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 Chapter 17 - Curse Of The Dead

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PostSubject: Chapter 17 - Curse Of The Dead   Chapter 17 - Curse Of The Dead EmptyWed Nov 09, 2016 4:52 am

Omari District was lively once again, special rituals were going on created by Arath, based on the readings he would get, he knew exactly where to go, he uses the power he has to resurrection large amounts of people. The process is tedious and expensive on him, he will eventually have to take a break, but so far. Everything has been going according to plan. The citizens that came out of the ritual area were greeted by millions of the their family or friends.

They were thankful. But it wasn’t always cheers and happiness. Six hours in, people were beginning to change, their personalities were different some were savage and violent some needed a trigger. Others were harmless but negative and others. Were...monsters

Arath warned Lilith and Lily of this side effects, they would become almost like zombies, but they remained purely human, the effect is quite unnoticed and there is no way to treat effect like this naturally. Arath knew of a few people who may be capable of such power, but he didn’t name the person. Cause he knew by this time the certain place he resided. He knew a lot of things but remained to say nothing.

As he continued, doing what he was told, a couple more hours in. He got too exhausted to continue. And with good reason. The place was dark and damp, it rained a few hours before he finished, the people were camping in tents that were stationed throughout the district, the other side of the district was already pretty much rebuilt.

Though, it was still far from completion, the work Phantasia did for them was quite amazing, half of the place was completely restored. It looked like the place was only hit down the middle and the left side was only affected. It was quite amazing, though her involvement ended there. So she disappeared afterwards. The rest of the construction now has been centered mostly on this part. Luckily for everyone camps were set up, as well the left side was the part that was being worked on before. The right was going to be prepared later on. Which was very convenient.

Arath frowned for a moment, most of the people that he noticed earlier were silently tearing up. Seemed they couldn’t sleep, due to their loved ones becoming monsters, he stayed out of sight, he knew what temptations of anger they could have so it’s best to leave them alone.

Whatever Lily was doing, she best hurry up, He can do all he can, but as far as side effects go, this will only cause panic from them. They won’t stand for him doing this to the people they cared about if it went on. So the people who were showing signs of change were taken away and...imprisoned in a special holding area, for the time being they would remain there until someone had a way to fix them.

Suddenly a great disturbance shocked the entire district he was in. He turned abruptly.


11 hours ago. Dragia Kingdom
Galaco: So, Lily what’s the issue you are having.

Galaco sat down on the couch. Lily shared the comfort with her on the opposite side, they shared tea, as most kingdoms would. Though they weren’t really british. Don’t get the wrong idea.

The room in general was royal, as a matter of fact, she just went with the idea that everything in this palace was royalty and looked all fancy. As she finished her thought.

Lily: I’ve come to ask your help. We’ve been rebuilding Omari District.

Galaco placed down her cup.

Galaco: Oh my, so it’s true. Omari District was destroyed.

Galaco said in horror, she heard rumors from her informants, but she didn’t want to believe it. She hardly gets out nowadays, not like when she helped Luka with her issues with Fai and other things like attending Omari Academy. So she couldn’t fully grasp the situation that was explained to her.

Lily: Yes, It took a hit, I’m afraid, while in a battle against a powerful enemy, who seemed to share a history with someone in particular.

Galaco: Did you guys manage to stop them?

Galaco said

Lily: Yeah, we managed to deal with the problem. But now were faced with something far more dangerous. Arath, a member of group ten, who has agreed to help us. Told us that he could revive. The dead. We needed this power for couple of reasons. Omari District was fairly crowded place. If we suddenly rebuilt it with new citizens what would others think?

Lily said, Galaco only listened, it was good to only remain the listener in these situations.

Lily: A lot of people dead when it went down, and we couldn’t allow that, So Arath agreed too it. But we’ve got a problem with this, the people who are resurrected will be inflicted with curse. Or a side effect. For as long as they are dead, for however many days the worse the side effect is. If it’s too long, the person is no longer who they used to be.

Lily finished, Galaco seemed to get the problem here. Such a side effect wouldn’t be fixed so easily, so she asked for her help, Galaco’s healing capabilities would surely help them fix the one side effect that would affect their plan. It was a great plan. But it comes with cost.

Galaco: Hmm, Yes such a curse would be cured by my power. But there is but one problem. So many people are being resurrected right?

Galaco commented

Lily: Unfortunately, Yes. Arath uses a situation ritual to revive every person in a great distance.

Galaco: I see, well with so many people that need to be healed, I couldn’t possibly heal all of them at once without receiving some cost. I’m fairly strong, and I’ve almost mastered this gift I have. But a burden that large would effect even me.

Galaco stated, she lowered her head in disappointed. She really wanted to help Lily in this issue, but with this problem being so big, it would be impossible for her to meet the expectations of her friend.

Lily: Hmm, I’m far smarter than my own good I think. I knew this may be a problem. Which is why I called in my trump card.

Lily said, much to Galaco’s confusion.

Rayne apart of Group X, walked in at Lily’s signal. Galaco greeted him after he sat down, he was silent.

Galaco: Group X huh, Nice to meet you Rayne.

Rayne: Likewise, I’ve always loved the style of this place. The Holy Queen herself is also beautiful.

Rayne bowed while sitting. Hmm that’d be weird.

Galaco: You flutter me. But what use would this bring?

Galaco said being a little bit direct.

Lily: Rayne has a very powerful gift himself, he’s capable of augmentation, This basically allow him to power up the abilities of himself or others' so that they can reach high level mastery and control instantaneously, even reach a level of power that is usually beyond their limits alone. he cannot steal or give power, only enhance the ones their targets already have.

Galaco was stunned, such a power existed? Why hasn’t she met him before.

Galaco: Yes, YES! That will do.

Rayne: It’s an honor to assist you. I wasn’t to sure I should come, because other things I’ve been ordered to do. But if I could help you I will all I can.

Rayne said politely

Galaco: With my gift in a powered up state. As it stands already I’ can heal everyone in my palace from this spot, but my country would be a different story. With your help Rayne, I could help the entirety of Omari District with no issue at all.

Galaco placed down her empty cup, and stood. Laying out her hand towards Lily as both of them rose as well.

Galaco: You are amazing Lily to come up with such a plan. Allow me to give you my full assistance.

Lily smiled

Lily: Thank you, thank you so much!

Lily returned the hand as they shaked on it. Rayne seemed pleased as well. Not many people use his power. But this will be the first time he can do something big, with a huge figure. Galaco and Lily were pleased as well.


Arath: What’s going on!

Arath stormed in on the encampment. The place was being destroyed by affected citizens. The Side effect seemed so strong for some reason. But that’s impossible. They shouldn’t be at this level.

Arath: Of course! How could I be so stupid, these people. They’ve been dead for years!

Arath said in his mind. He completely forget to limit the year field. Reviving 101 right there. He failed the basic steps. Though you had to give him credit, this was basically his first time using full revival on anyone. This wasn’t like Berserker. That was fate talking. He couldn’t do that. Nor would he. That wasn’t even the same ability in general.

Arath: This isn’t good--

Lilith: Arath. We’ve got trouble everyone is changing, though it’s odd the clothes they wore were odd, you didn’t…

Arath: Yeah, these guys are hundreds of years old. I may have made a mistake. It’s been a long time. Sorry, This may or may not be the first time I’ve not this. Sorry.

Lilith sighed at his words, to think he was this careless with his power. She should have saw it, but no one could have predicted that. She had to contain the situation.

Lilith concentrated. She’s a lot stronger than she used to be, water isn’t the only power she can harness now. She hasn’t been able to train since her awakening as a god, the tattoo, caged with the Infinity symbol glowed for a moment. She opened her eyes, they glowed blue for a moment.

Lilith: Can you crowd them into a single area.

Lilith said, she focused still even after that. Arath nodded, that wouldn’t be easy, this place was crowded with people, that were screaming, flailing their arms. It’s..impossible

Phantasia appeared out of nowhere. Gripping his shoulder, the world completely stopped. The entirety of this planet was frozen.

Arath: Phantasia!? When did you.

Phantasia: No need to be surprised. You were about to do it yourself weren’t you.

Phantasia placed her hands to her hips. She wasn’t really impressed, nor was she convinced.

Phantasia: I can see through the whole of creation. I know who you are. It’s mere disguise that would almost work on anyone. Though for me, I can see that you’ve traveled through time. And not just any time, but the same dimension I travel. Which tells me that I was the one who did it.

Phantasia sighed, she played to many roles.

Arath: Sheesh, you figured it out faster than I thought. But you figured it out a long time ago didn’t you.

Phantasia: Yeah, I’m helping you. For now, you keep that little secret of yours secret, and I promise I won’t tell anyone either. Like I would anyway.

Arath: Ha, Your the only person I know who would follow that. So how do we deal with this.

Phantasia: Easy really, I’ve locked onto everyone's energy, I’ll remotely teleport them in a single spot.

Phantasia said, it didn’t take any effort for her, she didn’t even move, but as commanded. The place was set, the middle of the camp area where they would sit around the bonfire. Time unfroze. Arath yelled to Lilith the spot. She nodded, and shielded the place entirely like a cube. With Ice.

The Bonfire was going strong, but nothing would melt the ice. So long as the bonfire remained at its temperature.

Later that night, everyone calmed down and the people trapped in the ice remained violent. It seemed even that wouldn’t stop their cries either. The other people were complaining about this. They seemed like they had enough, but were reassured. That they were bringing in someone special to fix the problem entirely. Also that if anyone who had been revived would please come see them so that they could prevent further violence from them.

They weren’t completely sound about this, and complained further.

Lilith: Listen! The person that’s coming is Galaco the holy queen, so please remain calm!

The moment that name came out of her mouth, the complaining ceased, people were so confused. The holy queen was coming? They almost cried for that information, they were then cheering for success. It seemed that she wasn’t lying after all. If Galaco was coming then everything was fine. But some people weren’t completely fine.

Arath: I see that calmed them.

Lilith: For now. Lily needs to hurry up. I can’t hold that prison up for a long. It drains my power as long as it stays up. It won’t melt either. Hold off on any more rituals. We can’t have anymore problems for now. We’ll let the workers focus on restoring Omari District.

Lilith sat down at the head camp, and tried to relax, this will be very taxing on her from this point forward.

Arath sighed in happiness. He finally gets a break. He walked off towards the camp that was for him, and was going to fall asleep immediately with all the resurrections, he needs it the most. Hopefully no more problems happen while he is sleeping. That’d be terrible.
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Chapter 17 - Curse Of The Dead
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