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 War of the two planets (Part 1)

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War of the two planets (Part 1) Empty
PostSubject: War of the two planets (Part 1)   War of the two planets (Part 1) EmptyMon Aug 21, 2017 1:35 am

Before the mighty wars of the universe, before the bloodshed and unorderly, before the times that stood upon the pinnacle of history. There were two planets. These two weren’t like the rest in their solar system, they shared a unique history, and not only that, they shared an impossible fate.

Side by side, these two planets orbited each other. Not like any sun, or star. The unrealistic design at work here. Too many questions, and no answers as to how something like this even occurred or ever may occur again in the future. The only relevant piece to show here. Is the existence of these two planets invited a man from the stars.

Many aren’t familiar with the principles of the universes. Only a few people know of the worlds behind their own.

~Universe 1 -- This was the tipping point of all possible encounters, everything that has ever happened and ever will. This is where it began. The mysterious yet terrifying entity known as ‘Infinity’ appeared before two planets waging a long war that had never ended.

Floating above the fire and debris, the space around him was covered by broken remnants of old battles, long dead soldiers who perished when struck down by enemy fire. Both sides seemed to suffer the same casualties, it was a wonder how many more would have to die before one side slipped up. Or before something tipped the scales.

Staying in position, Infinity observed the distances. One such battle had been progressing, two sides in a desperate struggle as he lingered around the old. It seemed like a very advanced species. It would explain the unexplained reason for why two planets would orbit each other. When the laws of the universe do not permit such.

Only an advanced type of system would make such a thing possible, but to do so, against two planets. Meant that it wasn’t merely some old type of technology. He squinted his eyes for a moment, before staring down at one of the planets for a better conclusion. He could already come to understand the workings of such an impossibility. His level of determination to figure things out on an average omnipotent level was surprising.

One doesn’t simply need to travel at all to learn the way, he already knew everything. But rather, he decided to travel here on his own. Exploration is indeed more fascinating than merely knowing where everything is by standing in a single position. What he wanted more then just understanding or mere knowledge. He wanted to see the truth of sight. His view on the universe was unlimited, but to him seeing through a hole isn’t seeing the truth.

Nothing was ever gained from this method, so instead he left, and what was calling out to him the most, was a unique situation. However this action would later be the undoing of everything.


A laser shoot past disappearing into the space, a blizzard of ships in front and a hurricane of shots from each of them rained from each side, not a single hesitating moment from each pilot, nothing was holding them back. They indeed had some sort of obligation -- or rather then had to commit to what they had been striving for.

“Daemon, take the right, lizzy, move forward on my signal.” The man said as he ran in a combat pattern with three others. The symbols upon their ship suggested that they were more than just mere grunts in this. Perhaps specialized elites.

“What about me commander.”

“Your father told me specially not to get you into too much danger. However, I cannot promise something so absurd. Give us long range fire, use the mk2 prototype rail cannon to deliver hell upon those dreadnaughts.” He said.

The dreadnaughts, flying fortresses, their design seemed complex, however it was rather simple in fact. On both sides of it stood too pillars, both of which were cannons. These were its main cannons. However the description of these cannons were a bit deceiving. The main cannons were never used openly without considering, it’s regular and biggest nuisance of the dreadnaught was it’s secondary cannons. Each shot had a chain reaction that would destroy more than a single vessel with each shoot. However against bigger and tougher vessels they were rather ineffective. Dreadnaughts have a very hard casing. Leaving regular gigantic ships without hope unless they had cannons of their own. Which was why they did fear using those secondary cannons most of the time.

Too the untrained eye, or for those who aren’t aware, the amount of advanced technology these two species was too much, almost unlimited in nature. However they both comprised weaknesses that left them both equal to each other.

“Understood…” She secretly rolled her eyes, having to be ranged support. However to be the first to use this prototype seemed fair enough in her eyes. The only problem now, if this fails her life would surely end. Untested weapons aren’t meant for battle, however it hasn’t been prone to fail yet.

Ditching them and following her orders to remain at the rear, the three of them shot forward too deal with the oncoming force in front of them. Her job was far more simple than it looked. The Rail Cannon was mainly for taking out the dreadnaughts but had a first stage weapon system. The cannon was the secondary firing system and only played a role later.

She activated it’s systems and aimed forward. Like a sniper recon unit she kept her eyes far forward and observed the edges of the battle from left and right areas.

Aside from the huge force being dealt with by her team and their allies. Nothing alerted her of danger, at least nothing enough for immediate action. She turned back to her squad and provided additional support by taking some of them too help them out.


“What’s the word.” A man spoke, appearing behind a much taller man who was looking over a screen of the battle, the scene seemed to be taking place upon the surface of the planet.

“They have engaged. Has she done as I told her.” He didn’t glance nor shift his eyes while speaking, he maintained his current composure only staring at the screen in front.

“Yes. She is heading into battle as we speak sir. Shall I tell them to fall back for now”

“No, We’ll see how well she does with a team.” He said, following his own words the battle above the planet progressed as expected.

She appeared from behind the planet, where it was unobservable from the enemies approach, tracing around the planet as she came into view.

“Trinity has entered the field..let’s see how well she fairs now.” He said with a smirk.

Blasting forward with nothing stopping her the fleet in front of her (which was mostly made up of smaller ships than an actual grand fleet.) was picked off one by one from her destructive attacks.

Not stopping there, she moved as fast as she could to counter them. With only a few of them having taken notice as fast as she came in, but ultimately their chance was shot down as it came. Blown up within minutes of attacking. She halted looking back towards the few remaining before of course being destroyed by the special squad. They followed up from her initial entry.

“You’ve finally managed to join us.” One of them said.

“It’s not the time for chit chat Opiha. Trinity, we clear?”

Before answering him, she cancelled a surprise attack from one of the bigger ships, other than a dreadnaught by creating a barrier blocking it’s projectile fire. She turned to remain unharmed herself from the blast.

“For now, yes. I’ll head into and provide myself as a distraction.”

Crossing his arms from a distance, Infinity squinted his eyes whilst listening in on their conversation. Having realised something within him he sought to keep watching until it was needed for him to interrupt the battle.

Why he would need to remain unfamiliar to him. But such a feeling he wanted to follow up with as soon as he couldn’t handle it anymore.

Another attack struck, Trinity moved back around facing the battleship in front of her once its attack impacted, vanquishing the barrier and trading blows with it before it was destroyed within her last approach.

“These results, they are simply amazing.” He commented.

She moved forward allowing the team to progress without any warranted damage from the front, they were initially following her lead allowing for them to trail behind the destruction until they could unleash hell upon the forces in front of them.

Halting her actions as they past, the dreadnaughts were readying to launch an all out assault now that she appeared they seemed intent on only attacking her. However this allowed the rest of her team to destroy and conquer most of the field without the support of their massive support units.

Clicking in her weapon, Ophia was ready to give her backup on the matter.

“I’ll back you up Trinity!”

She didn’t stray from her enemy, however.

“No, It’s fine I can handle--” before evening being allowed to finish her sentence the sudden discharge of the cannon on the dreadnaught firing without noise or alarm. She almost got shredded away if she hadn’t reacted with inhuman speed.

Ophia followed up the moment the attack impacted Trinity’s shields, striking directly upon it’s towering defense and jamming up it’s shields for the moment.

“Sorry, Trinity, but i think you may need my assistance.”

Lowering her hands to see the damage.

“It would appear that way.” She lunged at the chance.

War of the two planets (Part 1) UONdUjLc7GGZKsVf


“It seems she still isn’t capable of handling dreadnaughts yet..” almost in defeat he swiped his hands to the side, in a position that told everyone he was thinking, pacing his eyes between the desk and the monitor.


Flying quickly towards it, she summoned her strength into her face, that comprised of nothing but energy and flew into its central area. With the bulk of it’s design beaming with light from the cracks of the attack, she popped from the other side. The rest of it destroyed 5 seconds after her exit.

“One down, I’ve got the next covered.” Ophia said, launching her next attack towards the one on the other side, hitting it’s shields and dropping it’s defenses. Trinity rushed in moments after, resulting in the same thing. With both dreadnaughts out of the way. The battle seemed to be theirs.

“Good teamwork miss.” Ophia said, Trinity dropped next to her observing the work of her power.

“So it would seem.” She smiled turning to Ophia

“Thank you.”

Their victory had been short lived as an attack unaware by both of them until til late. Destroying two of their own forces arcing around and destroying more in its trajectory. Trinity reacting to the destruction, horrified by the result.

The laser had been making it’s way towards them, she turned worried for Ophia’s safety. Trinity struggled to see a way out of this for her.

“Trinity!...” She looked


A huge burst of light appeared blinding the entire battlefield, with the laser’s beam being shattered across the unknown space, the beam got more distorted, with each shattered piece spreading out more and more as it loses it’s full length. The ship carrying such a weapon was then destroyed after the laser had been completely stopped, within the fiery. A man floating from it’s wrecking saw his sights on Trinity.
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War of the two planets (Part 1)
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