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 Chapter 41: Master of Elements San Panzer!

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PostSubject: Chapter 41: Master of Elements San Panzer!   Chapter 41: Master of Elements San Panzer! EmptyThu Jan 18, 2018 4:22 am

Zach flew through the air with unparalleled speed. His desperation to reach Serenity in time, allowed him to move at speeds he didn’t think was possible for him at the time, however, he would do anything.

The strong emotions boiling within him, As he thought of the damage that could occur if he were too late. He finally managed to see his destination. He quickly rushed towards it, noticing the bunch on the roof.

The one he saw, truly broke him now. Serenity could be seen following them as if they had pushed her into a corner somehow. It didn’t seem possible that Serenity, someone who held some kind of position within the Infinity Spectrum, had been brought to her knees like this. Not too mention the enormous pain it had on his heart to witness the scene directly in front of him.

Clenching his fists, and teeth, Zach picked up speed and slammed onto the rooftop. Like a missile, the impact almost destroyed the place. Panzer city had sturdy buildings so one couldn’t simply destroy the roof, even with that in mind, Zach could have easily toppled the building. However, he did not.

Rising to his feet, he looked in their direction, he had gained their complete attention.

Zach: Serenity!

Zach shouted, his eyes filled with anger, a few of them were unfamiliar, he hadn’t fought them. But the ones in front of him were all those that fought against his friends that he was sure of.

Sixar, Viktor, Zadimus, Jully, Beelurus, Ave, however, the two that stood behind them were completely mysterious, Zach tried to sense their aura, but for some reason, he could not. One would know that beings such as them could hide easily, they were after all Demigods, their powers were simply unparalleled to that of human beings. But to escape Zach’s eyesight, if it weren’t for the fact that he had not mastered control over his sight, he would have already figured out their identity.

All of them quickly smirked as they noticed the man himself had shown himself.

Ave had only just arrived to escort them, Her heart slowly began to beat faster, as she saw him show up. The words earlier that Zyrion spoke slowly entering her mind, constantly on the thought of that evil power, it has always been something she was in tone with, but whatever had his heart, was not something that simple. She couldn’t sense it quite clearly, it’s like it had its own properties, its own mind. For something like aura, or essence to still hold onto the host's functionality was simply unheard of, not impossible.

Whatever was there, couldn’t be that simple, thus, her powers were simply like an ant in the eyes of that power.

Ave: How come I didn’t notice earlier…

Ave thought, was it because of Serenity…

She turned to see her casual sad expression towards him, it’s a very accurate conclusion to jump too, Zach, from earlier was a lot more positive then he is now, this evil can likely be easier to detect in times of anger. Zach’s emotions are beginning to cloud him. Thus, the evil is easier to sense. However, the others won’t clearly know this, but she couldn’t simply tell them that. Based on her intelligence what Zyrion told her, was this outcome had to happen.

Not out of ritual, this wasn’t too be a one-sided slaughter. Zach’s evil would only grow stronger if left unchecked. So one could see, that it’s simply to exhaust such evil while it’s growing before it’s impossible to deal with.  

Beelurus: Come on, do you really think to attack us all at once? You could barely handle me. Don’t think yourself capable. You’ll be greatly disappointed.

Beelurus immediately spoke up, with a cocky expression.

Viktor: Correct. You should just leave here awhile we are being generous.

Viktor’s words hit him like a bullet, however, his body did not even flinch, his eyes were fixed on Serenity the moment he landed. He stood straight and pointed directly at them.

Zach: Give her

As he spoke, he clearly told them that he wasn’t screwing around anymore, he couldn’t afford to mess around any longer, when it came to Serenity. He couldn’t allow it. Not again, he lost her before, he would not lose her again!

He noticed their surprise, but once again shouted out.

Zach: Was I not clear?

Zach gestured stepping forward, his glare became increasingly sharper, it felt like a bone-chilling breeze had appeared as he spoke. One could see, that he didn’t care about what they thought.

???: You think we would simply just hand her over? Because you asked us?

Zach stopped, his eyes hadn’t changed, on the inside, he felt enraged, but it didn’t leak yet to the surface.

Zach: No, I wasn’t asking you. I’m telling you. When I say release her, then you ‘fucking’ release her. If you don’t, It doesn’t matter. You still fucking release her!

Zach’s aura showed he didn’t a shit about what they thought. Zach’s imposing aura only tested their patience, and tolerance for the hostility that he was showing them.

???: ...

Zach shook his head, his unwillingness to respond, annoyed him even more, it told him that he wasn’t willing. Regardless of the circumstance, they just weren’t going to listen to him. So Zach no longer tried to persuade them, a massive amount of killing intent came afterward as he spoke again.

Zach: I’m going to kill you all. I don’t care who is backing you, I don’t care where you’re from. I’m going to kill you! You think you can take things from me? Then I’ll simply exterminate everything related to you!

Ending his talk, his arm began to warp suddenly, a power from within him surged, taking control of his dark soul, that which originally belonged to Trinity, unable to withstand the power emanating from the artifact, the soul shrunk under the pressure.

Chapter 41: Master of Elements San Panzer! Latest?cb=20150724020616

It had situated it’s dominance over the weak soul that had been within him this whole time. But what kind of absurdity was this? Her soul easily engulfed, however, it’s because the evil that has laid a solid foundation within his body, has born ill-fruit, now that Zach has had enough, it also has had enough. Coming out slowly as his emotions reach a turning point.

Ave: We need to leave soon. We cannot stand here, and fight him…

Beelurus: Che, Are you joking right now?

???: No, she is right, we must leave. Jully, Viktor, Take care of him, Ave, Beelurus, we are leaving.

Viktor and Jully stood in his way, and made it clear that they weren’t going to allow him to pass.

This upset him even more as Serenity was being dragged away she showed unwillingness, she somehow could sense what was going on, but before being able to speak out, she was knocked unconscious

The entire thing boiled his rage, even more, he could no longer stand there and allow this to happen!

Zach: No! Get out of my way

He waved his arm, a surge of power crashed into their bodies as they prepared to defend, a simple wave of his arm caused that much pressure to bear down on them.

Viktor: What the hell…

Viktor, had he not situated his aura right there he would have been thrown back. The power that came almost seemed to twist in nature like it didn’t hold its form just out of its original release, the way it affected him. He had to purposely mess with his own aura to stop himself from flying back.

He turned his head in shock, Zach, who originally had the intention of wanting to get past them, stood there idly, his power did not even shock himself. Right now, it seemed most likely that this wasn’t Zach.

Viktor: Jully, you good.

She stood back to her feet, she wasn’t as profound in control of her own aura like Viktor was, but she had a tough physical body, which came with her power, however even still, the same power seemed to affect her in a different way from Viktor, almost taking advantage of their respective weaknesses to gain victory over them.

Viktor: His energy is not normal, not only is this different from the Zach we were told, his own aura, and energy has a mind of its own.

Whatever was happening to him, they could not let him past, they stood there in a battle stance waiting for his attack. Of course, whilst he stepped forward they began to sweat, his power earlier, it really racked at them. But alas, they struck. They vanished immediately.

Zach who had been walking, did the same the moment they disappeared. In the air, in a much faster motion. Jully flew in, putting all her weight and might into her punch, Zach who seemed to be hovering in the air like a stone as she got closed moved like it was nothing, the force of the attack missed, including her punch, however, not allowing her to recover he took hold of her arm, turning to look to the right of him Viktor, who followed along from the other end strike with almost perfect precision.

If it weren’t for Zach’s timely reaction, he would have struck him right in the back, but not only did this fail, his wrist was caught as well. Pulling Jully forward, his kick seemed harmless but the force that pounded into Jully’s stomach had her wailing through the air into several buildings to the other end.

Immediately after he turned his attention to Viktor, the blade that had bored out of Zach’s arm began to emit a spark, before Viktor could even do anything, Zach slashed forward, a deadly force that got unleashed behind the attack, But, he aimed to the ground, the building underneath them completely caved in. Destroyed immediately.

Zach, watched as it tumbled to the street, his eyes glared at the smoke created afterward, he sneered, looking back in the direction the others went and disappeared into the distance.


Now that the sword was broken, San’s power had been fully unleashed.

In its deadly awake, Even Godfrey was stunned by the amount of pressure he was giving off. If it weren’t for the that, that San’s power had evolved almost a decade ago, the amount of energy, that was released would not compare to right now. And he would be completely helpless in front of Godfrey, however, that was not the case right now.

Although he now wielded the element of life, San’s has mastered his abilities quite well, but it goes without saying, that this element is his leased used. San was still mortal, and the power he wielded came with great strain.

San’s power, Omni-Elements, held great power, with a big price, because of his mortality he will not be capable of holding out indefinitely.

Looking down at his own hand, even with power as great as this, he could not prolong his own life, such as the fate of those who cannot break past the mortal shell and step into godhood, simply having the power to do so is not enough of an accomplishment to allow the universe to bend like that.

San understood well of this matter, as it’s exactly the reason why he did not decide to show his power openly. Having already tried to become a god. Which is why he understood Roland, almost better than Roland knew himself.

San struggled, the strain had already begun to write itself on him. He still had a bit of time, although there is a disadvantage normally, having a good source of life to take from will neutralize the effect of the strain. Prolonging his life whilst in-form.

Godfrey: This kind of…

Before he could finish his sentence, something odd occurred, and he seemed to be taking in orders. However, this wasn’t completely hidden from San. He closed his eyes and spoke

Godfrey: Having that kind of power, as a mortal much surely hurt, wouldn’t it?

San looked up, it would seem he could hide nothing from Godfrey, his title as a demigod isn’t in name only. But as well in abilities.

San: Che….

Godfrey: Truly frightening. I will not lie. You seem to deserve my respect. In all my life, I have never met someone, who has ever been capable of displaying the power of a demigod, while remaining a mortal. It’s truly commendable.

Godfrey had clapped his hands, he wanted San to know, that he truly did respect him. However, at this moment, his respect, and his previous expression disappeared, now filled with anger. His expression was cold, his glare icy.

Godfrey: It’s also futile. Today, I shall show you, no matter how much power you obtain. I will crush, your hopes, your dreams, your city, and your friends. It doesn’t matter where they are. They will all die.

Godfrey smiled as he spoke.

San clenched his fist, his eyes steaming with killing intent. Right now, he has heard enough of this bastards taunting. He summoned his aura, his power, everything he had to take him down. And no longer thought about it.

His fist emitting a deadly power, he quickly rushed forward not giving Godfrey time to prepare, however, pointless that thought was he moved, moved quickly.

Godfrey: Naturally, you will resist. Good.

He followed up, emitting his own aura and began rushing forward.


An explosion of might, following up with the ground beneath their feet immediately smashed creating a large crater, however then became a huge crater afterward. As they floated above the same they were at...Godfrey’s eyes grew even colder, this mere mortal, even with the powers he wielded withstood his power.

Having only just clashed the two of them immediately stopped their struggle and began exchanging blows. Each one dodging their strikes and countering flawlessly. However, none of them managing to deal any damage to one another.

Phantasia watched along, her ability to remain undetected was truly worth mentioning. However, no one paid any attention.

Phantasia: A battle between Demigods? San, though mortal you may be. Your power is not fake.

Phantasia seemed to respect such man. She simply compliments his mastery. He was definitely the strongest human alive at this moment. No one could say otherwise. Looking in the other directions, towards the others. Although Fai and those were considered humans. Now that they have been regarded as Infinity’s Agents. They were human no more. Even though they may be Planet Gods. And the title is lesser than that of Gods. It holds more status than those of Demigods. That is how power and status are constructed.

Phantasia: Still. Planet Gods are not stronger than Demigods. Their only purpose is mere as guardians. As such, They wouldn’t be considered as Planet Gods. They are Planet Lords. The only one capable right now to wield such a title. Is San.

Phantasia glanced away, too where Luka was…

Phantasia: But it seems that will change soon…

Back in front, San smashed landing, his feet colliding across the ground to a halt, he was seen with not a scratch, Godfrey who had been hovered back to the ground, also remained unscathed.

Godfrey: Worthy…

He spoke one word, and then rushed straight to him. San gritted his teeth, gestured along with his hands, a powerful force breezed past him, the charging Godfrey was caught up, instantly, that force collided with his body.

Unable to escape, he was engulfed in the blast, San, managed to catch a break, however, only for a moment. His eyes shrunk, he dodged, as an arm slowly rushed past in front of him. If he had been any later, he would have certainly died right there. His head torn completely off…

He slowly glanced as Godfrey stood there, He completely lost sight of him. Even in his state, he managed to slip past him. As he stepped back in that instant as well, he exchanged but a few attacks and distanced himself.

Godfrey: Oh, San, You are better than I expected. You almost lost right there. But, since you are still here. It clear, you simply must die.

San: Do you talk like this all the time?

San stood up, it was a close call just a moment ago, his life was moments from ending. He shook his head in thought, stuff like this, it made him paranoid. He needed to drive them back. What was important laid in front of him? Godfrey, His enemy. He clenched his fist, his aura spiked once more.

Godfrey: If earlier was any hint. San, you simply aren’t matching my strength completely. If my speed surprised you. Allow me to show you once more.

He immediately vanished, San, who had already been completely focused had still lost sight. His eyes widen but quickly returned to normal. He reacted, shifting his body and bowing to dodge the punch.

He followed up, however, a barrier surrounding Godfrey was smashed, nullifying his attack. Sweeping underneath him, Then, however, Godfrey countered both moving around like lightning.

San, struggling to gain the upper hand, slammed his fist upon the now defending Godfrey, he jumped back in that moment, created fire, water, earth, and wind in the palm of his hand. He threw his arm out unleashing the four elements.

Godfrey merely chuckled, and spread his arms out, creating a barrier around him. All four elements collided with the barrier but did not manage to break it. San, gritting his teeth again. Summoned the four elements along with the other two, Light, and Dark. He threw out his arm once more, the six elements flew and combined into a distorted blast, smashing into Godfrey’s barrier.

Godfrey: You…

He wanted to speak, but the barrier was being forced back. Cracks began to surface across it. However, San didn’t stop there. His eyes furious, he had his hands up, like he was trying to raise the earth. The barrier broke, however, he couldn’t dodge, as Ice from underneath him. Stop his movements.

Godfrey: Bastard!

He swiped his hand, with incredible power, the blast was smeared away, He slammed his fist into the ground destroying the Ice, Before taking another step, however, another blast of the six elements. This time separate came rushing forward, he dodged trying not to get hit. He placed one extra small barrier to take the last hit.

He clenched his fist…All this happened in that instant.

Godfrey: Where?

Above him, San had again, summoned more power, unleashing it. He flipped over, dodging an attack. And threw ice, however, the gesture was caught by Godfrey, who dodged out of the way. The elements, however still came forward not giving him a chance to escape.

San, still in the air moved with quick speed.

Godfrey gritted his teeth, and disappeared, directly appearing in front of him, however, San prepared and blocked his oncoming hit. He couldn’t follow up, as pressure hit him, sending him into the earth below.

Godfrey: Ahh. What is this pressure!?

The still near elements suddenly appeared once again that hadn’t left slammed into his body as the pressure from San’s attack created a massive explosion.

San: I’m not done!

San summoned his aura, it shrunk encasing his fist. Before he sent it out, Godfrey, with his clothes slightly torn appeared directly beside him, using the same move he had before. However, San knew he would do this. He immediately dodged the attack and sent his fist flying into his stomach. The power, of his aura, had the power of his Omni-Elements with it. Godfrey, however, looked like he was about to pass out. Was sent directly to the ground, a massive trail broken earth left behind in his quake.

Once coming to a halt, the smoke encased the entire area. Godfrey, at the end. The punch just now sent out an incredible amount of particles. It really did seem like that punch had more to it. San’s aura in this form wasn’t normal, almost like his aura had been comprised of the elements themselves.

Before he could relax, however, a rock was tossed up, and the body laying on the ground moved, Godfrey, coughed dust and tried to rise to his feet. He had been holding his stomach, he really did seem injured.

Godfrey: This...fucker….dare, injure me…

He hadn’t taken his eye off him, he had his guard up. In case San decided to take advantage of his weakness…

San: He’s still able to move after that!? Just how tough are demigods.

San’s composure seemed to be unstable...One couldn’t simply handle that many elements impacting their body. Not to mention once his unleashed that attack, the elements would no longer be in perfect harmony. Naturally, they do not attract. They wanted to escape, the violent torrent of elements wanting to break apart made the punch, and power that much worse. Yet, Godfrey still managed to take it without losing the ability to walk…

San: This is bad if I let him recover…

San quickly crouched and flew at incredible speed and disappeared, Godfrey smirked skipping forward, he dodged, taking the back of San head as he appeared and smashing it into the ground.

However, he would allow him to make any more moves. He gripped the ground, the earth underneath them shot up, creating an improper balancement. His gripped lessen, the moment it did, San snapped up, striking Godfrey on the ground.

San: So you have been injured.

Godfrey: Tsk. Don’t get cocky.

He snapped, taking hold on his arm, he tried to absorb parts of his life-force, however, the effect was blocked, San tried to counter, but was blocked, instead, he was sent flying down into the ground. Both once more began exchanging blows, the shockwaves got more and more intense. As each punch came out in front of him. San took notice of his arms, as each strike landed, everything seemed slow at the moment as he looked…

His body at the moment, he could feel the strain was getting more and more intense. A long battle would only kill him. He needed to finish this soon, coming back the exchange ended abruptly. Both landed and clashed with their fists, a spark of destruction clashing across the ground as the might of their punch created holes in the surface of the earth.

Godfrey: Haha! I must say, I’m getting more and more annoyed with you San, you continue to battle me, yet you know that you cannot hold out for much longer. Why waste your life like this

San: Why bother provoking me. Why even say that, You know exactly what I’m doing this! Even if I had, hide, cowering away. You still would have destroyed our planet!

San refuted him, he obviously wasn’t going to let Godfrey affected him. Both stopped and did so once more, the power increasingly more dramatic than before.  

Godfrey: You are skilled, in fact, you may be too skilled. Too be capable of instantly reading my power, and respond with the correct amount of force to equally deal with me isn’t something most normal people are capable of doing. Of course, I’m also holding back…

San’s eyes went wide at that, with Godfrey’s smirk getting bigger, San’s palm was shattered, he stumbled back at the force. Godfrey snapped in front and punched once more, not only that. An attack blasted him away right afterward…

Godfrey: Hahahaha! Don’t think I’ve been using my full strength. While, at first, when you powered up. And showed me what you were capable of, I didn’t know what to think. I was shocked that you could hold that much power, still, I had my doubts. However, those doubts have been confirmed. I will no longer hold back.

San knelt down, his eyes to the floor, he was glancing at his arm, the strain. He could feel his arm shivering, It seems he was reaching his limit. And needed to end this now.

San: No need, I’m going to end this.

He climbed to his feet, almost falling over. He began summoning his power once more, his aura erupted again, this time he grew larger and larger, surrounding a big space. Godfrey who had his arms crossed, his expression changed. And uncrossed his arms.

Godfrey: He still has this much power? Tsk….

His aura began to pulse, loudly.

Godfrey: What is he planning, this won’t do. I shall attack!

Godfrey stormed forward, but was repelled!

San: You shall not interfere!

He yelled, his energy growing rapidly, in that breath the entire field around them was encased in San’s aura.

Godfrey: How! What is planning!

Godfrey took a step back, as the ground around them began to shake and tremble, the particles in the area. There was a dozen of them, surrounding him, and San, this entire field.

Godfrey: I can see cosmic, and aether in this, the four elements, even light and dark, just how many!

He turned to look at Sans, who know had already seemed to have separated from the aura, his fists were powered up like they were both. He smiled and looked at Godfrey with the intent to erase. He started punched out. Blasts of condensed power unleashing forward, which one flying directly at him.

Godfrey: You think I cannot dodge these?

He swiftly did so, without any effort, even though there was an abundance of them, they eventually stopped, however.

San: Stupid, what makes you think I wanted to hit you?

Godfrey: What?

He gasped, as each one had been floated in different parts of the aura field. The place was already comprised of different elements, but each one of those blasts held the same amount…San staggered to the ground, he seems to have reached his limit.

San: We, shall both die here…

He said faintly, but loud enough for Godfrey to hear…

Godfrey: What? No!

The moment those words left his mouth, the place began to light up, Godfrey turned and immediately tried to escape. The entire place was one big bomb, waiting to happen.

San: Those elements are trying to break free, and once they do. They will reach critical, and explode. However, at least I’ll die, knowing I took care of you.

Godfrey: Damn it!

Once they popped a massive explosion occurred, completely covering the entire area, all those who were viewing had been completely destroyed, nothing remained. Adam who had left to keep himself back. Left completely after San had cast out his Aura, those who stood and watched were none other than his Group X, they had arrived shortly before he started powering up. After defeating the surrounding forces.

Even Fai and the others had taken notice the moment it happened. Klark, Luka as well. The entire planet had seemed to shake as the explosion went off.

It stuck out for the moment. Then immediately retracted.

Chapter 41: Master of Elements San Panzer! 1412828428

Nothing remained, The entire place was left, with a huge hole in the ground.
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Chapter 41: Master of Elements San Panzer!
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