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 Chapter 43 - Ultimate Darkness, Klark's Commitment

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Chapter 43 - Ultimate Darkness, Klark's Commitment  Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 43 - Ultimate Darkness, Klark's Commitment    Chapter 43 - Ultimate Darkness, Klark's Commitment  EmptyThu Jan 18, 2018 10:17 pm

Klark had stood idle for a moment as he watched Zach make a fair distance away from the battle torn land, confused to why he left. However caring less, he turned and gazed at Negayami confined in his portable containment cell.

Klark: Ahad, So how risky would you say it would be to take on Negayami’s power at this time?

Ahad: Honestly I couldn’t tell you the truth of that outcome, I’d say bring him back to the Isle and talk with Arath. Your powers are currently drained or completely taken from you. Personally from my point of view I wouldn’t do anything foolish. So get your ass back here asap!
Ahad ordered, telepathically disconnecting.

Klark: Well it looks like that’s my only option then--

Negayami: And what do you think you’ll hope to achieve by keeping me confined in this ridiculous contraption?

Klark frowned, feeling some strange sympathy for Negayami he blinked and walked over to the containment cell with a look of determination.

Klark: Im sorry Yami, may I call you that?

Negayami: No.

Klark smiled calmly continuing his words

Klark: I promise to get you out of here and back in our body, your power is important to me. And i’m sure it’s important to you too.. For our sole survival we must work together.

Negayami cringed at the sound of  “Our” and “Together” and shifted his head in slight agonizing pain.

Negayami: Ha.. What an absurdity this is… Sad, but everything you said is true. But don’t think for a second I would just lend you my power. I’m your alter ego. I hate you.. I’ll possess you as my vessel the moment I can get the chance.

Klark tried to maintain his composure, but he couldn't ignore the fact that he hates Negayami too, for all the problems he caused him.

Klark: Why you…. Disgusting ungrateful spill of anal juice..I should just look the other direction in my benefit and seal you in my ass and call it a day! You have zero respect for me you sick bastard.

Negayami: Hey you’re the one shoving shit back up his ass, I’d say I’d be better off taking over so you don’t get institutionalized for fuck sakes.

Klarks eyes rolled white and an awkward silence shared between the damaged Negayami and Klark for a brief moment.

Klark: Fuck you, I suppose you have a point for once. Anyway, time to go.

Klark placed his hand on the cage and attempted to exert energy to vanish, however he failed to do so with what he had remaining.

Klark: I’ll just go fuck myself, Can’t even use my Titan strength aside it from being my core ability.

Negayami laughed inside the containment cell clapping his burnt looking hands together in amusement.

Negayami: What’s the matter Klark? Kronos not helping this time?

Klark: Kronos..?

Klark and Negayami locked eyes. To their unexpected surprise, It suddenly began to rain and thunder.. Moments in the storm lightning struck the ground several times
next to them A resemblant man appeared in the thunder clash and stood with pride leaning against the containment cell with an elbow and a leg.

???: Thou shall call upon my name and awaken me from my short slumber.. You dare to--

Chapter 43 - Ultimate Darkness, Klark's Commitment  Latest?cb=20121013192717

Negayami immediately became irrational and angry inside his cell, powerless like a mutt all he could do was speak trash..

Negayami: KRONOS!!!

Kronos maintained an aggressive straight face.

Kronos: Hmm, Negayami? What in Truth’s name--

Klark seemed dumbfounded, but aware of what was going on.

Klark: Father….?

Kronos: Klark.
The pouring rain made the reunion even more dramatic. Droplets of rain just slid down Klark’s cheek Into his lip, tasting like pure spring water derived from the Falls.

Negayami: Mmm.. How depressing

Kronos reacted in an aggressive stance turning to the containment cell. Holding up his hand, he motioned his palm downward slamming a spawn of encasement over Negayami’s cell.

Kronos: Silence fool.

Klark tried not to look impressed from what he saw, it was barely a display of Kronos’ true power, though it was pretty cool to watch for Klark. Kronos had a fiery integrity about him. He knows what he’s doing. His energy is completely masked by the Titan God Essence he carries.

Klark: What should I do father? My powers are gone.. Or well concealed in Negayami..
He glanced back

Kronos: A simple explanation is that you require Negayami’s dark element inside you in order to tap into the Dark Spectrum. The problem was that the darkness you’ve always been taking in has conflicted with your soul and it has been severed in half. It was expelled because of your alternative ego, and now this woman Ave finally made you lose all hope and sanity. Your reckless behaviors over the last few years have completely messed with your soul’s purity.  

Klark: Arath could have explained this better damn it..

Kronos: That’s likely, he wields the Dark Spectrum for a reason you know. You should have felt the resemblance long ago. But that’s another story, Right now you need to realize something important.

Klark nodded his head and tried to pay close attention.

Kronos: Do you recall yourself ever naturally drawing from the Dark Spectrum for the first time?

Klark: It’s very vague to me..

Kronos: I see. Well then..

Kronos put his finger under his chin, thinking about how to explain the rest.

Klark: You know it’s odd I remember Zach explaining to me that you also relied of the Dark Spectrum, yet he said you could never help me retrieve my power.

Kronos: Hmm?

He put his palm out in wonder

Kronos: He wouldn’t be wrong. I can’t just magically repair your soul. You must achieve power on your own, after all. However he would be wrong if he told you my power is purely from the Dark Spectrum. I am the God of Titans, that is my specialty. Your mother Trinity has protected me with the Spectrum to save my life countless times, hence I can partially use the dark element, but rely on it? Fuck that.

Klark thought to himself looking back at Negayami’s containment cell and back at his father again, and back at Negayami. He realizes he must somehow bring his soul back to one piece again. Only then can he master the Darkness and achieve that form again but at his free will, without cost to harm. The manifestation of Dark Klark is simply put; a fusion of Negayami and Klark.

Kronos: Right, So I suggest grabbing my hand for a second.

Klark hesitated, but started reaching for Kronos’ hand..

Klark: Huh? Okay…

Suddenly when Klark gripped his father's hand he immediately noticed everything about him. His energy was overwhelming.. Trembling with immense power. He was simply able to look into Kronos’ past just by touching him.

Electricity formed around both their hands in unity, slowly the earth started to shake beneath them.
An immense godlike aura of cosmic energy bolted upward from Kronos surrounding his body with an inner glow, and it began to engulf and form from Klark too matching to one like his fathers.

Klark: What’s going on with me? It’s amazing..

Kronos released Klark’s hand and their two auras remained sturdily in shape, making a piercing sound.

Kronos: Hmph...Brat, You could atleast be more grateful when your father restores some of your Titan Deity. If you ever think for a moment you’re powerless without the spectrum, I may just come back and erase you myself for thinking so foolishly. Maybe one day you’ll create your own God essence, assuming you can reverse the mortality we gave you. Welp, I’m going back to sleep.. So long son.

Klark: NO WAIT!!

Without notice, Kronos just vanished into cosmic dust and disappeared in an instant. What a dick.

Klark: Damn it what am I supposed to do now with this power?

Klark: Aughhh!!??

Klark’s power felt like it steadily kept rising, he couldn't believe it becoming a deity was almost too natural for him. He wanted to ask more questions, but he was forced to learn by himself.

Klark: ..Right, Infinity Isle. I wonder if I can just create a rift of some sort..

Klark formed his two hands together attempting to exert some Titan power


The Earth rumbled, He slowly pulled his hands apart from each other in a ‘O’ shape and the cosmic energy began forming in a circular rotation, a vortex started to appear in front of him and Objects started to draw into the vortex turning into debris, however the vortex started to become unstable starting to tear a hole in the dimension causing matter to break apart. Klark has a lot of mastery to achieve before he destroys everything..

Klark: Damn it! It's so powerful I have to stop!!

Klark released his hands and fell backwards onto the ground and hit the dirt, his aura disintegrated, he started panting trying to catch his breath from the adrenaline rush.He groveled along the ground inching himself closer to the confinement cell holding his hand out,

Klark: Negayami..

Klark slowly got back up to his feet, motioning his hand like an upward position and watched the metallic shutters on the cell shake and struggle to release..

Klark: ((This will certainly take some getting used to..))

The shutter walls began to lift with a bit of struggle, giving Negayami some Air to breath Klark finally opened them..

Klark: Gah.. You alright?

Negayami looked neutral and quietly distraught..

Negayami: Don’t act like you care, Why don’t you just kill me right now with that deity of yours?

Simply put, Klark is still incomplete without Negayami. He could possibly die if Negayami dies. Klark needs to get him sealed up plus he needs more training efficiency.  

Klark: I want to create my own combination of power. I need to become strong enough to hold off Zach, Im tired of being the one saved by him all the time. Now, this is my chance to get pay back.

Negayami: Ahh, Meditation is probably best. Just saying.

Klark chuckled and let out a hmph

Klark: I’m sure that it is when I have your bitch ass to deal with. C’mon now it's time we got out of here.

Klark stopped relaxing and grabbed the containment cell from the top and lifted off with his feet levitating away, at optimal speed to the Infinity Isle.

Negayami: Pfft.. I won’t be opposed to it.

Chapter 43 - Ultimate Darkness, Klark's Commitment  Naruto_signature
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Chapter 43 - Ultimate Darkness, Klark's Commitment
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