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 Chapter 28 - Revelations, Betrayal to the Invasion!!

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Chapter 28 - Revelations, Betrayal to the Invasion!! Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 28 - Revelations, Betrayal to the Invasion!!   Chapter 28 - Revelations, Betrayal to the Invasion!! EmptyMon Jun 26, 2017 10:35 pm

Klark's House - Fai VS Tenshi

Chapter 28 - Revelations, Betrayal to the Invasion!! 50da21fe08219c0aa739d047bfc8a42d

Aliya was poking around Klark's house as he was searching for Fai. She took the picture out of one of Klark's drawers and observed it with a concerned look on her face. She wondered who the person in the photograph was.

She flipped the photo over, And saw a name on the back in script


Aliya: Oh no.. Who is this girl? Her skin is flawless.... She's perfect... TOO perfect.. I knew it.. I was lied to all along, Clearly theres someone else.. This is why he's being unusual lately..

A tear flowed down her cheek as she threw the picture into the air and walked out, swinging the door weakly, failing to close it all the way.


Back to present day.

Klark was engulfed in the blast, in the smoke he puts up an aura and he uses the Negativum transformation to nullify the damage. In doing so, an arc of black and white plasma forms protecting his body showing off a fancy little light show.

Luka: Klark!

He raises his head abruptly as he tries to make contact with the enemy, slowing his process of time like a god and all.

Klark: That was no ordinary attack!!

Klark gasped as he was broken, turning his head he gets his face pulverized by a mysterious fist and crashes into the ground..


Klark hits the mud and groans within impact. Instantly after, he's shifted by some sort of magic and is rag dolled into standing again with his hair being pulled on by the enemy levitating in place!

Klark's immobilized!

Ave: You've come a long way haven't you?

The voice was familiar.. straightforward and seductive, it literally brought a shock into Klark's heart, Ave pokes him in the back with her finger gently.. and lets go of his hair respectively pushing him back into a casual stand off.

Chapter 28 - Revelations, Betrayal to the Invasion!! Big_thumb_8ece39b4665b7d57728422a7f80f2efa

Klark: Ave? By god.. Why are you here? What happened to you?!

Ave: Many things.

Klark was answered passively, the tension is profusely building

Klark: Why did you attack me?

Ave: ...

Klark: Please Ave.... Forgive me.. Please! I just can't go on with this burden!! I wanted nothing but to be with you, and I just missed you so much..

Luka: What the hell is going on?

Ave: Yeah okay no, I already told you no. You'll just have to accept it.

Klark: But I have!! It's been so long now.. I'm sorry if I ever hurt you, lets move on from this!

Luka interrupted this time..

Luka: Seriously? Stop wasting your time she is possessed! She's corrupted by Satan herself!

Klark nodded his head sarcastically

Klark: No she was my best friend growing up, before being god and all.. And she was uhh-

Ave: Wow.

She waved her hair, a string covered in blood came out of her chest and hung loosely as if it was severed and ready to suck blood.

Luka's eyes widened as she sensed a satanic energy.. She stared her deep within Ave's fiery eyes and she blinked once..... They glistened and the entire battlefield set on flames around Klark and Ave..

Luka: Impossible..

The string extended outward to Klark's reach

Ave: Hmph. It isn't over yet.

Klark: You sold your soul.. and sealed it away....

She ignored him, He witnessed the worst, A breathing emotionless human he deeply cares about down and out just suddenly being a demon.

Klark: ((You just...-))

Klark stuttered in his thoughts


The string penetrated his heart instantly as if a snake slithered inside, He squirmed a little bit in pain as the satanic blood entered his aorta. On the insides he was mutating, and struggling in pain slowly.

Weakening in the legs he drops on his knees in shock..

Ave: I am in control. So now it's time for you to give in to my will.. Maybe I have some feeling for you after all.

She says with a calm smile on her face..


Pt.1 I'll post the other another time lol.. feel free to do what you got to do, Zach needs to be prepared to help soon..

Chapter 28 - Revelations, Betrayal to the Invasion!! Naruto_signature
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Chapter 28 - Revelations, Betrayal to the Invasion!!
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