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 Chapter 25 - Overwhelmed

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Chapter 25 - Overwhelmed  Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 25 - Overwhelmed    Chapter 25 - Overwhelmed  EmptyMon Jan 30, 2017 3:34 am

What do you know about Gods? Nothing? Well, I figured you wouldn’t know anything about that. Here’s what I can tell you. The Universe is a massive place. If you can think of how big the biggest place could be. That would be our universe. In that universe, there are plenty of things to discover, planets, stars, love, ambition, adventure, action, loss, Death. Life?

Life didn’t happen by accident, nor did it happen for reason. The Universe simply existed because it does. There is nothing to support the claim that balance between Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Life and Death. Everything is simply the way it is because others use their own ambitions on what's been given to them to formulate order everyone. And like the Universe, they exist to simply exist. And so does their actions. If you think of it this way, then.

Does that mean that anyone can proclaim their own desires to meet the expectations of those that succeeded in this rite? A lot of considered the option. Most of them failed. Some of them died. And one of them manages.

Darkness comes in many forms. You can expect Darkness to be anything but one specific entity. There are times when Darkness can be anything. Even Light? Stories that claim Angels to be divinity. Where some state they are evil because of what justice they claim to dictates their actions. Darkness is simply here because someone made it possible. And the same goes for the Light side of that Spectrum. In this vast Universe. One Single Entity managed to conquer everything.

Another tipped this fate and found curiosity. What was curiosity turned to ambition? And the course he took resembles the same fate as the one who achieved such glory. But all of this simple creativity of those who were born first. Guiding everyone else to ruin. But what people don’t realise is that nothing is truly invincible. Everything no matter you could be facing. Has a weakness, it’s the test of the universe to figure out what they are. If you aren’t capable of doing such a task. Then your evaluation of life is measured and ranked, in this universe. It’s a game to see who will be better or bigger than the rest. Even if those who rule over everyone else claim and write the rules, there will be those who choose to dismiss and bypass such order and merely want to create chaos and in time or for real motive. To create their own laws, and dictate their will over the universe or multiverse. But such a task takes time. And Time is something a lot of people struggle to get.


The Day is worn, tired out, The world felt the darkness of dusk as soon as it approached. It was raining, a stormed approached so sudden. Crowds were struggling to grapple their umbrella’s. The rain flooded the streets. Drains were overwhelmed with the storm of water rushing in and out of the streets.

Lightning began shortly, thunder bashed around jolting across the sky like a torrent of rage. People swarmed around the road and street like a crazed bunch trying to get out of this crazy storm, others seemed casual. It was an everyday occurrence, they continued on with their evening.


Alyce: Do you really expect me to believe that you could handle this sort of training? You barely have any control over your own power yet. Training me while managing to receive it..What’s the definition of insanity again you humans call it? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Alyce sounded. She watched as Zach struggled to maintain his power for longer than a couple of minutes. It surged wildly before dying off after a couple more minutes. The process seemed harder than it looked then he really conceived. After giving Alyce the momentum to get past her first stage of training, which allowed her to gain more control over the functionality of her power. They share the same ability and both have opposite issues. Each capable of having a solution for the other they agreed to train each other.

Alyce gained an evolved version of her energy absorption. Due to her transition into a god recently because of Infinity Energy fusion because of Little Queen’s Biology. She became a hybrid of sorts sharing properties of both cosmic and Infinity. This was the original effect. The Infinity Energy is fighting against that other half. This struggle causes her initial release of energy to be abrupt. Not quite effective, random and inaccurate. Although holding a lot of strength still in her ability to fight, her strength is incomparable to Zach’s if he were to fight seriously which makes him more or less the bigger threat in this instance considering his biology she cannot absorb his power. Unless in raw form.

She has since managed to calm the two forces, while the energy from Infinity changes her biology to fit the respective species. Until then, she will possess a more potent form of energy in the meantime, this is not a good thing, for she could die from the strain.

Zach: Shut up. Since when did you start caring about what humanity does. Besides, do I look human to you?

Zach struggled to stand. He’s been at it for hours, But it’s a lot harder to keep his power from over limiting itself to the point where he uses it all up. The irony of this is how long he had to watch Alyce struggle up until this point and now he’s doing the same.

Alyce: You are hopeless, How many times will I have to share my power and stamina with a ridiculous moron like you. But. That’s fine, You watched me struggle and helped me. I shall return the favour.

Alyce walked up towards him, gripping his hand.

Alyce: Hurry up and take my power. So you can keep going. This time I’ll give you a little tip.


Alyce stood next to a tree, she turned to face him who know was fully recovered and ready to continue.

Alyce: I hate you. You know that.

Alyce said, if it weren’t already obvious, Zach has been enduring this training for the past few hours, and while failing every time, Alyce has offered to sacrifice her own energy to revitalise his own. Originally she was disgusted by the thought, but for her own twisted confusion, she allowed it to happen. And since then continues to question why she lets the man in front of her, the one she came to originally kill for her Father. She remains fixed on training him. As well as helping him build himself. Was it just a debt? Or were there other forces at work here.

Zach: This is just training. It’s not like I’m going to try anything.

Alyce: I understand that. But you aren’t getting anywhere with this. Let me ask you. You know when you want to hurt someone. But want to refrain from killing him?

Zach: Um, yeah? A lot of people do it. Even outside this planet

Alyce: You’ve done it quite a lot for the past couple of years. Tell me. Your memories haven’t changed, but your power has. That’s no excuse. You should be able to convince yourself to not blow this tree up entirely, but instead to blow a hole through the middle point here.

Alyce point towards the trunk of the tree, or just above it.

Alyce: Pierce through the tree and hit multiple targets instead of one. It’s far more effective against multiple targets and shows control. Considering the density of the attack. This is a simple one. If you do exactly as I just said, which shouldn’t be difficult based on how I mentioned it.

Alyce held up her hand. Before he began.

Alyce: Before you attempt this, like so many before. You should take the time to at least focus on what I meant by doing exactly as you have in the past. You aren’t going to kill this tree. You have to convince yourself. Force-strain the power of yours. Thin out the production of power upon release, continue doing this and it won’t burst so abruptly like it has. It will be habit rather than a burden

Zach nodded at her words, it seemed simple enough. Zach focused his mind on which result he wished to achieve. It took some time to remember what he had done in the past. So much had happened up until this point. Zach rose up his stance, to where he aimed directly at the tree. He did so in a position that best suited this particular style of attack. He wanted the shape to be like an arrow, but the energy in raw form would be too difficult for him to form any kind of shape especially with his low level of control. So he knew it would just appear like a small bolt of energy rather than what he wanted.

But, shaping your attacks is apart of control. And doing both may either fail or work. He hadn’t the time to really focus on what he wanted it to look like, but he gave it thought for it to be focused on that type of attack. How else was he gonna try it? He needed to give his brain an idea on how the energy would need to release. So thinking small like an arrow seemed great at the time. He gave the tree a long hard look, before his hand began emitting a glow, within seconds, the energy produced shot faintly towards the tree. An unexpected result occurred. The attack did not pass through it but did not destroy the tree either.

Zach’s attack was in fact too weak to do anything to the tree except rip a hole in it. Alyce nodded a bit in response to his effort. But she seemed rather disappointing.

Alyce: Aside from, you know the weak and patheticness of that attack. I’d say you are starting to control the output of your energy release. It didn’t come out blasting destroying everything like last time.

Alyce pointed behind her, the mountain in the range was gone entirely, there seemed to be nothing left except the engraving of what was there. Tourist isn't going to be to happy.

Zach: Haha. I guess I may have gotten something down. Though aside from thinking about arrows, most of the results were that I didn’t want to destroy the tree.

Alyce: That isn’t a good thing either. You got the right idea, though, thinking about something small to boost the control of the release was certainly a clever idea. But you kind of like an amateur. How can imagine what I want instantly?

Alyce says summoning a ball of energy in size of a knife. She aims at the same tree, taking it down as well as the rest of them behind it. The power was far more destructive than it appeared she coughed for a second afterwards.

Zach: I thought I told you to be careful when you used your power like that. You aren’t done training your flow of energies either. The two are still trying to co-exist while the other devours it. Use your energy recklessly like that even to train me. And you will be ripped apart. I’ve said this.

Alyce: Shut up..I don’t need to hear it. I understand.

Zach shook his head in a loss.


Earth’s Outer Atmosphere.

???: We’ve been given the go ahead on the attack, captain.

???: Alright. The invasion of Earth begins now.

???: Today, Infinity. The one who destroyed everything perishes today.

???: No Beelurus, Mission is simple. You’d be clear to remember who were really after.

Beelurus: Whatever, but if I see him. He's mine. Got that.

???: Do what you want, no one really cares.


Alyce: Now let’s try this again--

A massive explosion shook the ground that they stood upon, Alyce struggled to keep balance, Zach held her up. She was distracted by the explosion to notice.

In the distance, a massive cloud of smoke littered the city that stood where the explosion took place. That wasn’t the end of the bombardment. More came rolling in from all corners of the sky it looked like smashing into the ground all over the north, east and west locations. Panzer, Zion and a few others were hit.

A couple of ships arrived around the surface of the planet near the coasts and oceans. Plenty smaller ones flew over the forests and mountains towards the cities. Their weapons destroying nearby towns and villages as they pass over. Landing nearby soldiers ranging from thousands began assaulting the citizens. Elsewhere.


San: Give me access to the service director.

Sans yelled. The entire room was shaking from the outside destruction.

San: What do you mean I’m not allowed to speak to him? What? No. Eilam is not sectioned to be controlled by the so-called proclaimed Emperor.

San argued. He held his head in grief at the issue.

San: It doesn’t matter if it’s a world issue! We take care of our own problems and so should you. So at this moment, I request to speak to the Service Director!

San slammed the phone done breaking into a couple of pieces, he cursed in his mind as the others ran through the open door. A couple of them were regular soldiers.

San: Inform the members of group X, I want them positioned on the outside of the city to give protection from the oncoming storm of invaders while the rest of you deal with the ones already inside the city. I will take the lead.

They left in a hurry, another important figure came through.

San: Inform Ashley that she is to postpone any action towards the enemy and to gather as much information as possible so that we can handle this situation more clearly. She is the only one I can think of that can maybe get into their minds. She isn’t to stay any longer then she must. Go now!

San tried to calm down.

Klark: San. The hell is going on.

San: Klark. Are you the only one who made it here?

Klark: No, Lily and Lilith are currently dealing with an army that’s attacking Omari District.

San: Zach?

Klark: Nowhere to be found?

Klark shrugged his shoulders.

San: Fuck sakes, he does that every time.

Luka: Don’t worry, I had Phantasia teleport the remaining allies with me.

Luka said, walking through the door first, behind her came.

Team Omari [Klark Delson, Adam Larson, Mana, Brian Alexander, Director Lyall, Len, Ahad, Arath, Queen Galaco, Little Queen Nora]

San: At least some of us have arrived to deal with this threat. It was sudden.

San took the remote from his desk and displayed a screen of post made attacks that struck before the timed attack on Panzer and the surrounding nations that back up Eilam.

San: They first attacked around the world before attacking us at the border. They reached us in under 15 minutes. That’s incredible fast. Too fast for anyone on earth to manage. So we can say for certain that we aren’t going to have an easy time taking them down. Here's the information I’ve gathered from what little resistance I’ve put up.

San changed the screen to another displaying a battle with the ground forces.

San: You notice the armour? Definitely not human. They seem almost, and pardon my offensive throw in here klark. Like Mini-Titans. Normal military weapons that have been constructed by Zion.

San looked at everyone seriously. Then switched the display again to both sides attacking each other. The only difference is that the invading side is completely immune to the projectiles thrown at them.

San: I was a bit thrown back by this development. That was 10 minutes before you arrived. Luckily I got a report stating that Zion was working on a prototype weapon. That was capable of dealing large amounts of casualties on their side. It’s working so far, but only because the weapon in question was made using a power that I signed for. Thank Ahad for that one.

Ahad: What can I say, I’m thinking ahead.

San: Not quite enough I’m afraid. These soldiers are far too advanced to deal with even with that weapon. And we don’t have enough...manpower to shield us from their carnage.

Klark: What the fuck San, aren’t you suppose to be a god yourself? Isn’t Panzer city suppose to have great defences.

San: I’m glad you think I’m some sort of icon for others to push towards. But it’s not that simple, the enemy is alien in nature. Something we were dealing with right now, but they attacked too fast, we weren’t even prepared for it.

Luka: I can take care of the soldiers. Group X along with my powered military army that I trained personally should be enough to deal with that. Though, dealing with them won’t give us an edge. There are thousands of them all over the world.

San: That’s the problem, we don’t have enough resources or strength to lend a helping hand. Much less give them our own when we cannot even defend our self.

Nora: There’s no need to worry.

Nora had her arms behind her head while speaking casually she seemed almost unaffected by what was going on.

San: Excuse me? Do you care to elaborate?

Nora unfolded her arms.

Nora: The Infinity Isle is your hope in this battle. You realise that it’s not just an Isle right? If you refer to what happened against Alyce. The Isle transformed to give Lily, Lilith and Aliya the advantage to fight Alyce from a distance.

San: could I…

Nora: Now what would happen if you reversed that action. And instead of having an offensive approach. You give it a defensive one. Some would say that a better defence is a better offence. Infinity Isle can give everyone strength to combat the opposing force. Thus winning you the battle.

Ahad: I do say that’s a possibility. I’ve looked into the Isle myself with the little time I had, and I’ve no doubt that it couldn’t do that. It’s possible. But with Zach…

Nora: Oh..I didn’t think of that.

Luka: It doesn’t matter, the Isle at this point is our only hope, we need people to figure it out without Zach, or until he arrives. Ahad you are best suited. So you make your way towards the Isle with Arath and make sure not to die, will you?

Ahad: Oh I’m sure this guy can protect me right?

Arath: ...I’m inclined to agree.

Galaco: What should the rest of us be doing San.

San: While there is certainly cause for us to attack their forces. Defending is getting us nowhere, and attacking leaves us open because we have no plan to predict what they’ll do. It’s too much to think about but we’ll have to wing it.

San said

San: Galaco. You are a healer, and a queen. I won’t ask you to stay, you have a kingdom to run. And your people are expecting you to protect them, but I ask you. Stay, and help us keep our borders open.

Galaco: Don’t worry San, I have my best working to help my kingdom. I’ll do what I can here.

San: Thanks.

Galaco: What can I do.

San: Do what you do best. Heal.

Galaco nodded, she left without hesitation, San pointed at the soldiers at the door.

San: Guard her. With your life.

San: Klark. Luka, do you think you guys could work together. Panzer is fine. But Tia and Samet are in trouble, if we aren’t expected to help them soon, they will be wiped off the map. Take whatever you need to deal with the enemy. Also Luka before you do go. Send your forces to help with everyone else. I can’t ask enough of you, but even with all the help. They’ll need more. I’m sure of it.

San said.

Luka: No problem. Let’s go Klark.

Klark: Take care San.

San: Who do you think you’re talking too.

Klark and Luka rushed out

Adam: San. I’ve spoken to the executives about the issue we are facing. But.

San: But they are ignoring us because they are too busy protecting the last Infinity piece. That selfish greed. I hope they die for it. It doesn’t matter. Adam, you are special in this battle. I’d like you to personally take the front lines and deal with the enemy directly. They won’t be expecting to face someone like yourself.

San stated

Adam: But they would be expecting to face Zach. If he showed himself.

Adam broke the ice, he knew exactly what these invaders were doing here. San had a theory, but to be honest he didn’t even want to leap on that.

San: If this invasion has anything to do with Zach or the past history in which Infinity was involved in. They I have no way of knowing if they can prevent matter dematerialization. But as far as I’m aware, leaders don’t reveal cards that earlier. These soldiers are grunts. They definitely have elites on board this invasion and they’ll have to reveal themselves eventually.

San answered

Adam: Am I to bait them out?

San: If you compare the both of us. I’d say you would definitely get their attention, but I’m not sure if they will just send a stronger pawn. Or just take the bait. I’m willing to bet they are prepared for anything. So they won’t risk using resources on someone who may be a little be strong to them--

Adam: San, What is this mentality. You are unsure, When have you been someone to provide orders based on a guess. I mean seriously. Am I going on a suicide mission or does this plan have any real importance other than using me to gain some sort of foothold?

Adam exclaimed

San: I get your doubt. But I wouldn’t ask something that breaks that line. Adam, as far as I’m aware. This is a well-planned assault. Look at where they attacked first. They were all military enforced places. They utterly destroyed them. A FEW. A FEW. Managed to survive and are holding out. But once they came to us, they switched their strategy. They attacked the borders and made their way. While ground forces managed to attack the streets and cities. Ships in the atmosphere took down our shields in less than a couple of minutes and ships hovering outside our borders and nations are merely firing upon us from a distance.

San moved away from Adam and looked at the destruction being caused from outside the window.

San: Let’s take into consideration what it would take to pull off an well-planned attack. Information. Somehow they managed to gain information of the shields layout. Simply destroying it with a powerful attack wouldn’t really work unless you were a god.

San stopped there, looking back at Adam.

Adam: I see. So they have someone incredibly powerful backing them up. They used this man to power their weapons. It makes more sense when you think of this way.

San: Gods don’t usually follow basic principles. Either you're alone. Or you’re not. Which leaves to another question. This attack was meant to be well prepared. Which means no real god was behind the design of the attack, sure the weapons are powered up, and their soldiers are deadly. But caution because if this was about Zach then they couldn’t well be reckless. That means this attack is a test. And there is no god among them. It’s correct to assume it’s a group and not a single individual. Which means your real purpose is not just being bait. It’s a vain attempt at second-guessing. I know what I’m doing. I’ve thought it through.

Adam nodded his head in defeat. He shouldn’t argue with San over this like he did.

Adam: Alright. Fine. You make a pretty fair point.

San: Yeah, well I do doubt myself sometimes. So if you're happy with this you may now leave. The frontlines. I’m sure you know where you are going. And be sure to give them hell.

San turned.

Adam: I’ll give them a nightmare

Adam smirked leaving the room.

San: Len. Protect this place from any harm. If we lose this place then we cannot hope to provide any information across the field to our teams and allies. Understood.

Len: Yeah…

Len was confused with all of this, but he understood one thing. Following orders and not questioning anything this time.

San: Go now.

San turned around towards the only ones left in the room, Brian, Mana, Nora and Lyall.

San: Mana, Brian, You both have incredibly important jobs. First Mana, you possess the power to see the future. You have somewhat mastered this ability. I want you to use it to provide future information for our side. Give us everything you find. Anything even if it’s a possible future. We need to predict what the enemy is going to do.

Mana nodded, she left towards where Len headed, which was the security room. Allowing her to provide this information to everyone directly from there.

San: Brian. I need you to find Zach. It’s beginning to annoy me that he is never anywhere to be found when we're in trouble. He was completely useless when Serenity showed up. And almost destroyed, I won’t allow him to parade around this time. Find him. At all costs. He is your son after all. Or what is left of that role.

San said

Brian: It shouldn’t be too hard. Astral projection is unique in finding anyone I like. If he is protecting by some sort of barrier it may be harder. But it shouldn’t take long. Mind if I sit.

San: Do what you need too.

San held his head and sighed. He looked at the door.

San: Now for Serenity.

San said lowly.


Alyce: It’s my father’s forces. I recognise the ships. They seemed to have attacked earlier than I thought.

Alyce said Zach, walked up towards her while she was distracted.

Zach: You know I’m not going to stick around after seeing this right.

Zach said openly

Alyce stuck a blade to his neck the moment he mentioned leaving

Zach smirked, having gripped her arm.

Zach: Which one of us is going down first?

Zach would absorb her power in seconds because of his potency for it. And she could probably slit his throat.

Alyce: I’d wager that it wouldn’t be any different.

Zach: Are you sure? I could easily protect myself from the blade. But you cannot do the same for me.

Alyce sighed in defeat. She lowered the blade from his throat. Zach also lets go as the two separate from each other.

Alyce: Go. I don’t want to see you again.

Zach: Don’t say that. I just started getting to know you better. I’m sure I can break that will of yours. You will eventually understand what your father is trying to do.

Alyce: Do you ever shut up?

Zach: What are you going to do now?

Alyce: I don’t care about them, I’d rather focus on saving my strength and continuing your training.

Alyce turned around and left him alone in the middle of the forest. Zach stared her off as she walked away. He glared at her with a smile, he seemed to have left an impression, but something's still wrong with her. Zach jumped from the ground to a tiny cliff staring off the destruction.

Zach: ...Huh?
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Chapter 25 - Overwhelmed
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