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 Chapter 26 - Fires Of War

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Chapter 26 - Fires Of War Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 26 - Fires Of War   Chapter 26 - Fires Of War EmptyMon Feb 13, 2017 1:31 am

Following the destruction towards Panzer, Klark and Luka made their way towards Tia and Zion Nations. The dropships and other enemy fighters were attacking it from mostly the sky. Zion and Tia were heavy fortified with the prototype weapon that caused a lot of damage to their ground forces so shortly before arriving, the ships were forced to attack them. The enemy's aircraft were far more armoured. Thus the weapon was ineffective against it. Leaving the ones controlling the weapon completely defenceless.

The Weapon has since ceased fire and has been left out in the open. Luka was planning to recover the weapon to maybe find a use for it later. Klark was covering her route towards it by taking out the remaining ships and having her forces deal with the surrounding ground forces. Although that alone didn’t give them much of a break. The both of them were back to back most of the way.

Klark: To the right, I saw him poking out.

Luka glared to her right before realising. She moved quickly to dodge the oncoming fire before unleashing a deadly attack destroying the cover and the man behind it. She jumped backwards away from him dodging several others. Landing dead in the middle. They fired upon her all angles, her movements were too fast for them to see, a couple of them shot each other. She picked off the rest with a medium size blast, tracking their movements like a homing rocket. They were annihilated.

Luka: Klark

Luka stood looking back as she noticed the ship coming in.

Klark was busying finishing off a group of enemies in front of him. The debris and smoke littered the field as he looked at her and then at the ship.

Klark: Hmph.

Klark froze time. Her point of view he appeared above the ship. He collided with it. He smirked before jumping up, throwing power into it blowing it up. He landed safely back at where Luka was located.

Klark: Nice work. I never thought I’d fight with the supposed mother of Zach. Not that, that title holds anything anymore considering his origins.

Luka: I liked to think I raised him. But if fate has it’s way then whatever.

Luka turned alerted by the army coming directly at them.

Klark: They aren’t going to give us anytime. Like seriously this is starting to piss me off.

Klark rushed ahead to take care of them. He charged powering his fist with deadly aura.

Luka noticed to the right a different enemy from the rest. He gripped his modified weapon, ambushing Klark. Klark wasn’t going to react in time.

Luka: Klark!

Luka waved her hand knocking him off balance. Klark noticed the soldier, he changed his position. He jumped almost flipping around, he used his other hand to whip another attack towards the trooper killing him. He flipped to slam his fist into the ground. Erupting the floor breaking it away. The army fell towards the abyss of darkness, standing to his feet.

Klark: Thanks for the save.

Luka: Oh…I thought you handled that nicely.

A massive attack was hurled towards them while they chatted. Klark froze time at the last second to push Luka far out of the way, she managed to keep balance as Time resumed. She realised the change as she stopped.

The attack hit the ground devastating the surroundings. The two were distracted by the large massive force ambushing the both of them from all angles.

Luka: Klark.

Klark killed a couple off before the attack continued. He dodged as best he could but the attacks were far more powerful than these soldiers could pull off, he couldn’t tell who was doing it, or if a ship from the outer atmosphere was doing this, but he had to pull away from Luka to prevent being killed.  Launching into the air, he noticed Luka running off into the distance.

Luka: Damn it, the attacker is nowhere…

Luka barely dodged the attack from behind her, she flipped kicking the guy into the floor. She realised Klark’s altitude.

Klark: Shit…

Klark was engulfed in the blast, he wasn’t able to dodge it!


San walked towards the room Serenity waited in, proceeding towards the holding area, an alarming amount of injured were stationed in the infirmary, distracted by the large crowd. He entered the room to witness, despite all that he does, he couldn’t even handle this much. An incredibly large amount of them lying down wounded, and damaged beyond all repair.

Galaco was seen healing all those she could, she couldn’t use her full power because she didn’t want to use up all her strength like she did for those at Omari District. She would become useless for the duration of the battle. San stood looking over the injured in a silent manner. It seemed like time slowed as he looked upon what he had feared from this outcome. This wasn’t fair, Zach’s Issues shouldn’t be their problems!

He raged at the thought for even thinking about betraying a potentially powerful ally. But Zach has shown time and time again that any enemy is usually after him, to bring such despair and suffering to the earth directly like this is far more damaging than what Little Queen, Himself and Alyce could ever do.

He held his anger inside as Galaco noticed his presence she stood to greet him.

Galaco: San, I’m doing all I can here, You must help out the city forces, they won’t be able to hold out much longer. Len informed me that I should expect more to heal, but this isn’t going to get any better.

San: Alright, thanks for telling me. Just keep the work up. I’ll be joining in a moment.

San turned and left, finally at the end of the hallway he reached Serenity. She had waited for him to arrived but had not acted to get up from her bed since the fighting began.

San: What exactly have you been doing.

San moved in front of her sharing a cold expression.

San: You clearly know exactly what's happening but remain to do nothing about it. What kind of goddess are you anyway?

San sounded furious. But with reason, he was in the right about this. But then again by universal law, he isn’t any better.

Serenity: I can’t tell you the reasons for my inaction, but I cannot take action in this.

San: Why can’t you!

Serenity: Because. I’m bound by the Infinity Spectrum--

San: Why does this always have to do with who's bound, and who can’t and that dam Spectrum. For once can someone do something for us? Instead of comparing their rules for a second.

Serenity: You aren’t any better yourself. You want me to fight for you. Because the enemy is too much for you to handle. That’s a bit selfish if you ask me. Can you not handle this with your own strength? Or must you insult all those you have helped by allowing a goddess to handle it for you?

Serenity’s words hit hard, and cold, she wasn’t aware of her aggression towards him, and frankly she didn’t care. San has been rude from the moment he laid eyes on her. It seems the stress has been getting to him, or. He simply dislikes the unknown of space. And what it rules are.

San: Damn I hate you all. It’s like our own world is not our own anymore. But that doesn’t matter whether you help or not doesn’t matter. I came here because I wanted to know your answer. And I hope you understand what you’ve done.

San said, he quietly left afterwards tightly tucking his shirt.

San: It’s time to stop delaying.

His body erupted into multiple forms of energy, like a rainbow, bundles of elements surged around him like a hurricane. His power rose and rose, stronger and deadlier than it ever had.

San then disappeared in a light of lightning towards the exit.


Brian stood to his feet feeling the pressure of San’s energy, he rushed towards the exit to see San standing in front of the door. He glared back at him as he stood there.

San: Have you located Zach yet.

San said calmly.

Brian: Yes, I may have figured out his location. To be honest, he’s pretty far away for someone who we’ve recently seen here.

San: Do whatever you must. I’ll take care of things here.

Brian raised his hands to speak, but he retracted his responses and merely sat in silence as the man in front of him soaked in pure power left him alone.

Brian: He unleashed his limiter…

Brian gripped his head, rethinking other thoughts.

Brian: Zach...what are you doing with Alyce.

He thought


The command centre shook from the blasting attacks from the outside, the soldiers around the building made their way inside. Len who was commanding the defences, was relaying orders to those who were at the lower parts of the building, his attempt wasn’t going so well, he lost contact with them, since then he has done the impossible by taking them on by himself while the others deal with the other side of the building hopefully they do just as good as he is right now.

Mana: Team 1, there are four coming your way, two from the hallway to the south, one coming from the elevator and the other one is following along the other two from the south. Wait two minutes let them in, and attack when the one from the elevator arrives. Deal with the last one accordingly. Team 2, there is a heavy trooper coming from the roof. He’ll attack using a heavy weapon that fires higher dense energy blasts. If you lure him towards the training room and get him into the middle the backup power core can fry him instantly, if you fired using the armour piercing rounds modified to deal straight through to the core.

Mana waited a second before struggling to talk to Len

Mana: Len! Eight enemies coming from the bottom floor, heavy armed troops. The risk is too high! I cannot find a way to deal with them.

Len smirked at her responses.

Len: Don’t worry, I’ve been training myself these past years.

Len’s eyes turned red afterwards, his power rocketed up for a brief second. His arms glowed in a densely covered aura. He powered his palm. The first armed trooper came around the corner. He waited until he fired, the attack stopped and bounced back at him. Killing the other armed trooper the attack knocked him back and distracted him long enough for Len to grip his head mask and break his skull from the force of his grip. The other five regular soldiers started firing. Len was gone in a puff of smoke. He killed the one that remained behind them all. He stole the gun from his hand firing it off in the hallway, two of them couldn’t dodge in time and were ripped apart. Two of which hide in response.

Len: You guys shouldn’t be so careful.

Len raised his hand to a detonator in his hand. A bunch of small c4 were planted underneath their feet. They didn’t notice it before, the explosion killed them off, he turned to radio in.

Len: All clear here.

Mana: Sheesh...I didn’t know you were that good.

Len: Zach beat me up a few times awhile back. I may have looked like a fool, but I eventually came around.

Mana: Get back up here. We have another problem

Len: Right away. Team 1 and 2 keep watch!


A trail of explosions formed along the street destroying the traffic lights, street buses and homes along the road and sidewalks. The fire stopped but resumed elsewhere in another location. The skyscraper tore and crack, tipping sideways into the smaller buildings down below. Fires of blue and ice shadowed the road below tearing passed and around each archway. Theo dropped to his feet. A fighter aircraft similar to a hydra in human terminology. The struggle between this aircraft was real, he managed to deal some damage his last attack broke its shields. But it has acted too fast since then.

Theo: Just try keeping up with this!

He fell to his knees, he slammed his palm into the floor of the earth reeling in wind, but it wasn’t his attack charged quickly shooting up from the depths of the surface.

Theo: Taste the coldest Fire. Ice-Fire.

The volcano-like attack shattered around the area giving no room for error, it tore into the bottom of the aircraft destroying into a million pieces. Theo huffed in relief. Ryuk stepped in, speeding Theo out of the way from a surprise attack from the group that followed him.

Ryuk: Can you pay attention we're not out of the battle yet.

Ryuk placed his sword in front of him.

Theo: Sorry, I was busy dealing with a painfully difficult aircraft.

Ryuk: That’s nice. Now let’s deal with these grunts.

Theo: Seriously, though.

Theo waved his hand creating a wall of blue-like fire. He moved to shield the attacks coming from the hill of debris the soldiers stood on.

Theo: Those aircraft's are too much.

Ryuk: Focus…

Ryuk deflected an attack. He attacked left decimating all of them on the right. He stood still looking at Theo who nodded at his persistent answers. He pumped his fist full of fire and dashed at the enemy. Ryuk sighed in relief and continued his assault.

Sosuke: Ryuk, Theo, you both handling well over there?

Sosuke spoke through the communication Bluetooth.

Ryuk: Yeah, we’ve dealt with the aircraft. We’re currently dealing with the rest of their forces that came from the north. How are things on your end.

Sosuke tried to answer but he was dodging a heavy troopers attacks like it was nothing, but long-term fights drain his stamina.

Sosuke: Not so well, Sella is busy dealing with a couple of guys, but shouldn’t take too long before she gets upset and just wrecks them.    

Theo: Fuck sakes, why does she have an emotional complex. I mean just release that pent up power of hers. She has that dangerous ability. This battle could have been so much simpler.

Sella: Theo...Why don’t you just shut up!

Sella raged on after hearing his declaration. She sized up her barrier engulfing the area. The soldiers began to melt. Armour was all that was left after her ramp up. She stormed towards the others.

Sella: Outta my way.

Sella forced her away through them all in rage, but

Sosuke: Sella before aircraft incoming!

Sella skitting across the ground noticing it at the last second the energy emission beam was already too close. Sosuke raced past her, the attack sliced him a bit before exploding upon impact, he smashed into the debris at the back of the building.

Sella: Shit, Are you alright?

Sosuke: Just a little --

Sella: Scratch. Like hell it is.

Sosuke kneel down in pain from the wound left behind.

Sella: Alright. Ryuk, Theo. Sosuke is down--

Sosuke: No, I’m good. I’ll be the decoy for it. You take out the pilot.

Sella: You sure about that? You aren’t gonna be able to go full speed.

Sosuke: That doesn’t matter, I’m useless then if I couldn’t manage that much.

Sosuke kneeled down to get a visual on it. He couldn’t see it but he could hear the sound of its engines. He pinpointed the location.

Sanno: It’s above you. A little bit to the left, it hasn’t noticed where you went. You have the surprise advantage.

San suddenly spoke up. She was standing an incredibly far distance away from the battle. She had to be careful, though, enemies lurked everywhere now. Unlike previous battles, this tactic is not going to work for the duration of the time. But she managed to find a good spot.

Sella: Thanks, Sanno.

Sanno: thank me after you finish it off.

Sella: Sosuke. How fast do you think you can go?

Sella asked

Sosuke: Fast enough for you to do deal with the pilot.

Sosuke stated

Sanno: You guys better have come up with a plan because I don’t think that aircraft is going to wait much longer.

Sanno said

Sella: Sosuke whatever you're planning to do now is the time!

Sosuke dropped to the floor in a runner position and launched himself forward he was gone in a flash. The sounds of the barrier of sound broke as he darted away. The aircraft noticed his movement.

Sanno: There is a problem.

Sosuke: It didn’t take the bait. Shit.

The aircraft began charging up it’s two front cannons that attacked earlier.

Sanno: Sella! You are in danger the energy output is different from before, the build up is too strong you need to get out of there.

Sosuke turned around and ran as fast as he could to get her out of there. The charge was building up more and more as time felt like strained in the moment. Sella rushed as quickly out of there as she could.

Sanno: Shit. Sella!

Firing off the high-powered energy beam, the building was annihilated, the raw power cut through the support of the building, smashing into the floor from the inside the building exploded from the inside. The debris spaced out all over the place as the rest of it collapsed. The Aircraft shifted its lock to Sosuke who was struggling to get his head around what just happened. He dipped to another building hiding behind the corner.

The aircraft fired off more attacks towards his location. Managing to dodge the attack he stumbles from the shockwaves hitting face first into the dirt. He was fairly exhausted with how the things were turning out. It really goes to show how advanced an alien species is when compared to humanity. Or not even that reality is truly real. What San spoke about was these people were capable of being gods. They received some cosmic blessing. Either in name or not, Alien or not. It doesn’t matter. If all creatures from space are like this. Earth will have a tough time dealing with threats in the future. If they even have a future.

Static rained over the communications.

Sella: Sosuke, get the hell up!

Sella suddenly reappeared speaking over the coms.

Coming from the other building behind the craft. She appeared with no scratches.

Sella: Don’t underestimate Cellular regeneration.

Sella jumped towards the ship gripping the metal bar from the bottom she carefully saw the pilot from the position she hung from. He erupted as well as those inside the aircraft it twisted around aiming towards the ground. Hitting the ground, skitting across the ground it came to a halt.

Sella: Seriously Sosuke, don’t get sulky because one of us manages to fall in battle.

Sella said Sosuke smirked at her careless attitude.

Sosuke: You gotta respect what we’ve been through.

Sella: Sheesh. Keep the sympathy to yourself. But thanks for earlier.

Sosuke: No problem.

He tightens his eyes as he looked around to make sure no more were nearby.

Sanno: You guys need to regroup with Theo and Ryuk. Rayne will be grouping up with us. San is heading towards the other groups to help fend off Panzer. We’ve been ordered to deal with the other areas.

Ryuk: Regarding that. Why are we not helping out on the front lines? We’ve got plenty of assistance from Luka’s Royal Force. They’ve been trained specially with powers like our own.

Sanno: San is trying to make Panzer a fortress allowing others in. It’s by far the bigger nation amongst the rest. Omari District and Queen Galaco’s Kingdom. The two aren’t comparable.

Sella: That’s not true. Her castle has been known to be a fortress itself.

Sanno: It’s debatable.


Ashley looking over the destruction from her position, she couldn’t believe what was going on out there. The world was in chaos, it's only a month at best and yet the peace they have achieved was lost so gone as fast as it came. She wasn’t sure what value her abilities held in this war. For that matter what value she's had since the moment she joined Group X

So far she’s just been following others, helping others. Using her abilities as a support role. She didn’t mind that. Sometimes, though, she lost faith in herself.

Phantasia: Ashley…

Ashley: You. You’re the Goddess Of Time, right?

Ashley said

Phantasia: Why are you asking all of a sudden.

She said walking up beside her. Gazing out the same window.

Ashley: I don’t really know, I’m just thinking. What purpose do I have right now?

Phantasia: San informed me. The enemy is tearing up the entire world. We don’t know anything about who they are. He’s hoping you can find out more from their side. By using your telepathy.

Ashley: Of course he wants me to do that.

Ashley said sluggishly

Ashley: What do you mean ‘We’. You probably already know who they are.

Phantasia: I’m not gonna pretend that I don’t know, but I cannot reveal that information. When you are already going to find out.

Phantasia as cryptic as she was, revealed the future for that moment. It was intentional but it meant that her ‘Purpose’ wasn’t for nothing.

Phantasia: Take care of yourself, Ashley. You’ll soon find out that your life is far more important than you make it out to be. Sometimes. Someone’s story isn’t quite revealed until the right time.

She vanished a second later.

Ashley: What’s that suppose to mean.


With the cannon fire coming from the dropships and other aircraft's coming and going through the skies along Omari District’s borders. Lily and Lilith found it hard to deal with the onslaught of enemies while dealing with those as well. Carefully directing the citizens that were crowded in one of the settlements that were set up when Omari was being reconstructed. The good news is that this part of the district is all that's left to evacuate. The bad news is that this settlement is much larger than the rest leaving a lot more room for error.

Lilith: Lily, Can you lend me a hand!

Lilith shouted, summoning a wall of water at freezing temperatures. The wall of ice shattered as the attacks collided with it. She moved out of the way of the falling ice blocks. Backstepping towards Lily’s location.

Lily: Do you think I can do both at once.

Lily said carrying Layla. She had her arm around her to give her support.

Galaco healed plenty of people when she nullified the effects of the curse. But most people who were killed had a strange exhaustion. Most likely from being revived improperly, to begin with. Or the damage to Omari District that caused so many deaths in the first place could also have been the reason. The bigger the damage the harder the outcome. Whichever the cause for it was, Galaco’s influence was more than enough for everyone. Unfortunately, that didn’t come with its issues, as more than just Layla had the issue so while getting everyone out and to safety, it was a lot harder.

Lilith: I think you could at least try to stop them from getting closer. I’m a single person here.

Lily closed her eyes in frustration

Lily: Where do you get off saying that. You got some nerve. You didn’t exactly show much concern for yourself earlier when you decided that it was alone your responsibility to protect everyone that was afflicted.

Lilith: Seriously? You still mad at that.

Lilith turned as they were preparing to launch another attack. This time though I don’t think she’ll have an easier time dealing with it. As couple more of them appeared in sync with each other to get rid of them for good.

Lilith: They aren’t playing nice this time.

Lily: If those hit were done for we have too--

Lilith: They is no time for that. I guess I have no choice. I’ve made the mistake using this before.

Lilith’s icy aura embodied her appearance as her energy output began to increase.

Lily: What will increasing your-- You aren’t thinking of doing that are you?!

Lilith: Do not speak

Lilith was harsh with her words. It seemed she had been mentally preparing for the time where she was willing to trust in her power like this. The pain seemed to be imprinted on her face, but more so on Lily, as she seemed to know what she had planned.

She whipped around to glare at them both, and somehow they were paralysed by her stare. She had icy blue eyes that seemed to freeze them in their tracks, staring into their soul and reading their mind.

Lilith: Just sit there and look pretty. Or run, whichever you prefer.  

After a few seconds, she turned around again and stared back at the enemy. Lily quickly withdrew her hand and avoided looking at her entirely.

Lily: Whatever you don’t die.

Lily picked up Layla again and moved on as Lilith stayed behind, she glanced to the side of her without moving her head or body as she noticed them leaving. She didn’t bother giving it much thought and returned her focus back. She had to somehow deal with the enemy's aircraft the only problem is that with more of them focusing on her it would be hard to block all three of their attacks easily, or at all for that matter. Added firepower, she could probably take one or two of them at best.

Lilith: Guess I can’t think up anything right now, here they come.

With a little effort, she disappeared leaving a trace of icy cold particles like snow behind she raced dodging their initial attack, following her closely not giving her any time to prepare an attack they rained fire on her.

Lilith: You guys are spicy.

Lilith slid across the rough dirt surface littered with debris, the attacks came closer and closer until she was engulfed. The smoke cleared, her appearance shattered like Ice.

Lilith: Too bad I deal in the cold variety.

Lilith appeared from atop a building in the distance. A block of ice scattered across the sky. On her command she signalled them, firing them all towards the distant aircraft's, a few missed as they dodged and manoeuvred out of the attack.

Lilith snapped her fingers as another wave came towards the second one, it dodged immediately snapped her fingers again a wave appeared in front of it knocking it off course smashing into the building, followed by a massive explosion. The other one distanced itself more preparing for another round.  

Lilith: Oh well, that ended quickly.

Lilith glanced at the other one coming fast towards her. She moved her hand up and flicked her finger forward a shard of ice with incredible speed pierced the armour killing the pilot he barrels rolled smashing into the ground.


Luka: Klark..

Luka diverted her course but was stopped by the oncoming enemies. She stepped and stopped, she had to leave him behind else be vaporised, the enemy this time was different somehow. She was clever, whoever fired on him did not care for her since the attack stopped. So they were probably not going after her, but Klark.

Luka glared in the direction that the explosion was, she seemed convinced that Klark had survived. A man who lived through several or a dozen of nuclear bombs would not be killed by something like that.

Luka stepped back and jump in the opposite direction to divert the enemy to her so that Klark would get the less of it. It worked, but she also needed a clear path for her forces as they approached. Attacking from behind they rained fire on the enemy without remorse. Luka smirked as she travelled along. She had a certain destination.


Aliya was watching the screens carefully, with only a few glances before they disappeared out of her sight, she turned back to Phantasia. Her mother left awhile ago. As the effects of space-time travel is hefty on a person body. With her current situation she would have collapsed.

Aliya: Now that my mother left, could you please continue. What is the Machina Ritual? What purpose did it serve?

Aliya said hovering in the mirror dimension

Phantasia: A long time ago, the Larson family was at war with another family. To battle their foe the Larson began a special project when an individual was discovered carrying the power to ‘Enhance’ his own abilities, or power.

Aliya wasn't surprised with what Phantasia said, as there have been many people so far that have been capable of such a feat.

Aliya: It's not the first time I've seen it. Zach, and Alyce have been shown to display such an ability.

Phantasia nodded at her words

Phantasia: Yes. But, this person was unqiue. When you compare Alyce's energy manipulation, and compare it to Zach's current ability to absorb. The two function the same. albeit with a few differences. Alyce can only manipulate and take the energy from a person. However, the energy in question is what's taken. and nothing else. Zach's is more advanced. and steps onto the other side of the scale. He can steal, share, and take any kind of energy he wants. Matter included, stamina, energy, life force. You cannot escape the fate of someone who can absorb the fundamentals of reality.

Phantasia explained, she turned the pages to the next part of the timeline, where a man had clearly been experimented on. His blood extracted with elements of purity in them.

Phantasia: However, you wouldn't place his ability with theirs. He could enhance the ability a power functions on.

Phantasia turned back to see Aliya's shock.

Aliya: Are you saying..

Phantasia: If he were to use his power on you. A God of Earth. With your exceptional earth power. He could make it so you could manipulate the whole planet, and even others without being near. The aspect of your power will change. Instead of being able to control the fundamentals of the world. You could bend the entirety of them to your own. But, even you have a limit. Your power is tied to an element, and without the specific element you cannot do anything.

Aliya: Nevertheless, have such power would make me capable of anything. Manipulation of the entire earth. Is that even possible

Aliya's twitched as she squinted her eyes in another direction.

Phantasia: Indeed. look.

Phantasia turned showing a scene of history

Phantasia: A particular scientist had an idea to exploit this man's ability to enhance everyone else's power.

Phantasia: Early in the project, they decided to test their research on test subjects. These subjects were originally on animals, to see if the effects were, could I say exactly as they theorised. Needless to say, they were correct. The effect of the man's power created a more enhanced version of the predator then it was.

Phantasia waved her hand switching the era of history.

Phantasia: 5 months later. They moved onto Human subjects.

Aliya: Human.

Phantasia: Everything was going good until they raised the dose of experiments. Some did not make it, as their bodies were capable of handling the enhancement. Some excelled in their field, some changed completely and others just went mad and tried to kill everyone. Though there was one man, who did all three. A single person grew in power, changed and went insane from the dose.

Phantasia: His name...was Roland
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Chapter 26 - Fires Of War
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