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 Chapter 33 - Defeating an enemy that cannot be touched! Fai's Fury

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Chapter 33 - Defeating an enemy that cannot be touched! Fai's Fury Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 33 - Defeating an enemy that cannot be touched! Fai's Fury   Chapter 33 - Defeating an enemy that cannot be touched! Fai's Fury EmptyWed Aug 23, 2017 1:21 am

Fai landed upon the ground roughly, having Molan on the other side of him keeping Holly safe. Dodging the oncoming attack from the merciless Viktor. Sticking his hand out to catch the ground to remain on his feet.

Viktor: If you want to keep dodging that’s fine. But at least keep it interesting.

Viktor smirked, holding his hands up while declaring that too him. Fai gritted his teeth, his inevitable peril seemed certain if he didn’t come up with a way around his ability to seemingly ignore all of his attacks.

Fai lit up for a moment.

Fai: Are the attacks ignored physically, or by simply being nullified.

Fai thought, Viktor lunged as he dodged, thrusting his fist into the earth where Fai was. Backstepping to gain distance.

Viktor: We done playing chase.

Fai strafed to the other side of Viktor, who had been properly watching him, blasting a ball of lightning towards him in succession. Viktor did nothing but move from left to right and any other angles to avoid the attacks. But like before the way he did it was so perfect it was almost impossible to see a way to open up for an actual attack.

Fai: So, that is what he meant by ignoring the attack. It’s basically flawless. No openings, because it would be ignored as well. However.

Fai stopped mid thought.

Viktor: You trying to fight back again. Good, however you already know it’ll do nothing.

Raising his hand again with a bolt of lightning fired from his palm, like he thought it was ignored, he closed the gap between him and Viktor, where they began hand to hand. His follow up assault, short lived, Viktor countered after dodging them all. With Fai losing his balance and focus, he twitched for a moment.

Viktor: There is literally nothing you can do!

Viktor laughed going in for a final strike.

Fai: Not exactly.

Fai having moved to the right. Watched as the lightning traced back towards him from behind. Viktor who wasn’t capable of being able to sense it because of the speed of it. Was taken from behind by surprise without warning. His imbalance and jolt from the attack allowed Fai to land a perfectly timed kick to the side of his ribs sending him directly into the mountain.

Fai: So. You actually have to physically time it. Noted.

Fai stared down the smoke from where Viktor landed, he knew that wasn’t all.

A light erupted with an explosion of light taking out the rocks, Viktor had powered up aggressively to his sudden loss. He forced his way towards Fai, stomping towards him. In his anger he launched an attack towards Fai who fell right and countered with a lightning embedded kick, which was always blocked by Viktor.


Fai: I’m clearly not ‘nothing’

Fai replied kicking with his other foot which connected with Viktor’s face only sending him back a few meters.

Viktor calmed back down for a moment.

Viktor: you figured out the weakness of that move, however that won’t make your situation any better.

Fai: That move won’t work on me anymore.

Fai moved fast, so fast that timing wasn’t a competition for Viktor. Fai’s fist was already half way into Viktor’s stomach, with a cough from him, he smiled and kicked Fai into the rubble.

Fai: What!

Viktor: The art of energy mastery and aura mastery, I’ve harden my powers. That punch felt weak. Are you sure you one of the gods of this planet. I’m completely disappointed.

Viktor’s hands and body were shrouded in a white aura. His face showing no weakness. The form he presented was almost unmatched. Fai wavered for a moment, but didn’t hesitate in front of him.

Fai stared off at Holly, who shared the glance. He understood something from this situation.

Fai: You...won’t win.

Viktor: …

Fai: Viktor was it? You are correct. I am a god. The one and last god you’ll ever fight! I’m going to kick. Your. ass! No…

Fai said

Fai: I’m afraid you are going to have to die!

Fai exploded with electricity, surrounding his entire body from bottom to the top, he narrowed his eyes towards Viktor.

However Molan understood something.

Molan: That boy..

Fai didn’t respond

Viktor: What’s this. You went boom with energy, What kind of logic is this world presenting me with.

He squinted his eyes for a moment before being interrupted by Molan.

Molan: Viktor, or whatever your name might be...the person that in standing in front of you is no longer the same person you were fighting.

Molan said

Molan: The true manifestation of Fai’s power has taken control.

Viktor looked over, with Fai’s dead cold stare hanging over him.

Viktor: Mighty eyes you got there…

Fai was an extremely powerful person. However his true power up until this point had been dampened. When he was a child he had so much more, so so much more. Maybe it was because of the aspect of his power, lightning is quick, and destructive within a child, it would certainly hold more instability. However somehow he has managed to regain this power.

Molan: Have the trials done this to you?

Molan whispered

Fai’s body being encased by lightning and static.

Viktor: Come on--

Viktor was encased, smashed deep within the surface that was below him, Unaware of what just happened, the same attack inflicted on him earlier, however nullified mostly because of his ability over aura and energy had made it ineffective, this time though made his entire body ache in pain. However, Fai standing in the same spot seemingly not have moved.

Viktor: What...What...did you--

Interrupted by the attack to his face, nothing but a blur that time. He turned to see Fai had gotten slower for a moment.

He countered launching a barrage of attacks, with each attack landing behind him and not impacting, He halted and closed the distance between them. In attempt to land a hit, Fai was already behind him. Already prepared to attack. With his arm encased with lightning. Viktor was sent flying into the background.

Fai threw in a couple more attacks, before Viktor flow out to land a punch, however the only thing he managed to get was Fai blocking the attack with his arms, progressing within the fight the two zipped around the field, anyone watching couldn’t read their movements.

With both crushing the ground upon their visible return, Viktor stumbled to his feet, Fai noticed a slight cut on his arm.

Fai: This form, Being a god is not without its advantages.

Viktor: You…

Viktor looked up, Fai moved into a lunging position, giving Viktor the signal to prepare himself, with the sight of his being vanishing from within his eyes, his only advantage was getting used to his speed for a second managing to grip the fist Fai had launched the moment his appearance reappeared in front of him. However the second fist landed in his gut, with several spots of blood pouring out of his throat, Viktor was sent into the background range. No more near any of them.

Fai looked onward. With his eyes active he seemed to acknowledge their safety for a moment. With his power not subsiding when he wanted it too. He scratched his head nervously before being motioned over by Molan…

Molan: Fai, come quickly, it’s Holly!

Fai turned on the spot and zipped over…
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Chapter 33 - Defeating an enemy that cannot be touched! Fai's Fury
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