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 Chapter 39 - Disguised Plans

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Chapter 39 - Disguised Plans Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 39 - Disguised Plans   Chapter 39 - Disguised Plans EmptyTue Dec 19, 2017 1:37 am

Phantasia watched the battles from her current position, whilst pondering her current situation, recalling the events with Nero.

Nero: Before you go, I have to warn you. The Time Codex is preventing a major paradox right now. We cannot afford to have the situation escalate to a point that we cannot control.

Nero said, The Time Codex is extremely powerful, however such an object has its weakness.

Phantasia: Understood.

She stepped through the portal, in the moment that she did, she appeared in that instant. Suddenly, she facepalmed, she didn’t think the situation would be so weird for her.

Nero: Don’t make that face.

Phantasia: What, I’m just not...used to seeing him.

Nero: Well, I was surprised too, when you connected to the Codex, it sent out a DNA trace to that universel for a purpose I wasn’t currently aware of, it seems a dragon of time born from it. Seemed like a stretch, and I wanted to look into it. But,

Phantasia: It’s embarrassing, just stop talking about it. Akuji, I haven’t laid eyes on him since I was sent to observe his actions all those years ago.

Nero: Hows Benjin, I heard he gained the powers of Light Manipulation from Akuji manipulating the Primordial Force.

Phantasia: His ability is still developing, he has gained a lot of mastery over it since he gained the ability.

Nero: I see, His powers over light were limiting before, but now it’s the true power of light that he gained. It will help against Chaos when the time comes for it.

Phantasia: His destiny does not directly tie in with Chaos, he is only a pillar.

She said, staring off in the direct of the portal to Universes 4 Earth.

Nero: There is a new development on Earth since you were probably gone a little while. You will need to get caught up.

Phantasia: I’m doing that now.

Nero: …



Phantasia glanced at the direction Zach was in…


Zach: You fine to stand?

He said, Klark gripping the hand extended to him, he got back to his feet. He struggled to stand, he managed somehow to keep balance as Zach pulled him straight onto his feet. He shook his head, and exhaled before sticking up a finger, thumbs up.

Klark: I didn’t think you would beat him so easily like that.

Zach: Easy? Well maybe after I got my head out of my ass.

Klark chuckled before turning serious for a moment. Ave tried to regain control at that moment. They both dodged back.

Klark: I suppose we could team up for now.

Klark prepared to fight, however something felt different from before. He couldn’t seem to exert any strength, or power. Zach nodded at his words, the sword disappeared from his hand and a powerful light emitted from his body.

Ave looked at them furiously launching several more attacks. Zach stopped a few of them, on the other hand. Klark stood there idly, as the attacks approached, he couldn’t move. Something was definitely wrong. He quickly noticed them within his reach, with movements that appeared sloppy, he dodged.

Klark: My’s…

Zach landed next to him.

Zach: What the fuck was that…

Klark: I can’t feel any power, It’s...It’s not there!

Klark gritted his teeth, he tried to search himself for anything, but there was nothing. Not even his birthright, the titan strength remained. It’s almost like it was completely taken from him. He couldn’t calm down. A women, he had lost a long time had just appeared in front of him. And of all the times to become powerless, it was bullshit.

He turned to the trapped Negayami.

Klark: You, what did you do!

Negayami: …

He did not speak, he merely observed in his own torment to Zach’s barrier.

Klark: Answer me--

Ave swing her arm, gesturing another attack. Zach stepped forward attacking in front of him taking out all the attacks without effort, in sake of Klark.

Zach: Your power is gone? How?

Klark looked down at his hands, he doesn’t know, but Negayami must know.

Klark: I can’t handle this, we need to retreat.

Zach stood in shock. Ave stepped forward, ignoring their conversation.

Zach: Are you seriously saying that?

Klark: ZACH. We cannot fight her.

Zach idly stared at him, before turning back.

Zach: I can--

Klark: No...This isn’t for you to do.

Zach sighed

Zach: Fine…

Ave was about to attack once more, but something stopped her. She stood there seemingly taking in information. Both Zach and Klark noticed this. Nothing could be heard from their end, she merely stared into the distance. Her face bittered and disapproving, but something hinted fear in disobedience.

Ave: I see, We’ll retreat for now.

Ave turned towards them, who were clearly listening.

Ave: I shall be back for you Klark, and next time, you will be mine. I can guarantee you of that.

She turned to leave, but not before Zach stopped her

Zach: Where are you going!

Ave: What do you mean? Don’t you know? Our job is done. We have got what we came for…

Zach: What is that suppose to mean!....

Zach stood there over analyzing those words….

Ave smirked, without any hesitation she was gone in the blink of an eye.  


Back on the ship in space, several magical Heads-up displays were showing current destruction of the planet below, the others were shown to be displaying a man.

Ave: We attacked as you instructed. We located her, we only have to extract her now.

???: Does he know?

Ave: If what you said is true. It’s only a matter of time before he figures it out.

???: Listen carefully...Serenity must be secure otherwise we will not have any leverage against what is about to come. According to Chaos, the entity that has corrupted him is extremely dangerous. He cannot halt the progress any longer, his battle with Infinity in the past is preventing him for keeping it restrained.

Ave idly looked down at the floor, before answering.

Ave: How dangerous is this entity anyway?

???: Do you wish to know?

Ave: If I must? Otherwise I suppose I don’t have too.

???: A long time ago, something fell to the earth, please bare in mind, this is what Chaos told me. A powerful artifact that housed evil essence. Not particularly darkness, nothing related to him. Something outside his realm. The Evil Artifact seems to act more like a container for a parted essence left behind by some powerful force. It’s extremely unlikely that they exist, but Chaos has eluded me on the matter any further then this. Regardless of what it is, and what I’ve said, what you need to know is. That power is a problem. Alone, it seems to house little difficulty, but right now it's attached itself to Zach, and has continued to feed off his dark emotions. It will come out soon, and once it does. You will have your hands full dealing with it. By which I come to this absolute order. Serenity must be converted before the evil is unleashed. Failure is punishable by death. For all of us,

He clenched his fists, he did not like it one bit...being controlled, but this is what must happen. He could never stand against Chaos, however he hopes to eventually rise above him.


Zach: We could have dealt with that,

Klark remained silent..

He stepped forward observing the battlefield, before coming to a halt, and gesturing a response towards him.

Zach: How did it happen? What do you remember feeling like when you were possessed?

Klark: No idea, I can’t seem to remember,

He clenched his fist, in hopes that something would happen. But nothing did.

Negayami smirked, however not shown because he was not just a ball of darkness hovering there inside a barrier.

Negayami: You are such a weakling Klark, unknowledgeable, you claim to be a titan, inheritor of the Dark spectrum. Ha, laughable. You don’t deserve the powers you have claim over.

Negayami: And you Zach, you utterly disgust me. Choosing not to use your given power, unlike Klark that actually utilizes it, albeit uselessly, you reject it. You, both are the worse kinds of people, your resolve is meaningless, and thus so is the power granted to you. You’re lucky, however, you were borned with this destiny. I have no right to complain, though I won’t go quietly.

Zach: …

Zach did not say anything, he seemed to remain in thought. But didn’t press it any further.

Klark: What the fuck are you, you speak as if you’ve been around this whole time.

Negayami: Oh come on, I’m you of course.

Klark: Is that so? What did you do. Clearly, the lost of my power has everything to do with you.

Negayami: Yes, as I said, I’m you.

Klark took the hint…

Klark: So you have it then. Give it back to me!

Negayami: You sure that is a good idea? Haha, fool.

Zach quickly came to stop him…

Zach: Don’t, if do, he’ll just take you over again. I cannot afford to waste time fighting--

Klark: Dude, he has my power. That’s not a waste, You need me out there to help.

Zach: Right, possessed and destroying the world. Shall I call Roland too?

Klark: You know that’s not what I mean…

Klark shrugged Zach off, pacing a circle for a moment…

Radio chatter was heard on one of the soldiers responding to troops, it seemed to be Ahad’s voice, urging those to return to the front lines.

Klark quickly grabbed it, and spoke.

Klark: uh...yo, it’s us, I kinda forgot your name.

Ahad: It’s Ahad,

Klark: Cool, Ahad. What is going on.

Ahad: We dealt a blow to their forces, but they have retreated suddenly, we don’t know wh-- wh--

The radio cuts out due to static and bad signal…

Klark: Ahad you there?

However, suddenly a voice appears in their heads.

Ahad: Sorry, radios are useless nowadays. I’m using telepathy...The enemy has pulled back. Some of those captains are nowhere to be seen. Lily was fighting a deadly battle against one of them, before he seemed to have received a message and vanish.

Zach stood there, thinking now more...these words, the information from Phantasia...they seemed far to similar

Zach: What is this battle for, the invasion intended for…

Zach begun recalling

‘Why are you here’ the voices echo’d

‘What do you see…the enemy, the ships’

‘the bloodshed and death’

‘Sometimes. The undeniable truth is wrong.’

‘You have to use the lie, to discover the truth.’

‘Look closer’

‘What’s the purpose? Of this invasion.’

Zach’s eyes widened, he immediately turned around looking up at the sky, another event recalled to him.

‘What the fuck is going on Sans, the system has detected a threat to the planet!’

‘Serenity? How can she be--’

‘Discover the truth’

He finally came to the realisation. Zach stepped back whilst both Klark and Ahad were conversing.

Klark: What about San, You said he was still fighting

Ahad: Yeah, it seems like it’s one of many battles still on going, the only captain left on field is the one he is fighting--

Klark was interrupted by the sound of soaring. Zach had launched away, into the distance, he held a bitter face.

Zach: I won’t let it happen!

Klark: What the fuck, where is he going!

Klark yelled

Ahad: What’s happened…

Klark: Zach...just ditched me here.

Ahad: What!?


San landed covered in several elements. He point out with the sword, it glowed bright, a bunch of colors littering it’s blade. Godfrey attacked, San countered with multiple strikes, both of them bouncing off each other. With each successful attack, came another successful block, they kept canceling each other out.

Throughout the fight, Godfrey will try and drain his power, but only the elements get in the way. His power can be done from a distance. However, It’s limited to detection, with so many types of energies in front of him. It’s hard to distinctly tell which one he is. Especially since the sword seem to amplify that effect greatly.

Godfrey: ‘I must get rid of that sword…’ he thought, squinted his eyes


He jumped unleashing more of power, Sans responded to him. Striking down and clashing once more with his deadly powers, He gritted his teeth, pulled a grin. San’s eyes shook as the blade seemed to have taken damage. He shoved away, kicking him away. And regaining distance. He glanced at the blade, but Godfrey did not give him any more space. He was almost hit, he spin the sword and defended as best without trying to directly have the sword take the impact.

He couldn’t do anything, he kept attacking, unleashing more punches, each one deflected off, each one stopped, but more and more times he did. The crack grew…

San gritted

San: No…

Godfrey: YES!

San tried to retreated, but his arm was gripped...He quickly broke free to prevent absorption of life-force. But the sword was gripped..a powerful aura rupted from Godfrey, his power reached unparalleled amounts. It cracked, snapped San flew back, as he scraped across the ground. The hilt of the sword still in his hand, parts of it remained there.

San: …

Godfrey: Ah, there we go. That menacing power is gone. You can no longer defend against my power…

Godfrey smiled wickedly

Godfrey: See, what did I say..

He lifted his hand slowly,

Godfrey: Many people have been qualified to fight me, but they never survive...congratulations on witnessing some of it…

San gritted his teeth, but did not respond, before he could do anything else. That grit, became a slight smirk…
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Chapter 39 - Disguised Plans
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