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 Chapter 30 - The Earth Goddess's Fate

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Chapter 30 - The Earth Goddess's Fate Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 30 - The Earth Goddess's Fate   Chapter 30 - The Earth Goddess's Fate EmptyFri Jun 30, 2017 12:29 am

Aliya: Roland!

Aliya shouted, her outburst was expected, no one would have known that Roland, the current head of the Larson family would have been a part of the experiments.

Phantasia: Many don’t know, but Roland wasn’t always as powerful as you think. In fact, he was once just a regular person. Member of the Larson family but held no real power within it.

Phantasia went on to explain the history of Roland’s Origin, and why he began to seek power. Roland originally volunteered for the experiments to gain the power to help the family grow and win against the opposing side. In the first stage of human trials, he like the rest of them managed to survive.

The process that allowed regular humans to obtain abilities was not as complex as a lot of people think. In the past before the recreation of the land, and the worlds laws, at the hand of the gods. There was an immense fight above the planet.

Phantasia turned back to Aliya to show her the fate of this battle. Both beings above the earth, both familiar. Zach. And Little Queen, a fated battle that was destined to happen.

Phantasia: In the awakening of war, between the humans. Several nukes and atomic bombs were launched. All the countries countered with their own, the world was certainly going into atomic warfare, and all life would cease to exist.

Aliya: But.

Phantasia: But, Zach intervened.

Zach arrived after being forced out of the Infinity Realm, his life was restored by the will of the spectrum and earth was to be spared their annihilation. But before he could do this, Little Queen showed up. She had been waiting a long time for his return so that she could kill him.

Unfortunately, Little Queen wasn’t aware of the current Zach’s strength, and in the wake of Zach’s resolve to protect the earth, he subconsciously gave the order to give all life on earth power. Before the missiles fell, the bombs within them were replaced with something else. And as they impacted the earth, instead of killing a whole like of people, it granted thousands of selected humans the power you see in the present.

Aliya: Are you saying that those bombs were what gave everyone abilities?!

Phantasia: Indeed. Influenced by Zach’s emotions, he gave them the power to protect themselves. But, the same power changed a few things. A special time of ore was found near the crash site of those bombs, that gave off the same energy that gave people their powers.

Using the ore, and the mystery man’s power to enhance, they allowed the ritual of artificially creating super humans without having a newborn. Thus started the machina project. Having the resources they needed they create a mass of special humans through this method. And Roland had earned himself the ability to use energy as a form, the more he had the stronger he was. Humanity uses energy on a natural basis, but it’s not strong enough to be contained, or controlled, only used and replenished through various means. His transmutation allowed him to evolve that aspect of himself. Allowing him to manipulate its functions. He was a basic energy user you could call it.  

But time ticked away, and Roland, with each mission he did against the other family, he eventually noticed something particularly odd and got a clever idea. Those with the power, had their power enhanced, as he had himself. He learned that there was a person behind the doses, and figured that if you can enhance the power once. You should be capable of doing it again. His lust for this power leads him to lead a rebellion within the family. At this point, he had been consumed in his quest for more power, to lead his family into a better position.

So easily defeated by a pathetic family with natural ability, a strength that levelled mountains, he wanted more. With his success had been the death of those who followed him. He increased the dose upon himself and injected all of it into himself, needless to say, his willpower was steel, what should have killed him, revived him. He earned himself what he craved and thus killed all those who followed. He also figured out that due to those experiments, he held a connection to all those who were apart of it, and could steal their power with his newfound power. This, however, did not have any effect on the one who created the doses. So instead he took all the blood from the man, emptying him to death.

Aliya: What!

Aliya covered her mouth in disgust to what she had been witnessing, the blood filled walls, the stain soaked floor, the corpse mummified by the loss of the essential

Phantasia: His power was incomplete because he was missing one person. The sole survivor of the experiments that day.

Phantasia turned, focusing on only her.

Phantasia: That survivor. Is you Aliya.

Aliya: Huh…

Phantasia: Roland’s ability is to give himself more power until he’s capable of being a god himself. But without you, the power remains unstable. And won’t reach its full effect, and slowly it will return him to his regular output of strength. If he ever gained your power too. That instability would no longer exist, and he could become a god. And for that reason. Did your father and mother keep you a secret, Not only from the world, and their friends. But from you as well.

Aliya couldn’t face Phantasia after hearing those words, knowing that she was merely used as a test subject sounded creepy, and wrong. And not because she was a Larson or that it was wrong. But because she couldn’t remember it, like it was erased. Those memories...she can’t remember them.

Aliya: Are my powers...the result of that experiment.

Aliya broke her silence.

Phantasia: I’m afraid so.

Aliya: Are you saying that my powers are false, they were made, I wasn’t born with them!

Phantasia: Originally yes.

Phantasia closed her eyes at the distress of Aliya, an expected reaction.

Aliya: What do you mean.

Phantasia: Before you became a God, your power was artificial. But afterwards, through the influence of the islands, and the awakening of the power wield within your destiny. You obtained true power.

Phantasia glanced away with a concerning face, it seemed that the information had finally reached its end. And that the reason they came here was about to be revealed

Phantasia: Listen. It’s essential that you defeat Roland. With your power as a god, if he were to obtain your power now. The effect would have on him wouldn’t be normal, not like it should be. He would surpass his limiter as a human. And obtain “True” God status. Obtaining a god's status is extremely hard for many species, but is exceptional harder for humans for any universe. I was once human. But because of my redeeming power with time. I was allowed to ascend to greater heights. And that was only made possible with the help of someone else. As you all were with Infinity.

Aliya: I that is why you told me all this. I was beginning to think it was unnecessary.

Phantasia stood there contemplating the reveal, she seems affected by the revelation, but nonetheless it had to be done.

Phantasia: It’s not the time to be need to decide what you will do from here. And forge a way through. You are smart, you don’t falter easily. So I trust you can do this.

Aliya moved, turned her head with a serious glare to show.

Aliya: I think it’s time I went back. are right,

Phantasia nodded

Phantasia: Before I do, There is a war going on, on earth. So once I place you back. You’ll need to be prepared for anything that comes afterwards.

Aliya: A war?

Aliya said

The dimension they stood in, began to distort and slowly the world came into view, as if unfading, and reappearing, they faded back into the reality atop of a large skyscraper far from Panzer city, but enough to see the destruction had been done.

Aliya: What is all this.

Aliya stared in horror to each battle zone that was in her sights, there were thousands of explosions happening all at once.

Phantasia: It’s best you help your team out.

Aliya turned nodding and jumping around creating earth under her feet, she was launched quickly to the other side of the area.

Phantasia: I knew you were gonna come.

She stood not too far from her. A familiar sense lingered around them both, turning to face the person who had revealed themselves the moment she returned. None other than Phantasia herself.

Phantasia: What is the meaning of this.

Future Phantasia: I’m your future. Does it bother you?

She glared but ultimately didn’t press the issue of having to meet her future self in a timeline such as this. This only further distorts her vision, as to how the past, the present and the future have been so greatly affected by Infinity’s tampering.

She is loyal to the universe and those who bend its will, but Infinity, being that he is the most mighty has corrupted it more than he has helped.

Future Phantasia: I know what you are thinking. But don’t delve too much into it.

Phantasia: I know, I’m unable to sense my future or past self. The Time Codex prevents me. But your presence here is concerning.

Future Phantasia: Don’t concern yourself with it. My time here is almost up. I’ve done what I have supposed to for now. I leave the rest to you.

With that being said, she bowed to herself, turning to disappear, Phantasia had thought plenty about her time on earth so far, her original objective was to secure and protect Zach throughout his journey up until the point of his ascendance into Infinity. Because that is what she was said to do. Nero mentioned it, but the Time Codex was the thing that led me here. she learned of it through tormenting visions of what had happened. However I suppose she had a future in this play, so, the future had not been so open to her as she expected. She had a part to play moving forward.

Something was still wrong about this. Infinity schemes seemed distant.
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Chapter 30 - The Earth Goddess's Fate
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