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 Chapter 16 - Locating, The Infinity Pieces

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Chapter 16 - Locating, The Infinity Pieces Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 16 - Locating, The Infinity Pieces   Chapter 16 - Locating, The Infinity Pieces EmptyWed Nov 09, 2016 3:44 am

Ahad was working tremendously hard on coming up with someway to detect outside invaders before we noticed them too late. Usually this would be hard, but luckily for him the data he’s gotten over the past few months have been quite amazing. The data that was luckily shared with him by Mana over at Group 1 headquarters as well as the lead of Lyall’s team have provided him with information on the Infinity Swords. Which was the data that was being researched at the time. It would appear that the properties of such a weapon are exactly what Ahad imagined when he told San about something that could provide a way to detect others.

He needed to somehow integrate the same material into his system. Not like a merge, but more like allow his power to analyse the material, from there he can input code based on the data found and create a counter measure using that data as a conduit for the reading outside translations. Or better to say, To detect anything. Since Infinity is a being who would know anything and everything.

It’s safe to assume the objects of his power are also capable of retaining some redeeming qualities. But, the Infinity Sword’s Material is impossible to obtain. Zach would also not allow him to use the Infinity sword to further this. Unfortunately he wasn’t sure where he could possibly get a free source of material that benefits the same way as those that relate to Infinity/Zach.

Ahad: I hate this, I can’t be a genius, if I’m stuck with the most obvious problems. Finding material? That isn’t my job.

Ahad grabbed a drink from his desk, and ate in silence. He came up with an idea. But it was a bit far fetched. Though It’s come to him that it’s probably necessary to gather all the pieces just in case they hold different abilities. Using all of them for data would be better than relying solely on the Infinity Sword. To get a scope of the pieces and see which are better or worse. If that is a thing.


San: You want to gather all the pieces? Where would we even look.

San answered

Ahad: It’s quite simple, its not as hard as you think. First, you already have couple pieces. The Necklace, the rings, the staff and sword. As well as the frightening spear. The only things missing are this apparent “Gem”. And another, which I haven’t been able to figure out. I’d only assume the Isle has information on them all in general. But as far as I know, the Spear and Sword are not included because Zach holds the key to bringing them out. I’m not sure about Klark.

Ahad stated, but continued explaining

Ahad: After all, we saw Zaeson use the spear in his battle with Alyce. But that doesn’t really confirm much. Zaeson was a higher being capable of more. It’s not a surprise that he could bring it out, and wield it as well. But whether for me or for anyone else. It’s better if we had the pieces for use later in case my attempt at this detection thing doesn’t work.

Ahad finished

San: For once, you aren’t acting like a child, and yet I seem to agree. Alright, I’ve got a few people who would be willing to search for them. The Necklace and easier items we’ll get first, since they are easily obtainable. Once we get them, we’ll send them to you. Make sure to keep them safe. They are dangerously powerful.

Ahad nodded over the monitor

Ahad: Don’t worry, as for the necklace I thought maybe I could somehow extract the ability it possesses. But I’m afraid it’s uniqueness may be over-the-top for me.

Ahad ended the call, and resumed his work, San ordered his team to find the whereabouts of this hidden piece that we haven’t found, as for the rest. Klark and Ashley were assigned the task. Holly was free to do whatever she wanted as were the rest.


Back at beyond the treeline. Zach relaxed himself as Alyce continued her training, She was progressively getting better at it. Surprisingly it took less time to do then he thought, simple words never really helped him with it before. It was amazing how fast she learned from her mistakes. Adapting this fast was beginning to worry him and so he wasn’t as calm as before but he definitely looked like he was on the outside.

Zach’s peace ended when he finally got a call from San who managed to get through. Which was surprising. Zach’s phone rang loud, which awoke Alyce from her trances. She wasn’t easily broken from it, but something like this was very recognisable.

Zach stared at the phone as it rang, this was the eighteenth call he has received so far from him, and has let it rung out. But he began to wonder about it this time. He needed to visit them. Him being struck here wasn’t going to help her at all. He couldn’t just up and disappear from the world like nothing.

Alyce: What are you thinking.

Alyce said sternly. She appeared calm, but the way she spoke was demanding, she was questioning his behavior. Knowing her, she definitely wouldn’t allow him to answer the call. It’s a wonder how she'd let him keep this level of contact with him so far, but it seemed she already knew he was declining the calls. The phone stopped, and a message was left. Another miss call.

Zach: How long before I can leave? Don’t play this off as another easy answer. I know you won’t let me go so easily. And I mean that literally.

Zach rose his body and turned. He seemed quite serious himself. He didn’t care how much hate she had, or strict command that he would never leave here.

Zach: You can’t expect them to give up on me so easily, by now they’ve probably know I’ve been avoiding them and found it suspicious that I’ve suddenly gone missing. So how long are you going to let that go. A simple barrier like this won’t stop the Isle from seeing through it. So if they get smart. You’re plan on training using me will ultimately fail.

Zach stated

Alyce closed her eyes in defeat, but it appeared more like her idea of thinking.

Alyce: Normally I’d utterly crush that level of thinking, and you’d have to be punished for even attempting to suggest that. But it seems that I won’t get this done that quickly. And I’ve been left with quite a difficult decision on what to do.

Alyce stood and walked towards him, she grabbed his hand and placed her hand along with his, a tattoo embraced snake appeared on him. It’s eyes glowed brightly and engraved on him like a real tattoo.

Alyce: This will keep you restrained, and by that I mean I’ll know exactly what you say. Where you go. And what you do. So don’t think you won’t get the upper hand on me by telling others where I am. I may be vulnerable due to my struggle. But I’m not that weak. I’ll ruin you.

Alyce pointed towards the exit as she went back to what she was doing.

Zach let out his breath that he was holding in session, that went better then he thought.


Ahad: So you managed to get these collected so fast? I didn’t think that would happen.

Ahad said shockingly, he observed the table currently the rings and necklace were presented. To be honest, these were the only pieces they had actually had with them. The infamous Infinity Sword was currently in the possession of Zach, and the spear was unknown at the moment. The so called Gem from the codex’s that Roland had was not found anywhere. And the last pieces was missing because it wasn’t on the codex, most likely because it was broken. The other half of the thing was missing and couldn’t be located.

San: Make sure you keep these safe, I don’t want to her a report about pieces of infinity going missing by a bunch of thieves. Got that?

San snapped his fingers as the remaining group x members left. They were quiet the past few days. Theo and Sella were active for the most part. But Rayne and Ryuk were off dealing with personal matters, that were city related, the other countries were causing a dramatic scene and those two were more competent than the rest of them. Besides with the issue that occurred with Omari District they were needed.

Sosuke and Sanna came today to deliver the pieces, mostly due to Sosuke's speed and Sanna’s tracking. Which gave Ahad and idea that may come in handy later on. Sanna’s energy sensory was quite unique it actually had the ability to sense the pieces themselves. Maybe she could be useful.

Ahad: Sanna, I would like it, if I could use those abilities of yours sometime. Maybe for other matters as well. If you would be willing.

Sanna sighed

Sanna: Did you just say you wanted to use me as some sort of test subject?

Ahad: Whoa, you can covery words that good? Damn. Seriously if you put it that way, it sounds like a bad thing.

San turned

San: No one's using anyone for experiments. What are you planning.

Ahad: Nothing secret. It’s just she can sense the pieces. So it could be useful. In other ways. But forget what I said.

San: Hmm, that is interesting. Well, It’s her choice. We can find out methods. For now she will find the pieces that we cannot. That fine?

Sanna nodded her head, she really didn’t talk that much, but when she did, she was quite direct. So direct, I guess her ability isn’t just an ability it reflects I guess on her.

Ahad: And yeah, thanks Sosuke. Your speed greatly helps.

Sosuke: Yeah..

Sosuke followed Sanna out. San remained present.

Ahad: So the other pieces will have to be gathered, but I think we may have to exclude the Gem and the spear from the main goal.

San gazed at him, he earlier told Ahad something that regarded the Gem, that it was almost certainly impossible to find. There was a reason for this, and he wouldn’t explain even if threaten. But the gem wasn’t to be find by anyone until the time came that it had too. The Isle was quite useful, but it ultimately held the only other way for anyone else to find out about this secret. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

San gave Ahad more information as he provided his own. He left afterwards to deal with other issues that needed his time. Ahad continued to cook up stuff. Like always.


In an unknown kingdom, Lily walked upon the pathway towards a tightly guard castle. This place was incredibly royal it appeared, far more then she read about in books. This place was very old looking, like the style of it. But it was built in with the modern look as well. The City sure did at least. Getting here was quite the cheerful adventure. Everyone in this kingdom is always talking about her. The Holy Queen. Galaco. The miracles she performs is quite out of the way. But no one can even touch her. Because like her power, it can be reversed. Healing or death, the ability to control health of anyone. Whether it was to heal or to kill, it was dangerous. But she wasn’t called the Holy Queen for nothing.

Lily found her way to the gates, where she was invited in, she also had a hard time setting up a meeting with her. Because of how busy she was. Was Little Queen this busy? Or are Queen’s in general just busy people.

The foundation was quite royal as well. Go figure. While we're here, it’s best if it was explained what this place is. The Kingdom is called Dragia, A holy nation, that was always known for it’s healers. The kingdom as stood for generations. Even before the great war. Where the apparent gods restored the world. It’s healers back in the olds days were capable of lesser magics, it’s unknown if they were as powerful as galaco or as common. Whether it mattered or not they’ve been known for it

Lily treaded carefully, the place was lit with other people that seemed to dress the part. They were definitely important. They stopped chatting when they saw Lily, her odd appearance gave her a way too much. I suppose it made sense. Lily was a gothic person, she wore a red outlined black dress, even though it would fit, her childlike appearance. Which by the way, she was no child. It wasn’t easy to avoid getting attention.

Galaco: Lily? I heard you arrived sometime ago. It’s been too long. How are things nowday.

Galaco seemed to speak normally towards her. She saw the odd looks she was getting and chuckled for a bit, which lessened the tensioned within the palace. The city was far different from this place. In here everyone seemed more cautious, and closed, the important, and busy type. But Galaco’s nature relaxed them.

Galaco: Lilly of Group One, who rivals many other independent groups out there. One of the great founders that brought together Panzer city, and Omari District with us. It’s an honor. I know you don’t like being called that.

Lily lowered her head.

Lily: I request your assistance. Your Royal Highness.

Lily said raising her head.

Galaco: No need to be so formal, we’re friends aren’t we. It’s the least I can do.

Galaco smiled as she walked towards her, down the steps.

Lily: Thank you.

Galaco: So what is it you request of me?

Lily: Well, you see it’s a bit complicated to explain.

Galaco moved her arm to the side, seemed she wanted her to follow her.

Galaco: come, we can talk in a more private place. Please, everyone if you could continue.

Galaco and Lily walked away. To another room.
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Chapter 16 - Locating, The Infinity Pieces
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