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 Chapter 31 - Negayami Unleashed

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Chapter 31 - Negayami Unleashed Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 31 - Negayami Unleashed   Chapter 31 - Negayami Unleashed EmptyTue Jul 04, 2017 3:16 pm

Where am I? Well I'm just in this dark pit I fell into from the very hell I was born. That's where I am. But thats because I haven't stopped falling, I haven't stopped falling into this hole. Her significance overcomes me... The hole became endless. I must feel her skin against me again, I must hear her voice, her laughs.. I want my luck and joy to return, I even want to see her cry, a part of me says just make the best of what's here and now. What has not been ruined, I just want to wake up and be able turn my head towards her. Even if it's just for one more day of my life. I'd be so happy to wake up next to somebody like Ave.. But no, now I am thinking I'd be happy to wake up next to Ave. Because I know how fulfilled my heart would be in the morning. I just desire to have my selfish requests made. I should be happy, I get everything I want from who I'm with now but I can't call her Ave, So it makes me sad.. It makes me feel like a monster, to lie to her every day. It's not me.. I don't know what to do anymore. I shouldn't be a coward. It no longer represents who I am. MAYBE a dumbass yes, but how can someone screw something up so bad to the point where they lost the one thing they loved most? By being a dumbass.. By being a stubborn dumbass who fails to analyze what's laid out in front of him, I'd wish I could rewind time, fix this with my fantasy powers. I was too "pure" with her, I'm so desperate that maybe more deception is the answer... But the last thing I want to do is hurt her emotionally.. I'm so fucked up.. I thought I was important to her, I guess this is what made me blind. I don't know if she misses me, I have been cold enough to ignore her but I miss her to where I'm practically crying as I'm thinking this.. If I die, she'd be the last thing to flash before my eyes. It was no coincidence that I met her.

I truly hope one day I can just meet her again, and rejoice for every moment thats being spent.


Darkness surrounded the battlefield, Klark stood tall and hollow his hair grew out longer, energy emitted from the hole in his chest blaring the dark spectrum, progressively Klark snarled demonically..

Chapter 31 - Negayami Unleashed Hualu-art-evil-god-advenced

Ave: That's it Klark, Show me your true self.

She held a spooled whip in her hand and snaps Klark on the back


Klark screamed in daemonic frustration, The entire ground was shaking from the noise..


Energy formed above his head, demon laughter silenced everything but the sound breaking energy beam that fired at Ave.

She quickly moved out of the way, But Klark kept firing off beams shooting into space as she was attempting to dodge the rest.

Ave: Damn it! At ease slave!!

Ave began to struggle a little bit, she countered with multiple fury hits and started deflecting rather than evading

Klark: Ha ha ha.. Little human..

Ave: !!!

He flashed right in front of her, grabbing her from the hair..

Ave: That's it..

Ave didn’t struggle, with the empty expression on her face, and ability to hide her annoyance at the moment with Klark’s disobedience. She blinked seeing his fist arc down from above slamming her straight into the rubble below, the impact sent the other out-worldly soldiers and broken building debris away, the entire ground reshaped as if a meter just impacted it.

Klark’s size contributed to the damage as well, with his fist engraved into the floor, it rose and within the center, an undamaged Ave looked at the beast with a glare, not startled at all by his next attack, he stopped when she spoke once more.

Ave: Who do you think you're aiming that at.

His movements halted. Ave’s face darkened and one her eyes shined red underneath, he returned to his regular position as she smiled silently standing to her feet.

Ave: It’d be wise if you aimed your hand elsewhere, risk losing this beautiful form I have granted you.

Ave spoke slowly, without anything hindering her speech, she stood there not moving, she had no reason too, Klark will obey her. But before she could finish, with what a horrific face he had, it seemed he was looking down on her.

Ave: Negayami was it. Point your rage towards them, and I promise to give you anything you could possibly desire.

She smirked, a smile of wicked intentions, what certainly could be called pure evil was standing before Luka now, not only that, but some of the same evil has now surrounded Klark.

Ave: It’s what you want, I won’t stop you. Go ahead, do as you please.

Ave closed her eyes, she has won.

Negayami: …

Luke gritted her teeth and lunged from her position, it would appear this girl has had an effect on Klark, she didn’t know what relationship they had, but it had to end here. Her assault was cut short, a giant hand swatted her away into the ground away from them. Negayami stepped in front, between her and Ave.

Negayami: You’ll be the first!!

He jumped in the moment, not giving her a chance to recover, Luka stared at him. Certain death, inescapable defeat. Any attempt to retaliate was merely a self-serving act of revenge with no hope of salvation.

However, Luka wasn’t normal either, she pushed against the ground anchoring her out of his reach, even with his enormous size, he wasn’t capable of landing the hit. Her attempt at fighting him, however, was at a stalemate. It seemed like this form was less of an appearance and more of a suit of armour, or shell.

She casually glanced at Ave trying to make the connection, and yet it seemed the power drew from her and into him. They definitely had to be severed, but the solution seemed impossible. ~~

Zach landed not far from the battle, he observed the moment he got a chance, it seemed Klark was nowhere to be found until he closely analysed the giant hulk standing in front of Luka.

Zach: That cannot be him,

Zach said, he looked even more ridiculous than before, However, it would seem that Dark Klark isn’t the cause of this, another force was pulling the strings. Zach’s eyes subconsciously activated, and it seemed true, however, something else caught his gaze.

Zach: that!

He struggled to keep his eyes open, there was a light within his chest, but the distinction was hard to make out.

Zach: Is that...the spear? What on earth is it doing there!

Zach covered his shock inside and thought for a second.

Negayami was going in for another attempt at her, when Zach landed in between them, he didn’t stop advancing however and merely shifted his body to account for both of them. Ave grinned behind him with thoughts of her own.

Ave: So that's him, the so-called Infinity, let’s see how you handle him.

Zach: You alright Luka.

Luka: Focus Zach, He’s coming

Zach: I’m aware of that.

Zach turned and shot a few bolts at him, even though they were small, they packed a huge punch, although it was a held back attempt to discover Klark’s strength, he shrugged them off still charging him.

Zach turned having Luka vanish a couple meters away, but not having enough time to do it himself, he pulled his arm away and clashed with him, for a second he started being devoured by a strange feeling.

It felt like a darkness was trying to creep into his soul, his power of absorption seemed to be taking the energy within Klark, he jumped back on instinct for his safety, quickly calling upon the infinity sword for aid, he swings it in session, sending Negayami crumbling down.

Zach held his face in disgust, whatever that was, was definitely not normal.

Luka: Zach, that girl is the cause for all this!

Zach turned back noticing her once more. Her expression was still empty, and she didn’t seem bothered by their awakened knowledge.

Zach: Klark is definitely still in there after that clash…

He jumped levitating in the air, he focused his attention completely on Klark for the time being, energising his body with his power within, it will be the first time.

Zach: I have no time to waste on conserving my strength. It’s time I held true to my name.

Zach expanded his energy unleashing the long dormant infinity energy within his body for the first time.

Ave: What is this. It’s hurting Negayami…

He stepped backwards, outshined by the dominate light that flooded onto the field, his body felt on fire and engulfed, he raged out creating a superior coat of satanic aura that was separate from his own body.

Zach ceased his release, the sword gripped firmly in his hand. He didn’t have a friendly expression on him anymore, instead replaced with that of a determined spirit.

Zach: This is no time to be a darkened soul, Klark, snap out of her control!

Zach moved forward as if stepping onto an invisible stone and shot forward behind him, a kick from an ant, yet felt like a train hit him, his entire body was sent into the background. Ave uncrossed her arms but was met with an emission of light that landed near her.

If not as careful, even as the attack missed, it would have done some damage, which was why she moved out of the way. The sudden attack left her distracted enough for her to miss him leave. The battle had moved on,

Zach halt and pointed the sword down towards the fallen Klark, and thrust forward creating a beam from its edge, that shot downward. He pivoted himself out of the way, he ran in curved fashion around Zach, who hadn’t taken his sight off him.

He came to a sliding halt, slamming his fist into the ground creating multiple eruptions that aimed towards his position.

Whilst dodging, He threw off some attacks from a distance, having to dodge and block, certainly seemed difficult, but through the eyes of others, it differently looked like it took no effort, the attacks halted. Zach turned, he disappeared, but soon realised he had appeared above.

He managed to move, but his leg grabbed on the way down, his entire body felt the surface of the earth. Zach seemed to negate the damage lying there unharmed. He rolled backwards out of the way of his attack, slashing both of his arms in the process.


Negayami raged, throwing a quick punch.

Zach: Tch…

Zach held up his hand creating a barrier out of his energy, negating the attack. Negayami’s assaulted the barrier without remorse, only to see that it had no effect. He tilted his head in disbelief and madness.

His entire face was smashed with an oversized sword which landed him in the dirt, Zach had countered by expanding the size of the “Infinity Sword…”

Ave: …

Ave held up her hand, but Zach was once again in the way. Holding his chest a light from within covered the entire area, any more external force wouldn’t be allowed to continue. However, Klark will continue to remain in this form, which posed a problem.

He didn’t have enough energy to wield the staff any longer, and his time to use the sword was about to reach its end. The fight will have to continue until he comes back to his senses.

Zach dodging the incoming hand, he moved around Klark to get access to his weak spots, however, there were only a few things that seemed like weak points, and less that weren’t. It was extremely difficult to pinpoint an accurate source to wound him. Zach dodged a few more attacks and halted,

Zach: I can’t do anything further, otherwise I risk killing him. Not that it would be easy. But if I keep going now, it’ll interfere with Klark.

Zach stopped, seemingly interrupted by something, he stared idly at the beast in front of him. And smiled, it seems something called out for a moment there.

Zach: It’s a good thing that spear resides within his body, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to hear that.

Zach dodged, and moved straight up,

Zach: Come on, you ugly monster…

Nageyami: Whhhatt…

Zach: If you ever want to rule past me, you’ll need to get past me. Come on.

Zach smiled, he's gotten all fired up now.

- You wanna edit you can, I can't focus on fight scenes like that lol.. My imagination can't be put into words righr now -

===Alright, continue with this post, Very Happy And I'm waiting for your possible disappointment, in fact I'm expecting it. Very Happy====

Chapter 31 - Negayami Unleashed Naruto_signature
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Chapter 31 - Negayami Unleashed
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