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 Chapter 37 - Zach Strikes

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Chapter 37 - Zach Strikes Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 37 - Zach Strikes   Chapter 37 - Zach Strikes EmptyMon Oct 23, 2017 7:48 pm

It happened so fast, the world was steeped in chaos, flames covered mountains and buildings fell. Attacks littered the surface of the earth from the sky, explosions filled the distance landscape without so much as a thought. There was no sign of stopping it would seem to go on forever.

Alyce had, for a brief moment, be excited to see that all her hard work was paying off, that everything she strived to do, wouldn’t be in vain. It had taken her so many years to figure out the location of where Infinity had gone, and although she found out something it didn’t lead her directly to him. Instead, it had lead towards some sort of emissary, or at the time she thought she really did find him. The power was there, However, at the same time, it didn’t appear that way. This man, this Zach, that everyone called out. Was merely some false illusion.

Something about it was concerning, although her mind hadn’t been made up completely back then. She merely thought that Zach had just been a mind trick created from her own mind something that overlapped to making them look like similar beings. However, it wasn’t until Zach released the power which was directly related to Infinity on that day that she finally decided to stay and watch over things.

Now that she interacted with him for the first time, and learned more about him in general. She had confirmed her suspicions in full. The man known as Zach was, in fact, the man she had been looking for, although a reincarnation or some sort of final hope as many have been speculating. And yet, the two of them seemed different.

Zach and Infinity seemed to exist in separate universes. Not anything literal of course. But more on the fact that they seemed like two different beings. Not the same person.

And yet even while she stared off into the distance at the destruction being waged at her fruitful expense. She felt like something was amiss.

While staring into the flames, and destruction, she knew that within its center, the attacks held an ignorance. An ignorance that contained a lie. One that came directly from her father, Zach words may have seemed more like a hero’s lie. To distract her from what he was attempting to do, however, now she understood why. To make her think of what was right in front of her.

Alyce: I can’t believe I missed something so important.

Alyce held her hand towards her chest, the power of infinity rested within her now. Her bloodline had been altered because of it. She wouldn’t have been able to come to this conclusion without the power of such an energy. And now that it flowed within it, the hatred within that previous bloodline ceased. She felt like the strands of deception had been more easily discovered.

Alyce: I still have my memories, I still have my orders. However, things like that hold no importance to me anymore. Father.

Alyce stared off into the starry sky, she knew he was watching this fight.

Alyce: I will no longer be your daughter, for that was merely a lie as well wasn’t it.

She narrowed her eyes as she stood there, immediately after she had that moment taken from her. She focused back into the distance turning her head towards the battle between Zach and Klark.

Back on the fields that burned intensely with a battle waged by the possessed Klark and Zach. Zach had been pushed back by him a few times, but nothing seemed to click within the beast, he hadn’t been able to figure out how to wake Klark up from this transformation.

He looked over at Ave, he knew that she was the cause for the form that possessed him now but couldn’t find a way around it on his own. It made him feel like he was literally powerless to actually destroy a transformation created from evil like this.

At the moment, suddenly though thoughts began to enter his mind. A long-distance telepathy entered into his consciousness.

Alyce: Zach, I’ve been observing your action for the past hour,

Zach: Alyce!

Zach landed on the ground flicking his sleeve knocking Klark back.

Zach: What do you mean.

Alyce: How can you, a man without equal, be pushed back by evil such as that. Did you seriously forget what I taught you while you were here? You always hold back, it’s so intentional it’s bothering. And yet it almost seems like you aren’t fully aware that you are doing it. Watching you makes me feel that. You don’t care about Klark at all. You seem to like it’s something that’s not important.

Zach: That isn’t--

Alyce closed her eyes as she continued.

Alyce: If you don’t start taking this seriously, Klark...will not be capable of returning. And you will have fought for nothing. Or better to say would that, you intentionally abandoned him.

Alyce stood there like a rock, not willing to let someone, that pushed her to understand her faults, be driven by emotion that exceeds her father's.

Zach: You...You are different.

Zach stood there in thought before turning towards the oncoming barrage of attacks unleashed from the enraged Klark, he sidestepped most of them and vanished to reappear in the air to avoid them all.

Zach: It’s not that I don’t care, or that I don’t want too. It’s that, I don’t want to become the person. That Infinity is.

Zach understood his faults, however ever since he was small, he had been manipulated by forces that wanted to exert their will on him. Of course, no sentient force existed that did that too him.

Alyce: So you are afraid? I understand more now why I’ve been wrong about you. Infinity’s journey throughout the stars at some point by my recollection was unknown. But once he started to use that spectrums power. People started taking notice. It caused my father to go corrupt and inevitable my own sanity was called into question. But now that I possess the same energy as you. I, clearly understand it all now. Or at least bits and pieces.

Zach: Alyce…

Zach narrowed his eyes at her words without responding.

Alyce: Klark cannot win on his own you know. He may be capable of fighting from the inside. But if Ave continues to feed that transformation. He won’t be able to struggle,

Alyce’s eyes narrowed again, she seemed to be in thought for a moment before continuing.

Alyce: Klark’s spirit seems to be tied with Trinity, however not in soul, but rather in another form. It seems Trinity passed down a legacy to him. He hasn’t completely taken hold of that legacy, but it’s enough to possess some of her immunity. So this darkness surrounding Klark is incompatible with Trinity’s power.

Alyce said

Alyce: You need to prevent that from happening. The Darkness around him is corrupting him and won’t stop until it overpowers the power inside him.

Alyce stood there for a moment, her words just now, almost didn’t make sense to herself. Trinity, for as long as any being in the starry sky is concerned has control over the dark spectrum. It’s properties represent darkness. It shouldn’t be a problem for Klark to break free and actually absorb the power. However, another conclusion was drawn. Klark may possess a spirit that connects to Trinity, the most likely scenario is that he hasn’t gained the full legacy of the dark spectrum. Trinity has given him the “Host Connection” As she still seems to possess it. The functions it holds wouldn’t protect him in this case.

Alyce glared back up once more to view the scene. Ave’s magic is definitely strange, in her last moments on her father’s ship. She never encounters a person by the name of Ave. which means she came after her departure.

Alyce: My father doesn’t just take anyone in. And going from what I saw when I left, everyone was already ready. There was no need to add another person in.

Alyce thought in silence for a moment. Something is definitely wrong here. This Ave

Alyce: There is definitely something up with her power. It’s like it was made to toy with people’s souls…

Zach hovered in the air for a moment thinking, he has always struggled with his power, but he has never found a reason to use his true power, the power that made him the Wizard of Infinity and then transformed him into the direct reincarnation of Infinity. He always relied on his own power, not someone else's

Zach: I really hate the idea of other people controlling my destiny. Even when that person is my true self. I still hate it.

It wasn’t just that power as well that made him afraid, the power he wielded, that caused him to go insane all those years ago. Made him tremble, a power that made him afraid when he was resurrected in the storms outside in the wastelands. It seemed like it was sentient, sentient enough to change his entire world, and he knew that it was, because after returning from being dead, his mind was different, he understood things that he wouldn’t have been capable of understanding before.

Zach: But, I may not be willing to unleash the power to an extreme like Infinity does, I can try and use enough power to help him.

Zach slapped his hands together summoning the echoes of the past. Pieces of Infinity that, for the most part, have been forbidden to use by anyone.

Although those rules were put in order by Lyall and San. Those orders did not matter to him. To him, those were his, and although their presences were tied to specific individuals who were worthy of wielding them. Those items, by right, were his to wield. As of right now, he wanted to gain an edge.

Zach looked up at the possessed Klark once more. He had fought him without truly fighting him. He didn’t wield his true power, there was no telling how important Klark was. If he injured him, but couldn’t deal with any new enemy. Klark’s help would be needed, he couldn’t do anything that would risk putting it end to both of their existences.

His eyes narrowed as two balls of light found their way towards him. They were, of course, the two rings. These two powers were capable of something, that would help Zach achieve his goal, what he wanted. The plan was actually more on himself, as he knows, that if he doesn’t time it perfectly. It could spell disaster.

Zach looked down at the rings that hovered in front of him. He understood their power. How couldn’t he? He witnessed the power from Holly and Fai and used both to wield the powers of Dark and Light from which he defeated Ritsu. The basic principles were easy to figure out. However, the second phase was more, it was a state of fusion.

Zach glared back again,

he knew that the rings weren’t capable of fusing Zach and Klark together. They were tied to both spectrums. Powers like that were too much for simple fusion. That was why the memories of the trials embedded the Infinity Infusion upon Zach. So they would have a chance at defeating Alyce.

Of course, his knowledge of the ritual wasn’t so profound and he made a mistake. The power wasn’t enough. It created an imperfection, thus causing the curse of the infusion. Something that happens when the spell backfires. Zach understood this.

But, the rings hold one other function. Something only he could see, anyone could pull it off, but the timing wouldn’t be right in their hands. It had to be done from him, the rings were placed upon two people. The will of both combine creating a being that wields both of those peoples respected powers. While adding in the rings power to give an added bonus.

That will need to be the focus, concentration, it cannot contain any cracks. Otherwise, it will fail. That was why it was so hard to pull off.

But, the hidden function was based on the second phase. When placing it upon someone else, anyone who has exerted a will far upon the second. Something far more profound than fusion. Can take power from the person and add it to himself.

Zach looked down at thought for a moment.

Zach: Actually, what I’m going to do is use that function to take the power around Klark. And when it’s being transferred, because of how the form is represented I can cancel halfway to allow the entity possessing him to separate from him. The sudden cancellation would allow that being to exist within its own melted body.

Zach thought, he had no idea what implications would be upon Klark if he did this. There is no way of knowing if it will affect him. However, it seems like the most accurate option.

Zach: In a way, I’m actually messing around with the power, instead of using it as intended I’m going to modify it half way. So many variables, the risk only increases.

Alyce: Wars aren’t won by sitting on the sidelines Zach, You can fight all you like, but if you don’t put in the effort. Then were you really fighting at all?

Zach seemed to be struck in the head, it’s like this woman, has suddenly stuck a knife through him. Not too long ago, she seemed unreliable, not willing to help with anything that was related to him. But now she seemed far too willing, it was almost frightening.

Zach: What’s your gain from this.

Alyce: I know what you're thinking, but you can trust me now. I have converted the power of Infinity that infected me before. I’m now a part of you, Even if it wanted to get rid of it. It’s exactly as you said, once the process begins it cannot be undone. And frankly, now that I can see the world differently because of it. I don’t want to lose this power.

Zach: But…

Alyce: But, I cannot simply forgive everything Infinity did, so I’m going to help you instead. You will not become like him. Using the spectrums power is dangerous. It leads down a road, you will never come back from.

Alyce smiled for a moment before snapping back into a cold glare.

Zach: Alright, I suppose I can take your word for it. Considering that was my aim from the beginning.

Zach returned his gaze back to Klark, quickly putting on the ring on his finger. He must be precise about this. If he slips and the power is canceled at the wrong time. Or if he takes to much, he could take all of Klark’s power by accident. There is a chance that he wouldn’t be capable of taking all of his power, however, such a risk wasn’t apart of his plan, to begin with.

Before being able to pull off such a task, the possessed Klark launched another series of attacks. Zach’s face fell for a moment he flew back, pointing his finger towards the attack and summoning his own attack, barely managing to block the attack.

It wasn’t over yet, coming from amidst the smoke, he roared striking down, without as much as a thought Zach rose his hand with a snap, summoning a barrier. It was immediately covered with cracks, he managed to fend off the large fist.

It didn’t take long though, as expected the barrier was breaking, the force of the attack actually started pushing him back, gritting his teeth, he continued to let on without letting up.

Klark’s eyes flickered for a moment, his other fist raised, surged with power. He came down, in the sudden moment that it happened. It was so fast, that Zach instinctively rose his other hand strengthening the barrier. The force was incredible. Zach’s face fell, such a power increase was far about what he was capable.

He glanced over at Ave, who hadn’t moved, or shown any will in the fight. However, Zach wasn’t buying it. He struggled for a moment before managing to remote teleportation behind Klark, his teleportation was fast, enough to get caught him off guard.

With the sudden power he pulled out just a second go, it caused him to stumble forward off balance allowing Zach to waving his hand unleashing an emission of energy, he held for a second before it shot towards him.

The attack connected sending him into the dirt. He flew back for a moment, immediately activating his Eyes of Infinity, there was a very strong piece of thread attached to Klark, the aura around it suggested that it was being fed towards him.

Zach: So, aside from his own power, there is actually another force helping him out.

Zach started off at where the thread was coming from, of course, it was Ave. She didn’t make any movements or expressions that indicated that she had done so. Her mastery over her power was incredible.

Zach side stepped dodging his oncoming attack, just grazing the side of his arm.

Zach: He is getting stronger the longer we fight.

Zach clenched his hands, so bothersome. He glanced back and forth between Klark and Ave, he snapped fast, to shoot Ave, however as the attack shot, Klark appeared in front of it, knocking it to the side and retaliating.

He managed to dodge before stopping.

Ave: Did you actually believe that that would work? You are more pitiful than I imagined, Zach.

Zach shrugged his shoulders.

Zach: It never hurt to try. Besides, What I tried is nothing compared to what you are doing.

She smirked, not a word came out of her mouth. She flicked her arm, having Klark attack him. Zach’s face got serious, the battle will only get harder, and he is clearly not willing to unleash his power until he manages to place the ring on Klark’s finger.

He dodged, attempting to hold down his arm, but the idea was flawed, the aura around Klark erupted, knocking him back. He swung his arm forwards towards him, Zach slipped underneath it to evade, a ball of energy summoned which impacted upon Klark’s stomach, knocking him back a few feet. He didn’t let up, Zach summoned, more, thousands, millions. All of his own power, he shot them all down, littered the spot that he stood. A tremendous amount of forces pushed against the groundbreaking up any uprooted rock, shattering it upon impact.

The force rose up more, with Klark emerging from the crater, a large dark blade emerged from his palm, he sped forward towards Zach, countering with his own weapon. The Infinity Sword suddenly materialized in front of him. The sound of clashing metal echoed without the destroyed rubble.

Each clash caused a wide spread of wind that annihilated the surrounding boulders and last remaining buildings around. It was a battle of high stakes, If Zach won, then Klark could be freed, however, if he lost, then there may not even be any hope.

The last clash, Zach back up, raising his weapon up before hammering it down to the ground, the sudden gesture caused a mass of golden light to engrave itself across the ground, rushing towards Klark, unable to react, his body tumbled forward upon collision.

Charging the now grounded Klark, he needed to place the ring on his finger, however the sudden increase in power from the hidden thread, caused Zach’s eyes to constrict, his eyes awakened noticing the change. He snapped to Klark, who had a possessed smirk on his face. He positioned his body to notice that a sword had missed him.

Zach: That speed.

Zach placed the sword in front of him immediately after, the clash came, the sword he dodged smashed into the Infinity Sword, the sudden clash caused him to move back a bit.

He glanced over at Ave, who had a changed expression on her face, it seemed Zach was now pissing her off. Her expression told him all he needed to know, she seemed concerned with her eyes focused intensively on Klark.

Zach shoved the blade away and moved back. Klark’s image flickered before vanishing instantly, Zach’s eyes grew serious, flipping the sword around to defend, looking around for where he went. He managed to activate his eyes once more, but it was too late. Klark appeared from behind. Grappling Zach from behind, not willing to let him go.

Zach: Klark!!

Ave smiled whilst closing her eyes. It seemed the power upon Klark was too much, she seemed exhausted herself.

Zach struggled to break free after all the sudden grab made him drop the sword, thus the sudden power increase he had was lost. He glanced down at the now falling sword but could do nothing to stop its fall. His focus was retracted as his body started feeling like it was going to break any moment.

Zach’s head lowered, he gritted his teeth for a moment suddenly recalling what Alyce said

Zach: Just this once…

He murmured

Suddenly the power of infinity that rested within him, erupted it. The power burned the grip that was on him. Klark roared in pain releasing some of his strength around Zach, without thinking Zach break from it.

He kicked right into the possessed Klark’s stomach sending him straight into the ground. The power around him dispersed returning him to normal. Zach stood there breathing in for a moment. Having to use that power nagged at him. He opened his eyes which revealed his Eyes of Infinity again. Something about them seemed to declare a threat.

Klark’s image seemed to distort as it seemed to be predicting his movements. He closed his eyes once more, appearing normal.

Zach held out his hand, the Infinity Sword erupted from the ground back into his hands once more. He pointed it towards Klark, who was about to launch another attack as he just saw would happen.

He slipped past the attack without much effort. Slashing across the body, it created a wound that emitted light, Klark’s eyes suddenly went wide with the pain, it felt like something was trying to prevent him from moving, it wasn’t enough, however, he swung his arm back trying to counter Zach, but the wound slowed him down. Even with full speed, Zach knew his movements which made it easier now than it did before. He slipped to Klarks blindspot attacking his own side.

Another light appeared from the wound, Klark stumbled about before another, and another and another attack slashed against his body.

Zach landed, he flipped the sword around and dug it into the ground keeping it there. It emitted a strong light, causing the wounds on Klark’s body to glow brighter causing his entire body to freeze.

He was incapable of moving like the light was paralyzing him. He gritted his teeth as Zach slowly walked up towards him. Ave was furious with the outcome, she was about to storm in to prevent it.

However, Zach snapped his head towards her, he raised his hand faster than she could even attempt to lift off the ground. The Infinity Sword shot up from the ground and shot towards her. It was upon her in seconds, not giving her enough time to stop him. She had to retreat, dealing with the sword.

Zach stared up at Klark before sighing, he gripped his hand placing the ring on his finger. The moment he did. Zach’s eyes widen, his focus went deep, the possessed Klark seemed to figure out his plan and attempted to counter. Zach vanished to appear away from him, focusing on the plan.

Zach: This guy, how can he…

It was a battle of minds. Something Zach wasn’t prepared for, he was trying to prevent him from taking his power. However, with each struggle, each time one of them gained an advantage. Zach got more bothered.

Zach: That’s not gonna happen.

Zach rose his hand, and the power of infinity erupted from him. The struggle ceased, the darkness surrounding Klark was being pulled from him.

The thing that possessed him was now crying out. The separate from its own body, Sure Negayami was something that acted like a parasite, but it’s apart of Klark, as would Klark’s body be it’s body as well, to be torn from it, would be painful. Now unlike a soul, but something else.

It took a bit of time, but suddenly a wind blew, Klark returned to normal as a giant form, that looked like a demon. The form looked like the same one Klark had turned into because of it, but it had nobody, it seemed all melted, and twisted. It seems like a power infected by that Ave just a moment ago.

Zach glared at it before it could transfer to him. He pulled off the ring on his finger. The other ring which now rested within the body of Negayami grew in intense light. Zach closed his eyes acting accordingly. A barrier stopped its advance. And suddenly it grew silent.

Zach: That should shut you up for now.

Klark stumbled forward unaware of what happened. He suddenly collapsed, as if a huge battle was waged upon his body. Zach quickly rushed over.

Zach: Damn it, I may have gotten a little carried away.

He scanned his life force, and everything seemed to be alright.

Zach: But, it seems I didn’t do any serious damage.

Zach glanced between Negayami and Klark.

Standing up from his position Negayami struggled to maintain himself, suddenly without a body left him gasping for another one. Even though he looked exactly the same as before, it almost seemed like this demonification wasn’t able to keep itself up. Before he could think about dealing with him, Ave was struggling to maintain her composure at the loss.

Ave: Zach!

She gritted her teeth, her fists, her entire body quickly felt a jolt, with the sudden disconnection towards Negayami her power was weakened. She needed to retreat to recover, however, Zach would not allow that.

Ave stepped back slowly, that did not go unnoticed by Zach though.

Zach: Not happening.

He lunged forward, the gap between them lessened. She immediately pulled a barrier up but was shattered upon impact. As he closed in, she coldly smirked, before pulling out a sword steeped in evil, he avoided it, the sword cracked and shattered the sudden aura that came from it burst and crashed upon his body slamming him into the ground, coughing up a few drops of blood. Ave jumps back and disappeared.

Zach: What the hell was that.

He held his stomach.


Sanno: San, we are in position.

The chatter came in just in time. San viewed the battle between Adam, and Godfrey, his emotions flared a bit, Adam wasn’t winning the battle, every time he got close. Godfrey’s aura would suddenly steal his life-force. Such a foe wasn’t someone he could easily deal with.

San: Do it.

A long pause occurred. San who stood there saw that Adam could no longer hold himself anymore, he jumped instantly in front of them. He held up his hand and countered his attack, in that moment. He sent his fist straight into his chest, it all happened in a couple of seconds. Godfrey dodged instinctively.

The force from the attack sent him a few meters back.

San: Sorry for interfering. But, I’m your opponent now.
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Chapter 37 - Zach Strikes
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