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 Chapter 14 - Two Goddess, One Queen,

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Chapter 14 - Two Goddess, One Queen,  Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 14 - Two Goddess, One Queen,    Chapter 14 - Two Goddess, One Queen,  EmptyMon Nov 07, 2016 12:52 am

A new day sprung into action, it rained last night so Zach had an amazing sleep last night, trying to keep himself from getting himself soaked, he inadvertently caused himself to fall off the tree he was camping on and got soaked in the end. He was miserable for the most part. Alyce who found him later that day sleeping basically on the ground in the mud, she, for the most part enjoyed it the most.

Alyce began her training once more that time after Zach woke up. He watched her attempt it time and time again from start to finish without any results. She was learning to get the hang of it at least. But she really couldn’t see through the point where it’d benefit her in success. Like, she had to click herself into this, but she was unfocused and distracted. Like something bothered her.

Zach glanced back and forth between her struggling to watch this girl attempt to keep herself on her training. He had avoided her up until now because of her stubborn nature to try this on her own. But he was reaching his limit with this nonsense.

Zach: Okay, I’m done. Stop. Stop

Zach yelled

Alyce: What are you doing..

Alyce glared at him

Zach: I’m done with you. You aren’t even trying right now are you.

Zach stood

Zach: I can tell from the way your body moves...Alyce, you aren’t clear of mind right now, You haven’t been since the beginning. But since I’m stuck obeying your every command I’ve had to watch you suffer through this nightmare thinking you can claim this lion on your own. Well. I’ve had enough, I’m gonna help you now. By giving you a few words of advice so that you aren’t gonna rage on me for trying to ruin your pride.

Zach raised his hands , a pointed.

Zach: Try clearing your head of distraction. No thinking about me. No thinking about humanity or its problems. Forget about the surroundings, and forget about any mission! You need to be the only person in the universe right now. Because your soul isn’t gonna wait for you. You need to attune yourself.

Zach explained

Alyce nodded in silence. She seemed to understand, there wasn’t any reason to question that level of thinking, it was harder to do because she was distracted for the most part. But she’ll have to try extra harder now. She cannot afford to be.

Zach: Sheesh, I wonder how everyone else is doing right about now.


Ritsu awoke to birds chirping outside the window that closed her in from the balcony and her room. She remembered what had happened the past few days. Phantasia was giving her time, Time she had. Only because Phantasia was delaying the paradox. This was bound to be part of the timeline as well. But what part of this made any sense. Why did I commit to this task in the first place. Why was I supposed to go back?

These thoughts crowded around her mind like bees swarming around. She couldn’t get around it, it confused her. Sitting up from her bed, she realised it was quite late. She hadn’t gotten much sleep since she was imprisoned, and despite her casual response to her mother about how she was treated, it wasn’t much honesty in her words. She was treated horribly, No one country is respectful to those they capture or arrest, specially the ones that do damage to several places. And kill others.

Ritsu sat there treating her wounds, with thoughts of negativity and guilt, but those emotions were directed at herself. Rather than somewhere else, she refused to believe she could be healed. And for what reason.

Shuffling out of bed, she reached for the edges and stood up, and walked around the place. To discover she wasn’t alone, Little Queen had been walking around the place surprisingly. Which made no sense.

Ritsu: Aren’t you. I mean..

Ritsu almost bowed, she heard from Phantasia the events that occurred. Seemed Little Queen, was indeed a Queen in some cultures. She was known as the Little Queen With a Lost Name only she herself knew. She never told a soul. She was the Queen of something grand. Almost as grand as Infinity himself, But the information never leaked out. Which was what made her something precious.

Little Queen: No need to do that. I’m not feeling up to normal formalities now that I am a child. So for now you can referred to me as just that. A child. Zach’s Child.

Little Queen spoke in a sweet tone, made for a child. Ritsu seemed to drop her guard somehow, but that came with the territory it seemed. Even without power, she was intimidating.

Ritsu: What do I call you? Is Little Queen really the name you choose? Or did someone else pick it for you to hide your real name?

Little Queen: Hmm, No. It’s not. It actually my title believe it or not, aside from that, It became my name by many for some reason. I suppose they couldn’t decide something, so it was convenient.

Little Queen stopped rambling since it was off-topic a little bit.

Little Queen: Just go ahead and call me Nora.

Nora said

Ritsu: That’s not..

Nora: Course not, No one shall know my real name, except for my father. Infinity, but even he didn’t know until I told him. There’s a reason I don’t tell anyone. My name holds a lot of power, power that I’ve kept restrained by the word alone. Ironic as it may be, I don’t like being called by my name even if I’m thinking of it. It’s been so long I don’t see a point.

Nora spoke like royalty about these matters, but a second later was back to her child-like demeanor.

Ritsu: I see. Thank you, I suppose that’s what you’ll be called from now on. Well then, Hi Nora.

Nora: Hi, Sorry for the scare. But I’ve been asked to stay here as well. Nothing special, It’s just the Infinity Isle is a bit dangerous without Zach around. So Phantasia told me to keep you busy until the time comes for your little mission. I wasn’t really told anything about that. Please take care of me too.

Nora smiled, It was...adorable.

Ritsu: Right, is there anything to eat?

Nora tilted her head

Nora: Phantasia told me you may ask, so she gave me all this money. It’s probably best if you take it. I’m not knowledged enough to understand human currency.

Ritsu: Probably for the best yeah, Alright.

Nora handed her the cash. There was quite a few bills in here. Almost five hundred dollars in cash. Phantasia casually handing out this much money probably means she’s pretty wealthy, since she's so generous, she’ll take the money. Both of them left the building and went out for lunch. Since that was the time of day at the moment. She proceed out the lobby doors holding on to Nora’s hand, not her choice, but Nora insisted. She acted exactly like a child, I don’t get it but apart of her nature reduced like this as well. It’s beyond her control. She just accepted that fact and ran with it. As for Ritsu she already figured it’d happen. Besides in the light of things she had too, because of humanity being moral about life.

Nora: Thanks.

Ritsu: I’m just doing my job.

Nora: What job?

Nora asked

Ritsu: Your acting parent. Sorry, but humanity find it wrong to not properly take care of children. So i’m only doing the responsible thing, even if you are basically a universe old being. Also sorry for my rudeness.

Nora: I get it. So you want to avoid bringing yourself attention. Don’t worry, I understand that all too well. Just don’t let go.

Nora smiled as they proceeded down the road past the traffic lights.


San took Serenity for a walk the other day, but failed to get anything useful from her, It would also appear that Zach has not been answering any attempt at contact with him, or anyone. Those around him are beginning to get worried that something may have happened. San has started to search the Isle for information about his whereabouts. Upon entrance, He immediately runs into the others that were there from earlier.

Klark: San? What are you doing here? Hold on did he even get access?

Klark pointed while looking at Fai, who shrugged his shoulders.

Fai: Everyone here are the only ones who had access.

San sighed

San: Although you may be true, or at least half true, I’m allowed because of what I told Zach the other day, right before he stopped answering my calls.

Fai: Stopped? That’s odd. He’s upstairs right now I think.

Fai said

San: Really, then he better be busy or I’m not gonna be happy, we have something urgent to discuss!

San said

Klark: Well, he would have to be, because that was the last place I saw him. And I don’t recall him saying he was prepared to leave here yet, he was still interested in discovering more about this place.

Fai: When exactly was the last time you both spoke?

San: Aside from the other day, when I told him to give me access. Because we may use this place at some point. Yesterday, after the massive object preparing to destroy us was stopped by Alyce.

San explained

Fai: Object? What Object, and did you just say Destroy?

Fai stumbled over his words in surprise

San: Yeah, while you were all doing whatever business here. Which by the way I don’t really want to know, We were busy trying to stop a planet sized threat. Or at least that’s what it first appeared to be. We got it maintained now, no thanks to Alyce’s assistance.

Fai:: Wait, What do you mean no thanks to Alyce, What did she do!

Fai was outraged by this news, he was silent before, but it seems Alyce was definitely involved.

San: She stopped it from killing us all, god's hope to understand what was going through her mind for her to even attempt a rescue of that size. She could have left and we’d all be dead. Including Zach, Her primary target. I’m not gonna question her methods. Or her reasons. It’s already done. Now I have to see Zach.

Fai: So she saved us. That’s suspicious.

Fai and the group followed San towards the main control hub, that was actually inside Zach’s own room. The AI shaped console that stood in the middle was glowing with particles but nothing remained visible to them. Zach was also not here.
San: He’s not here...This doesn’t bode well.

San’s turned and walked around the room.

Fai: Why did he disappear? Did he search more rooms?

Fai asked

Klark: That’s not possible. I don’t think. We should have seen him then.

San: Is this the console?

Fai: Yeah it is..actually you know what, System. Register all the life signs inside the Infinity Isle.

System: Scanning...Scanning...Currently, the total life forms present on the Isle are, San, Klark, Ashley, Fai, Holly and Aliya.

San: He isn’t on the Isle..That’s definitely weird, and yet I can’t reach him. Something isn’t right here.

Klark: That’s weird of him to do!. I mean I don’t know him that well, but I know him enough. He wouldn’t do that. Not after everything that’s happened.

Fai: Well, aside from him, San...I think we deserve to know. What’s going on since we’ve been away. Alyce helping us from something that dangerous. Going by your rule book, you should have found out by now what caused it.

Fai was dead on. He was far smarter than he appeared. But he’s gotten this way from experience.

San glanced at all of them in thought for a moment and nodded while his eyes were closed, a few hours later he took them to a facility that she was moved too. The group was shocked by the revelation. Every God of Earth was present here, except for Lily and Lilith who have already been informed of this. But haven’t personally met her yet.

Serenity greeted them in the politest way possible, she seemed to already understand their roles. And as such any God that’s made was to be officially greeted. They are basically royalty in the universe, a Universal Noble family.

Serenity: I’m glad to have met you all, It’s an honor to meet you.

The rest of them heard from San’s before they arrived, she was a goddess. But the title of her status wasn’t known. They were hoping Zach would fill them in. But he wasn’t anywhere to be found. Currently a group was out searching for him, but they weren't having any luck. Alyce was very discreet in her plans.

Klark: So your name is Serenity.

Klark knelt down.

Serenity: There’s no need for anyone here to do that. My presence here may be higher compared to yours, but I’m not used too all this. I’m only fulfilling what I would do.

Phantasia leaned against the wall suddenly appearing all of a sudden, Luka and San weren’t surprised, they’ve gotten used to this.

Phantasia: I can tell you what you are, if you want.

Phantasia spoke like royalty, this side of her was almost forbidden, Phantasia was always formally cold and unwielding, she didn’t appear as the one to completely suppress herself to yield to another, except of course Zach. But he hadn’t attained his status, so he wasn’t completely himself.

Phantasia walked forward and knelt down, she didn’t care about Serenity’s kindness, she had to do this.

Phantasia: You are new, yet you are not.

Phantasia rose to her feet. Serenity and the rest were quite surprise.

Phantasia: I shall introduce myself. I’m Phantasia from Universe 6. Supreme God Of Time. I’m one of the four Keepers Of Time that reside to keep time in order from any who dare oppose it’s law.

Everyone was shocked, the supreme god of time!? They felt like bowing themselves. They didn’t know, San commanded everyone to do so, but Phantasia played it off as ignorance they weren’t told so they aren’t needed to do that.

Phantasia returned her focus back onto Serenity who stood up from her seat, to greet her. She bowed in response.

Phantasia: The honor is mine. You hold a higher authority than me.

Phantasia said.

Serenity: You said I was new, but yet I wasn’t? What does that mean..
Phantasia: You are Serenity, Goddess of Infinity. Your ranked the same as the Universal Gods, but they command more than you. Due to your status as only a Goddess, but due to your influence as a Infinity Spectrum Placeholder you hold guardianship over it as well. You won’t be able send it direct commands, but you are allowed to understand it’s law, it’s history, it’s presence, and also it’s location. As well as its spirit. The Infinity Spectrum exists outside of time, and outside of reach. The dimension beyond.

Everyone remained silent, but in their hearts they were stunned, shocked, every time of surprise there could be. It was there. Warping through minds around the concept of reality they live in. Just what are Universal Gods, Goddess, Supreme gods. It was unknown yet it held truth and sacredness.

Serenity: Goddess of Infinity. Me? But...I..I can’t be.

Phantasia: You are. That’s why you are new, there never was a Goddess of Infinity, Only I and the other three Keepers of Time know this. Because this fact was placed inside our history, even though it never was. No one knows because they’ve always known. Understand your origin, because you’ll have too eventually.

Phantasia turned and walked away. And disappeared out of sight. The rest stood there silently as they stared and thought to themselves.


San: So that happened. So we possessed two goddess, this entire time.

San said, laying down on the couch.

Klark: Let’s not forget about Little Queen, she’s also a part of this too.

Luka: afraid not, Little Queen is different, her origin remains a mysterious, but she told us herself she was no goddess, she’s a queen. But we don’t know for who. Zach has failed to mention this, as has she. She also has no name.

Ritsu: That’s not true.

Klark stood up, at the sight of her.

Ritsu: Calm down, I’m not your enemy.

Little Queen stepped out from behind her, as she poked her head out. This was the first time she was in the presence of everyone. Including…

Little Queen stepped quietly towards Serenity, who watched her arrival in front of her.

Nora: I’m…

Serenity: I know who you are...I shall not say, Now that I’ve gotten an understanding on my role I’ve been materialising my power without anyone noticing. And I understand. Nora.

San: Nora?!

Nora placed up her hand to shut him up.

Nora: It’s my alias for now. I expect you to keep that secret, but... you are my superior. I cannot disrespect you. So if you told them, I wouldn’t be allowed to do anything. But If I may beg in this case. I’d like it if you’d keep this a deep memory.

Nora limped her head in her grace

Nora: A request.

Serenity: Consider it done. I need to understand myself better if I’m going to keep promises, but it's best to start somewhere.

Nora clapped her hands.

Nora: Request sitting on your lap?

Serenity: Uhh...Granted?

Nora calmly mounted Serenity’s lap, she was quite the adorable child. I think Zach is a bit too lucky in this scenario.

It seemed the group learned a few things today, that the universe is full of rules and laws that are absolute. They needed to confirm more. But for today the group are fully understanding their roles. But soon they may need to grasp more than that if they wish to get far. Something big is coming. And knowledge in history won’t save them.



A Person with a commanding voice filled the dimensional field. A force of shadowy Silhouette’s lowered their heads, a voice of a calmer composure spoke.

“We’ve identified the point of origin. Lord as you have requested. She is on Planet Earth. What do you have us do”

She spoke formally and without disrespect, Nothing appeared from his words that gained dishonor, or any of the sort, the man walked forward.

“Send them in. Make sure they do not fail me”

He spoke in a deep tone.

A force of ships rained upon the universe beyond the milky way. Light years and light years away.

…. …. 2 Months remaining..
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Chapter 14 - Two Goddess, One Queen,
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