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 Chapter 23 - The Victorian Of Larsons

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Chapter 23 - The Victorian Of Larsons Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 23 - The Victorian Of Larsons   Chapter 23 - The Victorian Of Larsons EmptyThu Nov 24, 2016 6:47 am

On the far side of the camps, the tent housing the rest of those who were affected by the resurrection. Lyall stood overseeing preparations to take them back to those cared for them. As well as giving them back their property. It’s only fair that these were conditions to meet when it came to Omari Academy. With Roland gone somewhere. And being the only one capable of ruling over Omari, he has taken the responsibility himself.

Besides, Roland never cared for the people of Omari District anyway, he was extremely busy person. Not to mention, a liar, manipulative, and cold person most of the time. Roland only recently came back to his sense and flew off somewhere secluded, but his attitude seems a bit suspicious. He is a sly devil. Something definitely wasn’t right with him.

Lyall: I’m sorry for all the trouble we caused. Right down there please.

Lyall greeted a couple and pointed in another direction. Aliya who was walking from the same direction towards him, stumbled into his view. He frowned, seems she has finally come.

Lyall: Aliya. When did you arrive?

Lyall said

Aliya: Only just a moment ago. I want to know, I heard she was here. Where is she.

Aliya looked around past him to get a look inside.

Lyall: Hold on, aren’t you rushing a bit here. It’s only been a few hours since they’ve been cured of their infliction.

Aliya: Their? I don’t care about them. I care about my mother right now. And also you never fully explained my inheritage. It wasn’t exactly that long ago that I found out I’m apart of the Larson family.

Aliya exclaimed

Lyall: I thought we…

Aliya: No, you thought wrong. Clearly you don’t me that well dad. So far the Larson family has given us almost as much trouble as any person we’ve fought. Excluding the obvious right now.

Aliya walked away from him, turning to the obvious sign indicating her mother’s room.

Aliya: Regardless of your intentions It was probably best that I had known? Like what reason was there to not share that information?

Lyall turned away as she walked inside. It was far more complicated than that. It’s really not a secret that Lyall is a Larson. But that’s not exactly the secret they’ve kept secret. Somethings are better left forgotten.

Lyall wiped his face with his hand recalling bad memories. Upon lowering his hands Phantasia’s appearance was far too easy to spot, as she was leant on the wall observing his struggle.

Lyall: You...Sorry.

Phantasia: Why are you apologizing?

Lyall shook his head.

Lyall: That’s a stupid question isn’t it. You clearly know exactly why.

Phantasia stood straight from his spot.

Phantasia: Does my status as a Larson as well give you such a right? An obligation?

Lyall: You are the first Larson. The one who founded our family. You couldn’t have possibly wanted this.

Phantasia: Regardless of what I wanted. That wasn’t mine to decide. I already knew what course it would have gone.

Lyall: What?!

Phantasia: Lyall, I see through everything. The Past, the Future. The present as well. I’m everywhere and I know what will happen before it even happens. The path to achieve this goal is also something I’m capable of seeing. But I can only follow what’s truly suppose to happen. And this was that moment. I’m afraid what I wanted was impossible to start with.

Lyall looked away, horrified by the revelation.

Phantasia: There’s no way of knowing. But there are ways of building a foundation on something that is broken. It’s not impossible to fix. Of course. If you are willing to even try. Aliya doesn’t know the reason you hid her origin from everyone. In my opinion. It was the best thing you could have done. Without living with the possible regret of losing yet another person you love. But I’ll leave you with that. I’ll fix it for you.

Phantasia smiled at him as she proceeded past him. Lyall was shocked, did she just say she would help him.


Aliya: How does it feel? I heard what happened.

Aliya said, she was sitting down on one of the chair's, arms closed on her lap, she lowered her head as she spoke.

Layla: Like a raging crazy person. It didn’t really feel like anything else. Aha...I really was planning on killing everyone it seemed like. But you don’t need to worry about that Aliya. All that matters now is that I’m fine. Aside from dying. I don’t really feel all that different from before all this happened. Quite odd really. Galaco has truly grown up.

Aliya: I guess, I’m beginning to think coming here was stupid..

Aliya said out loud.

Layla: You never change. Always doubting and being a closed person. It’s awfully sad.

Layla also said out loud.

Aliya: Mom! What the hell.

Layla: What can I not speak my mind? You aren’t the only one allowed too you know.

Aliya: Sheesh

Layla: Lighten up. I’ve not always been that cheerful myself. So in a way I’m only compensating for it. Do try and forgive us. I know you and your father aren’t getting along. I’d hoped that when we told you the truth. You’d see why. But I guess it’s inevitable.

Layla laid back finishing.

Phantasia: The Larson family wasn’t always as bad as you know it.

Aliya turned noticing Phantasia, Layla was surprised as well.

Layla: Kurumi?

Phantasia sighed at her response. It’s been way too long since she'd heard her generic made up name.

Phantasia: Not anymore. Kurumi was a disguise. My name is Phantasia Larson. The First Larson of the Larson Family.

Layla sat with her eyes as wide as everyone else's was when she revealed herself to them as well. Phantasia’s status is far more than a mere name or Larson last name. There is a bit of history to share in the name itself and why Phantasia is so closely respected amongst the family that even Roland acknowledged that Phantasia would outshadow anything the Larsons have done since she suddenly disappeared over thousand years ago. Including himself. She is a force that could be reckoned with. No one knows of her abilities, no one knows of her strength. She is the most mysterious character to date.

Aliya: What? The First Larson!?

Layla: Aliya. Please girl, show some respect.

Phantasia waved her hand.

Phantasia: Formalities are pointless. And the hatred to the Larson family is definitely without reason. I won’t try to change your opinion on what the Larson has become. But I do want you to see the Good that we have achieved. And of course the reason behind all the lies.

Phantasia closed her eyes. She mixed around her memory and found the moment. They vanished into a dark place filled with windows to different times. Each as exciting as the next. The windows were floating around like cells in a brain.

Phantasia: Each of these windows leads to a moment in history that is related to the Larsons. And each of these windows represents the good we’ve done.

This was incredibly wrong to put it that way. Larson’s weren’t the most friendliest family. But the amount of windows floating around them was on the scale of hundreds.

Phantasia: So you see, there isn’t anything to fear from us. Allow me to show you.

They aligned in order. Floating to the about the middle of them.

Phantasia: This shall be enough. Let us see what happened on this date. Please do try to be surprised.


The Past.

Phantasia: What do you think.

Phantasia asked, She turned revealing her old appearance. For an older being she was being quite fancy in the human culture.

Zach: Must I really say? Why is it that I’m required to even answer that. I mean you don’t look that bad.

Zach looked away as he spoke, he really wasn’t the type of person to complicate someone on their appearance. It was a little bit odd in her eyes.

Phantasia: Really? I thought you were expressive towards women. I suppose not.

Phantasia said looking at herself, she was fitting herself with her hands trying to see how good she looked.

Phantasia: Well, no matter. We’re suppose to attend the party at the end of the day. I’m not too worry about what I’m suppose to look like. The true purpose here is that we succeed in creating this great country. Which won’t be an easy task.

She said looking out the window as crowds of people were storming into the building.

Zach: Right, We’ll have to convince the neighbours. We’re not trying to create a country in a matter of speaking like everywhere else. The plan is to make us independent while keeping everyone separate to their own business.

Phantasia: It’s more accurate to say, we’re trying to fix an issue that we’re all involved in. A country is exactly what you're referring too. Changing the idea isn’t going to change how it operates. No, we’re going to make a system that’ll be unbeatable. We’ll need to do it right so that the other countries sees us as beneficial. That, itself won’t be easy.

Phantasia said, looking to her right, two more people walked in.

Klark: I see you’ve all gotten dressed. How lovely.

Klark stepped in. Along with someone else.

Lily: Sorry we took so long. Klark was insistent that we make a stop.

Zach watched as they approached, he was causal having his hands in his pockets. He’s gotten used to the life on earth. It wasn’t that long ago that he first met Klark, but it seemed like the man knew him far more than even he did. But the knowledge isn’t one sided. Klark did not know the man in front of him. This Zach is far more superior to the one he knows.


Aliya: hold on, what is the meaning of this. Klark? And Zach. What exactly are they doing here. I thought you said this was the past.

Phantasia glanced at her

Phantasia: You probably didn’t know, but since you’ve already seen it. I’ll tell you why. As well as you Layla. That Zach, Klark and Lily were all present a thousand years ago. Lily stayed behind because I told she had too. She couldn’t survive those events naturally so she offered to reincarnate using her own phoenix mythology. Klark had no choice but to stay behind as well. His involvement in the past was extremely necessary. The reason why he's even in the past will be later explained. But for now that’s not for you to know.

She stated

Layla: Why is Zach different. I don’t believe he looked that old..

Phantasia: Zach is another topic entirely. The man before you is not comparable to the Zach you know in the present. This Zach, commonly referred as the Past Zach. Is far far superior to everyone you know. He makes Klark look like an ant. This is because he wasn’t from this world in this form.

Phantasia said.

Phantasia: He landed on earth only a few years ago. When we originally all met up. Klark found him. Embedded into the earth. He crashed it seemed.

Aliya: Seriously. Was the past this complicated.

Aliya said.

Layla: Seems like it. I didn’t even know.

Phantasia: Most of the current Larsons aren’t aware of this either. And for good reason. The timeline is a bit wobbly for you all. I’m a bit surprised it all worked out the way it did.

Aliya: What’s the point of showing me all this. It seems like a bit of a spoiler of a events.

Phantasia looked at her with an eerie stare. The memory continued to play out.


Zach: Listen. The representatives are arriving shortly. So we cannot afford to chat for long.

Phantasia finished the drink in her hand and placed it down back at the bar. It wasn’t the first time she had drank, but it certainly was a while.

Phantasia: How long?

Zach: Are you seriously asking me that?

Phantasia shrugged, she was playing a role.

Lily: Well I want to know so tell us as well.

Zach: Couple of minutes. I said soon didn’t I? Omari, Dragia, Panzer, Zion, Tia, Samet, Afartha Kingdom. All the representatives.

Phantasia: This is a big moment. We need to achieve this today if we are to secure the future later.

Phantasia said

Lily: I’m still not sure what my role is in all this? You said something about a group?

Lily asked. Like Phantasia before said, Lily offered to reincarnate. Sadly this comes with a terrible price. She’s stuck forgetting everything about her origin. As well as the power she obtains. It’s quite a terrible fate to behold. But she will find her true destiny eventually in the near future.

Phantasia: Group One, and Group X. Won’t be formed yet. We still have a lot to work towards before we set everything in motion.

Phantasia and the team walked out of the room, but the details that followed were not viewed. Window spread out again. Aliya got the idea on this part. Although it was one single moment in time the moment was enough.

This point in time is how the Larson family rose up above everyone else. The Larsons created everything that we knew today in the world. It worked the way it did because of the agreement they settled. And so one to the days to come.

Aliya: So that’s how it is. Over thousand years of goodwill from the Larsons. They were the ones who created this country in the first place. It was originally intended on good intentions. But what happened?

Phantasia: The Larsons were apart of something. That changed everything. The incident was known as The Machina Ritual.
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Chapter 23 - The Victorian Of Larsons
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