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 Chapter 40 - Turnaround, The Trump Card is 'LIFE'

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Chapter 40 - Turnaround, The Trump Card is 'LIFE' Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 40 - Turnaround, The Trump Card is 'LIFE'   Chapter 40 - Turnaround, The Trump Card is 'LIFE' EmptyFri Dec 22, 2017 2:57 pm

San rose to his feet, at wide smile was plastered on his face. Godfrey, who received the retreated, turned and noticed the man’s smile, before him the enemy appeared insane.

Godfrey: Have you gone mad. This will…

San: Be your loss. What you have done has not altered anything, only completed the ritual.

San rose his hand and the sharp, broken pieces of the blade, spun around him in form. The seals from all several members of the Group X members began to vibrate furiously.

Sanno: So this is it…

She closed her eyes, it seemed like it may be inevitable.


Klark stopped in his place, as he felt the earth-shaking power.

Klark: What is this…

He couldn’t sense who it was, but he didn’t have too, as the power itself was visible to his eye, coming in the direction of where san was.


Zach did not falter, he did not bother looking at the power fluctuations. The only thing that mattered was Serenity.

Zach: I will stop them…

Zach’s eyes glowed brightly as he spoke, he couldn’t allow them to do it.


Godfrey: What is this…

Godfrey stumbled back, the power rising in the air, was focused completely on San.

Godfrey: The natural flow of energy is actually being affected by this guy?!

Godfrey turn back towards San in disbelief.

A great power erupted from around San in a deadly roar as the elements surrounding him were dispersed, nothing was needed, the only power he now relied on was the very fabric of life itself!.

Godfrey stomped his feet in confusion, and anger…

Godfrey: It’s bullshit, it cannot happen. How can you possibly have that power! The power of life isn’t just something gained by the likes of you. You cannot simply take it into your hand!

San: You are fool. I have mastered my abilities. And my power, has everything to do with elements, to their very absolute core.

San held out his hand, despite the violent aura surrounding him. The nature of it’s feeling, and pressure were calm. Very beautiful indeed.

San: Life is an element of the universe. And thus can be GRABBED!

San swiped his hand, destroying the ground that Godfrey stood on..

San: Today, you will perish!


A figure stepped out from atop a large building in a different place, it had been shielded quite nicely, from the array of fighting happening everywhere else.

He crossed his arms, and smirked.

Roland: So, he finally unleashed his true power.

Roland said.

Roland: As I predicted. You were hiding a dangerously formidable power San, No wonder you threatened me all those years ago!

Roland recalled the events quite clearly, it happened right after the battle with Zach


Smashing into the ground with full force. Roland stepped carefully across the grassy field. He tried to enjoy himself thoroughly, the insanity, that plagued him for the last few years has been ended.

Roland: Zach, you were definitely a dangerous enemy.

He thought, recalling the moment

Crysta was the perfect distraction for me to get into my trap…

Before he could do anything however…Roland opened his eyes, having known who appeared behind him. He didn’t turn around immediately instead, he smiled.

Roland: What are you doing here.

He turned half way...smirking..

San: I bring a warning.

Roland: A warning? What could you possibly warn me about. I’m back, your group is--

San closed his eyes…

Roland stopped talking when he saw this, he noticed that expression, it was the same one he had when they met. The face of superiority.

Roland: You...think you are so strong, just what exactly are you hiding…

Roland said, he didn’t seem happy anymore when he arrived.

San: You know exactly what will happen if you continue. What you are trying to do, I, no, We will not allow it.

San turned and called out to him.

San: Tenshi…

Another man, having his hands in his pockets stepped out from behind him.

Roland: Tsk…

Tenshi: You will not gain the power of the Infinity Sword, I’m afraid that destiny does not belong to you.

Roland: Stop kidding yourself, you both don’t know anything. You are relying on that witch. Luka, and her tall tales. I will not put my plans on hold because of your stupid warning.

San: So be it. You were warned. Just know, you will ultimately fail, you rely too much on your godly power.

Roland: You seem to know a lot about me. You even compliment my powers? That’s unexpected.

San: Sadly, you are not as impressive as I, and that is why I know how it’s like to feel like that.

Roland squinted his eyes, but did not speak..the both of them disappeared shortly after, leaving him there.


Roland smiled,

Roland: You will get what you deserved…

Roland turned stepping back inside, walking towards the monitor displayed in front of him, putting his hands in his pockets.

Zyrion: I hope you have something for me.

Roland: Inform Godfrey when you get the chance. San’s power is that of Omni-Elements.

Zyrion’s shock was heard from the other side, he placed his hand on his chin in thought, and quickly said

Zyrion: Can you provide proof of this.

Roland shrugged in response, he didn’t have much only theory.

Roland: Respect my word, San has obviously trained this power for a long time. It’s not normal for just anyone who can control elements to possess the ability to control life like that. So either, he has a great compatability with the elements themselves, or he has a superior form of abilities.

Zyrion: You’re opinions matter. I assure you, however, what you speak of, is a god’s level of power. Specially, Elemental Gods. Those capable of harnessing elements on that level are called such.

Roland: I’m curious, what god are you?

Zyrion could see Roland’s intentions.

Zyrion: Are we done? Speak, what you wanted. I don’t have time for this.

Roland: Fine…

He sighed

Roland: San has used this power before, as I’ve managed to discover. Using it drains his own life-force, Godfrey uses powers similar, right?

Zyrion: As far as I know, yes.

Roland: His reason for avoiding Godfrey thus far, would suggest this. If you waste his power, his life is forfeit. It’ll be Godfrey’s win in the end.

Zyrion now understood.

Zyrion: So be it then, San will fall this day, I trust what you say. As has my source confirmed your words to be truth in someway.

Roland: Before you go, you promised that you would find the one I want.

Zyrion looked for a moment.

Zyrion: We will have that for you shortly, do keep in touch now…

The display disappeared…

Roland: Tsk...I hate it when he does that…


San stretched a bit, regaining his abilities he has been suppressing all these years.

San: This battle is over, no matter how much you take from me. It’s useless, I’m immune now.

Godfrey: Like hell you are, I can drain anything of its life-force, even life itself.

San: Not from me, however. You will only take what I decide to give you!

San swiped right, a powerful force slammed into Godfrey, sending him back, rolling backwards onto the ground, he came to a halt as the fist entered his gut. A mouthful of blood forcefully exited his mouth, as the impact came in.

He then kicked him far into the distance against several destroyed buildings.

San looked at himself, and observed what he had become,

San: It feels the’s been way too long.

Godfrey quickly rose back to his feet in panic, he never thought it would come to this. That this mortal would possess demi-godhood, but now, not only that. It seemed he also possessed traces of actual godhood.

He had actually been edging towards true power in his unrelenting wake. It couldn’t have known this outcome would occur. He gritted his teeth as he watched San stepped closer to him.

San: Your power of life-force draining is useless now. No matter how much you use it, I’ll block it with my own power. You will not be able to take my life.

Godfrey: That’s fine...I’ll just use my own power…

His body quickly shrouded in aura, deadly aura. San raised an eyebrow, as he noticed the level of difference quickly catch up to him.

San: Is this really what a god is capable of?

He thought, Godfrey, had originally only staked his own ability to face him. But now it seems the latter had only been hiding his true strength, like he originally said. He secretly feared for himself in this battle.

However, as he closed his eyes, and opened them to appear cruel, and dark. He knew that his life would end this day, and at all costs needed to prevent Godfrey from leaving alive.

Godfrey stepped into position, finally jumping and shooting towards San with power rivalling him. San punched out, making contact with his, a spark of light occur, the shockwave and deadly aura came after.

Lighting up the field, and destroying the landscape underneath their feet…

Godfrey: You are indeed, reaching heights. I dare to say, that you aren’t even human anymore…

San felt slightly concerned by his words, but did not respond, his level of focus had to be maintained, this kind of battle didn’t require too many words. The enemy is only trying to make a fool of him if he lets them.

They released their power once more, as the fists retreated backwards, both of them kicked in this time with the same effect, before they both vanished in a bright light, sounds of destructive battle could be heard above, reaching across the ground. San and Godfrey began their assault on each other.

Each not willing to give it up..

Godfrey: Your power over life is definitely formidable.

He said, retreating, San burst forward and struck, however the punch didn’t connect. Reappearing from behind, Godfrey tried to counter, but ultimately missed as well. Both forces released power at each other, only to be reflected and destroyed. Causing them to retreat backwards from each other.

The battle continued...
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Chapter 40 - Turnaround, The Trump Card is 'LIFE'
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