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 Chapter 34 - The Pieces Fall Into Place

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Chapter 34 - The Pieces Fall Into Place Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 34 - The Pieces Fall Into Place   Chapter 34 - The Pieces Fall Into Place EmptyThu Aug 24, 2017 12:56 pm

Fai ran over to Holly, who idly stared at the man in front of her, she could barely keep her eyes from shutting from the wound which would slowly drain her life away.

Holly: What, has happened to you.

She spoke up.

Fai: I can’t talk to much about it holly, you are in critical condition.

Holly: I see. Does this relate to tenshi?

Fai collected his thoughts for a moment after hearing those words. He has forgiven his brother a long time ago. They spoke on equal terms plenty of times after. Right before his death at the hands of Ritsu. However learning of what his intentions were. And what Roland has done. Reminded him of his past more than he wanted too.

As a kid, he only ever expressed negative power bursts like this one was when he was in extreme distress or anger. Which is what all kids go through. This time was no exception. He took a long look at his hand, which was strengthened by this power. Walking straight into his view however, Fai’s eyes auto opened upon viewing who it was.

Tenshi: Fai, don’t mistake what is happening to you right now. The lightning goddess's power has awakened within you. The nature of this power calls upon the past. The time is coming, for you to finally get what you want. What you choose to do, however, is up to you.

He turned to walk off, before fading he spoke one last line of words.


Fai pointed his head back down at Holly who had been idly staring, then back at Molan.

Fai: I need to get her to Galaco at the Infinity Isle.

Molan: You sure you can make it without trouble.

Fai nodded his head

Fai: Yes I can, as long as this transformation holds out. The important question is, can I leave you guys alone for a little while. I can’t protect you if I leave--

Dema: Don’t worry about it, we may not look it. But we have been training for a moment like this. We can handle being alone for awhile.

Molan: You heard Dema. We can wait, we’ll make our way towards the Isle as well just get her to safety first.

Fai smiled, a stubborn group of people they seemed, however as old times go. He looked down at the injured Holly, being her up with both hands, he disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Viktor threw the rock that landed on top of him after being thrown miles away from his original location. He stood up in rage. Cuts and injuries littered his body, he was preparing to jump back there until a voice ringed out.

???: Stop Viktor, that is enough.

He halted his actions to the voice.

Viktor: Why, I’m not defeated yet. I still have more power than that fool!

???: Then you should have used it from the start. So you are the fool here Viktor.

He said, much to Viktor dismay.

???: Besides, there will come another time. You best get back up here now. We have another development.

Viktor sighed in question. And obeyed, he suddenly disappeared from the area.


Upon the wreckage of down ship, one of the bigger ones at that. A lady was seen typing on a computer using knowledge from the killed soldiers next to her on the floor. Some of the information was useless as her actions implied, however this ship seemed to store something particularly useful.

They were made to retreat a distant because of a new development.

Ashley: Hello can you hear me.

She called out, towards the man standing on the frontlines at the current moment. Which happened to be Adam. His powers through, and completely destroyed the force in front of him.

Adam: Ashley, is that you?

Ashley: Yes. It’s me, I’m using telepathy to speak to you.

Adam: Okay, what’s going on.

Ashley: I have information about something you may want to see. You noticed the bigger forces have pulled back right?

She answered, Adam immediately followed up realising it just only now.

Adam: It would appear they have.

Ashley: Yeah, it’s because the leader of this invasion is going to coming down. He’s coming towards you Adam. I don’t know how you managed to get his attention but you better be careful. He isn’t alone.

Adam didn’t respond as something struck the earth in front of him, killing off any remaining enemies and allies in front of him. Except for the ones he personally protected which were mostly the ones behind him.

Adam: San, did you get that!

San, stood upon the broken remains of facility, after wiping out plenty of annoying forces.

San: I heard loud and clear. How long can you hold them off.

Adam: Can’t say.

San cleared his voice.

San: Just don’t die until I arrive.

San cut the connection between them for now. He needed his team to get in position. Only a few were capable of making it there without any serious trouble. However


Sella had almost made it before an objection erupted in front of her and blocked her immediately path towards where she was headed. Standing up from the smoke in a weird alteration was a monster she would almost certainly not want to have encountered.

Chapter 34 - The Pieces Fall Into Place B1b58d120d13654442bd9ff3e62f2ffd

???: You are to die here!

He jumped her without anything else to say, no warning either. His initial charge was quick, with the sword currently present in his hand. It made close combat difficult. Quickly entering into a battle she wasn’t prepared for.

She still dodged every attack and gaining distance but grappling the swords with her power. Invisible and sharp the man in front of her was cut across the shoulder before retreating back himself.

Sella: Who are you…

She said

The wound upon his shoulder closed immediately, which was a surprise. He turned towards her and answered.

Zadimus: The name I have. If I must give you one. Is Zadimus. Though if you want all my names I tell-

Sella: No, that’s fine.

He nodded to her sudden interruption, not many people would want to hear the others anyway. He created another weapon out of thin air. However he raised his hand. It grew in length stretching out to reach for her.

Sella: The hell…

Jumping out of the way onto a platform above. It moved along her path, like it was homing in on her. Jumping once more out of the way, she strafing through the air towards him as his arm was focused from behind.

A force at her will she tried to cut the arm off. But it was made out of something so much stronger than steel. The blade she created bounced off of it. The imbalancement of the impact allowed the arm that was extended towards her to grip on covering her body like a snake immobilizing her movement.

Zadimus: people you know…

Sella struggled but couldn’t break free, Zadimus slowly made his way over to her with his other hand now free of the weapon he wielded. He held it up in some sort of weird obsession like a zombie almost.

Stopping the struggling for a moment she looked at he stopped, now directly in front of her, with that weird mask of his.

Sella: What are you. And why is it that you have other names.

Sella asked with some level of composure.

Zadimus: Are those your final words.

Sella looked over to the right…

Sella: I just asked you something.

Zadimus: It’s cause I like people. I have many names, but in reality I don’t have a name. At least I don’t think so, you see I can’t remember because well, I’ve just taken a liking to others. Whoops. What I mean is

Zadimus got close, his fingers almost touching hers.

Zadimus: I like to eat others. There names are simply, what’s left of them.

Sella: Eat...others,

Sella looked and observed the form of Zadimus extremely carefully and saw something she definitely shouldn’t have.

Sella: What happens when you eat them.

Zadimus: I gain their potential. It’s a delightful feeling.

Sella: And there names.

Zadimus: Yeah?

Sella: You an amalgamation aren’t you.

Zadimus stopped dead for a moment, but underneath that mask, he was merely smiling.

Zadimus: I guess you right. Not many know haha…

Sella: That’s actually all I needed to know. You merged with them, however you did not eat them. They are alive. That makes what comes next. Painful.

He was confused with what she meant, but suddenly he felt a strong merciless feeling within his whole body, mind and soul. Like something torn through him. Or rather something was attempting to get out of him.

Zadimus: What-- did you -- do...ahhhh!

Zadimus held his stomach, releasing her from his grip the arms retracted. His body deformed for a moment, several pieces releasing themselves from his body, however did not separate.

Sella: How does he still have so much control...did I not separate the cells enough.

She thought

Sella: Oh well, I have nothing against those who are within him. I’m afraid I must take care of him now

Sella closed her eyes, revealing a powerful transparent force around her body. They were squirming violently.

Zadimus noticed this and tried to defend himself, however he was grabbed, slammed violently in the ground before being thrown into the distance.

Sella: Well, that wasn’t too bad I guess..

She turned back for a second..

Sella: I got to hurry.


Aliya descended towards one of the smaller broken buildings. When she noticed the fight earlier with Zach, she understood that the one he was fighting was none other than Klark. His appearance would certainly match any known monster that could look anywhere close to that.

Aliya: I only know of one titan. Klark, what is going on with you now…

Aliya was worried and had prepared to jump to aid Zach, as for some odd reason, she felt that it was not only because of Klark, but because of some duty too. However

???: You hold your purpose high don’t you.

A girl spoke stepping up from behind, Aliya instinctively turned and lifted up her hand to attack, however the earth she manipulated was countered by similar forces.

Aliya: What can control earth.

Aliya stepped back for a second, not letting her guard down.

Jully: My name is Jully, and I can manipulate all kinds of forces.

She looked formal towards the Earth Goddess.

Jully: Earth is a very simple aspect to control.

Jully lifted up a few broken rocks as she spoke in such a soft manner. With the rest of her attention drawing back to Aliya.

Jully: It’s everywhere.

The boulders were thrown towards her at high speeds. Aliya, however wasn’t impressed, she clenched her fist without moving them. And the boulders were crushed to sand in mid air.

Aliya: Using Earth against me wouldn’t ever work.

Aliya calmly stated.

Jully: That’s true. You are after all the Earth Goddess. I’m a beast that thrives off land though. I came here to test how well something like myself, compares up to a goddess of her respected element.

Jully stood there without doing much. However the eerie sensation that came over Aliya, her bloodlust and killing intent soared so high in a blink of an eye. Whoever she is, this won’t be an easy fight.

Without moving, pillars of earth erupted in quick succession, so fast in fact that Aliya had a very tiny area to dodge, with the speed they traveled, she couldn’t react at all. The pillars slammed several times into her sending her through the top of the building through towards the bottom.

With her mangled body sliding around across the street towards another building, she gripped the concrete to regain her footing.

Back on her feet, the pillars followed. But were destroyed within seconds once more. Jully who now stood on ground level without having made a noise.

Aliya: Who the hell are you.

Jully: I’m Jully

Aliya: That’s... not what I meant.

More earth came flying towards her, however in the light of her annoyance they were immediately destroyed this time unlike last time.

Jully didn’t flinch however.

Jully: Just an envious person?

She tilted her head.

Aliya: Right…

Aliya crouched down for a moment to feel the earth beneath her for a moment.

Aliya: I suppose you’ll just have to tell me once I beat you right.

Jully: If I made a promise like that. I’ll be held responsible. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

She held her lip, while glancing a way.

Aliya: Is that right.

Aliya countered with the exact same attack as before that Jully used on her, however the speed of these attacks were much faster. Jully’s body was impacted directly by more than several pillars of earth. If not more in a single succession.

With the dust starting to clear up, a faint figure could be made. Swiping her hand the smoke was ground. Jully stood there, having not moved a second muscle. And, without a scratch.

Aliya: the hell are you.

Jully: People would call me a monster.

Jully replied

Aliya: Okay, what kind?

Aliya answering these questions in this way, seemed like the only way to get a response.

Jully: If I told you. Would you think I’m a monster?

Aliya: Do you look like one?

Jully tilted her head again, not expecting that kind of response from her.

Jully: That’s only cause I’m in human form. I do love this look. Anyway, since you care so much. I’m a behemoth. My physiology is completely Behemoth, however I’ve gained an appearance of a human.

Aliya was startled by this information, a mythical monsters in the flesh, was that real. No, clearly if entities like Zach and titans existed then surely mythical ones do as well. Something get revealed so often it’s hard to get completely surprised. However this type of reveal is quite something. An actual mythical monster.

Aliya: A Behemoth?

Aliya leant in for a moment.

Aliya: That would explain you completely tanking my attack earlier.

Jully: Bingo. I’ve got flawless defense.

Aliya: This fight is more talking then it was fighting, and she seems like such a child…

Aliya thought.

Aliya: How am I going to deal with her now that she has all that defense. And she hasn’t even used most of her power either.

Aliya recollects her thoughts for now. It seems she may have to stop messin round. She wanted to not have to use her powers recklessly so soon without first using them to help Klark. However it doesn’t seem possible now.
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Chapter 34 - The Pieces Fall Into Place
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