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 Chapter 27 - Those Invaders

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Chapter 27 - Those Invaders Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 27 - Those Invaders   Chapter 27 - Those Invaders EmptySun Mar 05, 2017 1:48 am

San stepped forward down the road wind in his hair, sweeping against his uniform causing it to wiggling widely, he had developed an enormous storm above Panzer. His hair soaked and risen up from all the pressure hitting him. Treading the concrete road slowly.

He walked past the bodies of fallen allies and soldiers alike, Luka’s and his own forces managed enough to push them back but it seemed futile for them to continue this level of strategy against an unknown enemy so he was prepared to give it his all this time.

He stopped suddenly, sweeping around the corner like a bee, the aircraft made itself known along with a mass of enemies on the ground. He stood calm and unnerved as he shared a glare at them, his eyes cold as always. But this time they seemed more furious than stern.

San: I was wondering when you’d send reinforcements.

San paused as he looked at them one at a time, he gave a little sigh at the sight, before opening his eyes again.

San: Is that all?

Enemy Captain: ATTACK!

A bolt of lightning struck the ground destroying the earth underneath their feet.


Following the destruction of previous battles, bolts of lightning were thrown left and right, along with the wind..the storm seemed to both benefit them.

Fai: Holly you alright?

Fai blocked the armoured enemy. He jumped and kicked down around the back of his knee dropping to the floor. Lightning contacted his mask, cracking and breaking upon impact.

Holly: Quite.

Holly pushed forward blowing all of those in front of her off the side of the mountain to their doom.


An enemy was killed from behind, Holly turned to see the man on the ground, electrified.

Fai: Saved.

Holly: Thanks.

Fai: Where did this guy's even come from. And what..has happened to everything.  

Fai stretched to look a bit harder in the direction, smoke and enemy airships were causing major damage, from what he saw, but it seemed the centre of the smoke was more focused on Panzer city’s side.

Fai: I think San is fighting over there.

Holly: We’ll need to join them we can’t--

The moment she tried to finish her sentence more enemies came rushing towards them even more powered up than before. It seemed this batch were specially designed

Holly: How?! The barrier.

Fai looked towards his family's manor to witness the elder being held by one of the men.

Fai: Elder Molan!

Molan: Sorry Lord Fai..They seemed to have gotten in somehow--

Soldier: Shut your mouth!

Fai stood frozen trying to think of a way to prevent yet another massacre.

Fai: How is it that they even knew this placed exist. Even if it was an invasion it should have been impossible..unless-- I’m not going to lose any more of my family

Fai lowered his body instinctively holding the ground he disappeared and reappeared behind the soldier, he flipped kicking the man into the distance trailing with electricity around him.

Fai: You alright Elder.

Fai said standing up to his feet.

Molan: Thanks, but the rest of them are being held captive over there.

Molan pointed

Fai: Thanks. You get to safety I shall not let any more of us die. Holly, we're going!

Fai for a moment sped up his perception zipping around taking out the rest of the enemies in front of them.

Fai: Let’s go

Holly: R-right.


Following the previous events that occurred along Panzer’s borders, Group X finally gathered up along with Rayne, and San.

Sanno: Rayne, you have finally arrived?

Sanno stood up as she sensed his power, along with another. San Panzer the leader has finally arrived onto the battlefield along with Rayne. The tipping point of this struggle was finally going to be put into action.

Sosuke: Captain!

Sosuke rushed up, trailing behind him, were the rest of them, the only one Sanno who was stationary at her current location.

Sanno: We better make this quick Captain, the enemy is reinforcing their efforts at the front lines. I sense a powerful energy over there.

San glanced at the direction that Sanno was located in.

San: I’m aware, That right now is Adam, he is holding them back for now. Our job is a bit more complicated.

San took something out from his pocket and threw it to each of them, while originally confusing they were all shocked by what he had given them.

Sella: You cannot be suggesting--

San: I am, it is now time for you all to reveal yourselves to these invaders.

San sighed at their response for the moment giving them time to share their moment in silence.

Sanno: You’d actually consider using Awakening? This must be serious.

San nodded at her words

San: I’d like to have kept it a secret longer, but that is no longer going to happen. You will all take that inject. This will release the particles that have been suppressing your abilities for the past couple of years. But before you do allow me to share with you the plan.

“So far what we have gathered is that the enemy has sectioned up their entire forces throughout the entire planet, all over the world each major city, town, and military structures are being attacked. So places have more threat levels than most, our nation is one of those. Adam is going to lure whoever is commanding the forces, Ashley is going to steal information from them, our other allies are providing resistance against the forces attacking the surrounding districts. They have provided enough of a force to push us into a corner, but that is exactly where their mistake is. They have concentrated solely on us while the rest of the world gets less of the blow. So listen carefully, this is what we are going to do.”

San: Understood? This type of plan implies that you don’t get delayed by the enemy forces. Otherwise, we’ll be out of sync for what happens next. Timing is everything right now and I don’t expect failure. Not that I will have any time to shout out any of you for it, but then again the enemy will accomplish that for me won’t they.

San said with an intimidating expression

San: Rayne, you’ll be the first to release your power, use awakening only after you arrive at the intended position. Give everyone time to get into position. Though that doesn’t mean you have to wait for the right time, your job is to give everyone the power they need to endure this. You are solely the success this plan has. Don’t fail.

San turned to look around the area for a moment to see if any enemies were lurking nearby.

San: It’s time


Fai and Holly flew across the sky at increasing speeds, down the mountain towards the crowd of soldiers in the distance along with his captive family. He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth upon seeing this for the second time.

Needless to say, he wasn’t going rage out losing sight of what’s truly important. He’s lost family before, and although he has gone through this rage before he does not intend to think the same way as before, irrational thinking gets us nowhere.

Arcing up with intensities, Holly flew in along the side, twisting and flipping her body around and slamming her power into the side of the soldiers like a hammer of wind. Alerted to their presence by surprise Fai landed furiously conducting tremendous of electricity wiping out the remaining forces in the front, all that remain were the ones surrounding his family.

Fai clenched his fists up, engulfed in intense electricity

Fai: You will not destroy my family!

Holly who stood next to him held his hand in unison to his words. Both of them powered up with combined powers of Lightning and wind shared both properties. Realising the fact the soldiers were prepared to fight but were knocked off their feet with the huge tornado showering above them from the sky. Like a hurricane, power winds surged alongside electrified air, all but the family were affected.

With the wind subsiding and returning to normal, the enemies were completely destroyed. It was clearly a one-sided battle.

Fai: Are you all alright. I’m glad I made it in time.

Fai said releasing them.

Dema: Thanks, But Fai careful, these soldiers were taking some kind of orders from someone!

Dema called out,

Fai: What?

Tiny long distance made blast came horizontally from the sky piercing through Holly, shocking the others.

Holly still standing unaware of what just occurred slowly stared down at her stomach, where blooding trailed down, she stares back up towards them, while holding her open injury, she quickly fell to her knees coughing up blood.

Fai who had glanced eyes wide. He clenched his teeth tightly once again. Leaping from his position he quickly shortens the gap between them. He made she didn’t hit the ground holding her in his arms as he scanned her injury, it’s not fatal, but she’ll die if she isn’t treated quickly, he turned his attention towards the direction of the blast, acting solely on instinct he activated his power to snuff out whoever it was who attacked.

He was slow to notice it before, just barely dodging the next attack that came from behind them, while carrying Holly in both hands he ended up in front of the group looking down at the person responsible.

Fai: Damn it. Holly please just hang in there!

Fai stared at her injuries more and more. And quickly started losing himself, Holly reassured him of his emotions trying to calm him down. She smiled at him before pointing over at the man who attacked them.

???: It seems she understands the position you're in.

The man hovered to the ground landing perfectly, he held himself pretty high as he spoke, crossed arms and smirk to match.

Viktor: The names Viktor.

Fai: Okay? And just what the hell do you want?

Fai said

Viktor: Isn’t it obvious? I’m here to kill you. Well, I’m here to both of you. As well as them, if needed. But considering the current situation. They’ll probably have to die as well.

Viktor answered, he didn’t even hesitate with his words, his expressions were quite clear as far as Fai could tell. Wearing a formal-like attire, white with golden trims, long golden hair, sharp eyes, and horns. His aura was white in Fai’s whites, which was probably because he uses his own aura to attack.

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He was glad that these eyes made it clear of which power people held, but identifying his strength is difficult. He was able to break through Holly’s defence like it was nothing. His eyes hold a lot of power, which Fai took as a hint. This man was dangerous.

Glancing back and forth between him and his family he disappeared behind them, laying Holly carefully so they could look after her.

Fai: I guess I shouldn’t delay this any longer.

Fai walked through them, back at the front facing Viktor head on.

Viktor: Pff

Viktor laughed out loud barely able to contain himself hearing what Fai just said.

Viktor: You cannot be serious. You may be Deity of this planet. But you don’t really hold much against me. That being said, I won’t judge you by playing arrogant I’ll fight you. If you are insistent on dying so much.

Fai: I’d like to test that myself.

Fai stated giving Viktor a fierce look.

Viktor: Ha--

Interrupted by Fai’s hand upon his face, lifting him off the ground, he launched away with him gripped in his hand towards the other side of the mountain. Viktor being surprised by the fact, hit the ground hard leaving a crater upon impact.

Viktor rose to his knees as he held his hand in front of his face, trying to understand how that just happened.

Viktor: This is impossible. How did he do that so fast?

Viktor looked up, Fai looked around trying to adjust himself to the location he chose.

Viktor: You surprised me there.

Fai: I said I wanted to test that. Remember?

Fai glanced

Viktor: That’s right. But like I told you. I won’t judge you completely. Don’t expect to catch me off guard so easily again--

Viktor stopped the lightning-fast punch from Fai.

Viktor: You clearly don’t listen do you?

Viktor said, flicking his arm away.

Viktor: Come on, why don’t you try again. I’ll gladly give you a proper fight if you are capable actually harming me. Otherwise, why would I waste my time.

Fai: I thought you said you weren’t going to act arrogant.

Viktor: That’s right. But you do realise what that means right?

Fai: I’d say you are completely underestimating me right now.

Viktor: Am I? We’ve yet to test out that theory.

Viktor closes his eyes half way, before closing the distance between them. Fai raised his arms up to block, but Viktor was gone. Knocking him forward with blunt force Fai was sent into the ground, blood trailing from his forehead. Proceeding to get up Fai looked frustrated at his lack of ability to see that attack. Wiping the blood from his forehead.

Viktor: You see? I’m not being arrogant when I say try to at least cause me harm. There are things here called claiming and backing up my statements aren’t there? Try to keep yourself on the same page. I said I wouldn’t underestimate you. I never said I couldn’t back up my words. So from here on out try to be a little less like a moron and find a way to convince me that your so-called power isn’t worth underestimating.

Viktor stood with one arm out, while the other remained hidden behind his back.

Fai: It seems I mistook you for the regular enemies that I’ve fought in the past.

Viktor: That’s a mistake you’ll regret later. I’m an open minded individual. I don’t mind making a pass at you. But don’t fire at me about that if you cannot back up your own claims.

Fai stood silently, closing his eyes in front of Viktor. He seemed to be preparing to attack him.

Viktor: Well--

Leaping forward viciously, Fai began attacking Viktor at rapid pace, one after the other. Viktor didn’t put much effort to evade, slipping through each attack, every punch. Fai kicked high. Stepping out of the attack, he landed forward and tried to change the direction of the attack backwards, but it missed as well.

Viktor jumped backwards, Fai followed suit, launching several regular lightning attacks directed at him. Again they missed. Landing on the ground, Fai tried to pull off a flying kick. Viktor dodged backwards, kicking the ground and impacting it with force creating a tiny crater.

He pushed his hand forward shortly afterwards throwing out a bolt of lightning. Viktor was confused, that nothing came out. Until he realised the attack was created from the clouds above him. This time, it seemed like he tried to dodge as quickly as it came. He managed to barely, with a few volts going through him.

Viktor: Impressive that you can control the clouds to create lightning for you. But that’s a bit of a problem now, isn’t it? With so many attacks to deal with. Don’t you have quite the advantage?

Fai: Is that so?

Fai stood up straight, catching his breath for another attack, he seemed to pump his eyes out as several attacks came crashing down, he threw out some of his own as well trying to limit Viktor’s movement as much as possible, as well as his exceptional dodging skills.

Fai: Dodging is easy, If you want me to be any kind of harm how do you propose I do that when you run away so much!

Fai punched the ground electrifying it for several of seconds. With all the remaining attacks becoming bothersome. Viktor finally pulled out his power to destroy them midway.  

Viktor: Fighting is Fighting, but you are a bit misinformed about one thing. I’ve never run away from anything. You think I’m dodging. But that’s completely untrue.

Viktor laid out Fai with this reveal.

Fai: What?

Fai questioned.

Viktor: I’ve taken all of your attacks Fai, I’ve just simply ignored them. It’s one of my more defensive abilities. I can just simply ignore whatever you throw at me. So before you think I’m running away do try to understand which of those are really correct.

Fai: Attack ignoring? This isn’t going to be easy any longer.

Fai thought

Viktor: You seemed almost defeated now that you know this. Surely you aren’t thinking of running away yourself.


Zach: It seems they aren’t holding back at all. Everything is already in ruins.

Zach was overseeing the area from a large mountain that he drew closer to once he left Alyce alone. Thinking about it a bit more he thought it probably wasn’t a good idea to leave her behind on her own like that. She may try to attack his friends. But he trusted her. She still couldn’t pose much of a threat at the moment without first fixing that issue she has with her own power.

Zach: I didn’t think you’d come find me. But I’m glad you did. Father.

Zach turned greeted with Brian. His dad, Brian Alexander. Although not much of a father anymore due to the reveal of Zach’s true origin. It’s still within the right to have the father title considering where this Zach came from.

Brian: You’ve been with Alyce this whole time.

Zach was shocked to learn that Brian knew where he had been.

Zach: I see, so you saw through Astral projection. That would work against her barrier she placed considered it’s a different realm. One that mirrors ours.

Brian: Why? She’s an enemy not only that she probably has something to do with this invasion.

Zach nodded

Zach: In fact she does have something in common with this issue.

Brian: She does?!

Zach: Yeah, the ones who have attacked are a part of her Father’s forces who apparently have been travelling to Earth. Though she’s surprised that they came early. And besides, Alyce is slowly changing. That is why I’ve been with Alyce.

Zach said

Brian: And you just believe she’s capable of change? You always take it upon yourself to turn everyone into an ally. Alyce will definitely not atone for anything she’s committed, and I highly doubt she just going to hang up on killing you simply because you want to help her or something. I don’t know what you even said to her.

Zach scratched his head, It seems he was being scolded for doing something wrong.

Zach: I don’t recall being a child anymore. And also, There are ways for Alyce to change. You, like everyone, have failed to realise what those are. Unlike everyone they don’t know the history we share. She’s one of the ones I’ve learned that's a part of the War that happens along time ago. Ironically I’ve found out she is more of a pawn in this game then she wants to believe. So I want to help her see.

An explosion broke the ice between them for a second, Zach lowered his head before glancing behind him.

Zach: Anyway, It looks like we’ll have to go back. I’ve convinced Alyce to let me go help everyone. So you can’t stop scolding me for now and save it for a more appropriate time.

???: I finally managed to find you, Zach.

Atop a large rock a man with long red hair stood, with his claw-like hands and fallen angel look, white wings chained up. To his black designed outfit.

Zach: Who are you?

Zach asked

Beelurus: Beelurus.

Zach: No one I’ve ever heard. So you must be apart of this invasion.

Beelurus smirked at Zach’s realisation

Beelurus: That’s right. Haha, I’ve going to enjoy this.

Beelurus’s smile grew wickedly

Zach: I guess you have no problem with giving your name away either.

Zach said

Beelurus: Why would I, it’s just a name. Besides I’m more interested in you. The almighty Infinity. Or should I just call you Zach? Such a weak name. Why did you ever bother changing it?

Zach: Wasn’t my choice, and what about you ‘Beelurus’ What moron named you?

Beelurus: Careful. You don’t want to test--

Zach: Careful!? You must be joking. You came here. To stand in front of me, don’t you recall I’m Infinity.

Zach suddenly interrupted which shook Beelurus a little. For a short time, he was a bit startled but remained unaffected

Beelurus: It’s just a title now. Infinity. You aren’t as powerful as everyone says you are.

Beelurus rose to his feet. And jumped down in front of him.

Beelurus: You are, not as I expected. But our job here is simple as one of my group would say. I’m here to kill you. So why don’t we just get on with this?

Beelurus stopped walking about.

Zach: Brian. You need to go.

Brian: Why. I can help you.

Beelurus: Just leave you, stupid human. This fight isn’t going to concern you.

Zach: Just go, Brian. I got this!

Zach and Beelurus lunged at each other.
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Chapter 27 - Those Invaders
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