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 Chapter 19 - Fated Reunion

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Chapter 19 - Fated Reunion Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 19 - Fated Reunion   Chapter 19 - Fated Reunion EmptySat Nov 12, 2016 5:09 pm

~ “Do you know what it feels like to meet someone you haven’t seen for a long time? I know the difference in question compared to the medium that those face when answering this question themselves. Because the amount of time that you go without meeting someone you used to share your feelings for, the emotional memories you felt while with them, had a greater impact. And then something happens, no matter how small or wide. Or traumatic, you both separate for an extremely long time.”

Zach stood in shock, his eyes wide, his pupils small, fate was cruel, so was the world, the universe and those he knows made this happen. He knew she was here. But the difference betweening reading between the lines and actually being there are two different things. He was paralyzed by her very presence in front of him. He couldn’t find the voice in his throat, he trembled and was nervous like a girl he couldn’t find a way to speak too.

Serenity was shown to be sympathetic in her behavior, she frowned and smiled like a merge of the two, she knew what he was feeling the moment he saw her. The idea of seeing her again after so long was quite the leap before when she left him. She had recently figured out how much time had past. She was informed by mere speculation at first due to the change in scenery, but later got the confirmation she needed from Phantasia.

She stepped forward, but something occurred, the momentary meet was far to legendary, Both beings of the Spectrum stood in the same room, with fates far too strong to collide without proper measures. It was, the ultimate fate, the fated reunion. The sky blasted with energy. Buildings glass was destroyed by the mere pressure from the force.

San who was presented was knocked off his feet into the wall behind him, it barely scratched him. He looked but the both of them were gone. They appeared in the sky below the very relic itself. The [Infinity Spectrum] descended to the real plane of existence as both of them stood in the presence of the other.


Galaco was speaking with some of the those who were having side effects, those who were family among them also shared their thanks to her. They were very thankful for her coming to save them, as well as sharing these feelings too Lily beforehand, they were afraid of talking to Galaco because she was a queen. Quite the respect for someone they only hear on T.V.

Luckily, Galaco was far more interested in talking to them, then they were afraid of talking to her. So it worked out more for them. She reassured them of their fate. It was all over and no one would feel out of place now. They were cured of their curse, and will remain amongst those that missed them.

Arath: I suppose it worked out in the end.

Arath said, taking a hand of his hip. That’s a gesture if you didn’t know.

Lily: More or less, sorry for taking so long.

Lily said

Arath: No problem, but the one you should be talking to about that is Lilith, she was working to the bone. If not for me she would have passed out from all the that.

Lily: That girl, I admire her hard-work but no one has use for someone who can’t work. Don’t worry, I’ll have Galaco talk to her.

Lily said

Arath: Aren’t you being a little too harsh to her?

Lily: No. Lilith is just doing her job, I won’t praise her for not caring for her own health. That’s just reckless behavior.

Lily crossed her arms, she was..a bit strict, but she does care.

Arath: Well, at least you care. If I’m not needed anymore.

Arath asked

Lily: You are leaving?

Lily said, Arath has done what he was required of him.

Arath: Yes, I have to do something important. So you see, I can’t really stay, besides Ahad, and the rest of group ten need to be reformed. And acting as the real leader would be the best thing to do at this time.

Lily: Real Leader? Isn’t your leader Zach?

Lily asked, She wasn’t wrong, Zach did create group ten after he killed off the members of group nine. However Zach never intended to remain as the only leader of group ten. Arath who suddenly made his appearance caught Zach’s attention and shared the same ideals as him thus allowing him to become the new leader of group ten at the time of the invasion and plan on Omari, when Zach used his power to create insanity across the district. Zach remained merely as shadow in Arath.
Arath: Yes, he was. Zach was the original leader of group ten, but when I was made leader amongst his band of rebels. I separated it from them, and made it independent. Even though we still worked for him. This was about the time he called for us to aid in the invasion on Omari Academy, that that’s when all this started between us. But there are more members of group ten that haven’t been active lately. Since Zach’s fall.

Lily nodded her head.

Lily: So they weren’t aware that he actually wasn’t dead. But very much alive.

Arath: Bingo. There is another group. Called group eleven, that merged in hopes to honor this. So I’m going on a wild goose chase to find them. They were one of the strongest amongst us, the only reason Zach used Len, Ritsu, Ahad, Berserker and myself as the members was because...of what I said to him. Mostly my choice really.

Arath explained

Arath left out details, the reason he choose them in the first place was because they were the ones who were most relevant in the future. And the most important thing was that they stayed true to the fate that held them together.


Suddenly a force of unimaginable power strike the sky, a rift ripped and opened as the those of Omari were knocked off their feet, Lily, Galaco and even Arath were knocked off their feet as well. The wind from the impact kept them from completely seeing what caused it. Arath felt the force and realised what it was, or could be.

It was far too sudden the world was shocked and was unable to process the information that stood directly in front of them, the presence of the Spectrum is something no one will be capable of controlling, those and even the other groups were stunned, and unable to move. The Spectrum definitely did have it’s own will, because of its origin. Those who lay there eyes on it, will be utterly paralyzed by it’s sheer light, the aura, and it’s unique properties that it forces on those who see it’s true form.

You think of it in words, and in explanations but not in reality, and not in your own life.

Serenity was hesitate herself about the sudden meeting, though she knew it would happen sooner or later. And even as a goddess, she was unable to express proper emotion in the most delighted of moments. Zach was observed her. She was exactly as he remembered her, he had no idea why he would “EVER” forget her.

But he shall never let her go again, not ever. They both looked above them, apparently only just noticing the outcome of the meeting before them. The Spectrum stood only inches from them.

Serenity: Zach, So you are alive.

Serenity broke the ice saying, she stared at him. Zach gritted his teeth as she spoke, his heart pounded extremely hard, he felt like it was being ripped from his chest just from beating hard.

Zach: Er...Serenity!

Zach said, his tears began to show, he couldn’t contain himself.

Serenity: Oh..Zach,

Serenity closed her eyes also showing her tears. She restrained them back, because she was far better then that, she felt weird, like her nature was changed. She did so unconsciously even when she didn’t want too. What world must you live in where being almighty keeps you from things that you must feel!

Serenity felt cold in her heart, but stayed strong something big couldn’t keep her from something this huge!

Zach tried to speak.

Zach: I-I’m s-so glad you're-- fine, a-part of me sees thi-this-- Serenity I-I I’m so sorry, I can’t..

Zach stuttered every word, he was beginning to cry, he tried looking away but the pain just furthered sank in.

Serenity: Zach--

Zach: I-I tried, yo-you know, I mean I know you remember-- all these years-- years and we reun-reunite. Y-you were the onl-only one I truly lov-loved back then. But the- war- I-I couldn’t bare to see you like that. I tried to save you, but this emotional journey, ou-our journey was to much for me. I was selfish!

Zach arced his arms forward as he held his mouth.

Zach: I made you-- go through all that. The loneliness, the suffer. And no-now you are here. I can’t..Serenity..

Zach tripped over everything he was trying to explain it barely made sense. But she understood his tears more than he did himself. He held his head in pain, the tears flowed unresisted at this point. Some history between these two were completely unrivalled. To compare them to anyone else would be rude and disrespectful. Clearly. They’ve been through an ordeal. A mountain of ordeals. However it may be represented.

Serenity hovered closer to him.

Zach: Serenity-- I..

Serenity closed the gap and flew into him, hugging him tightly. She couldn’t cry, she somehow wasn’t able too, but the feelings were real. She thanked herself for this at least.

Serenity: Zach, please stop blaming yourself for events that happened years ago. I know you feel somehow guilty for them because of what you did. But you have to remember. I loved you, and you did too. I followed you unconditionally even if it was wrong to do so. You know I watched you kill my father. Yet I felt it was deserved. Apart of me understood why you did all those things. Even if you changed me, made me view your world through your own eyes. Though I hated to see it like that. I still kept going. And in the end something that remained out of your control. So please stop crying. I’ve already forgiven you. So you have to start forgiving yourself.

Serenity whispered in his ear, she let go, only for a moment pulling herself back only inches from his face. The two could basically kiss if they wanted too, but something else was bothering them. As it seemed for a while they hadn’t noticed. Or well Zach hadn’t.

Serenity: Zach, our fates are intertwined and undoubtedly dangerous for starters. Because of just this reunion. You brought the Infinity Spectrum back into the realm of reality!

Serenity said, readjusting his view, the Infinity Spectrum stood idly by above them. He was surprised, he was too focused on being emotional he didn’t even realise! It encased almost the entire planet just by being half way through the dimensional barrier. Zach glanced back at her.

Serenity: Have you started forgiving yourself? It’ll take time, but we must resolve our problems. So that the Spectrum can go back to where it came from.

Zach: I don’t understand why it showed up because of our feelings?

Serenity: Actually, I can tell you why.

Zach stopped her.

Zach: I don’t want to know. I’m not ready for it. I realise that I’m still awakening my purpose as Infinity. And for the sake of growing and learning. I shouldn’t be holding hands with destiny to understand everything. And yes, that includes holding hands with a previous lover.

Serenity: I suppose you're right.

Serenity caught it, as did Zach. The Spectrum began moving upwards away from them, as it sank back into the distance the rip in reality began to close. Slowly, until the sky remained normal once more.

Arath realised he could move again, for a moment he thought of this time. From before.

Arath: So that’s what the Infinity Spectrum looks like, I wasn’t able to see it before because I was indoors, but just the presence alone stopped the entire world. Just how powerful is that thing.

Arath thought to himself

Serenity and Zach floated to the rooftop of the facility that San and the rest were in. As they landed San immediately questioned them. For now that was interrupted by Serenity once again. Much to his dismay.

Serenity: Zach, what’s this feeling I’m getting from you, a sort of curse has invaded your body. And incredibly powerful curse. I didn’t notice it until after we hugged.

Serenity bit her lip.

Zach: Oh, right. Yeah, Me and my friend Klark. We used a technique called Infinity Infusion.

Serenity Infusion? Hold on, you used Infusion!?

Serenity said

Zach: Yeah? Why do you know what it is.

Serenity pointed to her head.

Serenity: Yeah, I seem to already understand ‘what’ it is, from just you saying the name. So you're inflicted with the Blighted Infusion.

Zach: Blighted?

Serenity: It’s more accurately known as the Infusion syndrome. Because you failed to do it right, the negative effects stored up based on how long the infusion was in progress is infused into your body when you defuse. That’s why you can’t power up, and when you do. Your body rejects it and causes more damage. And also the constant pain, higher fatigue, weaken body etc. Sorry I sorta get this stuff now.

Serenity explained

Zach: Incredible. We were only known of a bit of the details.  I guess the system at the Isle wasn’t asked the right question. Or it didn’t answer all of them only the necessary ones.

Serenity: Isle? Oh by the way, I think I can actually cure you of this problem.

Serenity bluntly added

Zach: YOU CAN!?

Zach shouted

Everyone else overheard the conversation, they already rushed to the rooftop, everyone being, Klark, Holly, Aliya, Ashley, Luka, Ahad, and Fai. Arath wasn’t he because he already knew what they wanted to know.

San: Before you do that Zach, because you’ve suddenly reappeared now. I think it’s best you explained, who and what your history is. Between Serenity, and yourself.

San looked at everyone, and then returned to Zach

San: Just who is Serenity?

What Is Serenity, What’s her purpose. And why is she here?! They heard the former from Phantasia, but is that really all there is too it? We have so many gods all of them known and understood, but the only ones not added in that list are Little Queen, aka Nora now. And Serenity the unknown goddess of Infinity.
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Chapter 19 - Fated Reunion
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