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 Chapter 21 - Back In Action, Infusion Curse Lifted

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Chapter 21 - Back In Action, Infusion Curse Lifted Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 21 - Back In Action, Infusion Curse Lifted   Chapter 21 - Back In Action, Infusion Curse Lifted EmptyTue Nov 15, 2016 3:21 am

Back inside the facility, everyone previously back to the way they were, began discussing the things they’ve learned recently, and of course the events that came about either Serenity and Zach. It’s hard for them believe the dark past the both of them shared. But there was still something that worried them.

San: I’m sick, to have watched all of them. I felt like bashing on their history was needed, yet I only felt pain. But, I cannot get the end of all this out of my head. To eventually share the same fate.

San was interrupted

Klark: Are you suggesting that Zach would resort to nuking the planet again if Serenity was in danger? Do you think that man out there is the same person we saw? I highly doubt that.

Klark stated, as far as they both were concerned, it’s a balanced argument. Both sides cannot predict the future. Nor can they see what actions both would have that would benefit anyone. Deciding to limit Zach’s movements would get rid of a critical factor in stopping Alyce. If she showed her face, or any danger for that matter.

And going with just allowing it to happen if it did happen.

San: I’m sorry, if I can feel concerned for our safety Klark. But I’m not going to sit by while a potential danger lurks in the future.

San countered

Ahad: Can you both just stop, this isn’t helping.

Luka: Ahad’s right, We have to deal with this as we always have. Zach has been our enemy before. It’s not like he destroyed the planet then. So it’s not impossible. Besides can you even compare the two. It’s pretty clear that the Zach we saw was far stronger then the Zach we know now. The two are completely different.

San: true.

Ahad: I suppose now, we can only agree to disagree. How far have we fallen.

Klark: Ahad? Really? Just shut up.

Klark casually commented

Ahad: Okay? Well I’m going to work on my own problems while you deal with this.

Ahad saluted them and left. Fai and Aliya leant forward of the wall as well.

Fai: I can have something to take care of as well. And cannot stick around.

Fai said

Klark: The fuck you have to take care of?

Fai: I’ve been avoiding it. But I’m going to see my family. I think It’s time I did after all that’s happened. Well. Actually. They arent really my family. Only a part of it.

Holly rose to her feet. She seemed curiosity to come.

Holly: Mind if I tag along? I’ve never met your family whatever part they may be.

Holy insisted

Fai: Why would you want to meet them? They aren’t the most friendliest.

Fai defended himself there. It seems he wanted to go alone. But Holly is quite dedicated to what she wants to get. You know what I mean.

Holly: Oh, well I just thought that I’d get to know them, and maybe for them to know me as well. So that when we get married. They share their blessing.

Klark smirked at her comment, he almost burst out laughing. Seems he hasn’t given up.

Fai: Whoa girl, slow down, we only just started. What brought that out all of a sudden. Besides i just said. They are a part of it. Why would they care.

Fai asked, he was interested and yet invaded.

Holly: Don’t play dumb, come on. Just let me come along with you.

Fai scratched his head for a minute in order to process this. So Holly wants to come along, so that in the future. Maybe. She’ll get married, in the future. Is that right. So getting to know his parents and family maybe benefit this because when they do eventually decide. If they decide to get married he won’t have to hear the never ending pain of having to listen or receive letters from his family about how he’s a disgrace to them or anything.

Fai: Get the heck over here. We going to my familys house.

Fai knew that it probably wouldnt matter though. The family connected the most with his are still relatives of his own. Only a few real members of his family are with them. But his reasons werent only personal. Aside from a casual visit.

Fai gripped Holly’s hand as he stormed away.

Holly: Cya guys, have fun with this.

Holly was being dragged at this point.

Klark shrugged his shoulders at the immature exit. Do they even take this seriously? Well, actually neither did he. Ironic thoughts. Best left elsewhere.

San: Well? Anyone else want to leave. The door is right there.

Ashley: I feel inclined to leave. But I’m not really doing anything important at the moment.

Aliya who originally stood up along with Fai, reached the door.

Aliya: I’m going as well, I’ve also been avoiding something for awhile.

Luka: Tell Lyall the situation. “When” you get the chance.

Luka said

Aliya: I will.

Klark: So where are you headed?

Aliya: I heard Galaco was in town, the holy queen who went to Omari Academy. I also heard that the entire Omari District was resurrected. Those who died there.

San had heard the news recently before coming into this. Luka didn’t share the knowledge wasn’t informed yet. Seems Lilith and Lily were to busy. Arath seemed keen on telling him though.

Luka: I see. So she may be alive then.

Klark was just as confused as ever. Who was alive?

Aliya: Yes, I’ve been keeping my feelings suppressed because we had to deal with Little Queen, Alyce and just all these distractions that kept getting in the way. But I think I have to do this.

Aliya waved goodbye, specially nicely for Klark. And disappeared around the corner.

San: And now there is only four of us. That’s better.

San said with one leg over the other. He seemed more relaxed. Until Bitch ass Klark spoke.

Klark: six, actually. You are forgetting about those two.

Klark pointed beyond the glass. Seems everyone forgot about Zach and Serenity. Zach is in Serenity’s room the room that they observed her in. Too comfort each other. The both of them were seen with both their eyes closed. Serenity was sleeping head on his lap against the wall. He was relaxing too.

San: Why are you even here Klark. What use have you ever brought us?

San appeared cold. He really isn’t in the mood today.

Klark: Seriously? Is that really all you have to say to me. I’m here because Serenity can cure me of my curse. That’s incredibly important. And the same treatment I expect from Zach. So there's a perfectly good reason for being here.

Klark said.

San was just annoyed, as well as shocked by the events he witnessed. Humanity is really no different if you see what they could do with power like that. It really just tells you that if it ever came true. Those events are just detailing Humanity’s own destruction. But this wasn’t the problem. Zach’s power may be limited now. But San knows of his record. A darker version of him still exists somewhere. And that part of him is far stronger than everyone fails to believe.

But, he won’t just go with his gut on this one. To please everyone. He’ll comply with probably the dumb idea. Letting him do what he wants until that day comes. He’ll prepare for it. Hopefully Ahad provides a counter-measure for it.

San: We need to focus on this. But we have to also focus on Alyce. She is still a potential threat. And as much as I want to deal with these events. The real threat that lurks on us right now is far more important. Klark..It’s best if you got yourself cured of that stupid curse. And help out on this as well.

Klark: I’d like too, but I got stuff to do once I do get cured. For starters. I want to go train. I’ve been sitting on the sidelines for way too long. I need to get back into the hang of things.

San sighed

San: Of course. I didn’t expect anything else. Fine, your skills need to improve anyway.

San added

Klark: Bitch, did I say I wasn’t skilled? I just said I needed practice with my power…

Klark said

San: That’s what you think, You’ll have to soon realize that winning battle won’t always come from fighting one on one. Sometimes you’ll need to improve all your skills, not just your own fighting ability.

San pointed out.

Klark: What makes you think I can’t do that already?

San: You and Zach fighting together told me everything I needed to know. Both of you need to work on that.

Klark dismissed him. He left immediately. Teamwork? I mean yeah that’s important. But what enemy could possibly hold a candle to him. Once he’s cured it’ll take more than teamwork for anyone to put him down. Alyce isn’t even stronger than him anyway.

Klark: So..I heard you can cure us?

Klark pointed at both himself and Zach. They both opened their eyes, Serenity seemed relaxed enough to sit up straight against Zach who had for the most part enjoyed it.

Serenity: Right. I can do that if you want me too.

Serenity said softly.

Klark: Well, I don’t got all day. be rude.

Serenity: No no, it’s alright. Zach I’m sure you want to cured as well right?

Zach: Of course.

Zach walked up towards Klark, standing right next to him, he leaned in.

Zach: You fucking dick. The fucks wrong with you.

Zach whispered

Klark: Nothing.

Klark said

Zach looked at him, he seemed curious of something.

Zach: Are you, gay?

Zach spoke,

Klark: Fuck you,

Klark laughed, Zach doesn’t have a clue, they both laughed it seemed. Serenity was confused. Were they insulting each other for a specific reason?.

Klark: Sorry, Serenity. I wanted to lighten the mood, What I saw was, in my opinion a horrible thing for both of you. Even if you didn’t go through it Zach.

Zach: Idiot..It was clearly me.

Klark: It’s memories of your former self.

Zach nodded slowly.

Zach: Yeah, still me.

Klark: Again sorry, but you get my point. You both shouldn’t be so gloomy.

Serenity: Well I respect you for dedicating to our cause. I love your friend Zach.

Klark clapped

Klark: Here that, she loves me. We’re getting along nicely aren’t we.

Klark said, creeper.

Zach: Serenity? You can like snap your finger so this moron would die.

Klark frowned, this bastard.

Zach: You should probably do that.

Zach said

Serenity: What? I would never do that.

Zach: I was..joking..It was a joke, seriously.

Klark: You just can’t joke at all. So dumb,

Zach: Okay, seriously though, you can cure us now.

Klark: See, he can’t admit it.

Zach: Bitch. You're the one who wanted to be cured in the first place. I’m merely ending this now.

Klark: memememe Say all you like. Still true.

Zach: How was the sex.

Klark: What?

Zach: In the Isle, was great wasn’t it.

Klark was dumbfounded.

Klark: The did you.

Zach: Can’t wait to post that all over the world.

Klark: You little scumbag, you wouldn’t. And why the hell would I care, At least then all the ladies would see how big it was.

Zach: Can’t wait to edit the video. And show the world the truth.

Klark: Yo, Serenity, your boyfriend here is a complete douche bag.

Klark said

Serenity: Um..

Zach: She hasn’t gotten a clue.

Klark: No..I guess.not. I suppose we should just cure ourselves.

Klark said, waiting.

Zach: Alright Serenity. Please if you would.

Serenity nodded. She was utterly confused with the events that occurred in front of her. What sort of game was that. I suppose she’d have to ask about it later. Serenity’s hand began to glow, she slowly walked forward with really no effort at all, and touch both of their shoulders. They screamed in pain, dropping to both knees.

It was incredibly immense. It felt like their organs just shattered to pieces the moment her hand touched them. Of course that didn’t want, but then it began twisting and turning. Like someone was blending their insides!

Serenity let go of them, as her hand stopped glowing, they both dropped backwards to the floor.

Klark: What the is it done..

Klark flipped out, he felt that, but it suddenly went away. The memory of that pain lingered heavily on his mind.

Serenity: Yeah? You are cured.

Zach stood he observed himself.

Zach: I don’t feel different.

Klark turned with a sour face.

Klark: You must be the dumbest man alive. Did you not feel the pain!!

Zach: Of course I felt the pain you stupid idiot.

Serenity: Excuse me? What are you both doing.

Zach: Oh, we’re both insulting each other. It’s the game where Klark acts like a bitch.

Klark: You are funny. That’s almost cute.

Zach: Thanks..

Klark: Okay, well..I’d like to know for sure.

Klark summoned a ball of darkness in his hand. He didn’t feel anything rejecting him while producing his power normally. It felt like it worked. But when he goes to train hopefully the feeling is the same.

He crushed the ball in his palm and looked over at Serenity, he seemed sincere bowing to her like some sort of gentlemen.

Klark: Thank you. I shall now take my leave.

Zach: Don’t let the bullshit hit you on the way out.

Klark: I’ll kill you one of these days.

Zach: My point exactly.

Klark left as Zach whispered to himself, Serenity who was holding her hands together in front of her.

Serenity: I like him, you both seem like great friends.

Zach: Oh yeah, the best. We always go out and hang, do our own thing. You should see the stuff me and that guy do.

Zach turned, that was lie.

Serenity: Zach, I’d like you to be serious. Haha.

Zach: Serenity, was it a good idea. To show them those events.

Zach turned fiddling with his fingers, he seemed more cautious then most. Zach reviewing his life’s history, is like turning the pages back through time and reliving the the problems over again. He managed to escape them, but to come back. Like this, what effect does it have.

Serenity: One cannot say, I only did what I would have done. It’s best not to lie to those who trust you. That’s the one thing you taught me. Remember?

Serenity sat down next to him on the bed. It seemed that she still remembers, even though her personality has changed due to her nature. She hasn’t changed on the inside. And that’s what counts. Specially for him.

Zach: I remember all the things we used to do. When we were children, the sky, the people. You were truly everything.

Serenity: I remember as well. But Zach, I must ask. Do you still love me?

Serenity said

Zach: I--

Zach stopped, he didn’t have the answer. Why?! Why didn’t he have the answer. He does love her. Or does he? Serenity saw the look on his face and knew, it seemed there was something else stealing his heart away. Someone else.

Serenity: I see. You’ve met someone else haven’t you.

Serenity lowered her head, where he eyes met the stone floor.

Zach: No no, that’s not it. I haven’t. I still love--

Serenity: Oh Zach, I know that’s not true. You may love me still, but your heart for me has changed. The feelings are real. The Emotion is real, but your heart it’s moved on. I can already tell.

Zach: Serenity...Why are you so…

Serenity: Cute? I know right. But Zach. Don’t you think you are forgetting something?

Zach recalls the moment, it seemed Serenity is a lot smarter than she looks. Just what did she know.

Zach: Yes, It appears I have. But you came back, I cannot leave you yet. Not after everything.

Serenity: Oh please, Zach. I miss you just as much. But the feelings aren’t mutual remember? In my experience I last saw you a couple days ago. For you it’s been years, trillions. Where in this world can I fit now? I’m lost. But you aren’t.

Zach: Serenity, Don’t do this. We can still be together.

Serenity: I’m not saying we can’t. But I’d like you to live the life you have been living, even if I weren’t with you now.

Serenity pulled her hand up towards his face, like she did once before. She stared deeply into his eyes. They shined with hope, but those eyes have seen another. Another person that these eyes are meant for.

Serenity smiled, she leaned in and hugged him tightly.

Serenity: Don’t break your promise Zach. I’ll always love you. But it’s time you faced the truth. Your love. Has been stolen by another.

Serenity pulled away, and was still smiling at him.

Zach: I’m sorry,

Serenity: Don’t get sad, the day isn’t over yet. We still got time.

Zach was confused, but went with it.


Alyce gritted her teeth.
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Chapter 21 - Back In Action, Infusion Curse Lifted
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