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 Chapter 36 - A Serious Struggle

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PostSubject: Chapter 36 - A Serious Struggle   Chapter 36 - A Serious Struggle EmptySat Aug 26, 2017 12:43 am

With each of the teams working effortlessly to provide assistance to everyone fighting. A massive horde of people were gathered around the entrance to the Infinity Isle. Everyone knew this place was Omari territory. It’s been considered normal for magic to exist, so it wasn’t any surprise to anyone that a place this big existed. Its bigger on the inside so it will definitely fit everyone who lives currently in the nation around them.

Lily and Layla finally made it inside where representatives of Omari quickly took care of her. Along with Lyall who happened to be there to help out.

Lily: Lyall, weren’t you with San

Lily questioned

Lyall: No, I helped Mana and Len protect the place while he is planning something, Lily -- look listen. This place’s defenses are up, but as Nora explained I’m not sure if we can fully operate it without Zach’s command.

Lyall looked everywhere, nothing but dozen of confused people. They have absolutely no reason to believe this place can hold them.

Lyall: My god look at all of them.

Lyall turned back

Lyall: You are physically one of the only gods currently on this Isle. Is there anything you could do.

Lily: I’m not sure I have the answer you're looking for Lyall.  

Lyall: Damn it!

Lyall slammed his fist against the ground, with his troubles getting to him, he needed to help this nation, he was their director. Yet somehow he was going to fail again?

Layla: Damn you fool, you always think so much!

Layla found her strength to speak, holding his hand in the matter.

Layla: You’ll find away, So don’t overwork yourself.

A massive force began moving in, from the outside, with a heavy assault to the shields, with each wave of attacks the surrounding masses went into a panic. They chatted loudly and stood up from their spots.

Lyall: Tch…--

Lily gripped Lyall’s hand.

Lily: A city isn’t directed easily, leaders are calm, composed. You need to find a way.

Lily stood up and smiled pleasantly.

Lily: I’ll hold them off. For everyone.

Lyall: What, how could you…

Lyall stopped mid speech as Lily continued to express herself.

Lily: I know it’s probably dumb, the shields can definitely hold, but on the off chance it doesn’t I can’t just sit here. While they panic.

Lyall stared back, and certainly truth took over him at that moment, even though earlier he witnessed, he tried to instinctively block it out.

Lily: Can I…

Lyall quieted himself for a second.

Lily was engulfed in a furious flame, with the depths of it turning red, another person embodied he position.

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Lily: I’ll protect them. As the Goddess Of Earth, wielding Fire. I shall do what I’m made to do.

Lyall: Lily…

Lily leaped straight up into the air, with the flames at her back giving her speed, and the trailing phoenix Illusion keeping her in the air. Once out of the field that protected everyone, the phoenix gripped a hold of her, a pair of fiery wings enveloped.

Lily: That’s…


Lyall was seen storming through the halls at high speed, he needed to reach the main control room. With each person constantly concerned for their safety with recent attacks. It seems Lily’s actions have caused them to settle down more.

Lyall: Ahad, what exactly is the current situation.

He opened the door abruptly.

Ahad: Do you want the bad news.

Lyall: What about the good news.

Ahad: There isn’t any, I can’t figure any of this out. I’m not allowed to do really, anything…

Ahad held his head, this didn’t help his image.

Lyall: Don’t start.

Ahad: Look Lyall, I’m physically incapable of doing anything. I’m not allowed in the network, and trust me I’ve given it my all. It’s refusing to accept my power.

Ahad looked down at his hand with disappointment.

Ahad: my power has always worked this far.

???: How bout you call someone instead.

Both Lyall, and Ahad looked back towards the robed figure. As a sense of deja vu went over them. The man seemed average in height.

Lyall: Who are you.

???: That’s not important right now. This probably isn’t obvious, however it’s good thing to note that this is the Isle we are on, and by definition is capable of everything anyone would ever want. In the same sense it’s also hard to gain access. However as it’s original intention still stands. Anyone should be capable of sending out.

Ahad: A distress call!

???: And tell me, who exactly would get that message.

Ahad: Main Administrator Zach Alexander. Aka Infinity!

Ahad read the exactly what was on the screen in front of him, as he pointed out, it accepted the need for help. As this place was built to help, therefor the opposite is certainly possible.

Lyall turned back to find the figure gone. Even though he looked out the door, he literally vanished.

Ahad: He doesn’t matter, Calling Zach now!


Zach dodged mid strike. With the sword gripped firmly in his hand he has gone pretty long with not injuring the poor guy.  

Zach: come on big guy, aren’t you too slow for--

“ZACH! God damn it ZACH PICK UP!”

Zach: Hmmm

Zach shifted his body slightly to the voice suddenly appearing within his head.

Ahad: Zach, Can you hear me?

Ahad called out as long as he could.

Zach: Ahad, the fuck you doing in my head.

Zach turned quickly for a moment.

Ahad: We are under attack by a large force. Lily is currently--

Lyall: Zach, we need to access the main control roo--

His voice cut short by the loud grunting noise, Zach holding the sword blocking the sudden attack.

Zach: I’m seriously busy right now. Can’t this wait.

Lyall: Zach, every. Single. Person is here on the isle right now, you can’t be telling us to not help them!

Lyall shouted.

Zach’s eyes widen.

Zach: Tch, Command Open…

Ave: I don’t think so..

Ave widen the barrier around the area, the telepathic waves were distances. It was unclear how such perfect telepathy could be immediately interrupted. However Zach couldn’t afford to lose his focus now.

Shrugging off the attack only to receive another. He had to really push him back only to gain some distance.

Ave crossed her arms, turning her head towards another battlefield.


Godfrey: Understood…

Godfrey turned to Sixar

Godfrey: Deal with them…

He only spoke those words, and the man with two colored halves was gone without a trace. Standing in front of Godfrey, was none other than Adam himself, having dealt some damage.

Adam: You are pretty tough.

Godfrey: Pretty stupid words coming from an earthling. If I wasn’t any good, I wouldn’t currently be here.

Godfrey’s hand was always covered in a purplish glow. No matter what Adam did, he stopped everything.

Godfrey: You are currently stuck with how to deal with me aren’t you.

Godfrey replied. Adam smiled and nodded

Adam: I haven’t ever gotten a day where I had to fight an opponent as strong as you.

Godfrey: Is that so. Then you don’t exactly deserve to be in front of me.

Surprised by the arrogance from this person. Adam was rightly shocked.

Godfrey: There is nothing to be shocked about. I have to fight regular cosmic beings, gods and deities every day. If you are telling me you don’t get the chance. Then how could you possibly defeat me now.

Godfrey stated

Adam gritted his teeth, not only is he correct, but he has him in a corner. If anything he just said is true, he won’t be capable of dealing with this guy. Nor even pose a challenge to him.

Adam: Then, I guess all I can do. Is keep you busy.

Godfrey can freakishly annoyed with his statement and was prepared to launch an all out assault at that moment however the ground collapsed.

Adam: Your power, Verse...mine!

Adam had his hand out.


Meanwhile, while dealing with the forces that attacked the Infinity Isle. Lily quickly mopped them up fast.

Lily: They didn’t stand a chance, however for nothing but ships, they put a surprisingly good fight.

Sixar came bolting into her, however with reflexes that were too good to even exist, she managed to dodge just in time.

He stopped immediately not phased by her dodge. As most would just go launching forward into the distance with such speed.

Sixar: Impressive. Not many can dodge speeds like that.

Lily: Sosuke’s constant nagging had me fix a proper method of dealing with you speed freaks.

Lily mentioned

Sixar: I suppose being prepared with others that have lots of speed is good. However I could go faster.

Lily: I’d hope you wouldn’t, how else will I prevent you from harming anyone.

Sixar: You don’t...that’s the point.

Lily: Is that so…

Lily crossed her arms looking at the person in front of her. She has read a lot of books, and knows a lot of the world and history. Something nagged at her.

Lily: Can I ask you something. With how you currently look, is it fair to say. You are a force of Ying and Yang?

Sixar was surprised, however it’s not hard to figure such out with his look.

Sixar: You are correct. I am, however I’m not a force of Ying-Yang, I am balance itself.

Lily: You are lying. If you were Balance itself, you would not be here.

Sixar squinted his eyes, as if he just heard the truth, however in his eyes it is not the first time he hasn’t heard it. Someone else has too. He flinched at the comment though.

Sixar: And yet, here I am.

Lily: If you truly were who you say you are. I’d dare to say I’m standing in front of one of the most powerful beings. Yet, somehow, I haven’t been destroyed yet.

Sixar: I can be merciful.

Lily: You know, is it that you are weaker than I’ve read.

Sixar gripped his fist.

Lily: If you are my enemy, then surely I’d be wiped out by now.

Sixar: Not entirely, you are a product of Infinity, his power protect--

Lily: Not even close to the truth. His power doesn’t protect us. Only our powers of being gods does. It’s true he may have granted us the power to obtain this status. He does not have power over us.

Sixar: How can you--

Lily squinted her eyes coldly

Lily: I know…I do, and so that makes you wrong.

Sixar’s left side erupted in bright white light, he attempted to attack her in open conversation, though it seemed her words had struck a few nerves already. Which meant she was aware that he was gonna attack sooner or later.

With all her power thrusted into her fist, she blocked the fist with one hand. Which confirmed a suspicion she had, with all her might, she let go of his fist and pushed him away with a fury of flames sending him into the edges of the barrier. Which provided itself with an additional effect zapping him. His body threw itself back at her, when she engulfed her leg with more flames to kick him away again.

He spun around regaining his guard. Lily, simply hovered back towards him..while he wiped away any blood coming from his mouth.

Sixar: Tsk….To think you had that much power to start.

Lily: Impressive isn’t it. Is what I would say now. Earlier a dodge so simple as that, can come to any given they train enough. I think it’s time to stop underestimating me. Don’t you.

Lily bent up straight while pointing at him.

Lily: I already figured you out. You only attacked me with one side of your body, If you are balance you would have no problem, siding with both. Therefore. You can’t use both. You are merely a force of Ying and Yang.

Lily declared…

Sixar: ….
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Chapter 36 - A Serious Struggle
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