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 Chapter 22 - Absurd Promises

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PostSubject: Chapter 22 - Absurd Promises   Chapter 22 - Absurd Promises EmptyWed Nov 16, 2016 9:29 pm

Klark was packing up his things that he carried over from the Isle, the place is filled with grand adventures that were too much for anyone. But something gave him a sense of motivation. The Infinity Isle everything anyone could dream of. If not almost anything. But that’s where this came from, he could create a training room perfect enough for his purposes. In training. The only problem was, he needed Zach to reconfigure the system a little bit.

Klark: I need to make sure I’m not gonna die in that place. I’m sorry for doubting it’s grand design but, I know how scary that place could be if someone wasn’t careful enough. You understand right?

Klark said. Zach answered his call after Serenity wanted to take a nap. She seemed like the lazy time nowadays, but I suppose in her case it was the sense of a goddess’s boredom. Or emotionless trip that came over her. It was a new side of her that she wanted to really try and break, but, for now she seemed obedient to the feeling.

Zach: Yeah, Of course I can do that. Though? Why?

Zach asked

Klark: Well, you know, I don’t want the same thing to happen like last time I stepped inside a system made room.

Zach tilted his head and was shocked at the revelation he came too.

Zach: You are joking right? You referring to the Omari Registration Exam? The one where you protected Fai against several nuclear bombs?

Zach answered

Klark has thought about it, he knows it sounds dumb. The nukes weren’t even that strong. Yet at the time did enough in the end that he had to use his true power “at the time” Of course that test would pale nowadays with how much they’ve grown over the years. But, the Infinity Isle’s system is quite unique, and bad at the sametime.

The System AI, that’s hardly believed to be more then that, The ‘Entity’ of the Isle, is wired in through several powerful inscriptions. Most just due to the origin of the place and how it was built. This allows it to construct things that aren’t always based on the present time of our world, sometimes if properly connected to certain events that can only be related to one's memory, whether it be future or past. Will be summoned in the wrong pretext.

Currently the Isle wasn’t configured to do this, mostly because it was responsible to give the best of it’s programing. In Klark’s case he doesn’t want to see something from his potential future that he hasn’t even faced yet. Or could face.

Klark: So, you understand then. I don’t want to die, when all I’m doing is training myself. Anyway, I know you have to talk with Serenity before you leave. I’ll just go on ahead. Just don’t make me wait.

Klark patted Zach’s shoulder and moved past him towards the exit. He seemed far more mature, Zach sighed, he had so much to work for in the coming weeks. But now he has to make a side trip first before returning to his actual pain. Lucky him he can avoid it for a couple more hours.

Zach stepped back down the stairs towards Serenity’s room, and proceeded inside, it seemed she wasn’t quite sleepy yet, was just relaxing on the bed upright. She noticed him enter.

Serenity: You leaving?

Serenity asked

Zach: Yeah...Klark needs me to do something at the Isle, and then I got to go keep some absurd promise to this girl I made. I hope you’ll be fine.

Zach said, slouching on the bed next to her.

Serenity: Why would you say that? Of course I’ll be fine.

Zach: No, I know, we haven’t even gotten proper time to each other. I wanted to show you this world. Not just what you are allowed to see. After all, If you are lost. I want to make it up too you, so that you aren’t lost. Specially with me.

Zach stated

Serenity: How sweet of you. Hopefully once this is all over you can treat me too such a wonderful view.

Serenity lean in onto his shoulders.

Zach: Thanks.

Zach stood up and faced her directly.

Zach: Well, Don’t get bored. I’ll be back soon. “Hopefully”

Serenity: I wouldn’t dare.

Serenity waved him off as he left her room, she slouched herself down and closed her eyes trying to fall asleep, she seemed concerned for something. But didn’t share the feeling.

Serenity: Why..

Serenity whispered softly


Ashley: So Klark and Zach left sometime ago. I think since I’m not really gonna be much use I’d like to go out on my own as well, I hope you both come up with something.

Ashley said, waving them off.

Luka: Oh, Ashley before you go, How are you feeling lately?

Luka asked

Ashley: Fine. Why?

She answered

Luka: Nothing, just making sure.

She was curious of something, but yet didn’t want to pry. Ashley was pretty tough, but her actual combat ability was a bit lacking. Luka wasn’t trying to burge in on her on this, but it seems important to look into for the future.

She left afterwards, Now only the rest of San’s facility members and Luka remained present. With of course Serenity sleeping in the other room not bothering anyone, Luka found herself as well being called away for something important. The pressure on them about Omari District was brought to her attention moments ago before Klark left.

Ryuk and Adam managed to get past some of the heads. But are struggling to keep things in balance between them. Also it seems that someone on the board there knows of the last piece of Infinity.

Earlier, awhile ago. Tenshi mentioned that to balance everything out, giving Omari the Sword to prevent other organizations from thinking they were a threat. This wasn’t entirely true, but for the most part. At least at the time. It was.

The Ring, and Necklace were separated amongst Group one and Group X. The Sword was owned by Zach, but later Fai. Then given to Omari to prevent someone else from screwing with everything. The Gem is unknown and the Spear was only found out recently. This goes for the Staff as well. The only piece missing was one that not many people knew about. It’s physical appearance remains a mystery. Because those who have it won’t leak the photo.

The reason anyone knows of these pieces is referred by the codex tables that Roland originally found. Later after the information was leaked, Group X but by secret Tenshi found out about them. Each individual piece had it’s own appearance inscripted onto it. The Staff, the sword, and Spear were all in the front row, representing power of the group. The Ring, Gem and Necklace were considered defensive of the group or something more. And the last piece that was alone on the codex was broken. And was unknown.

The piece of the codex that wasn’t along with the rest was also not in the same place the rest were found, which gave some some complication as it how they would know when the piece was in their possession. For example, if the other organization wanted to reveal the piece, they could easily fake a photo. And no one would have a clue. But nowadays that sort of deduced can be easily found out by technology that Ahad made for San, and of course all those working with Both him and Luka. Even Group Ten in the past had a prototype for such a thing. But never managed to find a use for it.


Galaco, and Lily were reviewing the status on Omari District, now that the rest of the citizens were returned to normal. The rest of the district remained peaceful so far. Omari Districts history is quite complicated. Why in the world are people trying to rescue it’s position so badly when nothing significant ever came out of this place.

For the most part, most people would agree. But that’s not entirely true. Omari District was founded along with Panzer City, Afartha Kingdom, Dragia Kingdom. That isn’t quite next to all of them. Omari District is responsible for worldwide communications and education. The communications bureau literally handles everything the world needs. They are a web of networks function between Omari that held everything together like iron-clad. Aside from Omari Academy, there were other schools that were atop the best in line. If you wanted to get a job the moment you graduated Omari is the place to go. It wasn’t that expensive either.

Omari District also held the rank of wealthiest place in the world. At one point holding 1.2 Trillion dollars in the bank. They were also spending it daily and gaining more. So the pace of their spending was grand, but also rewarding with what marketing they had. The biggest reason that Omari District had a lot of discussion placed around it was mostly because a lot of the world's resources were about to drop. And they needed to make sure that they weren’t going to waste their money, or effort on something that doesn’t exist any longer. Not only that but money for them would also drop even if they did stop spending it. Because of how connected they were.

Lily: We can hope for now that we got everything back. I’m not sure how our data is doing, but thanks to Phantasia we should be fine with all that. The Bank and communication bureau should be back up and running along with the servers. The only problem now is our educational programs and schools. Omari’s high class students are going to drop. And we’ll be using more money to provide for new schools. This will be an expensive rise back up.

Lily said

Galaco: I’m sorry this happened. I know how great Omari is. But as it stands we're not doing very well ourselves I can’t lend much support to the rebuild as I want too. But I’ll definitely send some of my healers to consult with you. That much I can do.

Lily uncrossed her arms.

Lily: Thanks, though I’m only an acting commander for Omari. I’m not the one who rules over it.

Lily point over towards a man that arrived a bit ago. Galaco wasn’t aware of this.

Lily: You may want to talk to Lyall. You both should know each other well.


Klark was patiently waiting in Zach’s Room, he knew if Zach was going to do anything it was from here. Best place to be in the world to be honest. He was just playing with a yo-yo that he found in the room. He was a grand-champion at using a yo-yo it looked like. He was doing all sorts of tricks with it. Zach entered abruptly Klark’s face was smashed with the yo-yo.

Zach: Sorry I am late. I needed to do a few things. So reconfigure the system, shouldn’t be too hard.

Zach looked over at Klark’s blank face. The Yo-yo was broken on the floor.

Zach: The fuck happened?

Zach stopped

Klark: Nothing, you just walked in here. And I..doesn’t matter. Just fix the shit. So I can work.

Klark leant forward off the pole in the middle of the room.

Zach: Huh? Okay. System, I need to reconfigure the Isle. to be a more friendly for everyone. up a list of all the functions currently enabled. Also any hidden ones that may be there as well. I need a good picture of what this place is running right now.

System: Accessing.

The display changed, a hand full of words appeared in front of Zach. They weren’t too difficult to read, or comprehend the idea of what they operated. Though some were a bit too profound even for him. He needed to know what all of them did. Before just concluding to disable them.

Zach: Is there a way to know what they all do. Like some sort of manual.

Klark: Seems you got nothing done while you were looking right. I may regret this…

Klark crossed his arms

Zach: Don’t be so negative. I’ve got more of a brain then I did back In Omari Academy.

Zach pointed

Zach: System, are you capable of...mental transfers?

Klark looked over in curiosity

Klark: Mental Transfer, the fuck is that?

Klark walked over looking over behind Zach’s shoulder.

System: You mean, like…

Zach: Mental Transfer, you know what these funtions do. Give me that knowledge. That’s what I mean.

Klark actually understand that. < fucking bitch.

System: Yes, I can. Sending it too you know.

Zach stumbled a bit for a moment, and his eyes flickered and closed then opened.

Zach: There we are. Okay, it’s this one. The hologram was...touchscreen I guess you could say.

He unchecked all those that would give Klark a hard time while in training. He also pulled up a file that was odd, and began typing a few things. He closed the screen and turned back to Klark

Zach: All done. Now just so you know. I made sure that you won’t receive anything you aren’t capable of handling, and also no side dreaming will reconstruct something that doesn’t suit with the idea of the room. For extra measure. I added a “Firewall” Of sorts, so that when you do end up wanting something, while in the middle of whatever it is you will be doing. You have to first acknowledge it first before it can be run through. Like a Yes or No question. Now if that’s all I have something to do.

Klark: Uh...thanks I guess?

Klark watched as Zach past him and exited the room.

Zach looked at his watch. It seemed like it was time to get back, and no doubt he’d have to deal with all the problems now that he has avoided. He jumped into the sky and flew over towards a treeline border. He was incredible quick reaching the destination in mere seconds. He landed and saw Alyce still training with her soul like he did with her last time. She opened her eyes and readied her combat pose. She seened threaten for some reason.

Zach: What?

Alyce: Having a nice time? Why did you come back!

Alyce snarled, She knew everything all ready no thanks to the thing she placed on Zach before they left.

Zach: Why? Is that really what you are asking me. Because you didn’t want me out there.

Alyce: Don’t play dumb, you're not cursed anymore. You aren’t the helpless man that was easily swayed. Also nice chat by the way, with this serenity. Glad to know I’ve got more to deal with. Not only that does she know about who I am. Her words are obviously hinted Zach. I wasn’t born the other day.

Zach: I never said--

Alyce: Shut up!

This escalated quickly, Alyce pounded on Zach who wasn’t prepared. He did however manage to ready his guard, Alyce swooped in front, to the right from where she was originally. And threw her leg up against his shoulder bone. He rose his arm a little bit, allowing for a quick off-balance technique. Giving him an opening to slam her into the dirt. He picked her up from the chest part of her clothes and punched her into the trees ahead. A power exploded and came spiraling forth.

She clearly didn’t understand the difference in strength right now. The whole reason to fix this was because of this training that he absurdly promised her. Ironically he came back even though she never even treated him that great either. He just wanted to give her facts. As well as train her. And maybe himself in the process. She faked him. Coming into direct range enough to grab him. Zach stepped to the side to dodge, but found that she wasn’t there anymore. She strafed around him energizing her fist. Zach already twisting his body to avoid the attack, slid his left leg forward enough to the side of her knee cup. He knee dropped right, her fist missed it’s target.

She hit the ground one hand on the ground so that she wouldn’t fall, Zach swiped around her attacking arm, turned and kicked her forward. Recovering immediately she shot off several high-powered beams as a distract. The smoke was ripped through as Zach came out of the smoke from her right, landing his right foot downed zipped to the side of her. Still a couple meters away, she had prepared to attack about with another attack, but her arm was grabbed which prevented it from going off, Zach punched her several times in the stomach before launching in her to ground.

Zach huffed from exhaustion, he absorbed the attacks from earlier giving him the edge in that attack he made right there. Alyce aside from bruising remained full of energy. This was the indifference between them at the moment. Alyce doesn’t use as much energy as he does when she absorbs energy. But he has more control, right now then she does. He does have worry about it being unstable like her. Although it’s only a recent issue of hers, if it were any different Alyce is far more skilled in using this power then he is.

His problem is he uses far too much power when he absorbs energy, not only what he absorbs but what remained before he absorbed it. So it’s uncontrollably going full power from the start instead of restraining it. To keep the battle going longer. So the basis of this is, they don’t have full control over it. As well as physical skill in mastering it either. Alyce has had her ability longer than Zach and this is a well known fact. But since it’s changing what she’s learned won’t help her right now.

Zach: I didn’t come back to start a fight with you Alyce. I came back because I promised you I would help. And that’s what I’m doing. I’m trying to help you. It doesn’t matter if I’m normal, or if I’m an enemy. Those facts mean nothing. It’s all in the promise. And also I want to know more about you. If it’s at all possible.

Alyce: Why? Why would you do that? That’s the most foolish thing I’ve ever heard.

Alyce leaped forward, Zach in an exhausted state blocked her attack, her attack was slow, as were her movements. They hammered at each other, before Zach dodged left and shoved her away.

Zach: Can’t you tell, the stability of your power is slowing you down. You can’t fight in this state.

Zach’s eyes widen, he stopped the attack. It came from above, She moved quicker this time. Alyce kicked breaking his guard he tried to step back, but only screwed the job more because he was far to slow himself to get out of her range. Landing on the floor, she stood and rammed her fist deep into his stomach, he gasped her air, some of his spit leaving his mouth. He gritted his teeth, shoving and kicking her away. He leaned left holding a ball of condensely made air in his hand. He shot it towards it.

Moving back and running to the left, as he ran he gripped the earth ripping it up. He chucked it at her. She broke the ball in half that landed behind her and exploded. The earth came flying past her. She dodged them. And destroyed a few. Alyce closed the gap, Zach curved around her gripping her arm, she struggled. Twisting around throwing him to the side. He landed on his feet sliding. He appeared fine, and no longer exhausted. Alyce felt winded for a moment.

Alyce: What did-- you do..

Alyce held her stomach..

Zach: Borrowed some of your stamina and energy.

Zach clenched his fists together. Creating a massive power of raw power. Alyce stumbled back in fear. Such a strong presence of power. Zach threw it towards her, she placed her arms up to block the attack, but before it reached. A mid way gap, Zach caused it to exploded, doing less damage. She hit the ground forcibly..

Zach: I’m doing this for you. Not for anything else. So if we are done fighting I’d like to try and help this time with your training. Not this shit you’ve been doing since. I mean real help.

Zach lower his hand to her.

Alyce: …

Alyce rose her own and gripped his..
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Chapter 22 - Absurd Promises
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