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 Chapter 29 - What's This All For!

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Chapter 29 - What's This All For! Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 29 - What's This All For!   Chapter 29 - What's This All For! EmptyTue Jun 27, 2017 12:13 am

Brian was skipping across the ground creating distance between the echoes of battle that laid behind him. He shared the thought to look behind him to see how Zach was doing against the man but needed to first create a bigger gap between them so that he didn’t get caught up in it. He knew how strong Zach was, and considering the person he is fighting is from outer space there’s no doubt that he is also no the same level if not more, therefore he couldn’t be anywhere near them risk being killed himself.

All this though just made him more annoyed.

Beelurus swept his arm downward with his large overgrown claws that are far bigger than they appeared from before. Zach with timely reaction gripped his arm preventing it from moving.

Beelurus: You seem very well done. Aside from not being who you once were. You can keep up with me. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

Beelurus attacked using his other hand, who held the same appearance, Just missing Zach’s skin, his shirt and jacket were shredded along though as he stepped back out of range of Beelurus.

Beelurus: I’d be disappointed then if you couldn’t at least do that much.

He said

Zach: Do you always talk a lot in battle or is this just a special occasion. I don’t really care how much worth I am too you. You and whoever else you are here with are destroying that which I protect. I’m not just going to hold back in front of you.

He answered

Beelurus: Haha!!

He began laughter hysterically

Beelurus: That’s such bullshit. Everytime we connect I feel that you have a lot more strength in you. I’ve been holding back myself. So don’t feel ashamed to say you have as well.

Zach: …

Beelurus: I get it. I do. You want to save your stamina, for something big. But I must say that is pretty naive. You aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. So you might as well try giving it your all. Otherwise I may feel a bit insulted.

Beelurus slashed at him with a bit more punch from before, Zach guarded just in time otherwise that would have ended this fight.

Zach: He’s gotten faster!

He thought, Beelurus’s attitude wasn’t just talk, his bark is less than his bite. But he knew that this wasn’t all he had in him, which made it worse for him. He hasn’t gotten used to his own abilities. Fighting full force against him would be a bad idea if he doesn’t figure out Beelurus. His power is odd, his hands are claws, and they grew bigger when the fight began. But as far as that goes, he has no clue what ability he has. Other then his own strength.

Beelurus: Enough talking. Let’s continue shall we?

He spoke. Taunting Zach with his huge claws that appeared more intimidating than before, If he wanted to learn more about this guy, If this gets out of hand he won’t be able to hold back.


Sitting lonesome atop the building, in the distance San vaguely sensed the dangers that awaited him on the battlefield, he could feel the intensity that engulfed from his position, it was struggling, it winded his soul and left him scared. There was a poison in the air, not any actual poison, nothing that would be lethal either.

Though something that could be felt that could almost be lethal, it was anxiety, San wasn’t always fierce, or calm, he hides himself under his responsibilities. A sense of duty, he has to be strong for others to rely on him, so that they can be strong.

But these emotions were left with an aching feeling, it is about that time. A time he thought would never come. It’s been almost 15 years since he has kept this power hidden. Even releasing his normal limiter had him at worried. He gripped the air as if he could hold it, it definitely felt odd, a strange danger loomed not just the battlefield, but the whole planet.

It was screaming out. It was something he could feel, after all, his connection to the earth was far greater than he tells. His connection with nature and the elements gives him that connection. Moving his hand inside the top of his shirt, taking out a pendant that hid behind, the picture of a women could be seen.

San: I’m sorry...I can no longer protect this beautiful city. That you have blessed everyone with.

San closed his eyes, looking in the directions of his mates.

San: You wouldn’t believe it, but I made that rag tag bunch of brats into something you would appreciate. You would be proud. I haven’t been completely honest, but for their sake. I hope they can forgive that.

San closed the pendant after a long moment to think, his time slowly got used up as forces of the invasion drew on him. Noticing him only just now, he gave a wink and a nod to thank them for that, leaving him with his thoughts, if only for a moment.

San: Now.

Sans positioned himself carefully, looking for a battle to start. As one was coming towards him.

San: You’all are going to come crashing down.


A wind blew strong, Zach clashed with Beel. They stared each other down before shoving each other back, it didn’t take long before charging back. Each attack rendered the mountains from behind to dust. Beel’s excitement only grew more as they clashed.

Landing only a few meters away, he swung his arm created an eruption of dark rock from the ground. Blocking from the front Zach had been caught off guard, he noticed the rumbling ground before dodging them.

When he noticed Beel’s disappearance he couldn’t turn to see his flank from the side, his rib cage was broken upon impact. It was too sudden, the clash of the fist upon his side sent him flying into the city, smashing into buildings and crashing down hallways into the street ahead.

He stumbled to his feet, without thinking, he held his side in pain, when Beel came in front, he reacted tilting his body just right. Beel missed his assault, Zach punches him in the chest, ending with a kick to the stomach sending him back. With a quick counter, Beel was mildly impressed.

Beelurus: You know what I always wondered since coming here. How a god such as yourself could cause so much damage to the commander.

Zach: …

Zach didn’t respond, it wasn’t time for him.

Beelurus: I mean seriously, aren’t you suppose to be a God. Look at you.

Zach held his side, he looked at his hand suddenly before returning his attention towards Beel. The smile on the man's face was wicked, what kind of man was this guy.

Beelurus: Don’t look at me like that.

Beelurus noticed a couple of forces roll up on him, he quickly grabbed them and absorbed them into himself, his strength seemed to distort and grow, shocking Zach. His claws seemed to have gotten sharper and looked like they would shred him up instantly.

Beel turned and tilted his head with an evil grin.

Zach put his guard up, but the thought was futile as his arm felt like a train hit it, instantly blown backwards he couldn’t keep himself up right, another painful strike entered his lower region sending him away, Another came from the back sending him into the floor of the same position he just left.

He rolled and gripped the ground landing on his knees. With Beelurus landing next to him, he looked up at him.

Beelurus: What? Not feeling up to fight me?

Upper cutting him with his leg, and smashing him into the building ahead. Beelurus strolled up with a confident look upon him. He stopped waiting for Zach to stand up, only to see a stumbling man struggle to keep himself upright while he stood there.

As hard as it looked to see, he really looked disappointed.

Beelurus: Seriously are you--

A bunch of magic circles erupted from the ground, Beelurus’s expression changed fearing the outcome.

Zach: You talk so much you lose sight of what is important.

Zach looked up with a grin.

Beelurus jumped back dodging the explosions, each one littered out in perfect fashion, activating wherever he went, almost like they knew where he would go. Gaining ground he stopped seeing that he didn’t notice the one that had a much bigger size to the rest.

Beelurus: Shit.

He gritted his teeth, the entire explosion engulfed him without much of a scream the area was littered in smoke. It didn’t last long though, Beelurus came into view from the top of the smoke and landed in front of Zach.

He swiped but missed as Zach moved back, creating distance, Beelurus closed the gap in an instant, but Zach blocked his punch with his own, ending up with a devastating clash that turned both buildings behind them to a crumbling mess.

Zach: You said, you were disappointed, that I wasn’t like you thought.

Beelurus: Feeling annoyed yet? You better--

Zach: Keep your opinions…

Zach dodged his punch on purpose ending the clash, grabbing his shoulder and placed his arms around his neck to choke him out, with little strength he had left, and the aching pain in his side.

Beelurus: Come...on, Zach desperate much…

Zach: I just need to get close to you.

Zach move his arm and gripped his arm, absorbing something from him this time. Beelurus’s eyes grew, his sense of danger erupted, a dangerous feeling told him to escape now! as fast as he could, otherwise death would come for him. with that in mind, he gutted Zach with his elbow, lunging forward out of his reach.

Zach who didn’t flinch stood there holding his side with a smile.

Beelurus: What did you just do.

Zach looked up and said:

Zach: What do you think...I just took your stamina, your power, and I also decided to disregard some of that power you just earned for yourself as well. Now.

Zach’s ribs seemed healed from the encountered as well, up to full strength. Beelurus seemed delirious by the outcome. He held his head, he could feel that some of his power had been lost.

Beelurus: Zac...No Infinity. You won’t get away with this.

Zach: Stupid comment. I already have.

Zach glared, he had his arms out like he was summoning something, A staff appeared in one hand, and a sword in the other. He seemed ready for an all out battle of shear strength. Beelurus gritted his teeth.

Beelurus: INFINITY!!!!!

He lunged in blind anger. Not something before.


Sitting from afar, Brian had gotten a tiny portion of the battle from the location he was in. He hadn’t realised how much Zach had changed, from being the boy he knew to the teenager that grew up. He certainly has matured over the ages, enough for him to be at the level of gods. As true to the prophecy as they say.

Before continuing his thought, footsteps came over towards him. They were as he expected, he turned to face her. Alyce.

Alyce: You seem to be both annoyed and pleased with your son. Or well, I guess adopted son. However, that works.

Brian: …

Alyce stepped over beside him as if she had the right to do so.

Brian: You seem different. But then again, there is always deception.

Brian bitterly added as he watched her.

Alyce: Different you say…

Alyce thought long and hard about what he said, and it certainly seemed that way, knowing more about herself, her father, and Zach as given her more insight on what the world, and most importantly the universe has offered her. And most of all lied about. But there is a point to all this. She has known her father’s goals all this time. She has respected his wishes and obeyed his commands. And so far, the actions of the man she knew, weren’t for consideration of obedience she had followed thus far.

She had come out here to find Infinity, and in doing so was supposed to tell her father of her findings. But how come they were here now. How is that even possible. Something was not right. As well, the invasion held no care for her safety as far as she knew. Not one member of her father’s fleet knows of her location and has not once tried to seek her out.

Which means the mission to find Infinity was the only importances of their being here. So why was she needed at all? But then again, maybe he watched her. Just in case, as reinsurance. Her father was tactful after all. He knew what to do just in case. But in trying to remain hidden. You revealed yourself.

Alyce: My father has lied to me.

Alyce spoke, and didn’t seem too pleased to learn of her findings.

Brian: What.

Alyce: I came here to find Infinity, then inform my father of the discovery. But instead, the invasion has started earlier than I expected. As well, the actions of this invasion are in no way related to my being here. My father isn’t acting like he does normally.

Brian: You came here to Infinity as well. You claimed your obsession to kill him just like your father!

Brian stepped forward

Alyce: You don’t see it do you. The actions here today aren’t related to Infinity!!

Alyce stopped him.

Alyce: An invasion? For what? You don’t invade a planet you are supposed to destroy. My father knows this, That’s all he talks about, blowing up a planet. And you know what, if he knew Infinity was here when I knew. Then he should have known he was too weak to survive a planet explosion. As shown with this...Serenity. He’s not here for Zach. Or me. He’s here for her. For that girl!

Alyce said, her emotions ran wild…


Zach clashed with Beelurus, although the difference in power was now easily seen, as Beelurus’s arms were completely shredded. He slides backwards as Zach halted action seeing the sight of his enemy.

Beelurus frighten with Zach’s overwhelming strength reformed his arms, but something was different. The claws that had been there, were not replaced with normal hands. Normal arms. The result of this action was a surprise and had Beeulrus’s eyes in a panic, he seemed to sign in defeat.

Beelurus: It seems this is where we part way…

Zach: no its not!

Zach stepped forward and into a charge, but Beelurus had already disappeared. In a quick reaction, his eyes shifted into the eyes of infinity and he immediately looked up at the sky.

Zach: How did he get there so fast…

Zach’s attention was immediately drawn to another location. Klark’s energy had become distorted in his eyes, as well as a figure unknown to him. The eyes revealed something to him, but they gave off a vague warning. It seemed as though they shared a connection. But the feeling was unknown to him.

Zach: Danger...He’s in danger?!

Zach jumped forward in a flash atop of the building. There he saw her.

Zach: Phantasia...what are you doing--...

Zach stopped mid sentence.

She was looking at Klark direction and turned to see Zach’s confused face, but also shocked.

Phantasia: You see it don’t you. With those eyes of yours.

Phantasia looked like she already knew what he was seeing, the essence that formed around Phantasia was several thousand years older than the Phantasia he knew. This version of Phantasia…

Zach: Why...are you here.

Zach said

Phantasia: There is a time and a place for everything. And it’s time something important was revealed to you.

Phantasia waved her hand and stopped him from speaking, it seemed extremely important.

Phantasia: What do you see…the enemy, the ships...the bloodshed and death. What you see are those coming after you. Look closer, and discover the truth. What’s the purpose? Of this invasion.

Zach: This isn’t the time for riddles.

Zach’s responses confirmed his sealing nature. His power hasn’t been completely awakened, it confirmed that his eyes of infinity were still half dormant, otherwise, he would have noticed it. She couldn’t digress though.

Phantasia: Sometimes. The undeniable truth is wrong. You have to use the lie, to discover the truth.

Phantasia turned and phased out of the world leaving Zach with an unanswered mystery. Zach stared for a second before releasing the danger he saw. He leapt off the building and headed into the direction.
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Chapter 29 - What's This All For!
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