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 Chapter 24 - Mingling Of Lightning And Wind

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Chapter 24 - Mingling Of Lightning And Wind Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 24 - Mingling Of Lightning And Wind   Chapter 24 - Mingling Of Lightning And Wind EmptyMon Dec 19, 2016 2:29 am

Holly: So, your family lives up in the mountains?

Holly un rested her head of her arm as she leaned up from the window that stretched out across the ocean.

Fai: Yeah, And it isn’t actually my family. I only heard recently that someone from my family married in with the lady of the household. Making them a married in family.

Holly: Isn’t that an odd place to settle down? And I heard from a few people before that your whole family was murdered.

Fai: Yeah, by my brother. For reasons I’ve yet to figure out. But I still plan on determining the reason for his actions. Even in his death I’m not going to give up on looking.

Fai stared off at the mountains in the distance as they continued to get closer towards the bottom. It was quite an intimidating mountain. It makes sense to settle down in this area to get away from public view and from his brother at the time. As well as Roland. If any chance they were to be targeted specially.

Dazari Family. The Family that survived all these years following the initial destruction of Sugokai Family. Originally the family was a respected family that had extremely close ties with the Sugokai Clan in the beginning. They were the ones responsible for keeping Sugokai on top while maintaining their own issues. balance between two leaders. A Figure Eight Treaty. The two basically worked in harmony between each other. And were quite legendary back in the day. Before they disappeared to get away from any possible threat that took over Sugokai at the time.

Contrary to believe. The Dazari was apart of the three family treaty, not of the Figure Eight. Which only involved personal interest between Dazari and Sugokai. The treaty between the three families was different. And had some connection between a war that was waged many years ago. The other family is of course the Larson Family.

The Larson Family declared war on a fourth family that is lost in time. The name is irrelevant. But they were resourceful enough to pose some threat towards the Larsons and the other families. Sugokai lended support by providing them with their sons and daughters that held a gift that turned the battle tremendously. Dazari would provide other support. Like offering greatly sought after resources and tactical support. The Larsons provided their own effort by increasing the strength of their members for unknown reasons. That of which wasn’t important at the time. At least to the lower members from each family.

The Family against the three didn’t really have much means to fight off the deadly attack were gonna call a surrender. But something else happened. A tragedy from both families. The Larsons and this family caused an uproar. Once all was said and done. The incident was covered up but those that witnessed it remain hidden to this day.


An Elder man hunched back with his hands pressing at his back, walked slowly towards two double wooden doors that stood at the end of the hallway. He coughed loudly as he treaded along the carpet.

Gripping the knob lightly, the door creaked open, revealing a three other individuals. He smiled like a true old man.

Molan: I heard from my sister. Fai is coming to visit.

Molan spoke slowly, of course due to his age.

Dema: Yes. You’ve heard correctly Elder. Fai sent us a letter recently that he was planning to visit soon. We gotta a message from him earlier today that he should be arriving soon.

Dema bowed as he spoke towards the Elder.

Molan: By train?

Dema: Yes. Also, A women by his side.

Dema stated

Molan: Girlfriend?

Dema: Presumably.

Dema answered

Molan: Get everyone ready for his visit. Fai Sugokai is to make his return.

A boy standing idly waited for his chance to speak out of turn towards the Elder in a cheerful manner. Got evidently closer towards the Elder when he heard his name.

Eira: Lei!

Molan waved his hand. She stopped. Eira by title would be considered a Governess in some regards.

Lei: Is Fai finally coming to visit!? For real!?

Lei said, excited for this moment.

Molan: Yes, child. You’ve been waiting for this moment for sometime. So. What are you waiting for. Go get ready to meet your brother.

Molan smiled. Lei got extremely happy at his words, gripping Eira hands dragging her through the door towards his room.

Dema: Lei will never behave properly when Fai’s name is mentioned. How will we ever fix that.

Dema said

Molan: We won’t. It’s only natural for him to get excited. Fai is the only other Sugokai that’s left besides him. He won’t take that away.

Dema: What are your wishes elder.

Dema asked

Molan: Prepare the room.

Molan turned away.

Dema: Are you sure?

Molan: Precisely. Fai comes to find the truth. For it is what we spoke about. He’ll want to know everything I’m sure.

Dema: I’ll take care of everything.

Molan exited the room leaving Dema.


Holly: So. The Dazari Family is that great eh. I’m only a small town girl that lived surprisingly close to the water.

Fai: Well, if it makes you feel any better. You're my small town girl now.

Fai blushed

Holly: Am I supposed to succumb to your charm now Fai?

Fai: Huh?!

Holly: You’ll need to try hardeer.

Fai: That’s not exactly fair. I thought we were--

Holly: Oh we are. Don’t you worry.

Fai: Wait, what?

Holly: Sheesh, It’s a joke stupid.

Holly moved over closer to him.

Holly: Does making you Lightning fast, make that brain to fast to understand a joke.

Fai: Haha…………………………No…………


Galaco was sitting near a table reading a book idly as she stood looking over the table towards a bed, in the bed Lilith slept comfortably. If not already aware of it, she exhausted her strength in protecting the entirety of Omari Academy from the inflicted ones. Galaco aided the best she could with little strength she had left after curing the afflicted with presumably a tremendous amount of power to start with.

Using as much power as she has costed her some of her own life force. And a small price to pay in this situation. Although it’s her first time doing this for someone else. It probably won’t be the last. She understood this.

Lilith opened her eyes to the sound of birds chirping and wind hallowing. Galaco stood up noticing her head adjust. Stepping over slowly the only thing in her view was the ceiling and Galaco.

Lilith: How long was I out?

Lilith sat up from the bed as she felt her body stiff in several locations.

Galaco: two days. It seems helping out with construction, aiding in the shelter homes for citizens and protecting an entire population from cursed individuals isn’t considered reckless by some.

Galaco poured a cup of tea for the lady as she shifted her body towards the side of the bed. Her legs out and feet tipping the wooden floor.

Lilith: I guess.

Galaco: Not really the answer I was expecting but, it’ll do. Also.

Galaco looked

Lilith: Hm?

Galaco: Sorry, I wasn’t able to fully bring you to full health. I’ve exhausted my own strength these couple days alone. So, you aren’t the only one being reckless. Not that I haven’t done this before for people. Though I can’t say everything is perfect.

Lilith: What do you mean?

Lilith was goggy, disoriented she needed to wake up from all that’s happened to her. Adjust to the feeling.

Galaco: I mean, I’ve never used my own life force to heal others. You’d be the first.

Galaco casually let out. Lilith was definitely shocked by this fact.

Lilith: You gave me your own life force?!

Lilith exclaimed. She tried to said regarding her emotions but failed, she flopped back to the bed.

Galaco: Not exactly, I used my life force to allow myself to use my power. You’d be surprised how much pain it is to draw upon your own life than one's own power.

Lilith: That’s not the point. Either way, you used your own life force to heal me. You are...a queen people have put their trust in you to save them in a time of need, your own people. Your citizens, you are something others hold hope in. I cannot--

Galaco sipped her tea and brought her hand to a stop. Lilith halt her rant for this moment.

Galaco: It’s fine. It’s bound to happen sooner or later. And I don’t regret my decision. There are going to be more times like this one where I’ll have to use more than I expect. And for that reason I don’t care. Let the recklessness begin. Besides.

Galaco sipped

Galaco: You aren’t any better then me. A Healthy body forced to be under pressure and exhaust itself, reach beyond it’s limit is a sure way to cause permanent harm to oneself. You aren’t any different than me. You only used a different method to reach the same conclusion. So please keep the lectures to my advisers. They give me all sorts of advice that I usually don’t listen too.

Lilith sighed in defeat, it seemed the queen was more knowledged then she realised. And she makes an interesting point. But it seems to her that being a god, and being some sort of protector is so much effort. Apart of her feels that what she does for others causes so much stress.

She’ll have to figure out a way to learn from this, if she’s going to be capable of protecting others from stronger threats in the future. Being divine won’t cut it in this world.

Lilith: Thanks. I needed that.

Galaco: Queen’s Wisdom, Some would say.


The Dazari Household, filled with trees, around their home. Fai and Holly slowly made their way towards the entrance. Butlers and Maids greeted their arrival and lead them through the hall of this old house. It looked like something used back in the day. Far more primitive than his own was. And their earlier ones. It seemed Dazari had spare mansions just lying around for random reasons.

Fai entered the room the elder previously mentioned. As did Holly, she protested against leaving his side for personal reasons. Others commented on this matter, but the elder didn’t mind it.

Fai: You must be..

Molan: Molan, the elder of the Dazari Family, I regret to say I’m not any leader. I leave that position to our lady. Who has not requested to see anyone since the incident.

Holly: So, are you the acting head?

Holly added

Molan: In a way I am. Most of the family comes to me for questions not because of my role or anything, but because I’m quite knowledgeable in those fields.

Molan said

Fai: It does make sense. I mean you are an elder after all. I’m glad you guys actually managed to survive the onslaught. I didn’t think any remained. And specially the reasons you remained hidden for so.

Molan: Which reminds me Fai. I know why you have come.

Fai turned to look at the man.

Fai: What? Well, you did send a letter. Revealing that you guys still existed.

Molan: No, I mean I know why you’ve really come. You come to know the truth. The truth of your inheritage.

Molan stated. Fai’s confused disappeared, his expressed changed to that of a serious one. Fai’s true intention. Holly looked a bit puzzled

Molan waved his hand towards them both, following him into a room of enlarged proportion.

Molan: The Hall of Fame. Of all the past fathers of the Sugokai Family. This room was designed before the destruction of the Sugokai. For one purpose. That it remain hidden from only two people. Myself. And the leader of this family. Only those of true blood can see this room. Making you the first in a while. The other. Was your brother. Tenshi

Fai turned in shock, his brother was here. At some point. Fai was tempted to show his eyes in this room.

Molan: Don’t.

Molan said

Molan: He said you may feel like using them once I told you. But try to keep yourself leveled. I’ve yet to reveal to you everything you want to know.

Molan lead them to the back of the room. Revealing the first of the Sugokai. The one who possessed the Infamous Eyes.

Fai: Why do I feel eerily strange when I see him. Like he staring into my soul.

Fai said

Molan: It has that effect on everyone. I’m now going to try and explain to you the reason behind all of this. As I get it. Those eyes you possess are in a long line of those who have passed. It started with your first father. Or Great Grandfather. To many greats to say. I’ll leave it at that.

A long time ago, your great grandfather met a man. That changed his life forever. As well as the families. Back in the day when this great country was still in the progress of being what it has been through the generations he attended a grand party that decided the fet of this country, or post-. Before it was even made. All over the world many people attended this party. It was the meeting place of something grand. The place where it all started.

The party was just the beginning. The Meeting here ensured that the country was made the way it is today. And they of course succeeded in whatever it was they discussed. During his visit he met a man whom would become his greatest friend. It was only for a short time, but it felt like forever.

The mysterious person was involved with the higher officials who attended, but his presences in future events for him personally made the Sugokai a force to be reckon with. The real evidences wasn’t recorded, but the on one fateful day. The most important in fact. Was witnessed. And written down. It happened like this.

A man seen entering a room. Treaded lightly towards his study, upon it he confirmed a note that was left behind, as he was trying to see where his guests was at. He picked up the note. And began reading the letter as it informed him.

“””I’d like to thank you. And as a token of my friendship. I'd like to give you a powerful gift that I hope may serve you and your family till generations to come.

The mysterious symbol on your desk has no doubt peaked your curiosity to inspect has gifted you with a pair variant of what I would like to call The Eyes Of Infinity. You won’t understand the meaning behind the name. So please refer to it as a lesser form of it. Its for the most part impossible to allow anyone to receive the full version of that kind of sight.

By the time you read this. You may be wondering what's going on. And if you are reading this then i’d like to congratulate you. You have awakened my gift gracely. With the sight you will be able to identify stuff people wouldn’t normally see. And far more than almost everyone in the universe could see. Take note that since you are the first. The gift I have given you will be at its strongest. Extremely potent. Have children and they may very well possess this gift in a smaller fashion as you see. Sorry to hide this message within your room. But since you are the only one who can read it. I don’t think you will mind. That’s all I have now. I wish you luck in your future. It's been a pleasure being a great friend. Farewell. Take care of yourself and your family with the gift of sight.

Fai sighed, he placed his hand atop his head as he walked around. He sort knew it was true, but then was misled a few times based on other ideas he thought up at the time.

Fai: So, these are variants of what Zach, Little Queen, and presumably Trinity all possess. How typical of me to miss such important facts.

Fai looked back.

Fai: Are you certain that this man said all this. To my Great Grandfather.

Molan: Precisely. That’s as far as much information runs I’m afraid. If I may ask. What are the “Eyes Of Infinity” It’s a closely regarded topic amongst our family. As was it with yours.

Fai: The Eyes of the Universe as some would believe. A man named Infinity. Could see everything with his own two eyes. Nothing short of normal occurrence for him, but a miracle for anyone else. The Eyes of Infinity are just that. His eyes, What he sees. And these are merely a variant of said eyes. But. It makes no sense. Who and why is the man in the past the one who gave them to my Great Grandfather.

Holly: That means one of two things, either Infinity payed a visit. Or...Zach existed in the past.

Fai: That little...Molan. Who else knew about this.

Molan: Well. Just us, and of course your brother did. Also. Sorry, I heard what happened.

Fai: Thanks. Somehow, Zach is more connected to this then I thought. But for my other reasons. I must ask. Do you know who ordered my kill my entire family.

Molan looked all over the place looking for the right words to respond with.

Molan: man you seek, is someone you’ve already met.

Molan: Roland.
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Chapter 24 - Mingling Of Lightning And Wind
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