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 Abraham: Enemy

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PostSubject: Abraham: Enemy   Wed Dec 21, 2016 1:19 am

Name: Abraham

Age: Unknown

Affiliation: Nemesis

Powers/Abilities: Spatial Force-Field Generation, Portal Creation(Spell Formation)

Abraham is known amongst the ground as the Transporter. He is capable of transporting others, off, and onto the ship, and to different places he knows. His range can be a bit limiting however. Though did to his Demigod status. That range is pretty far. On a planet, he can create a portal anywhere on the planet. thus, the range on a planet is pretty far.

He can create portals under spell formation, they take time to make. However, it didn't require much effort. Too create large formations one would need a space to do so. Smaller ones that transport single people. Can be made on hand.

Godfrey specifically survived his encounter with San, because of Abraham's intervention at the time. Due to a spell kind of item given to him by Abraham that allows one to teleport directly to the one who made it. The item in question is extremely long process that takes hours to make.

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Abraham: Enemy
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