do it yourself.

Alyce: No. It’s fine, I know how to do that.

Zach sighed

Zach: It’s your funeral. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Zach sat cross legged as Alyce did the same, she focused and sorted drifted. Zach watched as she sat there all concentrated. He knew she was beginning the first stage in this long training. But this will take up a lot of time, he had to somehow gain her trust so that he could at least visit the outside world. It’s too suspicious for him to just disappear. Also, Serenity reappeared. This was absolutely no coincidence.

Zach remembers a vague memory he had once, he knows Serenity more than he should right now, but it’s not clear. She was placed inside the Infinity Spectrum and sealed there. So why was she here. This remained a mystery. The Spectrum releasing her on it’s own isn’t completely impossible after all, it sorta had a mind of it’s own sometimes, but this cannot have happen. Something bad is coming. He needs to piece everything together somehow.

About three hours had passed since Alyce began her training on Zach’s lessons. She opened her eyes to Zach messing around. He seemed to be chillin on a branch, balancing something on his leg. He hadn’t noticed her awake yet. So she sat there observing him.

Zach: No signal, It’d be so much more fun if I could at least watch a movie on my phone or something. Sitting here isn’t very fun.

Alyce: That’s insulting

Alyce spoke suddenly, Zach got surprised and fell off the branch. Luckily Alyce caught him in her arms, that fall wouldn’t done some damage, if he managed to hit the ground. He struggled a bit, as she dropped him.

Zach: tsk tsk, Ouch, when did you…

Alyce: Finished? I didn’t I realised that it’s far harder than I thought. It’s like a raging storm.

Zach: Yeah, I told you it wouldn’t be easy, you aren’t going to control it that quickly.

Alyce turned around and went into the woods for something. Zach got curious and followed her. It’s all he could do at the moment. She seemed annoyed by this.

Alyce: Why are you following me?

Alyce said

Zach: Am I not allowed too? Usually--

Alyce: Yes, well I don’t want you following me.

Zach: You don’t expect me to sleep out here do you?

Alyce: Does it look like I care. Find some tree to sleep in or something. Build one yourself. Besides, I’m going outside the barrier, and like I said. You are not allowed to leave. Just cause you are teaching me all this, doesn’t mean i’m going to let stuff go.

Zach limped his body

Zach: And here I thought you were cute and all. This is a bit much.

Alyce: What!?

Alyce exclaimed, did he just call her cute..

Alyce: I’ll fucking kill you.

Zach was already walking back the way he came when she raged out. She was confused.

Zach: Yeah yeah, don’t take my words at heart. I know you wouldn’t be the type to take my compliments seriously anyway. Though seriously.

Zach turned around with a serious expression.

Zach: Doesn’t anyone realise how cute you are? It’s pretty amazing.

Alyce remained silent.

Zach: What am I saying, I bet people have mentioned it. I mean at least your father might have.

Alyce bit her lip hearing those words. She...didn’t move but Zach faded into the darkness.

Alyce: No...he never did…
Alyce shook her head and remained cold in her expression and continued down the path she was going.


Sella: This is the weirdest place I’d expect to meet someone, isn’t this the building that Roland once used?

Ritsu: Yeah, I heard a lot about this place by Zach, when he was still referred to as the Hooded Man. How Ironic. I used to look up to him when he was like that.

Phantasia: No doubt you did.

She appeared out of nowhere as they walked along the abandoned hallways.

Sella: Phantasia? So that’s who you were meeting.

Ritsu: Yes.

Phantasia: Thanks for coming all this way, Sella, you won’t be needed any further. I’ll take care of the rest. You as well Theo

Theo swung his sword in boredom

Theo: Alright, I was getting bored anyway. Let’s go Sella.

Sella looked over her shoulder as they both left. What exactly were they doing.

Phantasia: So..We have time, so you can spend the night here. The room here hasn’t been left like the rest of the place. It’s been kept quite nicely. My handy work, I just rewind the time around it. Seems someone had a bit of a style going on.

Ritsu: Alright

Ritsu didn’t really like it but, it’s all she had. The time was vast approaching when she would travel back. To the day Roland and Zach first encountered each other. The very origin of Roland’s greed is about to be realized in history!
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Chapter 13 - Listen! Lessons on Energy of Infinity
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