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 Chapter 20 - Origins

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Chapter 20 - Origins Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 20 - Origins   Chapter 20 - Origins EmptyMon Nov 14, 2016 10:08 pm

San: Zach, before you get the chance to disappear again from us. We deserve to know. We have heard so little about the both of your origin and Serenity’s. I don’t want to know about. But I’m starting to think little about that now. After what I just saw, I think we all deserve to know the history that both of you share so much. I want to hear it from you. Now.

San sternly said. He had enough of this now, San has always been strict, even when he first showed up. He showed not much care for much, expect his work, that was what was truly important to him and his team. His Group X members. But as time progressed he’s been lightening up because the success of missions went up, the founding of many different gods and success of history and relics made him a better person. But it’s clear to him, that because of his naive nature he’s been missing the point. He needs information like before. And he won’t restrain himself until he knows why.

Luka stepped forward to speak for every one else. They seemed unable to talk, I mean for good reason a situation like that one does not happen every day. And it’s a literal we're talking about here. The way the Infinity Spectrum is represented is something beyond their, or our imagination. To see it for real is like stepping into a room of gods from beyond our planet. But even then, they don’t hold a torch.

Luka: He’s right, I think it’s time to get our story here.

Luka said

Zach looked at them carefully, he shifted his head a few times observing the lot of them, they had weird looks, was curiosity all he saw or was it something else. Like fear, or desperation? A lifetime of battles and a sight to behold brings even the mightiest people to their knees.

Zach stared at Serenity, who had given him the defeated look. She knew he had to agree to these terms, even she would answer them even though she could say no, for her status allows it. Zach returned his gaze upon them. As he should have done.

Zach: I know what you all are feeling. The world is cruel, and the Infinity Spectrum is a threat. It holds power to help? But to what extent does the one who wields it hold for those he causes danger for. I know I’m not the suitable one to tell you this, for I am only a shadow of the real thing. At this current time, but like my point, the current time I’m the only one capable of giving you the information you seek, though listen to me. I only know as much as you about the spectrum and only more about it by a tiny margin for what I’ve peered only moments when I did my trial. I’m still learning and haven’t even begun to realize the potential I have or what the Infinity Spectrum holds for any of our futures. But for your sake, I hope to make it so you all get the clue in this endless war with fate.

Zach finished, and grabbed Serenity’s hand, he felt like his mind shifted from one place to another, he slowly observed them and raised his hand using power from Serenity like augmentation or borrowing. The place around them changed, much like the view, Phantasia gave them. But they were only viewing through where they were currently located. The only thing that changed was what they saw around them.

With one glance it was tremendous. A Planet of glorifying light. Above it stood the one that they saw moments ago. Only an image of one's memory but the power it had felt like it was real like it was right there in front of their eyes. The momentarily frozen feeling they had moments ago. Returned, but not as strong as before, because now they’ve seen it.

Zach is smart, if not brilliant to let them view the history he spoke while seeing it in action themselves. Seeing it first hand, more than one time and progressively as time passed would give them more resistance and some level of understanding as for how it works. Or not if some aren’t feeling up to knowing that.

Zach: Allow me to explain. Our history.

Zach said, looking up in deep thought.

Two Days Before The Rebellion. Past Zach Dubbed “Wizard Of Infinity” Stands idly watching the Spectrum from his favorite spot. He always came here to view it from this spot, and only this spot. He knew he couldn’t get any closer, the King wouldn’t allow him to do so. The thought sickened him to the bone.

He drew spit and spat off the edge to find some peace, if at all. He had started up a coup, or at least one in progress, he will attack everyone shortly. Days only remained as he plotted schemes from afar, and in shadow. Those around him shared his thoughts. But doubted his action. He spoke to them about the true nature of the so-called gods of their planet. The ones like the king himself and his loyal subjects who he uses to strike fear apparently to those who dare invade or oppose us.

The Idea was much like Alyce’s father. But they’ve had the feeling all their lives. People were utterly blind by this sort of thinking, and it made him mad. It even worked on him! Of all people.

In the beginning, Zach heard the same announcement from the king as anyone else did. Zach’s future was, of course, different, but aside from this. The obvious wasn’t a known factor here. He believed his words almost as much as anyone else would. Only a few things collided with this judgment that swayed him from this false truth. Although it was true that this species was, in fact, closer to outright gods that are official among the universe. But they aren’t true to the authority given to those who are.

It was really just ignorance, greedy pigs looking to proclaim themselves something they weren’t. And in facts of being feared, they did so with the Infinity Spectrum keeping them covered at all cost. Zach eventually figured it out, If by mere speculation. But didn’t think of it on his own, the spectrum indirectly influenced him to share these feelings reinforced by his own thoughts. And it lit up the truth. He came by and started his own band of rebels that would oppose the king and his lies. If not that, then die to do so.

It was a struggle, but once his knowledge became their knowledge it wasn’t so hard to convince those that the king is indeed a fake, liar. Who betrays his own kind to gain power over us. It’s ironic how in the end, Zach is called the traitor for telling the ultimate truth of the fact.

Zach stood from the cliff face. He vowed that day, he would bring about the end of this planet’s greed of using the Spectrum for some sort of energy source for fear inducement for the universe to have avoided them and eventually use it to invade those they sought to rid themselves of. A pitiful bunch, but it was meant to be.


The King: The Duke was called here? Why? I never invited him.

Bishop: He said you requested his presence? I’m guessing we have been foiled again. I was unable to prevent this, he was stupid enough to give me this letter the moment he left.

The King gritted his teeth, someone was playing with him, the Duke summoned? Here? Is this a joke. He gave specific orders to not be swayed by lies so obvious, it wasn’t his fault, he was just surrounded by complete morons. The Duke came immediately as requested.

The Duke was a man of paranoia and guilt, he saw to avoid the kings lies the most, he wanted to remain within his borders the most to keep his noble title from falling apart if anyone were to target him in any way. Unfortunately, this made him a far easier target to deal with. Even if he were sent to the king’s palace.  

By this point, several official members of the king's circle were killed. A handful of assassins were sent to kill those of power to weaken the influence the king had. The most notable reasons were to weaken, his eyes, his ears, the places he can view and scout around. These places after such situations took place became dangerous. Sending out scouts and spies to get information quickly became too much effort for they never returned.

This was every time someone important was murdered. These orders quickly stopped. It was clear to them, members of their own race were responsible. And later Zach, still hidden made himself known under a disguise of his own. He needed to keep the fear going, enough for people to understand his words. This actually worked, he convinced quite a lot of people to join him, seeing that the kings recent behaviour was rather fishy, and gave some explanations as to why he did those things in the first place. Whether lie or conveniently told, they followed.

Of course, not everyone followed behind him. More than half the planet still sided with the king even after all of Zach’s remaining and quickly deteriorating patience he had for his plan. He started putting this plan up to schedule. It was time to strike.

Duke: Sir, I’ve come.

Duke stood kneeling.

King: Rise you bloody fool! You were baited into coming back!

The King said rising himself of his throne. The Duke choked on his saliva.

The Duke: You didn’t request my presence!?

King: NO I didn’t!

Their conversation was cut short by several noises that screamed around the room, the noise was unknown, and threatening. Bishop and some of his men stormed in. With their spears ready.

Bishop: Sir! We got attacks at the gate! We need to get you out of--

An explosion cut him off, the castle walls collapsed and tumbled overhead of them. The King summoned the Infinity Sword and stopped anything from crushing him, the bishop managed to do the same. The Duke, however, didn’t manage to share this fate like they did, his remains bloodied underneath a rock. This almost brought the king to rage but was stopped by the Bishop’s suggestions.

Bishop: Sir, I didn’t want to mention this to you yet, since I didn’t think it would be right to openly go through with it, without first looking the information over, but we’ve managed to collect intel on the leader of this rebelling party. If my suspicions are correct. I may have some way of finding out who they are. And we can finally put an end to this.

Bishop stated

King: You withholding information from me for a reason Bishop? Is that such a good idea in this fucking bunch of wonders we’ve been dealing with?

King said in anger, he had been flipping out, his arms were doing something at this time. Bishop was clearly intimidated because of the sword he wielded it was too no surprise either, the Infinity Sword’s debut surely had its legends and tales behind it, specially it’s grand power.  

Bishop: I’m sorry, sir, like I mentioned, without a proper look into it. I didn’t want to make a mistake. I do admit I may have been wrong, not to inform you of a decision at all. But I’m willing to make up for it now. Because this has to end. Whether wrong or not. We cannot remain on the defensive any longer.

King: You better hope so, because I shall not rest anymore until those who have done this are completely ripped to pieces! All of them, traitors. I want them all killed. I don’t care anymore. And I’m willing to let that slide. Now Go.

Bishop: Yes.

Bishop left in a hurry


Zach stood still looking at the Infinity Spectrum from a distance. Today wasn’t the day that he planned on starting the rebellion. He only needed that Duke finally out of the way, this marks the end of all those who even stood any chance at opposing him.

The King didn’t have a lot of strong warriors to provide him protection, because he was naive when he planned on only using the Infinity Spectrum as his source of protection. He was very arrogant in his strategy. The overall aim he had was made to fail in the end. It’s not a horrible plan to think, without Zach his plan would be the best to start. A risk being overthrown if those he had told were informed of such. But that’s merely ignorant if those you don’t tell aren’t already informed.

Regardless the man was a genius if only in a certain way. As such the king was easily defeated by the simplest tactic of them all. Rebellion like this could easily be put down. but by sheer luck he knew the king would resort to keeping himself safe by hiding the biggest secret of them all.

No, none of his most trusted of allies knew his ultimate goal for using the spectrum. The only real piece of the puzzle they ever had. Once knowing that he had a use for the spectrum. Why else was he named king, if not to rule over those, and somehow influence having power or to protect spectrum.

Now that all those who would have helped the King, are now dead, Zach only had to get rid of his right-hand adviser. His second, or best to say his right-hand man. Bishop. He cannot expect to defeat me, with no one else willing to lend a hand, this tactic was best served to strike fear into those who would follow any of those that had died by Zach’s plot. If such a leader could even manage that, then why bother following the King? He’s avoided all attempts at failure and has secured a way to get closer now to the king then he ever had before.

And this was fact because the followers and supporters of recent allies the king held, were either killed or fled to escape death. And some even joined.

But what Zach didn’t know was that there’s always a backfire in plans such as these. He didn’t realise that he would be found out so soon. Because of something equally as important. With a force as big as his, there's bound to be those who are either willing to escape or betray. Or those simply going missing.  

Bishop had managed to come up with a way to capture a member of his group and get information on a lot of things. This wasn’t natural. No one should know this much information on Zach’s plans. But it’s not impossible. This prisoner knew these things because it was the most important person of them all. Zach wasn’t perfect, he didn’t think that the one he loved the most was captured.

Bishop: I’m sorry, for doing this Serenity, but your father is worried about you. And has asked you stay here for the time being.

Bishop said

he was ordering his men around as he spoke to her. She sat in a chair giving him a pretty cold look. Seemed she wasn’t too happy herself.

Serenity: My father? Since when has he cared about me? And I don’t mean about recently, I’m talking about when has he ever said he loved me. I mean really, I get the occasional dad love route. But then he cares to not explain why he does all these things? Why didn’t he care about me when those closest to me died? Or when those around our kingdom were attacked. Only now he starts trying to protect me?

Bishop: Serenity, Please I merely the messenger in all this. What matters now is that he's trying to protect you now. Isn’t it? Don’t you love your father at all?

Bishop said as he leant forward

Serenity: Yes, I do love him. Why wouldn’t I, but he doesn’t explain anything at all. I don’t know what to believe.

Bishop: Why are you like this all of a sudden? You've always been respectful towards him?

Serenity: Why? Because he’s a liar. I’d wish he spoke to me up front about the things he wishes to do all by himself we’re a family. Not anything separate.

Bishop stood in shock, this girl was speaking about matters so openly, was she even suppose to have thoughts like these. Or was she just that smart.

Bishop: Where is all this coming from? Is Zach behind this, did he mention all these false things to you?

Bishop said aggressively, he started getting closer to her.

Bishop: Huh? Did he put you up to this, give you all these bad ideas? Serenity. Stop being quiet. I have to know.

Serenity: What are you-- No, Zach…

Bishop: Don’t lie, we need to know, If Zach is somehow a part of this, then tell me now! If he’s connected to the rebels. Your father won’t be pleased.

Bishop rose his voice, he was beginning to get violent. Serenity didn’t even know the man currently standing in front of her, it almost appeared like he was someone else entirely.

Serenity: Stop! Why are you shouting? I told you already. These are my feelings.

Serenity got up, standing back from him.

Bishop: Don’t be like that! I thought you loved your father. Do you hate us as well? All I want to know is why!

Serenity: At least what he explains is the truth.

Bishop:So it is true.

Serenity already got busted a moment ago, she didn’t want to betray Zach, but since the Bishop already had a suspicious of him, he definitely wouldn’t stop here. Zach would be in danger, but maybe she could convince him.

Serenity: I can’t believe any of you anymore, I had to be told by Zach about all the things you have done to our people. Lying? And telling us lies about what we could achieve by using me as well? No wonder he doesn’t care. He's too busy caring about himself and his dreams. To think my own friend had to tell me than my own father. Gives me a pretty good idea. I’m sorry Bishop, but what I believe is what he believes.

Serenity sat down once again, the Bishop stumbled back. Zach of all people. This cannot go unnoticed. Serenity knew as well, now Zach would be pursued. She had to somehow escape from this place before they tried to arrest him. And kill him. But this was difficult to manage.

Bishop: Of all the people.

He shook his hand in fury, he quickly left the room, Serenity sat in silence for a couple of minutes as she heard people stepping outside her door. They were in quite a hurry, this didn’t help her at all. A couple of Bishop’s men entered, making sure she was sitting tight in this room.

Serenity learned a few things from her instructor as well as Zach just in case this happened. They weren’t paying attention, this was her chance. She stood up, the left guard who was most aware jumped looking back, Serenity slipped behind him. He tried turning around and grabbing a hold of her. But she gripped his arm and twisted it behind his back. She learned this from Zach. The other guard tried to restrain her but ended up hitting his friend instead. She couldn’t properly pull it off, so she pushed them into each other. They fell back into chairs and tables. Giving her the opening for her to escape. No one else was behind the door in the hallways.

She quickly made her way into the open field and fled the place. Later coming up to Zach’s place. She knew he was here.

Serenity: Zach! Zach! I’m so, sorry I told them.

Zach turned around looking at the panting exhausted girl who walked through the front door.

Zach: What? What happened.

Zach caught her, she was out of breath and completely out of it. She ran for miles it looked like.

Serenity: I accidentally told them about you. I’m sorry, I betrayed you. It’s just, Bishop the man he knew everything. All the things you told me ,they were true. I just got so mad. I couldn’t take it anymore I just--

Zach forced his hand over her mouth, stopping her sentence. He hugged her tightly

Zach: It’s fine. I understand, you are only normal, That’s why I like you, you aren’t perfect. We just have to progress with my plan faster than I had hoped.

Zach snapped his fingers a member of his group suddenly appeared

Zach: It’s time, the operation must commence. Tell them all. Go now! Make sure you aren’t caught.

The man was gone a second later, it took only two minutes. But Bishop stormed the place. Zach still holding Serenity in his arms wasn’t facing him directly, but he placed his spear up to confront the traitor. Zach wasn’t interested at all. He only cared for her.

Bishop: Zach! You traitor. Would you go against all of us?

A small squad surrounded the pair of them, Bishop noticed Serenity was wrapped around his arms and was shocked to see it. By now they were surrounded by dozens of soldiers all equipped with spears. That were powered by the spectrum. How pitiful.

Bishop: Serenity! Please step away from that man!!

He demanded! As he wiped his spear around. He didn’t like the idea that she was even remotely close to him, but he was hugging her tightly which brought upon some complications.

Serenity: I shall not, I can’t believe you would even suggest such a thing. After all the lies and deception you and my father brought to our family, no, to our planet. I’d rather stay where I am. It’s the only place I can trust!

She was mad, but somewhere in Zach knew she still cared for them. But It wasn’t because he hated these feelings. She’d have to understand him more now that he was dedicated to doing something she may not agree with. Zach smiled at her resolve. He looked at Bishop who was angry.

Zach: What do I owe the pleasure of this visit?

Zach finally said

Bishop: You cocky little. You know why we're here! We know what you're up too!

Bishop: Release her at once.

Bishop gripped the spear in his hand towards Zach even though Serenity was with him. The others looked at each other and copied him.

Zach: You are a stubborn old man, Bishop, the lady has already spoken. She stays with me. As for you, however. Your services are no longer required. It's high time someone told you no anyway.

Zach nodded his head at Serenity, she was way smaller to Zach, he had to look down at her. She stood behind him. Zach appearing smug and rich in front of the elderly man.

Bishop: You’d challenge me? Have you a death wish?

Zach: Actually, it’s more fitting to say, You’d challenge me. I’ve destroyed everything you’ve built. And you are still dedicated to this charade your living. I must say I’m impressed, idiotic till the very end. Bishop, you must learn. Right now, you are nothing to me. And that’s what annoys me!

Zach’s expression to from casual to anger in moments. He stepped forward holding Serenity closer to him.

Zach: That you, would still think to intimidate me with what little you have left!

Zach shouted,

Zach: YOU ARE OBSOLETE, YOU ARE NOTHING. LISTEN, And listen well, you utterly hopeless old man. I am no longer a soldier. I am the man who will erase our greed from history, I am the man. Who is no longer below you, or anyone? And as I’ve said from the start. I am the man who will bring down the proclaimed gods and rise as a real god. To destroy all those who would even try to use the spectrum for intent such as the kings!

Zach erupted with power, that had never been seen from the king. Or anyone else anywhere else on this planet. The sudden outburst pushed the soldiers off their feet, the Bishop tried to swing, but the spear was caught and turned to dust immediately upon impact of Zach’s palm. Bishop fell to the ground.

Zach summoned his own weapon. That looked oddly enough like a spear. He bent it down towards his waist as he glared at the man below him. Serenity cupped her mouth as she watched. The soldiers stood, Zach didn’t flinch he raised the spear, it sent out a light the men that drew their weapons once more were instantly destroyed. Nothing left remained.

Zach: This is the end for you, Bishop, as it will be for everyone else. The King has awakened me. The Infinity Spectrum has awakened to his lies. It no longer desires to remain in the physical realm. As it’s new guardian. No, as it’s new master. I shall use its power to give it real purpose. The purpose it was meant to be. Not some unrealistic dream of darkness for those unable to escape its light. Any last words.

Zach quickly twisted the spear towards the Bishop’s neck.

Bishop: You...master of the spectrum? You fool, that thing is our symbol why would it betray us!

Zach shot directly in front of him and grabbed the man's collar. A vision flooded his mind, Zach emitting golden light showed him the truth of his stupidity. He stumbled back to the floor, the Bishop stood there in shock, he didn’t move or blink, he was...horrified by something he never wanted to see.

Bishop: It--it--it..It..why..

Bishop hit the floor, Zach pitied the man, looking back at Serenity

Zach: Let’s go. The bishop is hopeless. He won’t ever recover from this.

Zach took her hand and left the building, once outside, it was quite clear what was going on, a battle raged on in the distance. The kingdom was being attacked by a force almost as strong as the Kings. The castle remained stable, not something he was happy with. It seemed the King infused the power of the spectrum to his forces.

Something that Zach had predicted might happen. Which would have absolutely no effect on him? This time. It was he who would control the king!

Zach and Serenity made their way towards the castle at lightning speed. He was still learning to control his newfound power. He spent months training in order to fulfill his goal. But something felt out of place within his soul. Like training wouldn’t give him the goal he desired. Like something blocked it from coming true? It was an odd feeling. But he learned to deal with a limitation.

Serenity: What have you become Zach.

Zach: Something more,  I don’t quite get it myself, but apart of me feels different. I’ve been this person, yet I know that somewhere else I’ve always lived another life.

Serenity: what does that mean?

Serenity said, Zach stopped to answer her properly, he observed behind her, and around.

Zach: Like something inside me has always been there. A feeling that has remained from the beginning. I don’t know how to explain it.

Serenity: Like? Have you awakened from a long slumber?

Zach: Yes! Like that, somewhere inside me is the truth to who I am. And I’ve only now begun to realise my fate. The Infinity Spectrum, to me it feels like I’ve always held the power to control it. Yet It feels like I’m not quite there yet. All I can say is, I’m changing, and I hope that for better or worse. That you would be with me.

Zach proposed to her, his feelings, he gave everything he was to her in hopes she would feel the same way. Serenity blushed even in all this. She couldn’t give him an answer. A massive force surrounded them, as expected.

Zach: Seems the King has soldiers to spare. I envy him almost.

Zach turned to face the captain of them. Not like he cared to glance at the man.

Captain: You are going to die here, Zach. The king already knows of your traitorous schemes. I shall be the one to end you--

Captain began disappearing from the battle. He stopped his weapon in horror and looked up at Zach who didn’t even glance at him.

Zach: I’m sorry, but you and your little army are nothing to me. You might as well just disappear.

Serenity: Zach! Please don’t! This man has a family too. Would it be fair to any of them

Serenity burst out.

Serenity: I respect you. But this, this...what makes it any different from my father!

Serenity stated, Zach sighed at her, he really loved her, but sometimes her emotions really got to him. He looked at the captain who stopped. It seemed they were fine. A little bit paralysed but fine. Zach stepped forward and slapped his hand across. The soldiers were thrown back unconscious.

Zach turned and shrugged his shoulders and arms out.

Zach: Happy? They aren’t dead. Just...injured?

Serenity: Zach…

Zach: I won’t pretend like I don’t care about your feelings. But these guys follow orders they know are wrong. I can’t let that pass.

Zach turned, long with Serenity continued towards the castle. Once there, he proceeds getting rid of all those who got in their way, of course not killing them due to Serenity’s morals. Reaching the throne room was more of a struggle than he thought. But nothing was gonna stop them now.

The King rose to his feet, as he watched Zach enter, Serenity who followed closely behind.

King: My daughter siding with this traitor? I guess I raised you the wrong way.

King sternly said. Does he even read this situation right now?

Serenity: Like you ever raised me anyway? You never once gave a glance to me. Only when it was convenient for you.

Serenity coldly added, she had a temper too it seemed. Not like Zach was arguing. Serenity was indeed the kindest girl you know, but...somethings left hidden. can be brought out if given enough time.

King: You’d speak to me like that? Whatever, Once I get rid of you Zach, I promise I’ll treat her like she’s meant to be. I didn’t expect this from you. You’ve made me quite mad nowadays. Killing my advisers, the noble families I allied myself with. And now you even turn my own daughter against me. I am impressed.

Zach: Don’t flatter me. It was way too easy. As will defeating you. You might think you are a god now, my “king”, but you’ll soon realise who's the god in this room.

King: You ignorant..

Zach: You are a fool. A king of lies more like you are. I’d never let you rule anyone. Even your own daughter, you are scum, garbage to this planet, and the universe. I’m sorry Serenity. But I cannot let this man live. He’s far too dangerous! I'm going to crush you. And throw you into the wind.

Serenity was pushed away. As Zach stood position. Why? was the question. if the King was no match. He drew upon the Infinity Sword, which failed to shine like it once uses too. The King swung it towards him but merely clanked against Zach’s hand. Like metal. It didn’t cut, nor leave any wounds or marks. The King almost felt weak using it.

Zach regained his composure.

Zach: Did you like my act? Cool right? Like I need to do anything. That sword is made from the Spectrum as are all the pieces of infinity you currently hide on your body. I’m afraid now that power isn’t going to work on me. For I am the new ruler of the seven universes!

Zach lifted and gripped the sword in his hand, the power shined brilliantly. Like a star.

Zach: I’ll take this back, and those pieces you stole.

Glowing emitted from the king's body as several pieces came into view. A necklace, two rings, a gemstone, the Infinity Sword, and the spear that was located somewhere else in the castle, but because of Zach’s power was summoned to him.

The Spear always refused to work. Even the King was unable to grasp its full power, but the sword acted differently.

Zach: Goodbye.

Zach lifted his hand, much to Serenity’s dismay, his body erupted into particles. He was completely obliterated. Serenity watched as they disappeared one after another. He stood watching her cry for her father. It’s not fair, it really wasn’t. Even though he had to do it, he regretted it immediately. Serenity crying was like dying almost. He swung his head right and hugged her as she had done so.

Zach: Serenity, I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I know that you still loved him even if you knew what he was.

Zach caressed her hair gently.

Serenity: I’--I’m fine, I know..I just can’t let it go, All those I knew, from my childhood, are all dead. I really want to know why this happened. Zach, please I deserve to know once this is all over.

Zach nodded. Their touching chat was sadly short lived, a crowd of footsteps rained the hallways from outside the throne. Zach lifted Serenity up.

Zach: Time to go, We’re gonna make a run for it!

Running desperately towards the Infinity Spectrum. He stopped, creating a pattern with his hand upward reducing the incoming attacks to nothing.

Zach: Serenity, Go Now! To the Spectrum!

Zach held his arms up, as everything trying to get through was stopped with no effort.

Zach: I shall not let any of you passed!

The army stopped as Zach prepared something of his own. He swung his arm widely creating a wave of power slicing right there all of them. Killing them dead. A bolt of power shot past him shocking him cold, he attempts to prevent it from reaching, but the damage had already been done.

Zach gritted his teeth!

Zach: Get the fuck out of here!!

Zach strafed around, arcing back his body, lifting his arm, a powered beam shot from his palm destroying the bridge and everyone else on it. Those who managed to not die instantly fell to their inevitable death at the bottom.

Zach saw it happen, he sniffed and whaled. Standing up straight he saw that no one else lingered onwards. He turned and glanced, Serenity was fatally wounded. Zach ran as quickly as he could over to her. Kneeling down he tried to cover the wound with something.

Zach: Serenity, Don’t die, don’t die don’t die.

Serenity moaned in pain, the attack ripped through the right side of her, some of her organs were destroyed. She tried to speak but it hurt too much.

Zach: No, Serenity. Stay god, the blood. It’s everywhere. SERENITY!

Zach shouted, crying in tears, he ripped off his jacket in hopes to serve some purpose. He couldn’t heal her. He didn’t know how!

Zach: Blasted power, what good are you!

Zach’s body and hands shook as he touched her, he, didn’t know what to do. She was dying in front of him. She gasped for air, the pain, she looked at him.

Zach: My god! The blood!

The blood spilling from underneath her quickly filled the pathway. She cleared her throat, and calmly imprinted his cheek as she carefully touched his face.

Serenity: Za--Zach-- I did--didn’t--ans--answer your fee--fee-feelings earlier.

Serenity gasped once more, she shouldn’t be speaking!

Serenity: Sto-stop, Zach, I’m--It’s too late--late. Late, for-- for-- me.

Zach: No, no It’s not. I will save you!

Serenity: Ple-Please, list--listen, I--coul--couldn’t--tell you--befor--before.

Serenity grabbed his hand.

Zach: Serenity! No!

Serenity: I--I lov--love…

Serenity shut her eyes, she was a stone that didn’t move, her grip released from Zach’s. Zach's eyes were without pupils...stuck in a loop of constant crying and pain. He hunched over for a moment. It didn’t stop.

Zach: Serenity, Serenity, Serenity!! SERENITY!

As he spoke her name repeatedly, he got progressively angrier. He stood up, shaking as he stood he fell once trying, but managed from one knee, up until he was standing. He gritted his teeth. He looked at himself the blood that was spilled all over him, his body shook like in cold whether and his hands shook non-stop.

Zach: Sereennnittyyyy!!

Zach’s aura physically appeared the spectrum’s blistering energy waving around like a sun. Showering around him like absorption. He anchored in rage, the planet began to crack at the sheer pressure.

Zach: None of you deserves to live! YOU SHOULD ALL JUST DISAPPEAR!

Zach exploded like a bomb, the energy released waved across the planet like a nuclear bomb just going off, anyone coming in contact with it die instantly. After a few seconds it was silent, the wind showered and turned as the planet was silent to the very core. There was no longer anyone on the planet except for one person.

Zach who was still in his explosive position hit the ground, tears hitting slowly on the ground, from his knees placing his hands on the ground. He couldn’t bear the pain. It was too much, he turned towards her. Still lying in her very own blood. He stood, the light from his eyes almost disappeared, but he moved on his own. Lifting her up, and himself. Into the Spectrum itself.

Zach: You didn’t deserve this. And I’ll make it up to you. You will not DIE! EVER AGAIN!

Zach covered her into the centre, He then sealed her body there. And disappeared, the Spectrum vanished the moment this occurred.


Those viewing the events were, mute. They couldn’t talk, they literally were unable too. These events were too traumatic.

Zach returned their view to the present day. Serenity her eyes were closed. She couldn’t bear it, she never saw the ending, for she died. Zach looked at them, they were barely capable of standing, after all, that. Some like Ahad, Ashley, Aliya and San, fell to the floor. Their legs didn’t keep them up.

Zach walked past them with Serenity back into the building. Leaving them to their thoughts.

Zach: Such was our fate.


Inside a white space, the same space Zach began his trial, two entities stood.

Trinity: He has regained his past memories. What does this mean?

Infinity turned as he heard her

Infinity: Nothing, Past Zach was a momentary phase that affected these events. Zach has already fought past these emotions. He may not have forgiven these events now only just remembering them. But he’ll have a lot to look forward too. The trial of power isn’t easily rewarded. If he wants to fulfil his fate.  He is going to have to deal with all the problems as they are presented.

Trinity: What about Past Zach’s role in all this. You said it affected these events, but even I don’t fully get the idea?

Infinity: Let’s just say that even though Past Zach was called Wizard of Infinity which was a title previously given to him because of the nature of his existence. He was closer to becoming a part of the Infinity Spectrum then even present Zach has. Infinity isn’t a name of striving for. To become Infinity is to understand my mistakes, to live through them. And then create a greater destiny for those in this universe. Or universes

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Chapter 20 - Origins
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