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 Chapter 15 - For The Future, Ritsu's Farewell (Will Probably Change)

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Chapter 15 - For The Future, Ritsu's Farewell (Will Probably Change) Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 15 - For The Future, Ritsu's Farewell (Will Probably Change)   Chapter 15 - For The Future, Ritsu's Farewell (Will Probably Change) EmptyTue Nov 08, 2016 2:20 am

Following that afternoon, the rest of the gang, decided to separate from each other, Nora and Serenity decide they’d stick together because of their new awakened friendship between each other. Phantasia briefed Luka and San about Ritsu’s fate. But it wasn’t as simple as going back in time to the day that started it all.

Ritsu’s journey between timelines was undoubtedly the cruelest fate handed to her. One Ultimately made by her own choosing. The details were specific, Phantasia failed to mention it, she only spoke to them about the facts of her release and her importance to the past that held up until now.

The both of them left the facility to go off somewhere. Ritsu needed more time to gather her thoughts before she made the trip, Phantasia pressed her on the matter

Phantasia: I’m not going to hold the paradox forever. You’ll have to finish up your time here while you can, because you won’t becoming back to this era.

Phantasia sternly said, she won’t tolerate delays. She holds her duty seriously, she’s maintained it ever since it was given to her. And she has come along way from just being some mortal being in her own universe to this person responsible for keeping time in order.

Phantasia respected her though, she already understood the fate that was before her, and although it’s been said, no one should go through this as much as she should. Arriving at the destination. Old Roland Tower as it was called, a place that Roland once used in the past. It wasn’t torn down yet.

Ritsu: I’ve finished up everything I needed to do.

Ritsu said clenching her fists, Phantasia who was overlooking the city glanced at her for a moment.

Phantasia: That determination is far from significant. You’ll soon realise that sheer determination won’t change the choice you choose.

Phantasia riddled her mind.

Ritsu opened her mouth, but no words came out. Phantasia lowered her eyes. With a wave of her hand, Ritsu disappeared within the void of time.

Ritsu was inside a space of infinite patterns and spatial distortions. She was confused, and panicked but remained focused.

“I shall wipe that off your face” A voice came through her. She was startled, a woman of similar appearance appeared in front of her. It was. Her.
Ritsu stood firmly, the version of her was bathed in blood and was covered in scars. She had her sword drawn, the sword she thought was taken from her. And yet it was pointed at her.

Future Ritsu: I won’t let you stop it, I’ve lived through hell, I won’t allowed anything to erase it! I won’t!

Ritsu jumped at her. Gripping the hilt strongly, the other Ritsu was stunned grabbed by the weight of her own feet. It seemed they were pulled down by this version of her. Dropping the sword as her way of deception. She pushed her into the edge of the spacial distortion.

She smiled at her victory. Soon losing her smile, as she turned see someone appeared.

Phantasia: So you’ve fallen this far. You even used the power you got from me to reach this space.

Ritsu glared at her, her eyes were bloodshot, and outraged by her appearance.

Ritsu: You dare show your face after all these years!? You lied to me. You said it was my destiny inside I was thrown into a pit of darkness. I had no choices in the matter I had to fight! Because I was stuck.

Phantasia lowered her head, it would appear this was unfixable, the cause was unknown, but it seemed to be apart of fate. This was what worried her the most, because no matter how many times she visioned this. She never knew how hard it would be to live it. It was her time, like so many others. But whatever the reason may be that caused this, it’s been appointed as the proper course. She tweaked it a bit to make it work, nothing would change.

Phantasia: I’m sorry you had to go through that. But this wasn’t my choice, the events that came from this were your own doing. You caused this.

Ritsu spat.

Ritsu: Don’t you dare put this on me! I didn’t make that choice!

Ritsu screamed picking up her weapon off the floor of the dimension.

Phantasia opened her eyes.

Phantasia: No matter how many times you say that, the course was still the same.

~~~ The Ultimate Choice - Flashback

“You were traveling through the spacial distortion that connected to the time I appointed to you, when you came across a point in time that was very similar to our own. Apart of you was tempted, only because of something lingering in the place the rift appeared. Nothing corrupted your judgement only your own foul greed for the power you sought long before. You took advantage of my warning and used it to benefit you. But you should've known better, messing with time wasn’t only my duty, but something I had to prevent. Because fixed points like these happen. And in the forward progression of things I had to find away to make up for your own mistake.”

~~~ Present

Phantasia: You failed in your own determination. You remember what I said to you all those years ago…

Phantasia said

Ritsu widen her eyes at her words recalling the events.

\\\\\\\\\ Ritsu said clenching her fists, Phantasia who was overlooking the city glanced at her for a moment.

Phantasia: That determination is far from significant. You’ll soon realise that sheer determination won’t change the choice you choose.

Phantasia riddled her mind. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Ritsu: Do you think I care now. Those words are history.

Phantasia: Yes, that’s true. But you're still alive. And you haven’t decided anything. So if you're so keen on remaining as you are. Then allow me to show you the fate you’ve decided for this planet and it’s people. Because of your handy work.

Phantasia raised her hand and Ritsu’s body was pushed into the edges like her other self this time the left part. Phantasia appeared in front of her and held her in place. The field they were in made them invisible to the outside world. Ritsu resided within the dimension between realms. Like she did to view the battle including Infinity.

Ritsu: What the fuck is this. What’s going on!?

The planet was in ruin. Several thousand forces of evil rained upon the planet like a swarm, the place was littered with corpses and people screamed left and right. A dozen ships and lasers crashed upon the surface of the planet as the planet screamed. Lava cracks filled most of the surface and cities weren’t even noticeable. Ritsu stared in horror as she watched it all come down. It kept skipping back and forth in time, which confused her.

Phantasia pointed to an object. It was her, Ritsu flying into battle against the invaders although entirely worn and beaten, she kept reversing time to stop the outcome only to fail every time it happened. She couldn’t reverse it. Once she revert it, and fixed the issue another would rise and claim her life almost, she had quick reflexes. But nothing fixed the oncoming storm that was her fate. To die because of her wrong doings.

Ritsu: This is...impossible! How come I can’t win! Why did this happen!!

Phantasia gazed at her while floating almighty

Phantasia: Because you choice to kill all those who could. Zach...Klark...Roland...Alyce...Fai...Ashley...San...Everyone, you killed them all. You prevented the only ones who could essentially stop this. You bargained with the wrong timezone and affected a part of history that allowed you to effectively change everything. You never were defeated by Zach that time, and allowed yourself to kill him and the rest. San and the rest. This prevented Little Queen from awakening, which you fixed by sealing the sword away somewhere. Even that did nothing Little Queen was killed in this battle.

Phantasia turned

Phantasia: I’ve told you this before, and I’ll say it again. Have you decided yet or not? Do you have the determination to proceed with fate? And correct the timeline! Or do you want to reside like a tool, until you fall. Inevitably dooming us all.

The field disappeared, they suddenly appeared back in the spatial dimension they were in before, Ritsu damaged from her earlier fights managed to sum some strength to stand.

Ritsu: Fine….I’m ready..

Phantasia: I see. It seems you are. Just know that I never wanted this. Your fate was sealed a long time ago, even If I could stop it. It’s not for me to say, I’m merely doing what I must. I’m not allowed to ask questions or take risks.

Ritsu: Just do it!

Ritsu stumbled in front of Roland who was shocked by her appearance! He grabbed her as she fell to the ground covered in blood and crippled by the traveling of time. She muttered a few words.

Ritsu: Zach...You must kill...Zach...To save the future..YOU MUST KILL HIM!

Ritsu dropped to the floor lifeless, but as her mind lingered she thought and knew this was the end. But what cruel fate was this. To die after experiencing a life outside of time? She was a stranger. And she appeared once again as a stranger only to further a different outcome that she knew would lead her back here.

Destiny or not, this wasn’t how she planned things. But it wasn’t the time.

Ritsu: To preserve the future. Sorry Zach, I didn’t know I caused all this, but know that I did it for the future of all of us.

Ritsu thought in her mind, as she laid cold on the floor of Roland Tower.
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Chapter 15 - For The Future, Ritsu's Farewell (Will Probably Change)
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