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 Chapter 38 - Decisive Battle, San Vs Godfrey, The Awakened

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Chapter 38 - Decisive Battle, San Vs Godfrey, The Awakened Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 38 - Decisive Battle, San Vs Godfrey, The Awakened   Chapter 38 - Decisive Battle, San Vs Godfrey, The Awakened EmptyThu Oct 26, 2017 11:41 am

Godfrey: …

He didn’t say anything, only glaring as he focused his gaze on his arm, where a bruise laid, he didn’t sprout an expression. Looking back at San.

Godfrey: You finally show yourself?

San frowned, he suspected that the enemy would have seen him, what caused him to ache was the fact that he didn’t attack him or try to send any soldiers after him. He knew the whole time.

Godfrey: I was beginning to wonder if you cared about your city.

San: So you knew I was watching.

Godfrey: Of course.

He answered

San: Heh

San smiled, it was a bit forced, a part of him was happy, however, the other part was furious. He hated the man standing in front of him. Even though he had no real reason other than the fact that he was destroying his city.

Hatred of this level would not be possible after only witnessing him firsthand. And yet, it was written all over his face. Godfrey couldn’t understand, to him, he is merely a nuisance. The same expression countless of world leaders display, just before he strikes them down.

Godfrey threw his hand out immediately, a deadly force struck forward towards San with incredible speed.

His face grew dark, in a calm, but enraged tone.

San: Get out of my way!

He said, the force was dispelled, punching the ground, which caused a great amount of rumbling Godfrey was caught off by it. However, his expression was the same. Up until the point that he countered, a bunch of other elements that did not appear to be in the area, surged from the earth, as if they were there since the beginning.

The truth of the matter is that they weren’t, San can use any element, their potency depends on the user, as well as the matter of which element is in use of course. Basic elements are easiest to use.

The earth used stopped and was instantly crushed by the pressure issued by Godfrey, however, a piercing flame struck him in the back. Such a speed of the flame allowed such a reaction, in his surprise he surged with aura. The mere presence of it dispersed the other remaining elements from advancing, the ground and anything that lurked beneath seemed to be sucked into decay.

Godfrey did not move from his position, the aura around him, stood silent for a moment before disappearing as fast as it came.

Godfrey: You’re more then I expected, However, your ability lacks the same strength your friend there. You can’t beat me with basic elements.

Godfrey opened up his glare. He was an enemy, and yet his expression was informative and serious. He wanted San to know that.

San: I have yet to show you anything.

San’s body had swirling elements around him. Aside from the basic elements, traces of dark, and light, as well as the deadliest of them. Spirit. Surrounded him.

Godfrey’s eyes narrowed, his focus was on one of the elements shown around him.

Godfrey: the Spiritual element, this guy…how can he control so many elements at once.

Godfrey thought.

Godfrey: Your control is a tier above anyone I’ve seen in a long time. You seem to be a genius among men. However,

Godfrey’s eyes narrowed once more, he slowly raised his arm. San’s eyes widen, Godfrey disappeared, the moment just now was nothing but deception. Godfrey appeared in front of him, strucking with his aura covered fist.

Knowing his power of life-force, he sent parts of the elements around his body to block it, once his hand connected an eerie force boomed out from the battlefield. The power emitting from both bounced off each other, the clash was incredibly deadly. The power coming off Godfrey reflect back, not causing any harm to him, but his men behind in the distance were aged just from what spark colliding with their flesh. The surrounding soldiers suddenly felt aged in the wake of this clash.

Godfrey gritted his teeth, his assumption now was completely off, someone stronger than the gods is here, and, what completely caused disbelief was that fact, that san, was merely human! A mortal!

He jumped back. San countered not allowing him to escape, he gestured his hand up. The ground erupted but was be back, by his quick reaction. Several other elements attack at the same time. He dodged but got extremely annoyed as the struggle increased.

Godfrey: The essence of life, is mine!

Godfrey cried!

He landed, clenching his fist tightly, before slamming into the ground. The entire area engulfed in an explosion the attack was rendered useless and disappeared from around him. San was deeply shocked.

San: …

Godfrey: Don’t think yourself so high, I’m far above a mere mortal. You don’t just control those elements, do you. Your power, it’s higher, isn’t it. Show me! Now! I’m not gonna play with you anymore! If you plan to deceive me, you failed. I’ll use all my power to kill you now. I won’t allow you to continue existing!

San immediately began throwing up blasts of all kinds, however after Godfrey dodged a few and rose to fly in the air, the only power used was his spiritual one. It annoyed him, but his superior power allowed him to exert no effort in expelling San’s power. He dodged once more, smacking and destroying the last blast from San.

Now hovering there in mid-air, he slightly smirked but gave off a cold, annoyed look towards him. It’s like his words meant nothing to him, and it rather pissed him off.

Godfrey: I told you, that won’t work.

He slammed into the ground, erupting power flowing up from within, San dodged back, getting as far away from him as possible. Once out of range, he landed.

San: You said you weren’t going to allow me to live any further. Are you always that inconsistent? No matter, I understand you will eventually do as you have said, and I cannot allow that.

San stepped forward, slowly walking towards him.

San: You wanted to see my power. Well, fine. You can

San lifted his head in pain, year's worth of restrained power flowed into him suddenly. Having gone so long, without allowing his body to taste this power, left his body unprepared for the sudden rush.

An explosion of force erupt outward from San, Godfrey, was astonished by this display, he didn’t expect him to display high amounts of energy, not usually known to mortals.

Godfrey: So, powers of a demi-god. I suppose that would make more sense.

Godfrey lifted his hand in thought. The man, who went by San, to his recollection, did not possess such a status. And yet,

He stared deeply at the overwhelming man.

Godfrey: who think they can obtain the realm of gods simply by exerting their domination with nothing but regular, common energy? Laughable. However, this power is that simple. It’s the essence of elements that powers him.

Godfrey thought

Godfrey stopped at that moment, his words, he ate them immediately as he got his confirmation by witnessing something, he has never seen. Almost as equal to an event, he has seen in the past, but not the same in properties.

San’s several basic elements amounted to several more.

Godfrey: You have to be kidding me. He had only the common 4, then added dark, light, and spirit. And now he has lightning, ice, poison, another seemed like metal, acid, many is being added.

A number of different elements that surrounded him now…

Godfrey: That’s it...I cannot let you--

His thought was interrupted a big force of energy thrown out by Sans, swirled with several deadly versions of elements shot towards him. The basics were dodged or destroyed by Godfrey’s quick reaction, the rest, slammed into him sending him into the distance. Into a few buildings and into the side of a mountain that stood previously behind him.

San: I’m not done yet.

He expelled the surrounding elements that came when he awakened his power. Instead, power erupted from his hands, and feet, a blade. Marked with odd symbols materialized into his hand. He stared down at the ground where it had been created. It had been pointed to the ground hovering there. His expression slightly disturbed.

San: To be met, with this blade once again…

He took hold of it, as Godfrey charged back into action. Stopping now that he saw what San looked like, he felt a bit afraid of the man in front of him.

Godfrey: Is this your true power? I’d hardly call it full power.

San: Truest of form yes, How, and when I decided to show you my trump card. Will depend on just which of us is stronger!

San yelled out the last few words, he positioned his blade and struck forward, in a thrusting motion, prior to the swing, the blade had no aura, except for the odd color pattern along. It looked just like a katana. The moment he began to struck it glowed a certain color, once thrust the power exploded from the blade, creating an emission beam of deadly effect. Godfrey gritted his teeth at just barely being able to dodge.

He turned to face San to counter, but he was gone, appearing right next to him, with another swing in coming, this time, the blade was coated in the light. He swings fast, He instinctively rose his hands to block, rather than dodge. Which would tell anyone that San, wasn’t an opponent to take lightly?

He managed to take most of the attack before San kicked him forcibly to the side, in which he flipped, whilst in mid-air, causing the piece of land underneath San, to glow brightly before exploding into a purplish blaze. However, San countered, flashing out and in front of Godfrey in the blink of an eye, out of range of the attack, to launch yet another attack. Enraged, he disappeared to reappear behind San, It was quick, really quick, the moment San had with his blade immediately changed direction, ‘not’ unleashed yet, which surprised Godfrey even more. Having his own attack ready, they both clashed.

San coated the blade with two extra powers to minimize the damage done to him, by Godfrey’s life-force aura surrounding the field, as well as decorating himself with tons of elements to absorb the force instead.

San understood the ability to defend himself against the powerful ability to absorb Life-force, of course, someone with mastery of the power would have no problem picking which objects to steal from, however, he’s twisted the nature of his own with the elements to reinforce his own chances of surviving against it. Which, has actually worked, and that is actually because of a hidden element he has been saving up until this point. The solution is rather simple, rather, instead of allowing his life-force to diminish, he uses energy to keep himself safe.

By summoning more and more barriers, he can protect himself, using said energy, rather than losing Life-force and probably dying at the end. So in the end, he’s basically having his energy used up instead of his own life-force. However, his overwhelming potent ability is already having an effect on his body. Which would make it worse for his life-force to be stolen in this battle?

Shoving both of each off, they both land, sliding across the ground to a halt, both feeling the blood flowing as this battle continues.

San: You haven’t shown me your true power--

Godfrey: I can’t, and I wouldn’t bother, even with all that power. I’d completely crush you.

San: That’s a whole lot of confidence--

Godfrey: It’s not confidence. You are up against a god, I’m not kidding around.

Godfrey pointed

Godfrey: You may be a Demi-God with that level of power you are displaying, but Demi-Gods, aren’t Gods. there is a huge gap between us. Besides

He shrugged, at the words earlier spoken by San

Godfrey: If I showed you my true power, I’d get in trouble.

He wasn’t going to spill anything in front of San, that was how he was, after all. Aside from Ave. Godfrey was the true leader here. Ave may have been appointed the captain of this invasion. But Chaos had no intention of filling her in on the important details, which tells him. She is nothing.

San: I don’t like your arrogance at all, you would get in trouble? Seriously?

San said and thought for a moment. He was definitely hiding something, and now that he thought about it more, he wanted to question him on it, however, it felt better to hide the fact, that he had suspected other motives.

He stared off into the distance to where Zach and Klark were, his battle with Godfrey took priority so he couldn’t interfere with those matters.

Godfrey: Yes, can doubt me all you like. Those who came before you weren’t qualified to see my power either, as that as how I’d like it to remain. If there was an enemy that truly needed my true power, I’d destroy them as fast as possible.

San smiled

San: Not a fan of the strong are you?

Godfrey: I am strong. But seeing others look down on me, that I can’t stand.

San: Annnd yet, you are clearly taking orders from someone else. So either, you're lying to me, or yourself, actually have motives against your allies, which considering who you have come from won’t really work out, or, you are afraid.

Godfrey secretly gritted his teeth upon hearing the last few words.

Godfrey: Spoken like a true leader, San, you truly are worth your title as a Demi-God, but, don’t get cocky, you are trying to figure out things that aren’t meant for you. Leave it as that.

San: You attacked our planet. You are destroying my nation, my city! My citizens! I will destroy you all, or DIE! Trying too. Do not tell me, that I should just ‘Leave it as that’ You know, you would probably say the same thing.

Godfrey I wou--

San: If I attacked your stupid pride, of being the strongest, and not being ‘looked down on anyone’

That angered Godfrey to where he did not respond, even though his expression remained the same. You could tell it struck a nerve. San, on the other hand, had anger written all over him.

Godfrey lowered his head,

Godfrey: The time for done.

San: Took the words right out of my--

He attacked instantly, his power erupting out, he seemed deadly serious now. San had milliseconds to react. The punch landed and they were both sent flying into the air. Shockwaves and debris being destroyed every second a punch landed, every time the sound of clashing metal from his katana.

San: AHH!

Godfrey: Tsk…

Both of their powers clashed once more, sending out a shockwave of both of their power.

Phantasia sat, at the edge looking over the fight.

Phantasia: This battle, Zach, is only the beginning.

She crossed her arms. Staring at Klark, from miles away.

Phantasia: And it seems your destiny is arriving soon as well.
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Chapter 38 - Decisive Battle, San Vs Godfrey, The Awakened
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