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 Chapter 42 - Completely Enraged, The Essence of Evil, Evil Zach's return

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Chapter 42 - Completely Enraged, The Essence of Evil, Evil Zach's return Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 42 - Completely Enraged, The Essence of Evil, Evil Zach's return   Chapter 42 - Completely Enraged, The Essence of Evil, Evil Zach's return EmptyThu Jan 18, 2018 4:44 pm

A massive explosion, shaking the surrounding buildings and toppling weak founding buildings across the city. San had put literally everything he had to make sure Godfrey could die. The power of several thousand elements reaching a max capacity state and exploding at the same time. There would be no coming back from that. Meanwhile.

Zach finally having caught up slammed into the ground, his appearance looking more and more distant from his earlier self. He seems to have been consumed in getting Serenity back. He simply did not care about his own life at this point.

He cared too much for her, he seen what has become of her in the past, he understands what has happened, He cannot, and will not let it happen again, to lose her the second time.

He stepped forward, each step had the weight of power coming from him, that destroyed the buildings next to him.

Zach: You won’t escape. Like hell, I would let that happen. I will tear you all to pieces!

He leaped forward at the rest of them, who were attempting to flee, or rather, at this moment, It’s not that they did not have the strength to deal with Zach as he was now. They cannot be held back by a nuisance such as himself to be bothered to stop and fight him currently.

Ave and Beelurus turned their heads as they speed across, noticing that Zach’s temper had allowed him to catch up with there speed, was already alarming. But now the buildings were falling too. They wouldn’t be let off, both of them stopped, sliding across the ground.

Both Ave and Beelurus held their fists and smashed into the ground simultaneously causing the earth in front of them to break and lift up from the ground, in hopes that would stall for a more time. They appeared to have given up on attempting to fight and drifted to leave.

However, the moment it happened, they were all shattered away, He came in quick before they could even do anything. Like a phantom, he disappeared. His speed was so fast that one simply could not see how he managed to accomplish it.

He reappeared in front of them, with a swat of his hand they both were pushed back, immediately they felt the same problem that Viktor and Jully earlier had encountered, even though it was merely the force of his attack and not a direct hit. Somehow, the aura in the air was an attack itself, and constantly tried to find their weakness and exploits it.

Ave: This…

She was shocked herself, even though she had witnessed it earlier. It's certainly bizarre.

However, she could see it, almost. The power emitting from him, it was very definitely evil. it had fused with his power.

Ave: Beelurus, without the need to absorb another person, how long can you fight for…

Beelurus: What the fuck are you saying, trying to imply that, I, Beelurus would starve if I don’t absorb someone else. Are you fucking crazy?

He stood there not allowing himself to be persuaded by Ave’s words, regardless of her position, he very clearly didn’t like her.

He jumped at the chance, as he did, he said

Beelurus: Go, I can handle him.

Right as he was about to attack, Zach dodged and punched him extremely quick in the chest, following up with a kick to his face, he was sent flying, not only that, afterward he held his arm and powered up the blade, and slashed forward.

Beelurus: You have got to be kidding.

Flipping out of the way, and on his feet, he landed back near Ave.

Ave: You were saying…

Beelurus: What? You are still here…

He glanced away…

Zach: …

Zach gritted his teeth, he suddenly disappeared and was already behind them, he didn’t want to waste his time right now.

Ave: What? this again...what is with that speed.

Ave turned quickly and shot forward, it didn’t matter anymore, her threads earlier were being scattered around the area. She had to stop him, so she must.

Zach, who hadn’t noticed yet out of focus pursuing the others had forcibly come to a stop. He looked around himself, he saw exactly what he had too, however, Ave who had approached did not, she planned to attack.

Stepping in front with a punch to strike, her fist, with an evil force slammed directly into him, sending him away. However only a few meters. He quickly recovered, gripping hold on the threads to tear at them. Which he did effortlessly.

Ave: Che...Such nonsense. You think those threads break easily--Ahhhh

Ave looked at herself as she felt an extreme amount of pain coming from her body.

Ave:(Backlash? How! Since--)

Suddenly it felt like her own power had been taken, she noticed that the threads had a mysterious aura and were being drawn away from her. She quickly ended this connection with the threads, After having no more power taken. Zach ripped and tore them away from his body. He was no longer hindered. He glanced at her, and immediately lunged forward.

He closed the gap instantly and kicked her into the distance.

Beelurus: You dare!?

A blade summoned from himself appeared as he hacked at Zach.

Zach: Hmph

Zach merely turned and blocked with his own blade, the same blade that came out of his arm, the rebound, however, was on Beelurus as soon as his own blade had immediately broken upon taking the Zach's power across its edge. it created a backlash that sent power throughout his body, he suddenly felt like falling over, at the time, however, Zach had already jumped away.

Ave: Get the fuck up, we cannot let him get near them!

Ave pulled Beelurus up and they both gave chase once more.

Zach jumped along the buildings, so quickly, even though Ave and Beelurus were close to becoming demigods, they still weren’t capable of catching up. This angered them because this plan must absolutely not fail because of some figment shadow of old gods.

Zach had been carefully observing them from in front. He had no reason to look behind him, he knew full well, they were there. He drew out his aura and was constantly attacked them. Because of its nature, it was even harder to defend against. This made them even more agitated which made it easier to deal with.

Suddenly, he flipped around, and slid across, they carefully moved in, coming in from both sides. Zach, however, swept underneath, evading their attacks. And quickly pounding both of them into the building below.

He flipped along the hole, holding and unleashing a blast of energy, capable of destroying the building. Afterwards, he simply jumped and left the area quickly.

Zach: Where did they go!

Zach had searched for only a few minutes and had already found their sense. He jumped from the building and landed directly in front of them.

Zach: You cannot escape.

???: Does it look like we are escaping.

The man said, cloaked in smoke. Zach was bothered, completely by his words and disregard for what was happening at this moment, he exploded once again in a rant.

Zach: Then what do you call this!

He pointed at them.

Zach: You are trying to take her away, disappear from the area! Don't feed me your crap. You are escaping. Because you know I'll bash your face in.

???: Very confident words,

Zach: You don't think I will? You people,

???: We are not--

Zach: Shut your fucking mouth. I don't care if you are gods or demigods. As far as I am concerned. You aren't anything. Actually, why bother with any of it. When you are simply going to die. Dead people don't have power or rank. You are simply...dead.

Zach glanced at all of them, and back at the middle cloaked man. He then, stepped forward, disregarding the rest of them.

Zach: I don't care how mysterious you are. You either, hand her over. Or I put my hand, through your stomach, take your heart, and eat it. How does that sound?

The group didn't know how to interpret that, the very idea of a mortal eating another's heart? Sounded absolutely disgusting. Even Ave had an ugly expression. Just by thinking about it.

Having stood there from the top, Both Ave and Beelurus jump down and stood out in front, prepared to attack, not only that. Zach who had been standing idly, quickly shifted his body, blocking both strikes from Viktor and Jully as they had snuck up from behind to prepare a sneak attack.

However, they fell short.

Zach: A master of aura is one thing. But as long as I can sense your worthless existence. No amount of suppression of your aura will hide you from me.

Zach swatted his hand to the side in their claimed defeat.

Ignoring all of their expressions, he gently rose his hand, expecting them to hand her over, this kind of action simply defied logic. What exactly what is he intending to impose here!

Just then, a light shined, and a man appeared out of no way, he seemed to have gained a bit of the conversation before entering in rudely.

Godfrey: Arrogance. You think you can just walk up to us lightly, speak a bunch of rubbish and expect us to bend to your will, hm? boy? There are not enough stars in the sky yet for you to be capable of such--

Zach stopped listening, not that he didn’t want to, but because his patience had run thin, he could only hear the muffles of Godfrey’s voice as he stared idly, like it was nothing. Having not been paying attention, Godfrey had stopped speaking. And gave an odd expression.

Godfrey: Were you even listening?

Zach: Ahahahahahaha!

Zach rose his head to the sky, as well as his arms, it would almost seem like he had gone mad with obsession at this point. Godfrey who shook his head in anger unleashed his power and jump at him. Zach who snapped to look at him. Threw out his own punch.

Zach: Just hand her over!

Zach’s eyes went wide, the sudden burst of power he wielded was overpowered.

Godfrey: Fool, you think you can contend against a demigod? Laughable

Godfrey’s fist struck, pounding Zach directly into the concrete. He grabbed him by the hair and looked directly into Zach’s eyes, as he had blood running along his face.

Godfrey: Regardless of your origins. Right now, you aren’t even comparable to Infinity. Thus, you think you can play cool?

Godfrey through him into the ground, creating a mini-crater, Next wiping him into the building as it collapsed.

As they smirked wickedly the lot of them carried Serenity away, however before they could get more than ten meters away. The earth shook, for a second time and the buildings were blasted away from underneath.

Zach having looked humiliated stood up once more, his face completely different from before.

Godfrey: Pest…

Zach: Shut. Up. I've been very, very patient with you all. But it's time to stop playing these game. This time for sure, you will regret your actions.

Within him, the soul that had been engulfed by the evil artifact started glowing once more, as heartbeats sounded around them. The eerie noises could make your brain twisted, it sounded, horrible. Not long after, shock waves and wind began to pick up. Both of which, like before when he swatted the air and his aura appeared to be alive. The same thing happened,

The vortex around him got more and more intense until they were trapped within it. Zach who had stared at the ground until now. Looked at them all, his face sinister, his eyes shined with evil. He couldn’t even explain it.

Ave stepped back giving a penetrating stare

Zach: I’ve had enough of this, people these days, constantly trying to put me down, like I’m some sort of weakling. Ha, what a joke. You all are merely pawns, pawns in someone else's game. But whatever, whoever said that the Black and White pieces didn’t have a third eye. I’ll wipe you all out.

Zach clenched his fist as his anger boiled over.

Zach: I swear on this! I will shred you all up, and fucking eat you!

Zach, suddenly he dropped to the ground, seemingly looking fatigued, but that wasn’t it. His body began to change.

The evil aura exploded within him, the soul that was trying to breathe for air finally got swallowed up. The moment this occurred he howled in pain! His hair, his teeth, his everything.

Chapter 42 - Completely Enraged, The Essence of Evil, Evil Zach's return Z-yFX0HnRomfCpBG-abZBA

Up above the, within the void of space.

A slam was heard, Zyrion’s eyes were in shock at the power now rising within Zach, he had been watching discreetly within his ship, as he made his way to Earth. Quickly, he shouted out within his hall…

Zyrion: What is this! This is different from what I was told!

A voice replied back

“What do you mean, I’ve said this, as if you have anything to be surprised about. You shared this knowledge with Ave, have you not?”

Zyrion: I’m aware of what I said, but this…

He looked…

“So, you’re starting to understand.” A sigh was heard from the voice…

Zyrion: This evil...You told me it was from the artifact, as it’s a power left behind by someone powerful.

“And it was, however that is the half-truth. That presence died, when Zach resurrected, however, it hadn’t been completely destroyed upon his return. It then, fed off his true emotions.”

Zyrion: What do you mean.

“Don’t you know? It’s a pretty common mistake amongst most people, the more hot-tempered people are dangerous, as most people already know, they can be, quite annoying too. And the same goes for those, who are constantly striving, and doing evil things. However, the greatest of evils, can come for those of good men. People, who suppress dark emotions, and only strive to seek the positive. Infinity is a prime example of this mistake, and I know this all, too, well!”

“Zach’s ‘Evil’ is something no one will be able to comprehend so easily, there shall be a wreckening. So for your sake. I hope you get Serenity on your side as swiftly as possible, otherwise. You are ‘doomed’ to fail. And, this time. I mean it.”

Zyrion: You…

“Look at me Zyrion, there isn’t anything left that I have to say”

His eyes quickly went wide, at the thought of something that bad occuring. He quickly stepped forward, out of the hall.

Zach’s entire body erupted with red ghastly aura, the entire outside turned blood red, most of the walls blew over, and four who proceeded towards him halted, and stared in shock at the transformation he was undergoing.

He held his chest, as he let out massive cries, and horrors, as his body forcefully changed. A large symbol became to engrave itself onto his chest, Claiming it’s hold onto him. Like a puppet. He lifted his face in he then gritted his teeth.

Chapter 42 - Completely Enraged, The Essence of Evil, Evil Zach's return EIh-NYc0RPGBIXQJp1JmSA

The power erupted outward, blowing them back.

Ave was caught off-guard, as the mysterious man in the back began to warp Serenity’s unconscious body away.

Zach leaped in a mere flash, he was right in front of Viktor and Ave, Viktor could not react fast enough. He was swatted away slamming into several pillars and walls before stopping hideously, Ave who tried to attack, had a palm encased around her neck smashing her into the wall, with the side force of the impact, bouncing her back towards him. He gripped her face and swiftly bashed it into the ground.

She couldn’t hold it any longer and a mouthful of blood poured from her mouth.

Ave: It’s true, you are a fucking monster-


However, before she could even finish saying her words, he waved his arm. Ave was swatted from the sky and ruthlessly smashed into the ground. After crashing into the ground, her body became badly mutilated and she fainted on the spot.

Viktor: not happening. That one wave caused that much pressure? How.

Viktor turned, enraged by Zach’s attacks. The others didn’t dare to hold back any longer they exploded with full power and launched themselves at him. All of them came at him, powers in hand. They quickly surrounded him, not giving him any more leeway.

Zach: You are nothing, one does not corner a god.

Zach spoke indifferently, it almost felt like those words did not belong to him, it’s as if they belonged to another person!

Seeing them storm at him, he grew cold, incredibly cold, he wanted to tear away their flesh, and eat them alive, screaming, tormented as there bones were crushed by him. He held his chest and burst open. Sharp, nasty blades pierced out from his body.

Chapter 42 - Completely Enraged, The Essence of Evil, Evil Zach's return UrExbu-PQw__XnIgS-4ITA

completely surrounding the area. Those who couldn’t jump back were skewered, All of them managed this, however. Jully who had been stepping back was immediately grabbed and pushed to the ground. Evil Zach's face had been incredibly terrifying. To look into his eyes.

He simply isn't human at this moment, a pure cold beast, a definite monster. However, as Jully stared, He got mad...

Zach: Beast you say, That is the look of someone who is a monster. Who do you think you are.

Zach said, he took her head, and quickly, smashed it repeatedly on the ground with his own force to exert from. Her physical body, her head. Couldn't take it.

Zach: Who do you think you are calling a monster, you're a fucking Behemoth myth in human form! You fucking hypocrite!

Zach took a hold of her neck, and bent his face in close to hers, as the blades around him protected him.

Zach: For such a weak 'beast' I'll enjoy shredding you to pieces. You are beautiful. But, that's why I'll make sure to keep you alive long enough to hear you scream. You can't stay silent forever...

Viktor: You twisted freak!

Godfrey, who had been standing and listening, the entire time out of fear, finally spoke out.

He stepped forward unleashing a barrage of attack against the blades. Zach tilted his head, the moment he did, however, Jully took the responsibility and attacked. nailing him right in the gut, the impact was breathtaking. Once it landed a loud clap could be heard, even though it seemed to affect Zach. He moved only stood up, scratching the spot that was hit.

Zach: How dare you....

He snapped take her head and immediately slapped her several times across the face. and then stomped a lot more on her body, now, however, the pain had gotten to her and she let out a couple of screams.

Godfrey: Pay attention, over here Zach.

Succeeding in so, Godfrey unleashed his own barrage, however, this time it didn't just merely scrap against the blades, they were thrown back.

Godfrey: Now, all at once.

They all threw something out. The time of the attacks was delayed, they hadn't been instant, ironically, this threw Zach off, as he began swatting them out of the way. The last few to reach him were Zadimus's and Godfrey's a tiny smoke cloud was created upon impact.

Godfrey: Viktor, Get Ave out of here, Zadium, Jully Ab--

Godfrey couldn't finish those words, his face had been grabbed tightly, Zach and himself smashed into the wall into the distance. Rolling and tumbling. He had tried to attack whilst in mid-air, but Zach was so fast, that he couldn't even hit him.

As they continued rolling, Zach once again grabbed his face somehow and stopped smashing him also into the floor. He then kicked him, while he was on the ground.

Godfrey, however, blocked and was thrown into the air.

Zach: Get the fuck down here.

One of the blades morphed and gripped his leg, and shot him straight into the ground.

Godfrey: Just...J just what the fuck are you. Your speed is abnormal.

Zach stepped long, slowly walking over to Godfrey

Zach: What am I? A mere lower god wishes to ask me questions? You have a lot of nerve.

Godfrey: Lower God? What--

Zach interrupted him promptly, rushing forward, Godfrey didn't take the time to think about it. He blocked and was thrust aside.

Godfrey: Damn it, Abraham. Are you not done yet?

Zach immediately twist and threw his arm out, it smashed the wall, and once again the masked figure retreated...

Abraham: If you can deal with him. It would be easier to manage...

Zach glanced, and then turned towards Abraham. He was the one who had Serenity, thus, he was the one who must die.

Zach: Look at that, a wonderful black birdie. Trying to escape my reach, using powers granted to you by others? You are simply too much of a weakling to manage that.

Zach disappeared.

Abraham lost him but put up his barrier, to defend, he knew Zach was coming. all this happened in that instant, Zach reappeared and punched through, shattering the force-field.

Abraham: Mmm?

Caught off-guard. Her body had been released thrown closer to the ground. He trailed elsewhere...while Zach trying to get Serenity. However, just before he could. His hand had seized along with the barrier surrounding Zach...

Zach: Huh? E...AHHH

Zach's arm had been cut thoroughly, his arm had been inside, and outside the barrier, thus cutting it clean off....

Abraham: Nice try, like I would let you get her back...

He stumbled back, holding his not cut arm, in pain...torment...He unleashed his hand and once again raged out, in a horrific scream. At this moment, his open wounded twisted and spun, his entire arm that had been missing, regrew in an instant.

Zadium: This guy...he grew back his arm?

Abraham observed his actions and decided that taking on his Zach, seemed impossible for them to handle.

Abraham: Godfrey, We must absolutely leave now. We cannot delay any longer.

Abraham, Grabbed Serenity and jump back. All of the members now stood together and had to face off against Zach. No matter what the cost it brought...

Zach: You...if I get my hands on any of you. I will tear away your flesh!

He aura burst, and it began emitting...
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Chapter 42 - Completely Enraged, The Essence of Evil, Evil Zach's return
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