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 Phantasia (Goddess Of Time And Space)

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Phantasia (Goddess Of Time And Space) Empty
PostSubject: Phantasia (Goddess Of Time And Space)   Phantasia (Goddess Of Time And Space) EmptyMon Jun 26, 2017 7:06 pm

Name: Phantasia

Age: Unknown

Affiliation: Nero, Time Codex

Role: Time Keeper

Description: Phantasia is one of the three known Time keepers of the universal order, she protects time and space from any who wish to do it harm. Protected by the strongest of them all, Nero, the first and guardian of the Time Codex and Keepers.

The Time Codex is an extremely powerful universal entity, it's will is not sentient, but is very much alive. it's actions are affected by resulting time related occurence. As such, if an action causes destruction to time, or space it will harm, warn, or foreshadow events before they happen to persuade any from commiting said action. Otherwise it won't do anything but protect those it deems worthy. three such individuals have been deemed, such as Phantasia and Nero. Nero is the literal keeper of the Codex itself and as such remains completely and utterly immortal. His existences is Absolute and cannot be erased no matter what. Phantasia's status is protected by the Codex merely on a mutual basis, her existence is secure but not sound. She can stop herself from being erased and can sense almost anything time and space related, but cannot stop herself from powers over her limit. However if time distorted in a major way, those tasked to fix it will remained bound and cannot be killed.

Young Appearance Before Universal Affiliation (Inflicted stage)

Phantasia (Goddess Of Time And Space) A94422d1641ce706aeb59385ecbfa918

Normal Form As seen with everyone.

Phantasia (Goddess Of Time And Space) 57b245d925361f481b0aec653f9bb2d6681b48e4_hq

Older Appearance (Goddess Of Time) (True Form)

Phantasia (Goddess Of Time And Space) C99354433d23403969bd4ba044e2ee89

Older Appearance (Goddess Of Time Awakened True Form)

Phantasia (Goddess Of Time And Space) B71837a1435f11cb9e11f6779064552b

1500000+ Year old Phantasia Appearance

Phantasia (Goddess Of Time And Space) 481c3cf4edc2fc6a70a2022a639b4da6
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Phantasia (Goddess Of Time And Space)
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