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 Chapter 18 - Holy Healing, Health Manipulation In Action!

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Chapter 18 - Holy Healing, Health Manipulation In Action! Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 18 - Holy Healing, Health Manipulation In Action!   Chapter 18 - Holy Healing, Health Manipulation In Action! EmptyFri Nov 11, 2016 3:23 am

10:30 AM In the morning, Arath had been completely his objective of reviving everyone he was meant too. This time he managed to make sure he didn’t accidentally revive those who aren’t actually supposed to be alive. He spent more of his time fixing this fault of his by returning the ones that were violent to the dead like they belong. This was for the most part straining, and also it reduced the amount of people that were originally possessed.

In fact, those who had lived hundreds of years ago apart from the ones who died recently had to separated. Cause they were beginning to attack each other because of how far gone they far, Arath has been awake since 5:00 AM because of this.

For the most part he has done what he has suppose too, and can finally take his leave. Though he recommended he stay because he didn’t want to leave Lilith to fend off this responsibility on her own. With good reason too, Lilith may be one of the most competent people he knows. But even she couldn’t do this alone. Specially the current version of her anyway.

Arath: You’ve been up far longer than I have. You really should take a rest.

Arath interrupted sharing concern for her health.

Lilith: Huh? Sorry, I haven’t really been focusing on that. I care more about the people then I do myself.

Lilith said, it seemed her wrecked appearance and tardy clothes she has been wearing since three days ago gave her away far more then she gave herself credit, because most of the people camping around noticed this earlier, but never said anything. They were of course still a bit angry with them. But hearing her just now gave them cause for concern.

One after another they crowded around her, she was surprised, but it was barely shown due to her exhausted expression and movement, she was sluggish and worn. Arath frowned, even her reaction is bad. Lilith the girl with too much responsibilities. She’s always been like this. From day one.

Those that don’t know it, but Arath has been at this a long time. Back when he worked under Zach. As the infamous Group ten Vice-Leader. He observed Omari Academy more than anyone else.

Even Len who had been going to the academy had not known more then him. Arath’s talents are rare indeed, he has learned a lot about those around him. Lilith was apart of the student council although she didn’t stand at the top, and only a regular member she was a great asset too them.

Then, moving on, when she heard about her origin as a god, she moved to the facility that Zach was trained in, and worked even harder as one of Luka’s advisers. She’d just help with the common stuff and at the time, we were preparing for Roland and his madness. No thanks to Zach. Such damage from his Insanity caused worldwide panic. She done more than most and she appeared so casual about it.

Lilith: I didn’t know my health was such a concern..

Lilith coughed as she spoke, it seemed she even has a cold now. How horrible, the people soothed her pain by patting her and holding her. Sheesh, how helpful. In times like these they are quite necessary I suppose. Arath wasn’t ‘really’ that type of guy, but sometimes you gotta feel that way.

Arath: Lilith.

Arath called

Lilith: I know, but...I can’t protect everyone if I’m asleep.

Lilith stated

Arath closed his eyes, he sighed.

Arath: That’s less of our worries, if you aren’t fully rested, we won’t have anyone to protect. You’ll be useless if something does happen that’s out of our control.

Arath turned towards those who were trapped between Ice, he didn’t want to do it, but it seemed he had no choice. He had to use a little of his true power to contain the problem. Hopefully when Lilith goes to sleep, he can do what he needs.

Arath: Don’t worry, I’m more then capable of handling a little problematic citizens. Besides, the ice should hold for a few hours before it becomes unreliable. So please for the sake of everyone here. Go to sleep.

Lilith nodded, she couldn’t resist anymore, she really was just too exhausted. And her thought process was beginning to stutter over itself. It was more of a liability at this point. With her permission finally, she walked off with a bunch of people holding on to her. Arath stood in silence, because of this.

He turned facing those who were glaring out from inside the ice. It won’t be indestructible anymore. It’ll get weaker, and eventually get to the point where they’ll be able to destroy it. Arath crossed his arms and leaned against the building. He was planning to wait it out, but he needed to attend to other things.

There was still a few things he could do while he waited. He was a good tactician as well, so he calculated the time it would take before it got too the point he’d need to intervene.

Lily walked along the ragged path. Galaco was at her side, while Rayne trailed behind the both of them. He was merely there for convenience, although he originally thought he’d be just a burden, a last resort of sorts. He knew that his part was bigger than that now. A power worth using. He realises how useful he can become now if he helps Galaco.

But just who else could use him like she would. There really isn’t much use for him other than supplying an evolved state of flux in someone's strength or power. Everyone’s got their respectful roles to play.

Queens, Gods, Goddess, rulers of the beyond. He is just going to support them all.

Lily: Galaco, I’ve received a report from Arath. Lilith is out, and it would seem that there is a bit of a problem with those that have been brought back.

Lily said, as she hung up her datapad. Those were high-tech devices used for communicating. It’s odd how Luka and San don’t use one, but that’s not for us to discuss now. Is it.

Lily: She exhausted her strength in trying to keep everyone safe, not to mention she’s been there longer than anyone and hasn’t gotten that much sleep since.

Lily explained

Galaco: I see that all that work has finally caught up to her.

Lily raised her brows, Galaco just gazed at her surprise.

Galaco: She’s always been like that. Hard-working.

Lily nodded

They continued walking towards the jet. This plane was incredible fast, and you may notice the familiar appearance. Because this is the same plane that Zach and Kurumi/Phantasia got on when they first entered the Academy.

Galaco: It just means we're going to have to hurry up.

Galaco climbed the steps

Lily: Yeah!

Lily followed behind her. As they entered the plane. They went to sit down.

Rayne entered the cock-pit, he was just relying orders to the pilots. Something urgent he gave them. He wasn’t going to stay long in the district. He needed to hurry back to his business in another country. Adam Larson, was currently dealing with some business. Along with Ryuk. Rayne was suppose to help out with that as well, but last minute call from Lily, he agreed because the first part of the deal wasn’t going to need a three-man. But they’ve already held the introduction meetings, and now the major meetings are going to beginning in a few hours. Hopefully he can even make it. Or that’ll be bad.

He left them to their business and laid on the couch, since this was a fancy jet, it has many different places to sit. He needed to catch up on sleep, so he decided to nap the way there.

As for the rest.


Crowds of people with fancy clothes, ladies and gentlemen were walking around the main hall. The party was merely a side activity of the meetings that were going to take place soon. Adam and Ryuk both dressed up fancy like, were just minding there business, drinking up whatever came to them. They weren’t extremely huge drinkers. Besides, the drinks served were only a few brands of wine. Nothing incredibly fancy.

Well, I suppose it was pretty fancy. They spoke to a bunch of people that were there and shared their insight. Adam was being frank with them, he was on topic most of the time. And he knew what he was talking about. Ryuk on the other hand. He just stuck around observing the lot of them, sipping at the glass in his hand.

Even though he was great at dealing in business like this in replacement for San or Luka. He was still that type of guy who remained on his own for the most part. Literally all he does in his free time is hone his skills and walk around the city doing whatever it is swordsmen do.

Adam: Ryuk, you really shouldn’t be standing there doing nothing. Talk to people. It’s suppose to be a party.

Ryuk gazed at him as he stepped up to him. He was smiling like he usually was.

Ryuk: I’m not that type of guy I’m afraid. I’ll do what I have been thank you.

Ryuk sipped his wine.

Adam: Well, what have you seen. Anything?

Ryuk: No, I mean for the most part everyone’s behaving. There have been a couple people discussing our situation recently, but nothing that bad. I guess those who were with us, are currently still with us. It’s hard dealing with all of this.

Adam sipped his glass, he faced the crowded and reached upon everyone with his eyes.

Adam: Yeah, we have to establish a footing again. Omari District was a powerful city, he held many benefits.

Adam stated, he turned again.

Adam: Our main goal is to convince those who are were with us initially to remain with us, we can’t have anyone backing out. Most of our finances come from our party with others. We cannot maintain our nature so freely without them backing us.

Ryuk: Do they know.

Ryuk said

Adam: No, as far as the world's concerned the issues with the Zach and his group were hidden from everyone.

Adam answered

Ryuk: You know heard them right, they think someone attacked us. Nuked us.

Adam: They are utter morons. A nuke would have done much more then just destroy Omari District. It would have damaged our entire structure. They’d definitely not stay with us if that were the case. Which just proves that they don’t believe that.

Adam gritted his teeth, such an annoyance. Seriously we could just write them a letter and they would believe us. But Roland and most of our nation leaders have been absent trying to fix this disaster. Though Roland has suddenly disappeared. It’s unknown what he has been doing lately since Alyce was defeated and went into hiding.

And the rest of our staff was wiped out with District at the time. How silly.

Adam: What’s the news on Rayne’s last minute assignment?

Ryuk placed the glass on the table as he finished it, he leaned up from the wall and walked into front of Adam.

Ryuk: He’s currently flying with the Holy Queen to Omari district, he’ll join us as soon as he has finished up helping her.

Adam: Really? The Holy Queen?! So that’s why he said it was urgent.

Ryuk: Of course. A Queen is no laughing matter. But I suppose they’ll fix the issue with Omari, luckily for us, our staff will be back.

Ryuk grinned. As he walked away. Adam stood there silently

Adam: Just get here on time you dummy.

He said in his mind. Most likely directed at Rayne.


Serenity stood in the middle of a white room, it wasn’t brightly colored, but it was definitely white. The purpose of this room was to test her power. It’s designed greatly resembled the trial of registration that was in Omari Academy. Though this was is far more superior.

Serenity’s a goddess. So the other reason she agreed to this was because Ahad wanted to know the limit of his system, how much it could handle such a person.

Serenity nodded at Ahad from the place she stood, he took that as the sign. He mashed on a bunch of a buttons. The scenery immediately changed, it was a beach. The Ocean felt real, the wind on her face blew like it would if she stood outside. This level of mimicking was incredibly impressive.

She had only been on earth for a short time, but she has so many new things she has discovered, and she’s adapted to them so quick, she never wanted to leave them. She wants to stay here forever. But that’s a bit selfish.

A dozen of demonic creatures appeared out of thin air. For the sake of this test, Ahad set the level of difficulty to Alyce’s Level, he was capable of this because of the data he got while reviewing the battle.

Don’t blame him, he wanted to help, as serious as the battle was, he just could never match her power. So he did the next best thing he thought would help, allow for anyone to train against an exact copy. With the same level of power down to the T.

Serenity scratched her head. She wasn’t afraid of these things, even though their power trumped basically everyone on the planet, except her. She wasn’t really used to her power yet, but she felt like she knew exactly what to do.

She raised her hand and the approaching army was obliterated in a second. It seems that Serenity was far superior to Alyce. Since that was Alyce’s full power. But Ahad wasn’t finished. Alyce powered up past her limit in her fight against Zaeson. Luckily for him he managed to imprint the same level of power into the next batch of demons. He couldn’t replicate the full thing, but they were just as strong as she was at the time. This version of her was strong enough to deal minimal damage to Zaeson albeit nowhere near enough to do anything to him like win or anything but damage was good in this case.

Serenity smiled, she quite liked doing this. I guess having power like this was why everyone wanted it so badly, it was amazing to destroy things in front of her. She was terrified at that, but the excitement didn’t cease because they were merely powered holograms.

Serenity rose her palm and summoned tiny orb of energy that hovered above her hand. She threw it forward and the army was exterminated instantly. It seemed even these copies weren’t a match.

Ahad laid back into his chair, suddenly the system short circuited, he fell over slamming his head on the ground.

Ahad: FUCK!

Ahad held his head, he wasn’t expecting such a delayed reaction.

Serenity covered her mouth. She accidently broke the thing, she tried to teleport. Almost telefragging into the wall on accidently, she did slam into the wall, but it didn’t really affect her. She ran up to Ahad.

Ahad: Ahaha! Sheesh women you are terrifyingly strong

Serenity helped him up onto his feet. Ahad laughed out loud. She was confused. Did she do something wrong?

Ahad: This system is far inferior it seems. It suppose to be enough to handle Zaeson I think, but now that won’t do. I’ll have to work on it more to get the fix. But this’ll be out of bounds for now.

Ahad needed to fix it, but his data on her was good enough. He needed it for something else he was working on. It didn’t seem relevant at the time. But using Serenity as a conduit by her agreement. He wanted to see if he could use something of his to sorta absorb the outcome of her energy while in the room. It’s not the same as absorbing it raw. But the residue should be enough to take in. the amount of it was low.

He was trying to create a device. Infinity energy is also known for it’s other redeeming properties. Although normal humans probably couldn’t keep the energy in their bodies in which case it’d kill them, even the amount he has gotten would be enough to end anyone on earth. But if he duplicated it and wore out it’s potency enough to create enough. He could probably create something that could probably fix just about anything.

With it’s healing properties. It could fix, most notable disorders, mental problems, wounds, diseases. The effect it could have on Zach if he needed such a drug could be beneficial I guess. It was just a thought, unfortunately it wouldn’t help him create the device capable of detecting everything. He needed way more for that. Specially material to integrate with.

Serenity: What should I do?

Serenity said

Ahad looked at her

Ahad: Oh you can go back to the lobby. I’ll just do some repairs and focus on my work. Thanks for all your help.

Serenity: Oh, okay.

Serenity turned around and went through the door. This was the basement part of the place. It was quite complex, but she’s got good memory, so she knows the way back. Her talent concerned it, it wasn’t something bad on her mind, but she was thinking that all these things she’s good at, she wondered if it was just because of her status as a goddess. Can she see things, hear, or have good memory and even understand her abilities so easily because of her being a goddess? Or has she always been like that? No, she knew it had to be related.

Such a girl with no reason to think of these things, yet she continued to anyway. She reached the area she was most familiar with, turning around the corner.

Zach was chatting with San who was at the entrance. It seemed that he finally showed up!

San: Where the fuck have you been!?

San exclaimed

Zach scratched his head, he really didn’t know how to answer that.

Zach: Uh...I’m sorry, I was busy dealing with a few things. I didn’t mean to be gone for so long.

Zach lied
San: A few things? Did it happen to occur to you that things that had happened over the past few days were far more important.

San said, he was angry. But..

Zach: Yo, don’t yell at me. I meant it was extremely important. I know there were things going on. But it was resolved right? I’m just--

Zach’s stopped suddenly, he stood in shock, turning his head slowly as Serenity only meters from him. She had been there for awhile. He didn’t even notice her. Until she was shocked herself which signalled him to her.

Zach turned his entire body around once he noticed who it was, the both of them stood in silent not saying anything…

Zach: ….

Serenity: …


Arath finished up his job, and was now keeping an eye on the barrier surrounding those who were afflicted. The Ice was beginning to melt, as well as weaken in structure. Those inside proved intelligent they knew this was coming, it didn’t help that they could overhear the conversation from earlier that day.

Arath stood up, abruptly, they got closer to the edges of the Ice. He was about to deal with it, but Galaco showed up.

Galaco: No need for that Arath.

Galaco said, as she slowly walked past him, the entire population of Omari heard her voice. It was...different.

Galaco opened her eyes it was, peacefully calm, he held power, and most of all it glowed brightly. The aura from her hands smoked like the pressure of ice smearing on concrete. It was an odd way to show it off.

Lily: We made it in time!

Lily said exhausted. They had to run here, but Galaco didn’t really appear all that out of breath. No thanks to her awesome power.
Galaco: I shall take it from here.

She was speaking directly to Arath. She turned back her attention at the imminently violent crowded that began pouncing at the barrier that held them.

Lily: Rayne...Now!

Rayne nodded at her words, with of his finger he appeared behind her, he placed his hands on top of Galaco’s shoulders. The electricity of the touch was immense, his power was already beginning to show, her entire body glowed red, the energy from it was fiercely showing like lightning surrounding her. It amplified it. Evolved it for a time.

Chapter 18 - Holy Healing, Health Manipulation In Action! 9fbc28ef4390944361a52af0596ac55f

A entire district began lighting up, sparkling lights appeared in every placed, a shaded barrier filled the atmosphere. Arath stood silent, as did Lily, in fact the entire place was frozen. Her appearance was almost godly. It felt warm, her body was radiating healing. Rayne didn’t feel exhausted as he continued to use his power to fulfil his duty.

The barrier raised higher until completely surrounding the district, any and all those who were revived would be affected no matter what. Those who hid away there loved ones to avoid treatment like the rest were progressively getting better. Those inside the ice barrier did already destroy it, but their minds were frozen as so they were as well. They lighten up, the dark part of them burned up and died as the light began to smooth everyone. Not just them.

She lowered her hands as the barrier faded and so did her aura. She stopped glowing. Rayne stopped augmenting her, so she appeared normal once more.

Galaco: Whoa, Rayne that was incredible. I felt amazing like that. You should do that more often.

She turned around after he felt embarrassed. She proceeded to calm those around them, like a queen would. So this is what it is like to see a queen reassure others? Wow, it felt almost too good.

Those who were affected by the healing, were unconscious. So it seemed they were back to normal. Hopefully permanently.
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Chapter 18 - Holy Healing, Health Manipulation In Action!
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