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 Chapter 35 - Phantasia's Past

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PostSubject: Chapter 35 - Phantasia's Past   Chapter 35 - Phantasia's Past EmptyFri Aug 25, 2017 8:29 pm

Whilst finishing up on observing the enemy, she gained potential target for the invasion Ashley decided that she needed to head out. And relay the information towards Mana and Len who kept the headquarters open for operation. However before leaving she came face to face with Phantasia.

Phantasia: Doing well.

Phantasia interrupted.

Ashley: For the most part. Yes, though I don’t see why I’m merely doing recon. When I can easily be out there helping people.

As she stepped past Phantasia, her pasture was rather unfitting. Or rather because she hasn’t ever really been considered as much as she liked. She was always just the assassin observing for information. It didn’t give her a good attitude, however she still showed those feelings underneath.

And since the world may as well be ending soon. She decided to leak a bit through the cracks, though most people would have known this from the beginning.

Phantasia: You know, I used to be like you.

Phantasia turn, her expressions were always the same, usually composed and showed nothing like emotion, but she didn’t look like someone who didn’t have emotion. Well, in the eyes you could tell there was pain, though deep down she still cared for people. And possibly the world she came from.

Ashley: How, can you. Of all people know what it's like?

Ashley stated. Remaining in her position from this point on.

Phantasia looked up into the darkened sky and retold some of events that she hadn’t told anyone.

Phantasia: There was a time. A time when I was much much younger then I am today, that I couldn’t see what my goal was. Rather as strong, or unstable my powers were at the time. I found that everyone around me. Merely wanted to assist by stopping me from using what I originally intended to cure, or fix. They never saw it that way though. Power is dangerous if used uncontrollably, or dangerous if not kept in check. So I suppose in that regard I received the same treatment.

I was really young back then. She waved her hand revealing an image of her life captured in moments. The same mirror world that she took Aliya, was now for Ashley to share with. The stories were different though.

Phantasia: What you are seeing, is what I looked like in the past. A very very distant past.

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Ashley was deeply surprised, the person in the mirror was nothing like Phantasia. She had to look between the two to get comparison, but she couldn’t find anything matching.

Ashley: Seriously. This is you!?

She stated

Phantasia: Yes. It’s hard to believe that I could ever smile, but this yes is what I looked like. The uniform was the military I was apart of, or rather the organization.

Phantasia pressed upon her current appearance. It was a twisted version of what it is suppose to be, She felt like it needed to be shown. With a snap of her figures. She revealed what should looked like apart from her outfit.

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Ashley: Now I’m starting to see the connections. However, there is still some difference. What is with that.

Phantasia: Yes

Phantasia looked down, it seemed like a rough memory, however it wasn’t because she was afraid of showing, or rather because it’s so buried she need to focus on finding where it was. Soon later, she moved her hand again, the image changed to the first day, her life turned around.

Phantasia: What you all currently know of me is misguided, I was once a normal human being like anyone else. The person you saw before was human. My power, and everything I stood for. Was merely Time control. It was an advanced magic of my world, and considered highly impossible to control. Originally a elderly man from the past had figured out ways to adapt to time and change it’s law, but the only thing he accomplished on record was the ability to manipulate time to go Back Or Forward. There was nothing suggesting that he knew anything more than that. He did have another theory, one I wouldn’t have known until way later.

The story that lead to these events started with a boy, and my own greed to search for him. I found the tomes regarding the power to travel into the past, in hopes that I would be capable of searching for him. But I couldn’t have been more stupid. What wasn’t recorded was, by chance. There would be more output of time energy leaking when the person makes the jump. The process while jumping between one timeline dimension to the next, caused my body and parts of this dimension to fuse together. I learned apart of this, in my happy-go lucky life you saw earlier. But I came to realise that Time energy is prone to build up. As if building up a timeline. The longer I went on the stronger it got. Which was why I got headaches from time to time. My power unstable as it was, stopping time for everyone.

When I, -- or when we found a way to fix the problem. Something else happened. She moved again, this image was rather different from what she looked like. The matches are starting to fall more into place.

Chapter 35 - Phantasia's Past 1028f5b233783137452dd09e9e7c5ec6

Ashley: What are so much younger here. Or is that just a delusion.

Phantasia: Turns out, dealing with time energy wasn’t easy, and the result was something else entirely. Some of the years I had, were lost. Regressing me back into a child. However I didn’t go any lower than that. I retained my memories, and the unstability of my power had disappeared. But now I had another problem. With control that is, my power was more hungry this time around. Constantly at the edges of my skin.

Phantasia pinched her arm while retelling these events.

Phantasia: You don’t know what it feels like to have the essence of time constantly being under your skin. For me however it took a big toll.

She moved the image once more.

Chapter 35 - Phantasia's Past 7c0e74376f2251f15f5965fca3233894

Ashley was just speechless, each part of her life got increasingly more depressing, with each image shown

Ashley: Hold on, what exactly happened with you. I mean, this isn’t related to me anymore. In terms of how I’m treated. I mean before it was.

Phantasia: Right now. Those who were around me cared, truly, as do people around you do. However, Fixing the problem couldn’t be done anymore, but, the reason we are still the same. Is because most of these people I thought to be my friends, wouldn’t allow me to help. I suppose at the time it was because my power was simply to hungry, It was dangerous. So in hopes I’d stay sane they wanted to keep me off the battlefield. Of course most people don’t listen. I was no exception.

What they wanted for me, was my inevitable fate. I quickly lost my sanity. In a very critical battle. I decided I’d help anyway. The enemy we were facing was a figure going by the name of the Dark Queen. As cheap and silly of a name, she didn’t actually have one. In the attempt to fight her, in doing so I accidently lost control of myself and ended up brutalizing her in the worse way. I didn’t mean too. However that's what changed me. After those events I was no longer the person everyone knew me for. A laughable and quite kind person. Turned cold, and rather distant. I tried staying in tune by at least being around them like a third character. Like I do for most of you, however more than I do with you. I’d actually attend conversations or merely be around for them. This, was what I was like around that time.

Chapter 35 - Phantasia's Past A94422d1641ce706aeb59385ecbfa918

Ashley: How is it. That you have gotten this far, without completely breaking so far.

Ashley answered

Phantasia: The answer I told myself was impossible, yet the solution that was given to me seem simple. I was introduced to the realm of time. A man going by the name of Nero connected via the traces of what originally merged with my body. And told me that many different types of villains have sought out my world specifically because of the damage I caused. He then told me if I fixed the issue I would lose most of my rights considering my fusion, but I’d also fix the hungry the power gave. As well as perfected it to work rather than constantly be at my throat.

Ashley: So that is how you became a god.

Phantasia: You can either earn the right to call yourself one. Or have others help you obtain that status. But, being a god isn’t a luxury, you have a duty whether you like it or not. And I choose it. Because I didn’t really have a choice.

Ashley: Why does everyone say that…

Phantasia: True. However in my case, I didn’t have one. If I didn’t help Nero, There would have been problems. Since those attackers of time weren’t your average enemies.

Phantasia stepped away whilst closing her eyes departing from Ashley.

Phantasia: Sometimes, people don’t have choices. Things are out of your control. You must regain control, or use what you can’t to earn more.

Phantasia left with those words. Leaving Ashley to her thoughts once more. Once she was gone the world around her returned to normal, back on the battlefield with enemies littered everywhere.


Phantasia walked upon the edges of reality, view each and every timeline that connected with earth. Once a peaceful world, but brought to endless suffering with Infinity’s tampering. However not all of it was his fault, something -- or rather someone was also pulling some strings.

She turned for a moment. In a single moment she was in another dimension. One that housed something more grand then most artifacts. Something that was on the grand scale of the infinity spectrum or dark spectrum. However in terms of power it had nothing against those spectrums. It’s powers are more time related then power related.

The Time Codex ---

Chapter 35 - Phantasia's Past Magic-background_1_1024x576

Phantasia turned to see a man carefully collecting his thoughts, he hadn’t notice her.

Phantasia: Nero. I need your help.

He turned towards her.

Nero: Hm, What might it be?

Phantasia: I need to call upon...another universe.

Nero placed down one of the books he had been closely holding next to him, he slowly walked towards her.

Nero: Why.

Phantasia: There is an event. That must happen.

Nero: Hmm, you are correct. The time codex seemed to acknowledge such an event. However since It’s not for me to say I guess I can arrange something. So who exactly are you going to contact.

Phantasia: Universe, 4

Nero: You sure. That is quite the universe indeed. It’s current power placement resides with...well, aside from the the Universal god. It would appear the primordial force. You sure.

Phantasia: Yes. There are two individuals that seem to be apart of this crisis.
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Chapter 35 - Phantasia's Past
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